Five Years Too Late

Five Years Too Late episode 11



(When the Love is gone )

Episode 11


Written by: Racheal Dennis.

Writer’s pov 👙

The car jerked forward and came to a stop.

Adele looked outside the window and sighed, it’s still raining.. though not as heavily as before.

“Thanks for the free ride, Mr O’Briens” she said.

“No, I should be the one thanking you for the tips you gave me” Thanatos said.

Adele smiled, she turned back to face Davis.

He is still focused on his puzzle, he’s completed half of it already and struggling with the other half.

“Davis, I’m gonna leave you with this uncle, he’s gonna take care of you until your momma gets back”

Davis stopped solving his puzzle and raised his head, he stared at Thanatos for a brief moment.. then narrowed his eyes at him.

“Don’t worry, aunt Adele, I’ll take good care of him” Davis said.

Adele frowned.

“He’s gonna be the one taking care of you, Davis.. how can you take care of a grown man?”

Davis scoffed. “I can take of myself, I only need him to open the door for me”

Adele’s mouth fell open, she doesn’t know Davis have two faces.. he’s always been showing the calm and goody two shoes face in front of Jasmine.

“Davis, that’s rude. Aren’t you scared your mom will scold you if she heard you say this?”

Davis shook his head, he raised his fingers and focused on them as if he’s picking them.

“Momma doesn’t like him, she won’t be mad” he said in an aloof tone.

“Davis!” Adele called him warningly.

He reached forward with his tiny hand and tapped Thanatos’ shoulder.

“I’m gonna watch you carefully until momma gets back”

He huffed and sat back on his seat, he folded his arms on his chest and looked outside the window.

Adele stared at Davis with her mouth wide open in bewilderment.. she couldn’t swallow the fact that her goody two shoes Davis has a smart mouth.


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burst into laughter, he seem to find Davis’s character cute.

“Mr O’Briens, don’t take his words seriously, he’s just a kid and say whatever to his mind” Adele apologized on Davis behalf.

Thanatos laughed again and waved Adele’s apology.

“I’m not mad, I think I quite his personality.. he’s a straightforward little man” he said.


guess, you’ll both get along just fine then”


Adele nodded, he grabbed the door handle and pushed it open, she raised her bag above her head.. using it as a cover.

“Alright, thanks again” she said and rushed off towards her apartment.

Thanatos turned to face Davis. Davis picked his puzzle and made to open the door.

“Get an umbrella” Davis said.

Thanatos nodded quickly and got out, he rushed to the boot and took out an umbrella.. the rushed over to cover Davis.

“Easy, Cham” he said when Davis almost lost balance.

“Thank you” Davis thanked him for the umbrella.

Then they started heading to the front door, in a few minutes they reached it.. Thanatos closed the umbrella and put it in a corner.


eyes search around as he looked for Jasmine’s spare key.

He searched under a flower pot but it’s not there.. he continued searching until he’s almost getting tired.

“Under the door mat” Davis said.

Thanatos stopped searching and rushed to the door mat, he raised it up and truly the key was there.

“Davis, why didn’t you tell me it’s under the door mat all these while?”

“You didn’t ask” he replied.

Deciding to ignore him, Thanatos opened the door and they walked in.. Davis headed straight for the kitchen.

“Whoa! I guess someone’s hungry, can’t wait to eat, huh?” Thanatos said and laughed slightly.

“Can you cook?” Davis asked.

“Yeah” Thanatos replied.

He tossed his jacket on a sofa and headed to the kitchen too, he snatched an apron along the way and hanged it around his neck.

“Tell me what you wanna eat, I can prepare different delicacies!” Thanatos said boastfully.

“Anything” Davis replied.

He dipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out his puzzle box, he continued from where he stopped.

Thanatos looked around the kitchen, the food items available can cook a decent meal.. he got into attention.

Few minutes later, when he’s done chopping some tomatoes, he turned and realized Davis has hit a dead end in his game.

Davis tossed the puzzle box on the counter and frustratingly folded his arms on his chest.

“Hey, little man, what’s bothering you?” He asked even though he clearly knew the answer.

“Nothing” Davis responded.

His glare landed on the puzzle box, he put his lips between his teeth..he bite on it hard in anger.

Thanatos chuckled lightly, he can see the younger version of him in Davis.

“Come on, tell me, I might be of help”

Davis picked his puzzle box, he stared at it for a few moments, then shove it Thanatos hand.


you solve it?” He asked, looking at

“Piece of cake!”

Thanatos started solving it, it only took about 2 to 3 minutes before he finished it.. he dropped it in front of Davis.

Davis’s eyes grew in astonishment, he’s never seen someone solve his puzzles.

He gave Thanatos a thumbs up.

