Five Years Too Late

Five Years Too Late episode 12



(When the Love is gone )

Episode 12


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Adele’s pov 👙


My phone’s ringtone blared loudly, waking me up from my peaceful slumber.

I reached out my hand sleepily, searching my bed for my phone.. I was watching a movie last night but fell asleep on it.. so I guess the phone is just around.

It stopped ringing and I sighed, I decided to just forget about it and go back to sleep..

But just when I was sleeping back to sleep again, the loud blaring came again.. I angrily snapped my eyes open.

My eyes search the bed and they finally found my phone at the edge of the bed, I crawled towards it.

This person better have a solid and valid reason for disrupting my sleep!


I answered in an aloof tone, without even bothering to check the caller’s ID.. I’m too angry to do that.

“Hey, grumpy Miss!”

Grumpy Miss?!

Only one person dares to call me that, I moved my phone away from my ear to confirm.. and it’s really him.


“What crawled up in your pants that got you angry?” He asked.

I rolled my eyeballs.

“You!” I snapped, though in a little bit calm tone.

“Me?” He asked.

“Yeah.. who calls people at…” I trailed off and check the time on my phone.

A loud gasp left my mouth, 06:23am?! I should be getting ready for work by now.

Without wasting time, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom…

I reached for my brush and started to brush my teeth, though my phone is still pressed against my ear.

“I guess I woke you up, correct?” Arthur asked.

“Of course!” I muffled out.

“If you’re just waking up, what about Jas?”

I frowned slightly at his question, his question just ignited the spark of jealousy in me..


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falling heads over heels for someone that doesn’t think of him romantically…why can’t he just take a look at me?

Am I not likeable enough? I can’t blame him for being blind.. after all, he’s known Jasmine way longer than he knew me.

I just came into the picture three years ago, I can’t compare that with their.. let’s say, 15 years of friendship.


I wonder when he’s gonna open his eyes to see and realize Jasmine only sees him as an elder brother.

“… are you listening to me?” He barked in my ear.

“Of course, Mr dog!” I barked back at him.

I heard him growled and grumbled something under his breath..

“I called Jas last night, but she didn’t pick up. Do you know why?” He asked.

“Yeah.. it must be because she was too tired and went to sleep early” I replied.

I placed my brush back in its place, put Arthur on speakerphone and tossed my phone in my pocket.


there any rush at the restaurant yesterday?” He asked.


I checked my face in the mirror, before putting my head up in a messy bun.

“Then why was she tired?” He asked again.

“Well, she was too proud and walked home in the rain last night.. I believe she must still be sleeping right now”

“She walked home in the rain? Why aren’t you attending to her? Is she ok?” He asked in a worried tone.

I wish he can worry about me this way too, but that’s just a dream that won’t come true.

“She is fine, someone is already taking care of her.. in fact, better than I would ever”

“Someone’s already taking care if her? Who could that be? Who’s that?”

I smirked, I know he’s gonna explode after I say the name. Just wait for it….

“Thanatos O’Briens!” I said.

“Thanatos O’Briens?!” He exclaimed.

Ok.. here comes the explosion.

“Why did you let him come near her?! What if he takes advantage of her?! You are her best friend.. why didn’t you take care of her?! You’re so unreliable.. I shouldn’t have gone on this trip!”

I laughed.

“So.. what are you gonna do now? Teleport from Japan back to America?” I taunt him.

He didn’t reply me, but I heard him grumbling in the background.

“Arthur, listen, Jas has always clearly drawn the between you two. She tell you at every given opportunity, you’re just like a brother to her”.

“Well, even if she sees me as a brother and I don’t end up with her.. I still won’t let her be with that hooligan!” He roared.

I sighed and rolled my eyeballs, if I should continue talking and listening to him.. I’d be late for work and Elvis would fire me without a second thought.

“Arthur, I’m hanging up. I’m gonna be late for work”


you… ” I hanged up.

He’s just gonna blab and whine about Jasmine and her baby daddy being together.

I slipped off my tiger stripe night wear and threw it in the laundry basket..then stepped under the shower.


Jasmine’s pov 👙

“Davis, come on, let’s give momma some privacy” I heard Thanatos saying to Davis.

I’m still hiding away from them under the blanket, I mean, I’m too embarrassed to face them.. especially Thanatos.

Which is something I don’t understand.

“Momma, are you ok?” Davis asked me.

“I’m fine, baby, just go with uncle Thanatos for now” I replied.

“Why are you hiding your face? Are you ugly now?” He asked.

I frowned slightly, why would he think I’m ugly?

“Uncle took off your clothes last night.. did you become ugly? Is that why you are hiding, momma?”

I bite my inner cheek to stop myself from laughing, I just realized how stupid those words are.

“Momma’s not ugly, just go with uncle first.. I’ll come join you soon” I said.

