Finding Love

Finding love – episode 9

Finding Love (episode 9)
Second-to-last episode

Any relationsh¡p that isn’t built on the foundation of Love might never work or last. It takes two people who are truly in love, in order for a relationsh¡p to look realistic. If there’s one thing you should never do in this life, it would be to settle in Love. Don’t do your love life a great injustice by denying yourself that beautiful feeling that comes with loving the person your heart truly beats for.

Seeing myself on Tjay’s bed almost gave me a heart attack. My mind was filled with so many scary thoughts at that moment. I felt violated and helplessly trapped. “Tjay what on earth is going on here and what did you do to me?” Why am I in a room that looks like yours” I shockingly asked and he smiled faintly. “Chi chi just relax and eat your breakfast, I guess you must be tired and hungry” He said.

I felt devastated and wished I had the strength of a man, so I could give Tjay the beating of his life. “Do you know this is kidnap and you could actually get arrested for what you have just done” I furiously said, “Chi chi stop fighting this because the more you push me away, the more unpredictable things I would do to get you. I’m not asking for too much but for your hand in marriage. Do you think I go about chasing women? You are just different and I want a peaceful person like you as my partner and wife” He said.

As he spoke, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t check myself to know if Tjay tampered with my body. I immediately raised the blanket up and took a deep sigh of relief when I saw that my jeans trouser was still tightly fitted; just exactly as it was before I blacked out. Tjay figured what I was checking and smiled, “I didn’t touch you, just incase that’s what you are worried about” he said.

Indeed, I was truly disappointed in Tjay and never believed he could stoop that low just to have a girl he already knew was taken. I wasn’t going to let this particular one slide because who knows what could follow after that. My mind was already made up to take the issue up with my family and the police. There’s no way anyone should think it’s ok to hold someone hostage against their own will. I had been pushed beyond the limit I could take, so I was prepared to drag Tjay down to the muds.

My intentions were concealed in my heart; I didn’t want to say anything in his presence because Tjay was unpredictable and could hurt me. I realised that my phone was missing and wasn’t in sight. “Could it be that Tjay seized it or it might have fallen off when I was abducted” I confusingly wondered.

“I need to go now!” I commanded as I got up from the bed, “It’s not time for you to go, stay a little while longer” he pleaded. Like what does this man thinks I am to him? I cared less about his emotions, feelings or whatever! The only thing that was on my mind at that very moment was to get out of that unknown house.

Despite my repeated request to go home, Tjay remained at ease and didn’t bother to grant my wish. After many attempts but no avail, I angrily walked towards the door and opened it. My foot wear was no where to be found so I had no other option than to climb down the stairs bare footed.

I turned back and didn’t catch any glimpse of Tjay pursuing me or anything. It felt weird that he was still in the room but I quickly waived the thought and headed towards the main door. As I approached the door, I could see Tjay’s children’s pictures on the living room wall excluding his ex wife’s own. They seemed like a happy family and I wondered why Tjay divorced his ex wife.

My greatest nightmare suddenly became a reality when I figured out that the main door was locked with the keys taken away. Great fear overshadowed my wh0le body and I didn’t realise when I started shaking. I panicked as I just stood in front of the huge entrance door.

Tjay’s cleaners passed by but non of them uttered a single word to me. When I tried to seek for help in opening the door, one of the cleaners told me that their Boss strictly warned them to avoid talking or intEr×¢ting with me. You can just imagine the length Tjay had to go just to trap me in his house. I gently sat down on the floor of the door and started sobbing quietly. If only I just had my phone there with me, the story would have been long changed.

Few minutes later, I heard footsteps from the staircase and immediately knew it was Tjay. He wore a different outfit and was holding a phone that looked like mine. I was still seated in front of his door and he could see that I had been crying. “Chi get up let me take you home” he said as he touched my shoulders, “Don’t touch me ever again! Just open this door” I said as I sobbed.

In no time, the door was opened and Tjay handed my phone back to me. He thought I would follow him to his car but he was a big joker for thinking so. I hurriedly walked towards the gate and the gateman opened it for me. My footwear was still missing but I cared less if I had a footwear on or not.

Tjay got in,side his car and speedily drove outside in pursuit of me. It was a classy and quiet neighbourhood for the rich. I bet no one saw me walking bare footed because there was no one in sight. I switched on my phone and tried calling my taxi driver to see if he could come pick me up.

