Fated To Love

Fated To Love Episode 7


πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“FATED TO LOVEπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“



πŸŒ€Ethan’s POVπŸŒ€

I took my backpack, left the class and walked out of the school

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“Ethan!” Someone called

I turned to see the person running towards me and it was James

“Hey” he said and I just kept quiet

“I’ve been looking for you in school today but I couldn’t find you, you weren’t in class either”

“Yes” I said

“Okay, I just wanted to congratulate man, you are the first person Jade has ever apologised to and the look on her face when she said sorry, it was totally amazing” He said and I smiled

“I even made a video of it, see” he said and brought his phone and showed me the video of Jade apologising when her mom forced and I laughed, Jade looks funny when she’s embarrassed

“Woah, I never knew you could laugh” James said and I immediately stopped laughing

“Come on Man, you don’t need to be grumpy with me” he said and I still kept quiet

“Are you taking the bus” he asked and I nodded

“Good, let’s go together then” he said and I looked at him in suprise, I thought everyone here is rich, shouldn’t he have a personal driver?

“Why do you look suprised?” He asked

“You don’t have a driver?” I managed to ask

“I do but I prefer taking the bus, it’s more fun” he said and I nodded

We walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive, few minutes later, the bus was here and we entered

James kept talking all through the ride, sometimes I just nodded, sometimes I laughed and few times, I spoke

He seems to be really jovial and it was fun being with him

Soon, the bus stopped at a bus station and he climbed down and I was left alone again

Minutes later, the bus came to a stop again and I got down

I walked to the house and Sophie ran to hug me as usual

“Where’s Josh” I asked

“He went out” she replied

“Have you eaten?”
“Yeah, Josh cooked before going out” she said and In smiled

“I have a home work Ethan, can you help me with it?” She asked

“Of course, lemme get changed first” I said and I left for my room

I changed into a green shirt and black trousers and I went back to join Sophie

I helped her with her homework and moments later, we heard a knock on the door, it was then I remembered Addisson

“Oh no” I said

“What’s wrong?, Do you know who’s knocking?” Sophie asked

“Addisson” I said

“Who’s Addisson?”

“A friend”

“Really!!!, You have a friend?!” She exclaimed

“Yeah, I made a friend today” I said

” That’s great then, lemme open the door for her” she said and before I could say anything, she already went off to open the door, why do I feel so nervous

“Hi” Addisson said immediately she came

“Hi” I replied

“Hi, am Sophie, Ethan’s sister” Sophie said

Please Sophie, don’t say anything embarrassing now; I prayed. She can be a real talkative when she wants to

“Oh, how are you Sophie?” Addisson said

“Am fine” she replied “Ethan said you are her friend”

“Yes” Addisson replied

“This is really great I never thought Ethan could make friends, this is amazing” she said and I coughed while Addisson laughed

“Don’t you have a homework Sophie” I said

“But we’ve finished it”

“Then go through it again”

“Fine” she took her books and went to her room

“Please sit” I said to Addisson and she sat down

“Should I get you anything?” I asked and she smiled

“It’s okay, there’s no need for that” she replied

πŸŒ€ Addisson’s POV πŸŒ€

Ethan went to his room and brought his books and we started solving some questions

I must admit, this guy is damn cute in casual wear. How can a guy be so intelligent and cute at the same time

And his sister is kinda funny, I wish I could spend more time with her. It seems Ethan isn’t from a rich family, the house is a bit small but it’s okay

We practiced for hours, and we ask ourselves questions alternatively


later, the door opened and a guy came in, he really looked like Ethan though older and he isn’t as cute as Ethan

“Little brother” he said immediately he walked in

“I told you not to call me that Josh” Ethan said

“And I told you I won’t stop calling you little brother” he replied with a smile “Who’s this?” He asked when he sighted me

“A friend” Ethan said

“Wow little brother got a friend” he said and Ethan frowned “how are you beautiful lady?” He asked and I smiled

“Am fine thank you” I replied

He nodded and walked towards one of the rooms “Little brother got a friend” he repeated as he walked away turning it into a song

“Josh!” Ethan yelled and I laughed

They have such a cute family

We continued practicing and it was getting dark so I had to leave

“See you tomorrow Ethan” I said as he walked me out

“Yeah, bye” he replied and I went off in my car

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

“Jade!!” Mom called and I shifted on the bed and covered my ears with my pillow

“Jade!!” She called again

Oh Dad, please come back early or I’ll be dead before 3 months

The time is just eight ‘o’ clock, why won’t Mom let me sleep

There was a knock on the door, it opened and a maid came in

“Your Mom is calling you ma’am, she said you should get ready for school and come downstairs” the maid said

I turned to look at the maid “Get out!!!” I yelled and she quickly left

I slowly got up, brushed, showered and got dressed

I walked downstairs all dressed in my uniform with my backpack

“For once, can you wake up and get ready by yourself without me having to scream your name everytime” Mom said immediately I joined her in the dinning


morning Mom” I greeted and she smiled

I finished eating and I left for school

The driver stopped in front of the school and opened the door, I stepped out and went to meet Emma and Daisy and we walked into the school

The school was really boring and I just wished it would end soon

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

I walked into the school and someone came up to me and put his hand round my shoulder

