Finding Love

Finding love – episode 8

Finding Love (episode 8 )

A hurting person is likely vulnerable when faced with the opposite of what triggers their pain. Seeing Tjay at that point in time was a bad decision and I wouldn’t have stepped out from my house if I knew he was the one that requested to see me. At the sight of Tjay, my heart dropped and I suddenly became angry afterwards.

“What in God’s name are you doing here?” I furiously asked as I gave him a piercing irritating stare, “Can you get into the car? I want us to talk” he replied but I shut him off immediately. My heart was battered and broken by Alex’s absence, so Tjay was the perfect person to transfer my aggression to. “With all due respect sir, please don’t speak to me or show up at my house ever again. I would never marry you so stop stressing yourself and leave me alone!” I furiously warned.

As I spoke, Tjay just kept quiet and didn’t utter any word till I finished. “Are you done now?” He gently asked smiling; I sighed and angrily walked away, leaving him there. Immediately I took one step out, his driver drove the car to meet up with me.

I figured they were coming behind me but didn’t bother to look back. Before I realised, they caught up with me and Tjay scre-med “Chi chi take!”. I turned to know what he was telling me to take, only for Tjay to throw a bundle of money at my feet and said “Buy whatever you need”.

That single act by Tjay pissed me off because I felt disrespected. Before I could unleash my anger on him, his driver speedingly drove off; leaving me there with the money.

I suddenly became weak as I stood there just staring at the money on the ground. At first, I didn’t want to pick it, but remembered that I had a friend of mine who was struggling to pay her tuition for the semester. I jumped for joy immediately I realised that God had answered her prayers through Tjay. Without wasting anymore time, I picked the money and entered in,side my compound.

As I walked towards my apartment, I started contemplating on whether to tell Alex all that happened that morning, but felt it wasn’t necessary to bother him with such tale. It was almost time for classes so I quickly dressed up and headed for school.

The bundle of money Tjay threw at me was in my bag, so I gently brought it out and started counting it in the taxi that drove me to school. I finished counting and the total sum was 50 Thousand Naira(#50,000). My friend ‘Kira’ needed just 35,000 Naira to clear her remaining debts, so I had some change left.

Deep down in my heart, I made up my mind not to spend a penny of that money on myself, so I decided to share the remaining amongst my friends.

That day was a happy one for both Kira and my friends. I was so happy that I was the reason for the smiles on their faces. We hanged out all day and had fun all through. To be honest, I really needed their company because I was having a bad day, due of Alex’s departure. I was a little worried that Alex hadn’t called yet to notify me that he had reached. I prayed silently as I anticipated his phone call.

After all the day’s activities, I sadly returned home and the reality of Alex’s departure hit me again. I took my shower and retired to bed afterwards. As I laid on the bed, I didn’t even know when tears started falling off my eyes. I wiped the first two tear drops but it became unstoppable afterwards. I soaked my pillow with tears and cuddled my blanket as I sobbed.

My heart was broken and I felt empty; there’s no way I could ever get used to living without Alex. Whenever it felt as though I was done crying, another round would immediately begin. You never know how painful it is to be away from someone you truly love, until you find yourself in that situation. When I realised I was already having headache, I had to force myself to stop crying and finally slept off.

Alex’s video call woke me up the next day. I jumped for joy when I picked up and couldn’t stop smiling while we spoke. “Baby, when did you arrive? I was expecting your call all through yesterday evening” I excitedly said and my baby smiled. “We arrived late so I didn’t want to call you at that time because I felt you might be asleep” Alex said. We talked for a long time and I even dressed for school while we spoke. I didn’t want the video call to end so I didn’t mind just staring at his face even when I didn’t have anything to say.

Alex looked extremely handsome and I couldn’t help but tease him. “Just few hours in Canada and your complexion has already changed” I said and Alex burst into laughter, “Chi chi please go to school before you kill me with laughter, just message me once you’re done with classes so I can call back immediately” Alex said. We said our goodbyes to each other and finally ended the call.

All through that day, I wore a bright and happy countenance. My heart was filled with so much joy as I went about my daily activities. My love for Alex was so strong that I subconsciously felt guilty whenever another guy mistakingly touched any part of my body. I had male friends quite alright, but I knew my boundaries when intEr×¢ting with them.

