November 29, 2021

Fated To Love Episode 33 – finale


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“ πŸ’“


πŸ’ž EPISODE 33πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I drove home with a smile on my face

Maybe Ethan do love me

He risked his life for me and now he asked me to be his prom date

“Ahhh!!!” I shouted in excitement as I drove

Don’t get too excited Jade, he hasn’t actually told you that he loves you; a voice in my head said

He will tell me, Ethan is not the outspoken type, he just needs some time

I got home and entered the sitting room

“Good evening Mom” I greeted with a smile

“Welcome Jade, how’s Ethan and James?” Mom asked

“They are doing great, where’s Dad?” I asked

“He is already asleep” Mom answered

“Okay, am off to my room then” I said and climbed up the stairs

I went inside my room and jumped on the bed

“Am going to the prom as Ethan’s date!!” I squealed


πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

I stood in the sitting room and looked around

The house so empty

Dad and Josh has gone to work and Sophie has gone to school

If I stay here alone am gonna die of loneliness, am used to being around my friends now

I took my phone and called James

“Are you at home?” I asked

“Yeah” he replied

“Am coming then” I said and ended the call

I walked out of the house and looked the door

I took a cab to James house, I didn’t take the bus cause I don’t think I’ll be able to handle all the staring since we kinda appeared on the news during the kidnap incident and there’s still a white bandage round my head

The gate man opened the gate for me and I walked into the house

James was in the sitting room watching a movie


up man” he said as I came in

“Where is Mom and Dad?” I asked as I sat down in one of the couch

“They went out” he said

I joined him in watching the movie though he had already gone far but James filled me in on what’s happening in the movie

“Have you asked Jade to be your prom date?” James asked as the movie ended

“Yeah and she agreed”

“That’s great, I’ve got a prom date too” he said

“Really!, Who is it?”

“Guess” he said

“I don’t know, is it Licia?”

“Who is Licia?” He asked

“Are you really asking me that, she’s your seatmate, you told me you’ve always had a crush on her”

“That was then Ethan, that was when men were still kids” he said and I laughed

“Anyway, it’s Addy” he said and I was surprised

“Addy?” I asked

“Yeah, I asked her when she dropped me off yesterday”


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great James” i said

“I noticed she was a bit moody on the ride home and I knew you’ve probably told her you don’t love her, so to lighten up her mood, I asked her to come to the prom with me and she agreed, it’s a win-win for both of us, I got a prom a date and she’s going to the prom with a handsome guy like me”

“Yeah you are as handsome as a 100 year old tortoise” I said with smirk

“And you are as handsome as an elderly bulldog” he said and we both laughed

“Have you spoken with Jade today?” He asked


“What are you doing man, you are supposed to wake her up with your calls and good morning messages, have you even confessed your feeling to her?” He asked


“Come on man, what’s wrong with you, you know what, you should probably tell her at the prom, it will be perfect”

“Maybe, I just hope am able to tell her”

“You will, prom is next tomorrow, you still have time to prepare” he said and I nodded

“And number one rule of the prom is the guy picks up his prom date from home so you’ve got to get a car, maybe you’ll rent it or I’ll lend you one, then you’ll go pick Jade up and drive her to the school” James said

He continued giving me lessons on what to do and what not to do during the prom, it got to point I got so tired of he was saying and I dozed off on the couch



can do this Ethan” I said as took a deep breath and took my phone and dialled Jade’s number

“Hello” she said as she picked up and my heart beat increased

“Goo…. good morning” I stuttered

“Good morning Ethan” she said

“How was your night?” I asked

“Short” she said “Mom made me follow her to the boutique yesterday evening to get my prom dress”

“Really, how’s the dress, what color is it?”

