Finding Love

Finding Love – episode 4

Finding Love (episode 4)

The worst thing that can ever happen to anyone; is being cheated on by the one person you trust and love with all your heart. Nobody deserves to go through that sort of torture because it isn’t a pleasant experience. Hearing those words from the strange lady’s mouth, shattered my soul and made me feel like my wh0le world was coming to a drastic end. I could vividly remember the way my heart raced as though I would drop dead if it slowed down. It was a day I would never forget!

“Who’s girlfriend are you?” I managed to ask and the lady chuckled, “I suppose you know whose phone I’m holding, so do the math” the strange lady said and ended the call.

Immediately the call ended, I held my chest and sat on the cold floor; still in great shock. “What just happened?” I shockingly asked myself, “It can’t be true, Alex can’t be cheating on me” I added as I sat on the floor.

After about two minutes later, I started tearing up bitterly. My heart was broken, shattered, pierced and trampled on. I couldn’t believe the one man I loved could hurt me that way. “Aren’t I enough for Alex? What else is he looking for in another woman?” I wondered as I cried bitterly.

All through that night, I couldn’t sleep neither could I think properly. It was my first time going through such traumatic situation so I didn’t know how best to handle it but cry bitterly. “This can’t be love, this isn’t how love is supposed to be; Love is so much better than this. What if she’s lying or maybe it’s just a prank” I muttered as I cried my eyes out that night. It was a terrible night indeed!

I woke up the next day with swollen eyes and over 12 missed calls from Alex. For some strange reasons, my heart dropped when I saw his missed calls and I felt heavy within. I didn’t return his calls because I was still devastated from what happened the day before and wasn’t ready for confrontations yet. It was almost time for classes, so I did the needful and zoomed out.

While at school, I couldn’t concentrate and kept shedding few tears every now and then. I didn’t understand why Alex would lie and cheat on me; I mean, why go through all the stress to have me and cheat afterwards. There was no reasonable explanation I could give as to why Alex would cheat on me with another woman, except of course if he was a born player.

As I headed home after class that day, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and guess who was calling all through? It was no other person than Alex. I didn’t pick his calls, neither did I return his missed calls. There was so much going on in my head so I needed more time to think.

My little ignoring defence mechanism went on all day till I finally decided to pick his call around passed 7pm. “Hello Chi chi, what exactly is wrong with you and your phone? I have been calling since morning and you didn’t pick and couldn’t return any of my calls either. I have been sick worried all day, thinking of what the problem could be and if you were alright. What’s going on?” Alex said, immediately I picked up.

For a second, I was mute and didn’t know the best way to put my words to express how I was feeling within. “So you have been lying to me” I finally managed say. Alex was a bit shocked at first as I could tell by how he suddenly cooled down his temper; “what exactly are you talking about?” He confusingly asked and I started tearing up. “Where were you throughout yesterday?” I asked, “I was working” he replied, “was your phone with you while you were at work?” I curiously asked and he said ‘No’, “So where was your phone throughout yesterday?” I asked and Alex suddenly became quiet.

The sudden silence that over took the conversation, confirmed my fears. I broke down in tears and Alex could hear my sobbing over the phone. “Why did you lie to me Alex, what did i do wrong?” I asked as I cried, “Baby I can explain, please just give me the chance to explain all that happened yesterday” he said but I immediately shut him off. “I can’t stay here and listen to another lie from you, goodnight” I said and ended the call.

My heart was heavy and bleeding at the same time; It was as though someone had pierced my heart with a sharp object. Heartbreak is easy to pronounce but the reality of it, isn’t something one should wish to experience. I felt so bitter, angry and above all, shattered. My life didn’t seem like if would feel the same again without the man I loved in the picture.

Alex called my phone over and over again, but I didn’t see the need to pick up. When it seemed like his constant calling was becoming irritating, I switched off my phone and burst into controllable tears. “So it’s true, so he truly went to her house and actually forgot his phone there? Why on earth would he go to that lady’s house at night if not for the fact that they have something going on between them. My heart hurts so bad and I don’t deserve this” I said to myself as I cried.

Due to all the drama that was going on in my personal life, I fell sick and was bedridden afterwards. I couldn’t leave the house and couldn’t do anything school related. I still hadn’t picked Alex’s call since the last time we spoke and I didn’t feel the need to open any message he sent to me. My friends came around to help me because I literally couldn’t do anything at all; it was that bad.

While all this was happening, I didn’t know that Alex had confronted my brother and told him the wh0le truth of what happened that night. Apparently, the lady in question was his ex that still didn’t want to cut ties with him, which my brother knew of. She called Alex that night and told him they needed to talk; since he used to date her, he decide to go and know what she wanted to talk to him about. The lady in question poured her heart to Alex and told him she hadn’t gotten over him yet and that she wanted him back. Alex declined and told her he already had someone else whom he loved and wasn’t ready to lose. Before then, his phone had low battery so he switched it off and plugged it to charge in her house, when he initially came. As they conversed, it became heated so he left angrily; forgetting his phone in her house. It was when he arrived home late at night that he realised that his phone wasn’t with him. This was how come his phone was switched off throughout the following day till his ex switched it on afterwards, for reasons best known to her.

This side of the story was still unknown to me and all I concluded in my mind was that Alex lied and cheated on me. My phone was switched off most of the time because I was trying to avoid Alex’s call, without knowing that my brother had been trying to reach me too.

Three days after the incident, I was still bedridden and couldn’t do anything or go anywhere. On the fourth day, I heard a knock on my door and asked who was knocking but no one responded.

I tiredly walked to the door and almost collapsed when I opened it. Lo and behold, it was My Brother and Alex!

End of episode 4 😉

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