November 29, 2021

Fated To Love Episode 4 – 5


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“


πŸ’ž EPISODE 4πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POVπŸŒ€

“You need a tutor Jade, your grades are really poor” Mom said

“Just leave me alone Mom, I don’t need any tutor”

“You do Jade and am gonna get one for you” She said

“I don’t need an old person as my tutor mom”

“Then I’ll get you a young one”

“I don’t need a young one either!!” I yelled

“Why?!!” Mom yelled back

“Because am a very reserved girl Mom, I won’t be able to get along with a new person easily” I said with a calm voice and batting my lashes in a cute way hoping that Mom would believe me

“Tell that to the dogs Jade, am your mother, I know you better than you know yourself” mom said with a smile “You are getting a tutor and that’s final, now go to your room”

“Fine” I said in a pale voice as I climbed the stairs

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

It was already dark and I was in my room reading. I heard some voices and I stood up, opened my door and peeped outside

It was Dad and Josh, seems like they are arguing and Dad looked really angry. Well that’s to be expected, no father will be happy that his son wants to give up schooling
Moments later Josh walked out angrily on Dad and was coming in the direction of my room. I quickly ran to the bed and pretended to be asleep and that’s how I actually fell asleep


It’s morning again and I really don’t want to go to that school

I slowly got up from bed, went to the bathroom and had a quick bath. I wore my uniform and took my backpack and went out of the room


met Dad, Josh and Sophie eating, I greeted and joined them

“How was school yesterday Ethan?” Dad asked

“It was fine” I said and we ate in silence

After breakfast, I stood up and left the house. I have to be early today so that I can open the door for Jade when her car arrives or I’ll be in bigger trouble

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

The driver pulled up in front of the school and he rushed down to open the door for me

The door opened but it wasn’t the driver that opened it, it was the newbie. I’ve even forgotten I asked him to do this

I stepped out of the car and handed my backpack to him

“You don’t expect me to carry my backpack by myself do you?” I asked but he just kept silent and collected it from me


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looked around but couldn’t see Emma and Daisy anywhere. I expected this, of course they’ll still be at home now but am really early to school today thanks to Mom. I miss you Dad, how am I going to survive without you?

I couldn’t wait for Emma and Daisy so I entered the school with the newbie following behind. People stared at us because this is the first time am entering the school without my friends

I reached my locker and I made the newbie carry my books too but he never said a word, am beginning to wonder if this guy has some problem with talking

We reached the class and as usual, everywhere became silent as I entered

I sat down on my seat and the newbie sat beside me too

Geez, would I really be sitting with this nerd for the rest of the year??

Minutes later, Mrs Logan came in and after the normal greetings, she said;

“This morning, our school received an invitation to the NMC, National Mathematics Competition which will be holding 3 days from now” she said and the class started mummering and everyone began side talks

“Quiet class!” she yelled and everywhere became quiet “I know the invitation came pretty late but the organization have already apologized for that. We all know that the school has never won the NMC, we are always in the second position, now that it’s your turn to represent us, I hope you guys can break the record. Since we are already out of time, we’ll be holding a test right now to choose our two representative” she said as she began to share a question paper round the class


have 15 minutes to finish the questions and you can start now” she said and everyone began

I looked at the question paper, there were 25 questions, how the hell does she expect us to solve 25 different calculations in just 15 minutes

Mrs Logan walked around the class and when she reached my side she stopped

“Why aren’t you solving your questions Jade?” She asked

“Come on Mrs Logan, we both know that even if I attempt these questions I won’t be among the representative so what’s the point of attempting” I said with a smile and she kept quiet and walked past me

It was already 15 minutes and she collected all the papers

“The papers will be marked today and we’ll know the representatives before closing hour” she said and left the class

We had 3 boring classes and soon, the bell ranged for break

Moments later, Emma and Daisy came into the class

“How did you get into the school Jade, we waited for you outside the gate but you never came” Emma said

“I came before you guys, that’s why” I said

“Really!” Daisy exclaimed “Why did you come so early, that’s very unusual”

“I know, I didn’t want to come that early but it was all my Mom. Anywhere let’s forget about that and go to the cafeteria” I said as I stood up to leave but I stopped and looked at the newbie

“Follow me newbie” I said

As usual, he didn’t say a word, he just stood up quietly and followed us

We reached the cafeteria and sat down on our usual seat while the newbie continued standing

Immediately we sat down, the cook rushed to us and asked us what we want to eat

We all ordered our food and I asked the newbie to go with the cook and get our orders

He did so quietly and soon he had finished bringing all our orders to the table

“You can go now” I said and he left

“I wonder if this guy have problem with speaking” I said aloud

“Me too, I’ve never had him say anything” Daisy said and Emma nodded

“Did you guys hear about the NMC?” Emma asked

“Of course, our homeroom teacher came to the class today and gave a test to choose the representatives” I said