“Ok, momma” he replied.

Then I heard their footsteps heading towards the door.

The sound of door opening and closing made me realized they’re gone.

I ripped the blanket off me and looked down at myself once again, my cheeks heated up immediately.

Wait.. why am I being shy and nervous about Thanatos seeing me? He’s saw everything about me before and Davis is the result.

Well, it’s been five years and there’s been a lot of changes in me…

I gathered the blanket in my hands and hide my face in it again… this is so embarrassing!

Without wasting too much time, I dashed into the bathroom. Since I’m already n@ked, I slide under the shower and turned it on.

Yesterday’s event flooded my mind as the warm water hit my skin.. I reached for my soap and bath sponge.

I started retrieving the scene from Thanatos office, how he was kissing me, how his soft hands were massaging my bre@sts…

I washed my body slowly with my bath sponge, imagining it’s Thanato rubbing my skin.

A smile appeared on my face, I guess it’s been too long… I have seem to forgotten how delicate he usually is when it comes to romance.

But then..

Wait, why am I fascinating about Thanatos?

I must be losing my mind! I must have hit my head on something last night!

I’m yet to find out why he was laying next to my n@ked body..

Just then, my eyes landed on my bra and panty hanging on a short line pinned against the wall of my bathroom.

Aren’t these what I wore yesterday? Did Thanatos washed them?

Hold on…how did he got in?


“Easy, Davis, you’re gonna choke if you continue shoving the bread down your throat” I heard Thanatos scolding Davis from the kitchen.

Davis is eating breakfast, while Thanatos is cooking something else in the kitchen.. I decided to check on Davis first.


Davis chirped cheerfully when he saw me walking towards him.. I pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Baby, you’re ready for school?”

“Yeah, that uncle bath me and gave me breakfast” he replied, pointing at Thanatos.

I took a glance at Thanatos, he’s focused on the stove and what he’s cooking.

“You let him bath you? And you also accepted his breakfast?”

He nodded. “He’s a good boy” he replied.

Davis seem to like Thanatos.. this is strange. Davis don’t warm up to people easily, why is Thanatos case different?

He stared at my face and smiled. “Momma is not ugly” he said.

“Of course, momma’s got superpowers”

He reached for a slice of bread and put some fried eggs on it, then stretched it to me.

“Momma, eat, you didn’t eat last night” he said.

I accepted it with a smile and ruffled his hair.

“My baby is caring for his momma”

He pushed his glass of milk towards me, then rest his elbows on the table and rested his head on his hands.

“Momma eat” he urged me.

I pushed the milk back to him.

“Momma will only accept your bread, you need milk more than me.. to grow into a strong man” I told him.

“But you’re hungry” he said.

“I’ll go get another glass of milk, you have this one”

He nodded and resumed eating, I got up and headed towards the kitchen.

“Baby, how are you feeling now?” Thanatos asked the moment I stepped into the kitchen.

I simply nodded. I reached for a glass and poured myself some warm milk.. I pulled out a stool and sat down.

I took a sip from the milk and cleared my throat.

“W-what happened last night?” I asked.

My cheeks flaming up, when I recalled how he slept next to me while I was n@ked.

“Nothing much happened, you just passed out and I took care of you” he replied.

He poured what he’s been cooking in a bowl and dropped it in front of me..

“A porridge?”

“Yeah, you caught a cold last night and I don’t think the cold is completely gone yet.. so you’ll need that” he replied.

I made a disgusting face and pushed it aside, but Thanatos pushed it back to me and glared at me.

“Drink it”

“But it tastes awful” I complained.

“Yeah, that’s why you shouldn’t have paraded the rain yesterday”

I hate porridges, they always have bland taste…

“I’m not cold, I’m fine” I said.

“You’re not fine. You had a fever last night”

“I’m fine now, I can…”

A cough left my throat, making me swallow my words. Thanatos gave me the “I told you” kinda look.

Not knowing how to escape from drinking it, I dropped the milk and quickly gulped down the porridge.

“Now that’s a good girl” he said and collected the empty plate.

I wiped my mouth.

“T-thank you for bringing Davis home and taking take care of me…also, sorry for the stress”

He turned to me with a smile.

“There’s no stress, in fact, I’m happy doing this” he replied.

“Well, you’re a busy man, I can’t keep you here. So.. I’ll take over from here, you can go back to your work” I told him.

“No. I’m not so busy when it comes to my family, I will…. ”

“Thanatos” I cut him off.

“I’m really grateful for your help yesterday, but I’m fine now and I won’t be needing your help anymore”

He dropped the plate and turned off the stove, before turning to me fully.

“You want me to stay away from you and our son, I get it… ”

Do I really want him to stay away? But why do I feel somewhat happy having him here?

