Finding Love

Finding Love – episode 5

Finding Love (episode 5)

If there’s anything that kills a promising relationsh¡p faster; it would definitely be the act of jumping into conclusion without evidential facts. My inability to give Alex a listening ear to properly explain everything that happened that night, resulted to so many unnecessary heartaches and drama in my relationsh¡p with him.

The worst of it all was my brother, showing up at my house with Alex unannounced; although I think they might have been trying to inform me of their sudden visit, but how could they successfully pass the information across when my phone was mostly switched off. I never knew that my inability to communicate with Alex was stressing him out emotionally and was also driving him crazy. I could see how stressed and hurt he was, when I looked into his eyes.

“Hi Junior, what’s going on?” I confusingly asked my brother and he walked closer and gave me a hug, “We came to see you madam, is this how you want to welcome your guests?” My brother said and I smiled faintly. I removed my gadgets from the bed and made space only for my brother to sit down; consciously neglecting Alex. Due to my behaviour, Alex could sense that he wasn’t welcomed but that didn’t stop him from also making space for himself on my bed to sit down too.

While my brother and I were catching up, Alex sat quietly without interfering in our conversation. I totally ignored his presence and made him feel insignificant. My brother figured what was happening and smiled often because it was a bit funny to see his younger sister act in such manner.

After about an hour of talking about so many irrelevant things, my brother calmly paused the conversation and said; “Chi, I would be lying to you if I said we came all the way just to see you. Alex has something to tell you, please listen to him. I’ll be heading out now to see some of my friends in town so you two can have some privacy to talk. Catch you later smallie!” He said and got up to leave.

As my brother walked away, I looked towards Alex’s direction and didn’t even know when tears started falling off my eyes. Alex saw that I was tearing up and moved closer to me but I immediately shut him off. “Don’t touch me!” I harshly said and he bent his head downwards and started tearing up too. “Please just hear me out Chi chi, it’s not what you think” Alex said but I was still strong hearted. “Did you sleep with her?” I asked sobbing, “No! Never! I didn’t, you just have to let me explain all that happened that night” he pleaded and I said “Go ahead and explain, since it clearly looks like you have alot to say”.

Alex took a deep breath and started narrating everything that happened that night, just like he narrated to my brother. As he talked, my heart started melting and guilt overshadowed my wh0le conscience. I couldn’t believe that I made a big deal out of something as little as that. My My! I wished the ground could just open at that very moment and swallow me up. I felt so bad for making my baby go through such emotional torture and stress. I felt broken within!

When he was done talking, he could vividly see the guilt on my face and how bad I was feeling; I couldn’t stop tearing up. He moved closer to console me and I didn’t stop him this time around. “I’m so sorry baby, can I hug you?” I soberly asked and he smiled, “I should be the one asking if I can hug you because I have missed you so much” Alex said and gave me a warm hug. “I’m so sorry babe, I feel so embarrassed and more like a drama queen” I said as he tightly wrapped his arms around me; he chuckled and gave me a peck on my cheek to ease my guilt state.

We hugged each other dearly but I still felt extremely bad. After a while of being overly emotional, Alex pulled his body away from me and said; “promise that we would always talk things through whenever we have a misunderstanding and not make rash decisions?”, I looked into his eyes and said “I promise” and we continued our hugging.

It was at that moment that I realised how much Alex meant to me and how much I have missed him too. I made the first move to k-ss him and he gladly reciprocated without haste. We k-ssed passionately for a long time till we had to stop when things started heating up. The last thing I wanted, was for my brother to bump into us having an intimate moment. We just had to control our burning emotions and channelled the energy into having an actual conversation. We tried to catch up on everything that happened in our lives the passed few days we weren’t in talking terms.

My brother came back few hours later and they both had to leave. Junior had a lot of friends in town so they stayed at one of his friend’s apartment. Alex called me all through and we talked on phone till I slept off and left the call hanging.

The next day, my brother had to leave as he figured I and Alex had settled our differences. Alex didn’t want to go back so soon so he stayed back, while my brother travelled back home. I was so happy that Alex stayed and didn’t hesitate to show it.

We were almost inseparable as I wanted to fully utilise the 24 more hours I had with him. We went shopping and he spoiled me with so many gifts. Alex pampered me and almost disfigured my face due to constant pecking on my cheeks. How I loved this man!

Our day was going on smoothly and beautiful but little did I know that our beautiful day was about to be ruined. It turns out that a certain wealthy elderly divorcee in his late fifties had been trying to get me to marry him, but I declined countless times and have severally asked him to leave me alone but he bluntly refused. This particular man has tried so hærd to change my mind, but I have still strongly stood my ground.

While Alex and I were at the mall, I didn’t have any clue that this man was watching me from one of his stores there. It was after we had settled down that one of his boys came to tell me that ‘Tjay’ was requesting to see me.

My heart dropped for some strange reasons and I wondered why; it’s not like I had any shady secret up my sleeves. I ignored the first time and pretended as though they weren’t talking to me but this guys didn’t want to take ‘No’ for an answer. “Chi Chi, Tjay is requesting to see you now, please just follow us” they repeated and I still remained mute.

At that point, Alex was beginning to get suspicious and irritated at the same time. “What’s going on here and who’s Tjay?” He confusingly asked, “Babe just ignore these lunatics for now, I’ll explain later” I replied.

Before I could utter another word, Tjay’s boys held my hand and gently dragged me out from where I was sitting and said “Just follows us!”

End of episode 5 😉

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