Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 30 – 31


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“


πŸ’žEPISODE 30πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ James POV πŸŒ€

Cole brought out a gun from his pocket and started pointing it around randomly

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“You guys should back away or am gonna shoot” he yelled

“Calm down Cole, just surrender please” I said

“Shut the fvck up” Cole said

The polices started move closer

“Drop your gun” the police shouted

“Don’t come closer” Cole said but the police kept moving closer to him

“I said don’t come closer” he yelled and I saw him pull the trigger

“Noooo” I yelled as I closed my eyes

I felt a sudden pain on my chest and I tried to move my hand but I couldn’t

“James!!” I heard Josh yelled

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at my chest

I was bleeding

I got shot

I collapsed on the ground and everything started to look blurry

I saw 3 figures running towards me and that was all, I couldn’t see or hear anything again

πŸŒ€ Josh’s POV πŸŒ€

“James!!” I yelled as I ran towards him and Jade and Addy ran over too

The police were finally able to arrest the guy that shot James

We knelt beside James and I touched his face, he was unconscious

I looked at where Ethan is, he was unconscious too and both Ethan and James were bleeding

“Where the hell is the ambulance” I yelled

Addy was wearing a jacket
“Can I have your jacket?” I asked and she quickly gave

I collected it and ran over to Ethan and tied it over his head just to try and stop the bleeding

I put my ears close to his chest, his breathing was weak

I heaved a sigh of relief when I heard the sound of the ambulance

2 men came rushing into the building

“Get James, he is shot, I’ll carry Ethan” I said to them and they quickly ran over to where James is

I carried Ethan and walked out of the building to the ambulance

I placed Ethan inside the ambulance and the paramedics started attending to him

Then the two men carried James out of the building and he was placed in the ambulance too

Jade and Addy stood beside me and they were in tears

“We need need one of you to come with us in the ambulance” one of the paramedics said

“I’ll go” I said and turned to Jade and Addy

“you guys should get a cab and follow us okay” I said and they nodded

I climbed on the ambulance and the door was closed and it started moving

The ambulance was really tight, probably because there were two patients inside instead of the normal one

They didn’t planned on carrying two injured people today

I looked at Ethan and James as the paramedics attended to them

They looked really pale

Please save them God, please

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I sniffed and cleaned my tears

“Let’s get a cab” I said to Addy

We stopped a cab and told him to follow the ambulance

We sat in the car and he drove off

Is this really happening

Ethan’s head got battered by Cole

James got shot by Cole too

I never knew Cole was so evil

This is all my fault

They got injured trying to save me

I closed my eyes as tears streamed down my face

But all I could see was the moment Cole continued to hit Ethan on the head with the baseball bat non-stop

God please let them be alright

I heard Addy sniffed and I looked at her

She was in tears too

The ambulance stopped in front of a hospital and the cab stopped too

Addy paid the driver and he went off

We ran over to the ambulance as James and Ethan were brought out of the ambulance

A doctor came and examined James

“The bullet needs to be removed get an X-ray done on him and move him into the OR (operation room)” the doctor said and James was wheeled into the hospital

He moved over to Ethan and examined him

“This guy isn’t breathing anymore, he lost too much blood, take him to the ER (emergency room) we need to perform the CPR immediately” the doctor said and and climbed on the bed with Ethan while the nurses and Josh wheeled the bed inside the hospital


2 3, 1 2 3” the doctor said repeatedly as he pressed Ethan’s chest while the nurses continued moving the bed

My throat was dry as I followed then

“Ethan please don’t die, please don’t die” I said continuously as Addy and I followed them

Ethan was taken to a room and the door was closed

“You guys can’t come in” one of the nurses said

We all stood in front of the door and watch since some part of the door was transparent

The doctor got down from the bed

Ethan’s shirt was removed and a heart rate monitor was connected to his chest

The monitor was showing flat green lines and my breath hitched

The doctor used the CPR machine and shocked Ethan but there was no change

He was shocked again and there was still no change

Tears rolled down from my eyes

Don’t do this to me Ethan

You can’t die

The doctor shocked him again and nothing happened

My heart was slowly drifting to emptiness

Then the flat lines on the monitor changed

Ethan was breathing again

I heaved a sigh of relief

You did it Ethan

Thank you God

Ethan was quickly wheeled out of the ER and the doctor walked to us

“It’s a miracle he is alive, I personally thought we had lost him cause he loosed alot of blood and and some of his cranial nerves are messed up” the doctor said

A nurse walked up to him
“The OR has been set for the gunshot patient doctor” the nurse said