He took care of Davis and I last night…he washed my clothes. He’s made breakfast for Davis and I this morning…

But these are things Arthur has been doing for us for five years now…why do I feel very happy seeing Thanatos do them for us just once?

“… I will stay away, but not today. You’re slightly sick and I’m not sure you can cope alone. Just let me stay for today, please”

“Ok!” I blurt out before I could stop myself.

“Ok?” He asked.

I nodded and repeated it. “Ok, you can stay.. for today”

If I should chase him out, it’ll seem as if I’m not grateful at all.
He smiled.

“Thank you, baby” he said.

“I have thought about it, you’re Davis father and you deserve to be in his life. So, you can come over sometimes to spend time with him…then we’ll let him know you’re his father when he’s adjust to you”

I can’t let Arthur play the role of a father to Davis forever…besides, his biological father is alive and well…

“Thank you so much, baby” he thanked me.

I reached for my milk and took a few gulps.

“Right, you won’t be going to the restaurant today and I’ll drop Davis off at school too”

“Why won’t I go to work today?” I asked.

“You’re sick”

“Oh.. but I haven’t informed Elvis yet. Wait.. I should go get my phone” I said and got off the stool.

Thanatos stopped me and I stared at him questioningly.

“You don’t need to inform Elvis, he won’t query you” he said.

I frowned, feeling confused for a brief moment.

“Right.. you’re the boss” I said.

Just then I heard the doorbell ringing, I excused myself and headed towards the door.

“Davis, uncle Thanatos is gonna take you to school today” I said to Davis along the way.

“I know”

I stopped walking and faced him.

“You know?”

“Yeah, uncle already told me” he replied.

I nodded and continued my journey to the door. I pushed the door open, Adele’s standing outside already dressed for work.

“Thank God you’re ready” she said.

She pushed me aside and walked in, she sniffed around as she headed towards the dinning table.

“And breakfast is ready too!” She said.

“Aunt Adele, is here to eat our food again”

Davis complained when he saw Adele pulling out a chair, Adele bared her teeth at him and he made a monkey face at her.

“You can’t stop me from eating, little man” she said to him.

“Hmph!” David huffed and turned away from her.

“Jas, Arthur called me, he said you weren’t picking up his calls” she said.

Arthur called me? I guess I couldn’t pick his calls because I was too sick last night.

“I’ll give him a call later” I replied.

“Later? I thought you’d call him right away”

My eyes moved to Thanatos in the kitchen, I can’t talk to Arthur with him around… he’d get…

“I’ll call him when it’s just me in the house” I said.

“When he’s just you in the house? Aren’t you going to work today?”

I shook my head.

“Thanatos said I should stay in today” I answered.

“Oh” she started wagging her brows at me knowingly. “Is there something you wanna tell me?”

“Nope! Shut up and eat!”


Writer’s pov 👙

Chicago (O’Briens resident)

Henry was glaring daggers at his phone, he just received a news that got him angry.

He heard his door opened and someone walked in, he didn’t bother taking a look at the person.. he already knew it’s his mother.

“Henry, why are sitting here so calm?” She asked him in a panicked tone.

“Did something happened?” Henry asked back.

His mother sat on the bed, she took his hands in hers and rubbed it gently.

“I just heard your father telling Thanatos, he’s gonna send Jade over to Las Vegas in three months”


He withdrew his hands from his mother’s and walked towards the window, he folded his hands behind him and stared outside.

“Dad won’t give in, huh?” He said.

“Henry, we can’t let your father send Jade over.. what if Thanatos falls in love with her?”

Henry didn’t reply, he’s just staring outside.

“What if she really give birth to the heir? I’ll try my best to convince your dad…”

At the mentioned of his dad, Henry clenched his jaw and balled his fist.

“Mom, we’re late” he interrupted her.

“What do you mean?”

Henry turned back to his mother.

“My men just reported back to me, Thanatos already has a son.. a heir”


He nodded, he walked back to his bed and sat down.

“That year, I helped him escape from the wedding… because I thought dad would let me marry Jade in my own name.. but I was wrong”

“Thanatos already has a son.. what should we do now?”

“Nothing for now”

“Why nothing for now?”

Henry sighed.

“According to my men, Thanatos is not in a good terms with his son’s mother.. I don’t think she’ll let her son acknowledge Thanatos as a father…if she doesn’t, then we’d let the boy live since he won’t be a threat. But if not… ” He trailed off.

His mother waited anxiously for him to complete his words, he smirked.

“.. I have a way to solve this”

“What way?”

“We’ll just let dad send Jade over to Las Vegas…no woman would want to share her man”

“Are you sure it’s gonna work?”

He turned to his mother with a wide smirk.

“w€ther it’s gonna work or not, you should know the answer more than anyone… I’ll just sit back and watch cat and dog fight!”


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