“You aren’t allowed to know Ethan” she said

“Why?” I asked

“It’s the rule, it has to be a surprised” she said

“Geez, you are reminding me of James” I said and she laughed

We continued talking and I was speaking normally and free with her now

I told her I’ll be picking her up and she was surprised and happy too

James ended up lending me his car

*******PROM NIGHT*******

I drove to Jade’s house and took a deep breath before coming down from the car

“You can do this man” I said to myself as I walked into the house

It’s prom night and am here to pick up Jade, James went to pick up Addy too

“Good evening” I greeted Jade’s parents who were both seated in the sitting room

“Evening Ethan, how are you?” Jade’s Mom asked with a smile

“Am fine” I said

“How’s the head?” Jade’s Dad asked

I’ve totally forgotten that there’s still a bandage on my head though I got most of it removed yesterday, now it’s just in my forehead now

“It’s better now” I said

“Jade!!” Her Mom called “come down, Ethan is here” she said

“Okay” I heard her voice from upstairs

Minutes later, she climbed down the stairs and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her

She was wearing a short purple gown and her hair was let down to her shoulders

“Hey Ethan” she said as she walked up to me and I smiled

“We’ll be going now” she said to her parents

“Good bye pumpkin” her dad said

“Good bye” she replied

“Don’t come back too late” her Mom said

“Okay” She replied

I greeted them too and we went out

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

We walked to the car and Ethan opened the door for me

I smiled and got into the car

He got into the car too and drove off

Is he really not going to say anything about my dress or how I look?

He’s just driving and he’s not even sparing me a glance and everywhere was silence

“I didn’t know that you knew how to drive” I said breaking the silence

“I learned it two years ago, when I worked part time in a cab business” he said, his eyes still on the road

Geez, why won’t he even look at for a second

I continued bringing up different discussions and he answered normally, still not looking at me

Soon, we were in the school and he packed the car

He came out of the car to open the door for me but I opened it myself before he could do it

The school was booming and we walked into it and he held my hand while we walked

I smiled but quickly changed my countenance, he still haven’t compliment me on my looks

We got into the ballroom and the place was already booming

Most of the people were dancing

“Seems like we are late” I said as I sat down on one of the empty round tables and he sat with me

We were both silent and I saw James dancing with Addy

There they are having fun but here, Ethan won’t even ask me for a dance

Minutes later the song changed to a nice slow song and the people on the dance floor started dancing according to the rhythm


wish am there right now but Ethan won’t…

“Would like to dance?” Ethan suddenly asked cutting short my thoughts and bringing out a hand towards me

What took you so long

I smiled and took his hand and we went to the dance floor

I put my hand on his shoulder and he hesitated a bit before putting his arm round my waist

We began to dance slowly and it felt nice

Ethan kept staring into my eyes and I was starting to get cold feets

“You look beautiful tonight Jade” he said and I smiled

“I thought you didn’t find me beautiful since you didn’t even spare me a glance on our way” I said with a pout

“Am sorry” he said “I was afraid I was gonna continue staring at you the moment I look at you and that wouldn’t be safe, it could get us into an accident” he said and I smiled again

“And there’s no day I’ve not found you beautiful Jade, well except for those times you used to bully me” he said and I laughed

“I didn’t find you beautiful at first but time passed and I was slowly getting closer to you, you began to look beautiful in my eyes, and my heart started to skip a beat whenever I see you smile. I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling, I thought my heart was playing tricks on me but that moment that I knew you were kidnapped, that thought that I might loose you, it sent a great pain right to my heart and I knew that I wouldn’t be the same if you aren’t here with me, it was then I knew that this is nothing but love, I love you Jade” he said and he kissed me

It feels like my heart is about to burst out of my chest right now

“I… I….. I…” I can’t even get the words out of my mouth and Ethan laughed

Is he seriously laughing at me right now

“This is the first time am seeing you stutter” he said

“This is also the first time you are telling me you love me so what were you expecting” I quickly retorted

“Are you angry?” He asked

“I don’t know” I replied and he smiled

He took his phone from his pocket and I heard a click sound

“Did you just snapped me?” I asked

“You look so beautiful that moment that I couldn’t stop myself” he said and I blushed

“I love you too Ethan” I said and he smiled

“So we are a couple now?” I asked and he nodded

Gosh, am so happy right now

We continued dancing and minutes later, the dance came to an end and it was time for the feast

Addy and James came to join us in the round table and we ate together

“You guys came late, Principal Cooper announced that the result of our exams will be pasted on the notice board tomorrow and the graduation will hold next tomorrow” Addy said

“So early?!” I said

“Apparently, there’s not much time again since they already wasted time waiting for us to recover before the prom will hold” James said

“I guess we’ll be coming to school tomorrow to check on the result then” Ethan said and we all agreed

We ate and talked and soon the prom came to an end

Ethan dropped me home and gave me a good night kiss

Awwn, is this real?