“My mom and uncle Arthur can’t solve it fast” he said.

“Of course, I normally do this when I was a kid.. I have all kinds of puzzle then” Thanatos replied.

Davis stopped smiling and narrowed his eyes at Thanatos, he studied him for some seconds.

“Are you trying to get close to me?” He asked him.

Thanatos couldn’t reply, because Davis is correct.. he’s trying to get close to Davis to win Jasmine back.

And also to build a good father-son relationship between them.

“I’m five years uncle, I can’t help you”

“I know you’re five years old, but why do you think I need your help?”

Davis picked the solved puzzle and stared at it.

“You like momma but she don’t like you, you want to play with me so momma will like you”

Thanatos smiled.

“You’re blunt, good” Thanatos said.

Davis dropped the puzzle box and stared directly in Thanatos eyes.

“I can help you, but first answer me”

“Ok…go on”

“Are you rich?”

Thanatos seemed taken aback at this question, but he must answer it.


“Are you rich like uncle Arthur?”

“Richer than him” Thanatos replied.

Davis smiled.

“Do you promise to always buy me chocolate and take me to the park everyday?”

Thanatos frowned.

“Will your momma agree to that?”

Davis shook his head, he grinned and raised an eyebrow at him.

“That’s why I’m asking you, you’ll sneak me out”

Thanatos thought about it for a brief moment, then nod.


Davis giggled and raised his hand, silently telling Thanatos to give him a high five…which he did.

“I like you, I will tell momma good things about you”

“You like me?” Davis nod. “Why do you suddenly like me? I thought you hate me, why did you change your mind?”

“Because you are super rich..and you promised to take me to the park everyday”

“Well, thank you then”

“Don’t thank me” he said.


Davis jumped off the stool, he grabbed Thanatos hand and led him to their small living room.

He sat on a sofa and leaned back, he placed his legs on the table and closed his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Thanatos asked.

“Massage my shoulders”

Thanatos chuckled lightly.

“Davis, you’re so tiny, why do you need massage?”

“I study a lot and do a lot of homeworks after school…” Davis sighed. “So-o-o tiring”

Thanatos frowned, he seemed to have figured something out.

“You’re imitating someone, who?”

“My momma, uncle Arthur gives her massage sometimes”

Thanatos frown deepened, he clenched his jaw and balled his fist…wishing he could throw a punch at Arthur wherever he is.

“Come on, uncle, I’m waiting” Davis said.

Thanatos sighed, he bent slightly and started massaging Davis shoulders.

“Stop, stop, stop” Davis yelled and moved away.

“What?” Thanatos asked.

“Massages hurts”

Davis rubbed his shoulder, Thanatos bite back a laugh.

“So you don’t want the massage anymore?”

“No, I want food”

“Alright, on it”


Jasmine’s pov 👙

The rain was too heavy, it didn’t seem as though it’s gonna stop anytime soon.

I don’t know how long have walked under the rain, but I can barely walk now.. I’m feeling so cold and tired.

“Why didn’t I go with Thanatos?” This is the only question I kept asking myself.

Finally, I made it to my apartment.

I stood outside and pressed the doorbell, I waited for Adele to come get the doorbell.

Having waited too long, actually, I don’t know if it’s too long.. but I felt like it’s too long.

I felt myself going down and….


Thanatos pov 👙

“Here, have some warm milk” I said and dropped a glass of milk in front of him.

“Thank you” he thanked me with a smile.

Davis is smarter than I thought, well, I’m d*mn happy I can attend to him..

At that moment, the doorbell rang, interrupting my thoughts. I excused myself and quickly go get it, I rushed over to the door.

Opening the door, I’m shocked to see Jasmine laying unconsciously on the ground.. I quickly squat.

“Baby, baby can you hear me?” I called, but there wasn’t any response from her.

“Baby, Jasmine!” I called once again, still no response.

F**k! I’m to blame for this, I shouldn’t have listened to her and left her behind!

I quickly swooped her in my arms and rushed her to her room. Davis rushed after me, when he saw me with his mother in my arms.

There isn’t any couch in her room, so I simply laid her on the floor first.

“Hey! What happened to my momma?” He asked me.

I lifted my head and realized he’s passing me an accusing glare, I sighed.

“Baby, your momma passed out” I stated the obvious.

“Passed out?” He asked again, this time in a calmer and sad tone.

“Yeah” I replied.

I started unbuttoning her dress, I don’t understand why she loves clothes with button…or Maybe she just decided on wearing them today.

“W-will she wake up?”

I lifted my head and stared at my boy, he was fierce towards to me a few minutes ago…now, when he saw his mother laying unconscious, he’s become a scaredy cat.

