November 29, 2021

Fated To Love Episode 25 – 26


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“


πŸ’žEPISODE 25πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ James POV πŸŒ€

I walked out of Ethan’s mom and went to the sitting room

Sophie and Addy were there, seems they were already done with washing the dishes

“Where’s Ethan?” Addy asked

“He’s asleep” I replied

I think it’s best if Ethan sees neither Jade nor Addy for the rest of the day
That boy needs time to understand his feelings

“Okay, I’ll be leaving then” Addy said and stood up

“I’ll walk you out” I said and accompanied her out of the the house

She entered her car and drove off while I went back to the sitting room and sat down with Sophie

“Is love that confusing?” Sophie asked


“It’s obvious Ethan doesn’t know who he loves between Jade and Addy” she said

“You are smart” I said and she smiled “Have you ever been in love with someone?”

“No but I’ve had lots of crushes” she said and I smiled “so tell me about love”

“Don’t ask me that Sophie, I know nothing about love too” I said

I chatted with Sophie some more and then I stood up to go home

“Please don’t go James” Sophie pleaded

“Sorry Sophie, I gotta go” I said

I went to Ethan’s room but he was already asleep

Then I walked out of the house, entered my car and drove off


πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

My alarm clock woke me up from sleep

I slowly stood up from the bed and looked around, it’s morning already

I walked to bathroom took a shower and dressed up in my uniform

I packed my hair into a ponytail and looked at myself in the mirror

Then I remembered that moment when Ethan had removed hair band and let my hair fall down my shoulders


think you look more pretty like this” he had said

I smiled and removed the band from my hair

I took my backpack and walked to the dining room

Mom was already there but Dad wasn’t

“Good morning Mom” I greeted as I sat down on one of the chairs

“Good morning sweetie” she replied

Dad came to the dining minutes later

“Good morning Dad” I greeted

“What’s wrong pumpkin, are you sick?” Dad asked

“No am not sick” I replied

“Then what’s all this sudden changes about. I woke up and I didn’t hear your Mom shouting your name for you to wake up and I came to the dining but for the first time ever, you are already here before me” Dad said and Mom laughed

“She’s changing for the better sweetheart, don’t you want our daughter to change?” Mom asked

“It’s not that I don’t want it but this all too sudden, am not used to this side of her” Dad said


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time, you’ll get used to it” Mom said and I smiled

I finished eating my breakfast and went off to school

The driver pulled up outside the school gate
I came down from the car and looked around

I sighted Emma and Daisy standing in front of the school gate

I guess there suspension is over

I walked up to them and hugged them

“I’ve missed you guys” I said

“We’ve missed you too” Daisy said

“And we are really sorry for what we did Jade” Emma said

“Come on, it’s fine. Let’s go in” I said and we walked into the school

We didn’t talk much as we departed to our classes

Ethan was already in the class

I walked to my seat and sat down

“Good morning” I greeted Ethan

“Good morning” he replied

“How’s Josh?” I asked

“He’s fine, his case will be addressed in court tomorrow” he said and I nodded

“My friends are back” I said

“That’s great, I hope I won’t be framed again” he said with a smile and chuckled
Did Ethan just make a joke?

“Of course not Ethan, they’ve changed” I said and he nodded

“You look pretty with your hair down” he said and I blushed

He noticed I didn’t pack my hair today

Minutes later, Mrs Logan came and took the attendance

“Your exams will be coming up next week guys and it will be your last exam as high school students so be serious with your studies cause you wouldn’t want to fail this exam” Mrs Logan said and walked out of the class


had three classes and the bell rang for a break

Emma and Daisy came to my class and we went to the cafeteria together

“Let’s get our food first” I said and they looked at me surprised

“Why should we do that” Daisy said

“The cook always bring it for us in our table” Emma added

“I think it’s time we stopped stressing the cook, let’s get ourselves just like the other students” I said and they looked surprised

We walked to the counter and got our food

We went to our seat, sat down and began to eat

“What’s wrong with you Jade, I’ve been noticing many different things about you” Emma said

“Yeah, you are now doing things you don’t use to do before, even your hair, you always pack it in a ponytail but now you just let it down” Daisy said