Am so happy right now but the only thing am worried about is my result

For the first time in my life, I read really hard for an exam, I hope the result will be good


πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

We walked into the school and we were all nervous

I always get cold feets before I see my result

James, Addy and Jade were with me
We met up at Addy’s place before coming to school

We walked towards the notice board and lots of people were there

“I can’t see it” James said turning his back on the notice “someone should check mine for me”

“I can’t see it either, check mine too” Jade said turning her back too

Addy smiled and looked at me

“I guess you can’t see it too” she said and I nodded

“Don’t worry, I’ll check for you guys” she said and shuffled through the crowd to see the result

We waited for a minute before she came back

“Who should I start with?” She asked

“I don’t know but just make me the last” Jade said

“Hey, I was gonna say that” James said

“I guess I’ll start with myself” Addy said

“I have an average grade point of 4.60” she said

“That’s great Addy” we all said

“Ethan” Immediately I heard her call, I took a deep breath

This is it

“You have an average grade point of 4.95 and that’s like the highest grade in the history of RHS” she said and my heart beamed with happiness

I did it

“Wow, you did great man” James said as he hugged me

Jade and Addy hugged me too

“Now James” Addy said

“Wait a minute, lemme take a deep breath” James said as he took a deep breath “okay, am ready to hear it”

“You got 4.50” Addy said

“Yes!!” He said bumping a fist in the air

“And Jade” Addy said “are you ready?”

Jade kept silent for some moments

Am also kinda curious and nervous to hear her grade too

“Yes” she finally said

“You got 4.10” Addy said

“Are you sure you checked well?” Jade asked

“Yeah” Addy replied

“I don’t believe it, I’ll check myself” she said and went off to check

Moments later she came back with tears on her eyes

“What was it?” I asked but she hugged me instead

“Before you came, my grades were always around 2.5, but I made it thanks to your tutoring lesson Ethan” she said as she hugged me

She finally disengaged from the hug

“I made it thanks to the group reading too” she said as she hugged James and Addy

“You worked hard for it dear” Addy said

“And you deserve it too” James said


We were in dressed in our school uniform with black robes and we are seated in the graduation hall

The parents and families are here too

Dad, Josh and Sophie all came for me

The principal gave a wonderful speech and all clapped

“Did you hear a word of what he said?” James asked and I shook my head

“Me too” he said with a smile

“This is the best graduating set this school has ever had” the principal continued “They made us win the NMC for the first time ever and they’ve also created another record by getting the highest grade in the history of RHS” he said and everyone clapped

“So I’ll call on our valedictorian today, the student with the highest grade in the history of RHS to give us a short speech, Ethan Smith please come up stage” the principal said and everyone

“Go on” James said

“You can do it” Jade and Addy said

I took a deep breath, stood up and walked to the stage

You can do this Ethan

“Good morning everyone” I began “First of all, I’ll like to congratulate the graduating students, we are finally ending High school”

“Yeah” the students shouted

“Being a student of RHS was the best thing that ever happened to me, I made pretty great friends and also got bullied” I said and they laughed “I went through a lot here but I also made alot of wonderful memories and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without those experiences. My only regret is that I didn’t join RHS sooner” I said and paused a bit

“I’d like to thank my family, that’s my dad, my elder brother Josh and little sister Sophie, they’ve always supported me through out my life and I remain ever grateful. I’d also like to thank my friends, James, Addy and Jade, they were all with me through the turbulent moments of my life and they made RHS a place of good memories for me”

“The popular notation is work hard if you want to succeed but my advice today is that if you really wanna succeed and excell, work hard and also get a good friend, Thanks” I ended and they all stood up and clapped