As I was in the process of dialing his number, Tjay caught up with me and begged that I get in,side the car. “This world would have to end today, before I would enter the car of a man that feels it’s ok to capture people and bring them to his house against their will” I said as I angrily walked with my bare foot.

My words were a bit hurtful to him but I didn’t bother to care of how he might be feeling. The only thing I dearly wanted was to just be far away from him and that environment.

As God may have it, I s₱0tted a taxi coming towards me and flagged it down. I immediately entered without pricing or negotiating the fare price. We zoomed out, leaving Tjay with his car behind. I wanted to dial my elder brother’s number immediately, to report all that had happened to him but was just weak to do so.

There was this fear I felt within due to all that had happened; I felt unsafe and threatened. If Tjay could go to such length to prove a point, then what else wouldn’t he do? The unimaginable made me scared and tensed.

We arrived at my house shortly and I went in,side to get money to pay the taxi driver because I didn’t have any cash at hand. In no time, the taxi driver was paid and he zoomed out. I walked in,side my room and remember sitting quietly on my bed and just staring at the wall. I wasn’t satisfied with the body check-up I did at Tjay’s house, so I had to do it again.

I immediately entered my bathroom and checked my body thoroughly over again but everything was still intact. As I turned on the shower to take my bath, my phone rang and I almost had a panic attack (for reasons I didn’t know). I was too weak to leave the bathroom, so I stayed put and took my bath.

When I was done bathing, I went to see who called and it was Alex. My heart skipped several beats and I didn’t know why. I immediately called him back and he quickly picked up. “Baby where did you drop your phone? I have been calling since yesterday night but couldn’t reach you. Are you ok” Alex said. I was quiet for a little while and finally managed to speak; “Baby I’m not ok, I feel so helpless and vulnerable” I said sobbing.

At first, Alex was a bit confused and didn’t know why I was sounding that way. “Chi is everything alright? Please talk to me” he pleaded and I began to narrate everything that had happened since the night before till that very moment we were speaking. Before I was done talking, Alex was already boiling with anger!

“What! This just has to be a joke and I’m not letting that bastard go scot-free this time around” Alex flared, “Did he touch you?” He added and I said ‘No’.

Alex was furious and was bound on taking actions even though he wasn’t physically present. “The first thing I want you to do tomorrow is to go and look for another apartment that’s far away from where you are currently living now. Whatever the amount would be, I don’t care, just look for another apartment and get back to me immediately you do so. As for that old cargo, he should get ready to dance to his own kind of music” He angrily said.

We talked for a long while as Alex tried to talk me out of my bad mood. We finally said ‘Goodbye’ to each other and ended the call. I immediately called a friend of mine in school that does agent work for houses and told him I needed an accommodation that’s far away from the school vicinity. He assured me that he would hook me up the next day and told me to get my money ready.

Deep down, I was glad that Alex came up with the moving out decision because I felt unsafe even in my own house. I couldn’t step out from my apartment throughout that day because I felt someone might be watching me.

The next day, I got a phone call from a police officer. Apparently, it was through Alex dad’s connections and the officers got my number from Alex. He asked me alot of questions concerning the incident that happened and asked if I had any evidence so they could use to approve Tjay’s arrest but I said ‘No’. The officer advised me on how to be safe and also instructed me to call his number whenever anything happened again. I was very happy and felt a bit relieved after talking with the police officer.

The accommodation was secured two days later. Alex wired the money for the house immediately and instructed that I move that same day. The apartment was slightly furnished so I didn’t need to carry too many loads. I gave out all the remaining furnitures I didn’t take with me to my friends, and also told one of my male course mate that had been squatting with a friend to take the room till my rent expired.

In no time, everything came back to normal and life continued. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. I only had one more year remaining to complete my degree.

Alex was almost done with his master’s but wasn’t certain of when he would be returning back to the country. There were certain factors still delaying him and it kept postponing his arrival date.

One fateful evening after returning from classes, I tiredly laid on my bed thinking of Alex. My phone rang and I looked to see who was calling and it was him.

I tiredly picked up the call and before I could say ‘Hello’, Alex excitedly said “Baby guess what?”, “What babe? you know I’m not good at guessing” I said. Before I finish my sentence, Alex said “I’m coming home in two weeks time”.

I was beyond shocked and scre-med “You are joking babe, please be serious”. Alex chucked and said “I cross my heart baby, I’m damn serious!”

End of episode 9 😉

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