“I guess you are right, I’ve changed” I said

“In just 3 weeks of our absence, you’ve changed?” Emma asked and I shrugged

We finished our food and the bell ranged again and we went back to class

We had two more long classes and the bell rang for end of the day

“Will you be able to come for the tutoring lesson today?” I asked

“Yeah” he replied

I walked out of the school with Emma and Daisy

We got in our various cars and the driver drove off

I walked into the house and met Dad in the sitting room

“Welcome back pumpkin” he said as he saw me

“Thanks Dad” I replied “Where’s Mom?” I asked

“She’s getting dressed, you should get dressed too, am taking you guys out” Dad said

“Sorry Dad, I have a lesson with my tutor this evening and I can’t miss it” I said

“You really amaze me Jade, you agreed to have a tutor and now you are taking your lessons so seriously” Dad said and I smiled

“I’ve changed Dad” I said “you can just go with Mom”

I climbed up the stairs and went to my room

I took my towel and took a nice long bath in the bathtub

“We are going now Jade” I had Mom yell from downstairs and minutes later, their car zoomed out of the house

I walked back to my room, dressed up and went downstairs with my books

I sat in the sitting room and started doing some revision till Ethan comes

Minutes later, I heard a car zoom in and I checked the window, it’s Ethan

I sat back on the couch and then he came in

“Welcome Ethan” I greeted but he just nodded

What’s wrong, he look really pale

“Are you okay?” I asked as he sat down beside me

“Yes” he said

He began with the lessons but he wasn’t like he was before, something is wrong

Maybe he’s just tired; I voice say in my head
I hope so

The lesson was for two hours and soon it was time for him to go

“Bye” he said as he stood up and left the house

I hope he’s alright


I walked into the school with Emma and Daisy and we all went to our respective classes

Ethan wasn’t in school yet
Maybe he’s just being late

The first teacher came in and the class ended but Ethan was still not in school

We had two more classes and Ethan was still absent

What’s wrong now
Why isn’t he in school

I saw Addy talking with James, I guess she is asking about Ethan too

I walked up to them

“Why is Ethan not in school?” I asked

“I don’t know Jade” James replied

“Try calling him” Addy said and I nodded

James brought out his phone and called Ethan

“Ethan” he said and then he put the call on speaker


Sophie” Sophie sounded sad

“Where’s Ethan and why aren’t you in school” James asked

“We are looking for Ethan, he didn’t come back home after he went for the tutoring lesson with Jade and he left his phone at home” Sophie said

“Where did he go?” James asked

“I don’t know” Sophie answered “he always does this because today is..” the call ended and we couldn’t hear what Sophie wanted to say

“Sorry” James said “it’s battery low, I didn’t charge my phone yesterday” he said

“But Sophie said he always does this today, why?” I asked

We all kept silent for a moment, what’s today?

“What’s today’s date?” James suddenly asked

“23rd of August” Addy answered

“Oh no no no” James said

“What is it?” Addy and I asked

“Today’s Ethan’s birthday” he said

“Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?” I asked

“His Mom had died today” James said and I was dumbstrucked


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“


πŸ’žEPISODE 26πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

We didn’t wait for school to end and we went to Ethan’s house

James opened the door and we walked in

“Sophie” James called

Sophie was in the sitting room and she was crying

“Don’t cry Sophie” James said as he hugged her “we are going to find Ethan”

“He always does this James, since Mom died, he always go missing on his birthday day, last year he went missing for 3 days, he was later found unconscious by the roadside and he spent more than a week in the hospital. He blamed himself for mom’s death, what if he does something really bad to himself again James, am scared” Sophie said and James hugged her again

“Everything’s gonna be alright Sophie, we’ll find Ethan soon” I said

“Where’s Dad” James asked

“He went looking for Ethan since morning” Sophie replied

“We should probably go look for him too” Addy said

“You guys should take me with you, I wanna look for Ethan too” Sophie said

“Okay Sophie” James said “we’ll be able to cover more ground if we split up, Jade and Addy you guys are together, Sophie will come with me” he said and I nodded

We all left the house and James and Sophie went there own way

Addy and I stood by the roadside quiet, not knowing what to do or say

This is awkward

“I..” Addy and I said at the same time

“You go first” Addy said and I nodded

“I know we haven’t ever really gotten along and that you probably hate me..”