“Get another that to another doctor to operate on him, I’ll be operating on that patient” he said pointing at Ethan who was been taking to the ER

“Okay” the doctor said and left

“Whoever the guardian of the two patients are should go over to the reception and fill some of the necessary forms” the doctor said and walked away


sat on the a long chair and placed my head on my hands

My head is throbbing

πŸŒ€ Josh’s POV πŸŒ€

I went over to the reception and filled the necessary forms

Then I took my phone and called Dad to come over with Sophie

I can’t believe all this happened within an hour

An hour ago I was in the restaurant I work in and I was preparing to come home when I received a text from Ethan that Jade had been kidnapped and he is going over to the Crossroad Downtown as requested by the kidnapper
He told me meet up with James and Addy since they’ll probably be worried now
And he also told me to bring the police discreetly to the place 20 minutes after I received the text just so the kidnapper won’t suspect a thing

Ethan was really brave, I hope nothing happens to him and James

I went back to meet Addy and Jade but I only met Jade

“Where’s Addy” I asked Jade

She lifted up her head and her eyes were all red from crying

“I don’t know” she said

“Okay, Everything’s gonna be alright okay?”

“Okay” she said

I walked away and started looking for Addy

Where could she be?


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“


πŸ’žEPISODE 31πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ Josh’s POV πŸŒ€

I looked around the hospital but I couldn’t find Addy

Where could she be??

I walked outside of the hospital and then I saw her

She was sitting in a long chair outside the hospital

I walked towards her and she was crying and shivering

I sat beside her

“Addy” I called and she looked at me

“Are you okay?” I asked but she shook her head signifying no

“You’re worried about James and Ethan?” I asked and she nodded

“What if they don’t….”

“Shhhhh” I said placing a finger over her lips

“There’s no what ifs, just know they’ll be fine” I said and she hugged me still in tears

“I hope so, I really hope so” she said

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I continued looking at the ceiling as I was tired of crying or rather I’ve exhausted all my tears

“Pumpkin” I heard someone say and I turned to see who it was

It was Dad and Mom and I ran to hug them

“Are you alright pumpkin, I was so worried” Dad said

“You said you were going out to get ice cream, how did you get kidnapped?” Mom asked looking worried

“I bought the ice cream Mom” I said with a sniff “I was walking back to the car when someone came from behind and put a handkerchief over my nose and I became unconscious, when I woke up, I was with Cole and I was tied”


you alright, hope he didn’t hurt you anywhere?” Mom asked looking all over me

“Am fine Mom but Ethan… Mom Ethan saved me but he’s head was battered by Cole and James also got shot too” I said and the tears came all over again

“Where is my son!” I heard a lady shout and I looked over to see a man and a woman coming in along with Josh and Addy

Both the man and woman looked really worried

“I need to see my son” the woman said as a tear rolled down her face

“He’s currently been operated on ma’am, he will be fine” Josh said

I moved closer and asked
“Who are they?”

“James parents” she answered

Feelings of guilt ran over me as I saw the woman broke into tears while the man tried to calm her down

This is all because of me

James Dad was finally able to calm the Mom down and we all sat down quietly waiting for the surgery to be done

Minutes later, Ethan’s Dad and Sophie came in

“Where is Ethan and James?” Sophie cried and a tear rolled down my face again

“They’ll be fine Sophie” Josh said

We continued waiting and soon a doctor walked to us and we all stood up

“Who is the guardian of the gunshot patient” the doctor asked and James parents signified

“Your son is out of danger and the surgery was successful, the bullet didn’t hit any vital nerves or ligament so there is no lasting damage” the doctor said and we all heaved a sigh

“Though he might take some days to wake up, he lost alot of blood and he’ll definitely be weak when he wakes up” the doctor said

“Can we see him now?” James Mom asked

“Yeah, he is currently being transferred to the ICU (intensive care unit), though he is still unconscious, you can follow me, lemme take you there” the doctor said and we all made to follow him

“I’ll like to see my son alone for now” James Mom said and we all stopped while she went with the doctor and her husband

I don’t blame her, she’s probably still emotional, we all are

We sat down as we waited for Ethan’s surgery to be done

Minutes later, the door finally opened and the doctor came out, we all ran to meet him

“How’s Ethan” we all asked

“He was really injured and we managed to stitch up all we can though he’ll definitely have a scar” the doctor said

“So he’s gonna be alright?” Ethan’s Dad asked

“Like I said before, his cranial nerves are really messed up though we tried all we can but we can’t really decide if he’s gonna be alright or not till he wakes up cause there are risk of him having some nerve damages, paralysis or amnesia”

Tears rolled down my eyes again

Nerve damage?