Life was good due to the constant video calls I received from Alex. He made sure to call anytime he wasn’t busy with school work and there was no day that passed without us communicating.

It felt as though we weren’t that far away from each other because we always talked about everything that went on in our daily lives and more. In no time, I began to cope with Alex being away and wasn’t feeling as broken and hurt as I felt, when he initially traveled.

Life gradually went on and I couldn’t stop counting down the days of his return. Alot of guys wooed me in school and beyond but I saw all guys like my brothers and couldn’t feel a single thing for another guy that wasn’t Alex. The doors to my heart was locked, with only Alex with the keys. I was contented with his love and wasn’t seeking for any attention or love from anywhere else.

There were days when I greatly missed Alex and craved for his touch but it was sad that he wasn’t there with me. We opened up to each other whenever the urge was strong or whenever the mood sets in. Alex had his moments and I had mine too. It wasn’t always easy to get by on those days but we just had to try the best we could to put ourselves in order.

Most times I found myself crying after we had ended the call. I missed my heart and wasn’t the same without him.

One fateful day, I missed Alex so much that I had to just take a stroll outside. I looked lost as I walked out of my street. I shed tears when no one was walking on my lane. I had some money with me so I decided to go see a movie in the cinema.

I arrived the mall shortly and headed straight to the cinema. I bought my ticket and entered in,side afterwards. The movie started and it turns out that it was a love foreign movie. Half way into the movie, I started crying bitterly and leaned my head on the handle of my chair.

The movie finished and I managed to get up to leave. As I walked out of the cinema, my teary eyes jammed with that of a guy that was standing at the popcorn stand. I immediately removed my eyes from his direction but it was already too late, because an impact has already been made.

The guy kept staring at me till I passed where he stood. “Hello” the stranger greeted, but I ignored him and walked away. I could feel him walking behind me but I didn’t bother to look backwards. I tried to walk faster but he was still behind me.

“Can I talk to you please?” He pleaded but I still ignored. As I walked outside the mall, I quickly walked towards the taxi park so as to get a taxi home.

Despite my refusal to talk to the stranger, he still followed me outside. I suddenly became scared because it was a bit dark and I didn’t know his intention of following me. I immediately boarded a taxi and zoomed out of the mall.

That little awkward pursuit trigger my emotions and I started sobbing bitterly. The taxi driver tried to console me but I told him I was ‘Ok’, but the truth was that I wasn’t fine at all. While I sobbed, my phone started ringing and I knew it was Tjay calling. I angrily blocked the number and switched off my phone.

In a short time, I arrived home only to be approached by one of Tjay’s boys. At first, I was shocked as to what he was doing in front of my gate. Apparently, they came looking for me earlier and were informed that I wasn’t home. Tjay instructed him to stay there to see if I would return anytime soon.

“Please I don’t have strength for any trouble this evening, just leave me alone and return to wherever you came from” I tiredly said after the guy narrated all that happened when I wasn’t home. “Chi chi, Tjay really loves you and wants to marry you; why not just give him a chance, he is a very good man” the guy said and I gently shook my head. “There are so many ladies out there, he should go after them and leave me alone. I already belong to someone else and don’t care if he loves me or not” I furiously said and wanted to walk away when this guy brought out a handkerchief from his pocket and held my nose with it.

I blacked out and discovered later on that there were drug substance in the handkerchief, that’s why it knocked me off and made me unconscious. Apparently, it was planned so there was a car around to quickly take me away before anyone could notice what had happened that night.

After being unconscious for only God knows how long, I finally woke up in a house I had never been to before in my life. It was a beautiful spacious room with a huge bed, filled with pillows. The first thing my eyes saw when I got up was Tjay’s huge framed picture on the wall.

I suddenly became scared and held my head because it was aching badly. Before I could fully digest where I was and what was going on, the room door opened and Tjay walked in with breakfast.

I was totally dumbfounded and couldn’t utter a word. Tjay walked closer, dropped the tray with breakfast on the bed and said “Goodmorning Wife!”

End of episode 8 😉

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