“I hope we win this time” Emma said

“I don’t think so, we’ve never won it Emma, and I don’t think there’ll be any difference this time” I said

“I agree with you Jade, the school is just wasting there time” Daisy said

We talked about different stuffs and finally, the bell rang and we returned to our classes

We had a biology and physics class and it was few minutes till the closing hour that Mrs Logan came in

“I’ve marked your papers and I’ll be going straight to the point since we only have few minutes left before the end of school today” she said and everyone kept quiet

“Like I said earlier in the morning, we’ll be choosing two representatives and I was really amazed by the highest scorer. When I gave you that questions, I never expected anybody to score above 20 but someone here performed beyond my expectation. The two highest scores are 18 out of 25 scored by our class representative, Addisson” she said as the class clapped for Addisson

“The highest score is 24 out of 25” she said and the class wowed, even I was amazed, the scorer must have a computer brain

“And it was scored by none other than the new student in our midst, Ethan Smith” she said and everyone began clapping very loudly as they turned to look at Ethan but as usual, he was quiet, he didn’t even smile, what a nerd


and Addisson can you both come out please” Mrs Logan said and Ethan stood up slowly, along with Addisson and they joined Mrs Logan in front of the class

“You two will be representing RHS for the NMC, I would have take you guys to meet the principal now but it’s almost time for you to go home so I’ll leave it till tomorrow, I hope you guys will get to know each other and work together for the competition” she said and left the classroom

Everyone started praising Ethan on how brilliant he is, some guys even gave him a hug. What’s the big deal in what he did that everyone is all over him now

I stood up, took my backpack and walked over to Ethan

“Go get me ice cream from the cafeteria” I said and everyone’s eyes were on me, though nobody dared to speak “Bring the ice cream for me in the hallway and you have five minutes” I said as I walked out of the class

I met Daisy and Emma coming to my class and we headed to our lockers and dropped our books

Some minutes later, Ethan came with the ice cream

I collected the ice cream and deliberately let it slip off my hands and it stained my shoes

“Oops, the ice cream stained my shoes, why don’t you help me clean it newbie” I said with a smile “am sure you don’t have a handkerchief, why don’t you clean the stain with your school jacket” I noticed we were sorrounded by almost the whole school and I smiled, I love humiliating people like this

Ethan slowly removed his jacket and was about cleaning my shoes

“What the hell are you doing Jade” I had a voice say and I froze, I’d recognize that voice from anywhere, it was my Mom

She came upfront and spoke again

“Why would you ask the poor boy to clean your shoes with his school jacket?” she asked

“M….mom….you… you don’t understand” I stuttered

“What don’t I understand, you were bullying him, now apologize to him Jade”

“What!” I exclaimed not believing what I heard

“You heard me right, apologize to him” she said I again and I just stood in shock

Does Mom realize what she wants me to do?, The whole school is watching and she wants me to apologise to this shrimp?

πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“ πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“


πŸ’ž EPISODE 5πŸ’ž

πŸŒ€Jade’s POVπŸŒ€

I stood gobsmacked as I couldn’t say anything, does she really expect me to apologize, to this nobody

“Don’t keep me waiting Jade” Mom said in a stern voice

“I…. I…. sorry” I managed to so in a low voice

“You are talking to yourself Jade, I couldn’t hear you” mom said

Like seriously, is this woman really my Mom, why is she bent on embarrassing me today, if only Dad was here, I miss you Dad

“Am sorry” I said raising my voice a bit

“Good” Mom said as she turned to Ethan “Am really sorry for my daughter’s behaviour dear, I hope she is forgiven” Mom said and Ethan nodded

“Let’s go Jade” Mom said as she walked out

I glanced at Ethan before following Mom and I caught him smiling, what the heck, is he smiling cause I apologized or because I was embarrassed or both

I followed Mom out of the school and some students pointed at me laughing, what an embarrassment, I’ll surely get back at you for this Ethan

I followed Mom to the car, I sat at the front seat and mom drove off

“Why did you come to the school today Mom?” I asked

“I wanted to pick you up from school, after the argument we had yesterday about you getting a tutor, I thought I should take you out today so that we could bond again and have some mother and daughter time but obviously you don’t deserve such consideration. Why were you bullying that boy?” Mom asked as she drove

“He got on my nerves” I said

“Really? And what did he do to get on your nerves?” Mom asked and I kept silent, I just realized Ethan never really did anything wrong

“Am talking to you Jade” Mom said raising her voice

“I…he is my seatmate!” I yelled

“So that’s why you bullied him?, Cause he’s your seatmate?” She asked and I kept quiet again