“When will he wake up?” Josh managed to ask

“We don’t know that too, it depends on Ethan’s healing rate and you guys got to be positive okay, there’s also a chance of him waking up without any of those that I’ve mentioned, just be prayerful” the doctor said and left

We all went to Ethan’s hospital room and there he was

Different drips connected to his hand

His chest was connected to a heart rate monitor

And his head was bandaged

We stayed with him quietly as no one said a word

I looked at the clock, it’s almost 12am

The door opened and a nurse came in

“You all need to leave now, the room is too crowded, only one person can stay with him overnight” she said

“You guys can all go, I’ll stay” Josh said

Everyone began to leave slowly but I was reluctant to stand up

“Let’s go Jade, you’ll definitely be here first thing tomorrow morning” Mom said as she urged me to stand up

I stood up and quietly left the room

Dad drove us home and I went upstairs

I laid on my bed and closed my eyes but I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t sleep, tonight’s event kept replaying in my head


Am already at the hospital, Addy and Sophie is here too while Josh went home to freshen up

Nobody talked, all our gazes were on Ethan

Please wake up Ethan


A day turned to two days and soon it was three days

Ethan is still unconscious but James have woken up thou he’s really weak and is not back to his normal self yet

His Mom is alright now, she apologized for being harsh with us then

We spend some times with James and sometimes with Ethan

Even with the bandaged chest and hand and drips still connected to him, James always ask of Ethan whenever we are with him

“That dude still hasn’t waken up?” He always ask with a smile

“Don’t worry, by the time am able to get off this bed and walk to his room he’ll wake up, he’s just like Snow White waiting for the true love kiss from me” he said with a wink and we laughed

He’s the one that has been keeping the mood and hope up

It is the fourth day and we were all in Ethan’s room

When will you wake up Ethan; I thought as a tear rolled down my face and I quickly cleaned it

“Jade” I heard someone called faintly and I looked around

“Did you just hear someone my name?” I asked Sophie and Addy

“No” Addy said and Sophie shook her head

“Did you hear name?” Josh asked and I nodded


I heard someone called again, a bit louder this time and the direction of the voice..
Oh my God, the voice came from..

“Ethan” Sophie suddenly yelled

He was slowly opening his eyes

“Jade” he faintly called again

“Am right here Ethan, am right here” I said as I held his hand

“I’ll get the doctor” Josh said and ran out of the room

The doctor came in and began to examine Ethan

“Blink twice if you can see me clearly” the doctor said

“I can see you clearly” Ethan replied

“Oh wow” the doctor said with a smile

“Can you move your hands and leg for me please” the doctor said and Ethan slowly moved them

“Do you feel any kind of discomfort anywhere?” He asked

“My head is throbbing” Ethan said

“For your situation, it’s normal and expected, your forehead was literally bashed” the doctor said and Ethan smiled

The doctor turned to us with a smile

“It’s one of God’s miracle” he said “he got no nerve damage, paralysis or amnesia”

I smiled and my happiness knew no bounds

“He is recovering at a fast rate and if it continues this way, he’ll be out of here in no time” the doctor said and left

Immediately he left, Sophie, Addy and I ran to hug Ethan and the bed

“I missed you” Sophie said

“I was so scared” Addy said

“Thank God you are alright Ethan” I said

“If you are done with the hugs, can I have a moment with my brother now” Josh said and we laughed and stood up from the bed

Josh came up to his bed and hugged him

“You really got me scared little brother” he said and Ethan smiled

“Sorry for that” Ethan said

“I should probably tell James that you’ve woken up” Sophie said and ran out of the room

“Where’s is he?” Ethan asked

“He got shot by Cole” Addy said

“What!” He yelled but immediately screamed in pain as he held his head

I quickly sat beside him and held his hand

“You shouldn’t raise your voice or stress yourself Ethan, you are just starting to recover” I said

“Perhaps James is recovering well” Josh said

“Okay, can you help me up” Ethan said and I helped him stand up


We looked towards the door to see James and Sophie

James slowly walked in and Ethan slowly walked to meet him too

They were both quiet as they stared at each other

This is awkward

“How are you” Ethan asked

“Am fine, how are you” James asked

“Am fine” Ethan replied and they both smiled

“I wasn’t gonna say this but I can’t hold it in anymore, you look damn funny in that head bandaged dude” James said and we all laughed while they hugged

…..to be continued….



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