“Ethan” James called cheerfully and I smiled though suprised at the sudden closeness

“Come on man, you could at least say good morning” he said as we walked into the school

“Good morning” I said and he smiled

“You aren’t coming to class?” He asked and I nodded

“Ohh that’s right, tomorrow is the NMC, you are practicing with Addy?” He asked

“Yeah” I replied

“Okay, good luck” he said and walked off to class

I walked to the classroom Addison and I used yesterday and I met her with Mrs Logan

“Good morning” I greeted as I entered

“Morning Ethan” Mrs Logan replied and I sat

“I’ll be helping you guys prepare for the competition today” she said

We began and Mrs Logan taught us some things, and asked us lots of questions

The bell ranged for a break and I went Addisson to the cafeteria

“The competition is tomorrow, are you nervous?” She asked as we sat down to eat

“A bit” I replied

“Am really nervous, what if we don’t win?” She asked

“I don’t know, let’s just try our best” I said and she smiled

We talked about other stuffs and I was starting to get comfortable with her

We went back to the classroom and Mrs Logan was already there

We practiced and solved lots of questions for the rest of the day till the school ended

“Do make sure to come early tomorrow” she said as she left

I bade Addisson goodbye and left the school. I just realized I didn’t see Jade today and it’s weird though am happy am escaping her bullying

“Wait for me!” Someone yelled and I immediately knew that it was James, he was running towards me

“I told you I take the bus too, let’s go together” he said panting

We walked to the bus stop and boarded the bus

He talked about everything that happened in class and how boring classes was

“What about Jade?” I asked

“She’s been surprisingly quiet nowadays, she hasn’t been causing trouble” he said and I just nodded

The bus stopped and James got down while I got down at the next bus stop


walked to the house, and went to my room. I changed into a casual wear and continued practicing till I feel asleep


I ran into the school hopping I wasn’t late, why did I have to wake up late today

I met Mrs Logan coming out with Addisson and a few students

“You are late Ethan” Mrs Logan said

“Sorry ma’am” I apologised

“Just get in the bus” she said and I walked with them and entered the bus

“Why were you late man?” James asked. Turns out he’s one of the few students going with us

“I slept off” I replied and he patted my shoulder

Addisson sat beside me and she greeted

“Nervous?” I asked

“Yeah” she replied

“Me too” I said

“We’ll be fine” she said and I nodded

We reached the venue and got out from the bus, Mrs Logan gave us some last minute advice and soon we were called to the stage along with other representatives from the schools

Few minutes later, the competition started

In the first round, we were asked 5 questions and was given a minute to give the answer. It was pretty simple and we didn’t miss any questions

πŸŒ€ Addisson’s POV πŸŒ€

The first round ended and we didn’t miss any question. It was simple but I knew it was just starting to get harder

The second round began and we had 30 seconds to answer the questions, we were asked a total of 5 questions, we got everything again though Ethan did most of the working

I was really excited, we are leading and this is the last round and also the toughest, we would win if we don’t miss any question

We had just 15 seconds to answer the questions given to us and I was really nervous, I don’t think we’ll be able to get all the answers in such a short time

The first question was asked and before I even started solving it, Ethan gave the answer and I was wowed

The second question was asked and 5 seconds didn’t even pass and he gave the answer again, I was dumbfounded and so was the audience

The third, fourth and fifth questions was asked and Ethan got all without wasting time

The competition ended and we were announced the winner, I couldn’t hold my joy as I jumped up and hugged Ethan, this wouldn’t have been possible without him

πŸŒ€ Ethan’s POV πŸŒ€

Addisson hugged me and I just stood shocked. This is the first time I’ll be hugged by a lady outside my family

James came out of the audience and hugged me too

“Well done man, you were amazing’ he said and I smiled

Mrs Logan was really happy too “You broke the record guys, for the first time ever we won the NMC” She said with joy

We collected the cup, took pictures and entered the bus and the driver drove us back to school

πŸŒ€ Jade’s POV πŸŒ€

I walked to meet my friends in the gym, there wasn’t much classes today cause of the competition

Immediately I entered the gym, Daisy and Emma ran to hug me

“We won Jade” Daisy squealed

“And it was all thanks to Ethan, he was amazing” Emma said

“Really!, They won?” I asked suprised and Emma nodded. Wow, I never imagined they will win

I went back to the class and everyone was jubilating, Ethan and Addisson were back and everyone sorrounded them

I walked to my seat and sat down

I don’t know what’s so special about what he did that everyone is so happy about

The bell ranged and I took my backpack and left the class

I entered the car and the driver drove off

I walked into the sitting room and met Mom on a call

“Jade” she called immediately the call ended “I just got off the phone with your principal, you guys won the NMC!” She exclaimed

Not again, I left the school early just to escape their jubilations and now mum’s jubilating too

“Aren’t you happy?” Mom asked

“Am happy Mom, Yey” I said sarcastically

“Come on Jade, don’t be such a kill joy, perhaps, I’ve found the perfect tutor for you” Mom said

Oh God, I don’t want a tutor, I even thought Mom has forgotten about it

“Who?” I asked

“Ethan of course” she squealed

“What!!” I couldn’t believe what I just heard

………..to be continued………..


Congratulations to Ethan and Addisson, they wonπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Poor Jade, Ethan is her new tutor

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