I was about getting down the stage but the principal told me to wait

The clap died down and everyone was seated again

“As the norm of RHS, Ethan Smith will be sponsored by RHS to any college of his choice, congratulations Ethan” the principal said and the students clapped

He came up to me, put a medal on my neck and shook my hand

“Congratulations” he said again

“Thanks” I said

I walked back to my seat and sat down

“We are going to Harvard” James squealed and I smiled

The graduation ceremony ended and Dad, Josh and Sophie came up to me

“Congratulations Ethan” Sophie said as she hugged me

“Thanks Sophie”

“Congratulations little brother” Josh said

“Thanks” I said with a smile

“Congratulations Son, you’ve made me proud, you’ve all made me proud, wherever you Mom is, am sure she’s happy now” Dad said and hugged all three of us

We disengaged from the hug

“Go have fun with your friends” Dad said and I smiled

I walked up to my friends

“Guess what” James said

“What’s it?” I asked

“Dad just told me that Cole had been sentenced to 30 years imprisonment” Jade said

“Woah, that’s pretty long time” I said

“Are you kidding me, that guy shot me, he deserves life imprisonment” James said

“Do you actually pity him?” Addy asked

“No I don’t” I said

“So which college do you guys have in mind, Ethan and I have already decided on Harvard” James said

“My parents already registered me into the University of Massachusetts” Jade said

“Wow, that’s where am planning to go too, that school is great” Addy said

“Really, that’s amazing” Jade said

“I guess we all won’t be going to the same college then” I said

“It’s not big deal perhaps Harvard and University of Massachusetts are both in Boston” Addy said

“Yeah, so we’ll still be seeing each frequently” Jade said

“And even at that we’ll still remain close friends right?” James asked

“Yeah” we all said

James brought out his hand
“Friends forever” he said

“Friends forever” Jade said putting her hand on top of James’s

“Friends forever” Jade said as he also put her hand on top of Addy’s

“Friends forever” I said putting on my hands on top


πŸŒ€ Author’s POV πŸŒ€

Ethan and James went to Harvard Medical School where they graduated after 4 years as the top students

They are currently working as Doctors while serving their 7 years residency at Massachusetts teaching hospital Boston

Addy and Jade went to University of Massachusetts and graduated after 4 years

Addy studied Neuroscience while Jade studied Computer Science

Addy currently works as a psychometrician in Boston’s General Hospital while Jade took over her Dad’s enterprises as the heir

Josh owns his own restaurant now and he’s doing pretty great

Sophie is in college and she’s studying Business Administration

Ethan’s Dad stopped his cleaning work and lives comfortably, his sons are successful now and they made life comfortable for him

Jade and Ethan are still together and they’ll be getting married in a year’s time

And guess who Josh is married to?
Josh is married to Addy!
I guess there connection sparked after that event at the hospital

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

I walked into my office and sat down on a chair

“What a hectic surgery” I said as I stretched my arm

The door opened and James came in

“What’s up man” I said as he sat down on the chair facing me

“Get dressed bro, we are supposed to have dinner at Addy’s place today and we are already late” James said

“Oh, I totally forgot” I said as I stood up and pulled off my doctor’s coat

“Jade will be coming right?” He asked

“Yeah, and she’s going to give me an earful if am late”

“Sophie will be coming too” he said

“Really?, She didn’t tell me”

“She told me” he said

I wore my jacket and turned to James

“Wait a minute, why are you suddenly so close with Sophie?” I asked and he kept silent

“James” I called slowly

“Fine, we are dating” he said


“See this is why I couldn’t tell you, I knew you’ll react this way” he said

“Since when?” I asked

“Just a few months” he said

“Months and I wasn’t aware” I said with anger

“Ethan, calm down” he said

“You claim am your best friend but you didn’t tell me” I said as I threw a book at him from the table but he dodged

“Wait, I can explain” he said walking back

“Explain what” I said as I threw another book at him
He dodged it and began to run

“Am so going to kill you James” I said as I ran after him

“Am sorry for not telling you earlier” he shouted while running

“Do you even love her, you secret keeping friend” I screamed

“I swear I love her” James yelled as he kept running

……..End of Epilogue…….


This is the end guys

Am really gonna miss all of them


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