“Don’t worry, son, your momma will wake up soon…”

“I’m not your son” he cut me off.

I gulped, well, I spoke too soon.. he’s still as fierce.

“She’ll wake up soon, she just need to rest” I assured him.

I’m done unbuttoning her dress, just when I’m about to pull it down… Davis held my hand with a frown.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Momma said boys don’t touch girls clothes”

“She said that?”

“Yeah…she said it makes girls ugly”

I smirked, Jasmine, what have you been teaching this boy…do you really have to lie to him to scare him?

“Don’t take momma clothes off, she’s gonna get ugly!” He said and removed my hand.

“But if I don’t take off her clothes, she’s not gonna wake up”

“Huh?!” He exclaimed loudly with fear in his eyes.

He quickly placed my hands back on her dress and moved aside.

“Take it off, take it off” he cried.

I laughed at his reaction, he’s already crying because I lied to him… he’s sometimes acting like a five years old…and other times acting like a fifteen years old.

“Take it off quickly” he cried

I nodded and wanted to do it, but I’m suddenly aware that I can’t take it off while he’s still here.

“Davis, go get a glass of water for momma” I told him.

He nodded and got up, then rushed out…I laughed, so cute.

Without wasting too much time, I quickly took off her dress, bra and panty..I would have admired her body for sometime, but Davis will be back soon.

It’s best I turn a blind eye to this temptation, I laid her on her bed and covered her with a blanket.

“F**k! The blanket is too thin!” I grumbled.

“Uncle, water” Davis said.

“Whoa.. you’re fast”

Now I understand why Adele said the only way to earn Jasmine’s forgiveness is Davis…it’s clear they love each other.

“Give momma some water” he urged me in a worried tone.

“No, this water is too cold, I’ll go get a warm water for her” I said and head out.

He sat next to her on the bed, he held her hand in his, he brought it closer to his mouth and opened his mouth…blowing some warm breath to pass heat to her body.

“Jasmine, you’ve done a great job”

I continued watching him for a few moments, before heading out.


By the time I came back with some warm soup, Davis has already fallen asleep.. resting his head on the headboard.

My eyes met the wall clock and I realized it’s already 9:37pm.

I dropped the soup on the bedside table, then carried Davis to his room.

I laid him on his bed and covered him, I stared at his face for a while and smiled.

*Don’t you worry, I’ll make you and your momma love me in no time!* I promised.

I leaned down and kissed his forehead gently, before leaving his room.


“Come on, just a little” I said.

I’ve been trying to make Jasmine drink some soup, but to no avail.

I sighed. “Well, you left me no choice then”

I quickly took some soup in my mouth and leaned closer to her mouth, I crashed my lips on hers and tactically poured the soup in her mouth.

Fortunately, this time she swallowed it… I pulled away and wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.

I sat there for a while, admiring her features.

Even though her face is paled and her lips blue, she is still beautiful.

A tired yawn left my mouth.

I didn’t do any hard work but I’m tired, I simply cooked for Davis.. washed Jasmine’s drenched clothes… I think I understand why Jasmine is angry.

She’s being doing all this for five years and still have to work to save some money… anyone would get tired.. and frustrated.

Her anger is justified.

Well, I’m here now, I’ll make things right again.


Jasmine’s pov 👙

My eyes snapped open as I felt the need to use the bathroom.. I tried to get up, but something kept pulling me down.

My eyes looked down and I saw a strong arm, wrapped around my waist tightly. A frown appeared on my face.

Strong arm? What’s going on? Where am I? Last I remembered I was walking under the rain.

I did a quick scan of where I am, I found somethings quite familiar.. that’s when I realized I’m in my room.

But how did I got here? And whose arm is this?

“Hey! Hey!” I poked the arm.

I heard a groan, but the person didn’t move. I coughed slightly and sniffled… I must have caught a flu from the rain.

“Hey, wake up!” I poked the arm again… I can’t see his face since the blanket is covering his face.

I hope I haven’t brought some random man home last night, that would be so embarrassing.

“Hey! WAKE UP!” I yelled as loud as I could, I turned my head away and coughed again.

“Baby, are you ok?”

Baby? There’s only one person that calls me that… Thanatos!

I turned back and it’s truly him. I pushed him away from me, he pulled the blanket off me unintentionally…he quickly threw the blanket back at me when he stared at me.

“Wrap yourself up” he said.


I looked down at myself, I’m n@ked. No panty on…No bra on…. n@ked!!

“What did you do to me?!” I growled.


“Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” I yelled as I kicked him off the bed.

He fell in a very loud thud.

“Momma! Momma are you ok?” Davis asked and rushed in.

I quickly buried myself in the blanket and continued screaming, since nothing could come out of my mouth than a scream.



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