“I see, this is all our fault, your Dad and I spoilt you too much. I’ll be calling your principal immediately we get home and he will be keeping an eye on you and if I ever get a report that you bullied someone again, you’ll be grounded, your phone and laptop will be confiscated and your trip to Spain for the summer holiday will be cancelled”

“What!, You won’t do that to me Mom” I said astonished

“You know very well that am damn serious” she said with her eyes on the road

I kept quiet since I was out of words, if only Dad was at home, he’ll save me from Mom

Now I’ve become a laughing stock in school and I also have to be careful of what I do and this is all because of that newbie, Ethan 😠

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POVπŸŒ€

I smiled as I came down from the bus and walked home. I can’t believe Jade apologised to me, the look in her face when she said she was sorry, it was priceless and I couldn’t help but smile. Seems her Mom is not in support of her bullying attitude

I opened the door to the house and Sophie ran to hug me

“Welcome Ethan” she said

“Thanks Sophie, how was school today?” I asked

“It was fine though boring, what about yours?” She asked

“Interesting” I said with a smile

“Really!, What happened?” She asked excited

“I’ll be representing RHS in a competition”

“Wow, that’s great” she squealed “I knew you were going to wow them with your brain” she said and I laughed

“Have you eaten?” I asked

“No I haven’t, please cook for me Ethan, I’ve missed your delicious meals” she said and I smiled

“Okay, what should I cook?” I asked

“Noodles!” She exclaimed

“Okay princess, one plate of noodles coming up” I said with a smile “but lemme get changed first”


“Is Josh in?” I asked as I turned to go to my room

“Yeah” she replied and I nodded and walked to my room

I met Josh dressing up

“Welcome back little brother” he said with a smile

“Stop calling me little brother, am no longer little” I said

“Come on, you know I’ll never stop calling you that, little brother” he said with a wink “how was school today” he asked

“It was fine” I said as I dropped my backpack on the bed “where are you going?” I asked

“Just somewhere” he said as he pocketed his phone and turned to leave but I held his hand as my eyes caught a shiny wristwatch on his wrist

“What is this?” I asked pointing at the wristwatch

“And I thought you were intelligent, of course that’s a wristwatch” he said with a smile

“Yeah, a gold wristwatch, where did you get the money for a gold wristwatch Josh” I asked

“Come on little bro, let go of my hand, am already late” he said as he freed his hand from mine and left the house

What’s Josh up to now, I hope he doesn’t bring troubles


I woke up, bathed, got dressed and left for school

I got to the school early and waited at the gate for Jade’s car to arrive

Moments later, Mrs Logan came along and saw me

“Good morning Ethan” she said

“Good morning” I replied bowing my head a little

“It’s a good thing I met you here, follow me let’s get Addisson and meet with the principal” she said as she entered the school and I followed her

She went to the class and luckily, Addisson was there and she joined us

We got to the principal office and entered

“Good morning principal Cooper” Mrs Logan said

“Morning Mrs Logan” he replied

“Good morning sir” Addisson said while I bowed my head a bit

“This are our representative for the NMC sir” Mrs Logan said

“Okay, thank you Mrs Logan” he said and looked at us “your names?” He asked

“Addisson Campbell sir” Addisson said

“Ethan Smith” I said

“Ethan and Addisson, both of you will be representing us in an important competition coming up in the next 2 days, am sure you guys know that we’ve never come first in this competition but am hoping you can change that. I know there’s no much time for you to prepare but am still urging you to try your best. You guys will be exempted from all class activities till after the competition, to give you guys time to prepare together. I hope you guys will make us proud” he concluded

“We will sir, thanks” Addisson said

We left the office with Mrs Logan and she led us to an empty class

“You guys can stay here and prepare for the competition, all the best” she said and left

“Hi” Addisson said

“Hi” I replied

“Okay, I get that you don’t talk much but I hope we can get along for the sake of the competition”


“Is this the first time you’ll be going for a national competition?” She asked and I nodded

“But am sure this is not your first time going for a competition?” She asked again

“Yes” I replied

“The first time I went for a national competition, I was 6 then and when I faced the crowd, I totally freaked out and peed on myself” she said and I couldn’t help but laugh, it’s kinda funny

“Ethan!” Someone called and I turned to see Jade and her friends

This is the first time she’s calling my name and that would have been nice if she didn’t look like she’s gonna kill someone

“What the hell are you doing here and why weren’t you at the gate when I came” she yelled

……….to be continued……….

It seems Jade her forgotten her mom’s warning πŸ€¦πŸ˜‚

What is Josh up to???🀷

I wish Ethan and Addisson the best in there competition 😊

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