“You hate me too” she said and interrupting me and I smiled

“All am trying to say is I hope we can get along now and work together to find Ethan” I said

“That’s what I wanted to say too” she said

“So friends?” I asked bringing out my hand for a handshake

“I think it’s worth a try” she said as she shook my hand and I smiled

“So what should we do now?” I asked

“We definitely need a car, if you don’t mind we can get mine, my house isn’t that far from here” she said

“Of course, let’s go” I said

We stopped a cab to Addy’s house
We went inside the house and she got her keys

We came out, entered the car and she drove off

We drove around the city but there was no sign of Ethan

“This is like looking for a needle in a haystack” I said and Addy nodded

“There should be some kind of hint as to where he is, maybe his mom’s favorite place or something like that, any place that has to do with his Mom” Addy said and I smiled

She’s actually really smart, no wonder she’s the most intelligent girl in class

“You are right Addy, I think we should call James” I said

“His battery was low, rather you should call Ethan, his phone is with Sophie” Addy said and I nodded

I called Ethan’s number, Sophie picked it up and I put the call on speaker for Addy to hear too

“Any luck yet?” I asked

“No Jade, we still can’t find Ethan” she said

“Do you know of any place that’s maybe special to your Mom?” I asked

“I don’t know Jade, Mom wasn’t the outspoken type, just like Ethan, she hardly goes out unless it’s necessary” she said

“So there’s no place at all that really hold your mom’s memories?” I asked

“The only place that really hold my mom’s memories is home, I have no idea where idea where Ethan could be” she said with a sniff “if only Mom had not died that day, Ethan is doing all this cause Mom died while getting..” I didn’t let her finish as something came to my mind

“How did your Mom died?” I asked

“She was hit by a car that lost control of its brakes” she said with a teary voice

“Do you still know the place the accident happened?”

“It’s happened in the road leading to the shopping mall” Sophie said

“Thanks Sophie, I’ll call you back later” I said and ended the call

“You heard it right, the shopping mall” I said and Addy drove off in the direction of the mall

We reached the road leading to the shopping mall and Addy began to drive slowly as we looked around

“There he is!” Addy yelled and I quickly turned to see

And I saw him, he’s sitting on a bench by the roadside looking like someone who has nothing to live for anymore

Addy parked the car and we both got down and walked to Ethan

“Ethan” Addy called and he looked up

“What….how did you find me” he said in a croaked voice

“Let’s go home Ethan” I said

“I don’t want to, you guys should just go back” he said

“Come on, it’s not your fault that your mom died on your birthday Ethan so stop punishing yourself” Addy said in a calm

“Just leave me alone!”

“Sophie has been crying since morning Ethan, she needs her brother back” Addy said

“Stand up Ethan” I said slightly raising my voice

“It’s all my fault she died so just leave me alone!!” He yelled

“It’s not your fault Ethan, so be a man for once and get your ass up” I yelled back

“Help me get him up” I said to Addy

We helped Ethan get up and walked him to the car and he didn’t say a word

I took my phone and called Sophie while Addy drove

“We’ve found him Sophie, you guys should meet us at the house” I said and she squealed with excitement

I ended the call and everywhere became quiet, Ethan didn’t say a word, he just sat quietly on the back seat

Minutes later, Addy pulled up in front of Ethan’s house and we got down

Ethan got down too and walked straight to the house

Immediately he walked in, Sophie ran to hug him

“I missed you Ethan, I was really scared” she said

Ethan looked at her and stroke her hair

“Am fine” he said and walked off to his room

“Give him some time Sophie, he needs some times alone” James said

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

I laid on my bed with a heavy heart

Today has always been the worst day of my life

I was the one that requested Mom to get me a birthday gift
If only I wasn’t so childish to ask for a birthday gift she’ll still be alive now

“I miss you Mom” I said aloud “am sorry you left this world early because of me”

I wanted to close my eyes but I couldn’t, the moment my eyelids close, pictures of Mom will surface in my mind and I’ll be heartbroken all over again

Minutes turned to hours and I was still alone in my room, still thinking about Mom

Am glad none of them came to disturb me

I sniffed and cleaned the tear that fell from my eyes, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Mom being dead

I finally managed to close my eyes and I let Mom’s pictures flood into my mind

I heard the door open but I didn’t open my eyes to see who it was

“Little brother” I heard someone say

“Josh!” I said as I opened my eyes

“Did you miss me” he said with a smile and I ran to hug him

He slowly patted me in my back “Mom died due to an accident so stop blaming yourself, it’s not your fault little brother it’s not your fault” he said

I tried holding it in but I couldn’t anymore, I broke into tears as continued hugging him

……to be continued…….


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