Five Years Too Late

Five Years Too Late episode 55



(When the Love is gone )

Episode 55


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine’s pov 👙

Adele glared maliciously at me, she snatched the hamburger I was holding from me.. and began to eat it.

“I can’t believe you did this to me!” She snapped at me.

“It’s not my fault, you know… ”

“Then whose fault it is? Mine?!” she eyed me.

I kept quiet and wore my shoes, I reached for my small hand bag and headed towards the door..

I heard her footsteps coming behind me, so, I knew she’s following me.

We stepped outside and I locked my door, then we started walking down our street.. the main road is just a few meters away from our apartments.

“You made me wait for you, to the extent that I’m already late.. just to tell me you aren’t going to work today?”

“I completely forgot I’ll be visiting ma Gloria”

“Well, you can visit her after work”

I shook my head, I searched in my bag for my phone.. which I found immediately.

“I can’t visit her after work, visiting hours are over then” I replied.

“Is visiting her today really so important?” She asked.

“Yeah.. I wanna talk to her about something very important”

Our discussion today will really help Thanatos, I just hope ma Gloria would open up to me or agree to speak with her son.

“Hmm” Adele sighed. “I’ll just have to suffer Elvis’s wrath alone today” she lets out a dramatic sigh.

She popped the last bite of hamburger in her mouth, snatched my bottle of water from my bag and took a few gulps.. before returning it.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Why are you keen on snatching my food and son’s food today, don’t tell me you didn’t cook in your house”

She shook her head miserably.

“Don’t remind me, Clark almost burned down my apartment.. I barely made it out alive”

I laughed at her expression as she said this, there’s a horror look on her face.


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swear, I won’t let him in my kitchen ever again”

I laughed again, I’m so lucky my Thanatos can cook, at least, he helps me with the little he can.

“Right.. you’re gonna help me with something later” she said.


She opened her mouth to speak, but I cut her off.


tell you wanna get a revenge on someone, I’m not gonna fight.. I’m feeling easily exhausted recently!”

“Hey, you’re making it sound as though I only need your help to fight off my foes”

I arched an eyebrow at her.

“Am I wrong?”

She grinned widely.

“Well, there might be a little truth there”

I rolled my eyeballs at her statement, little truth indeed!

“Actually, this time, I’m visiting Clark’s parents and last time I left a bad first impression”

I bite back a laugh, which she noticed and narrowed her eyes at me.

“So, you’re gonna help me doll up like an innocent church girl.. I don’t want them to see me as some irresponsible girl” she said with a hint of… nervousness?


must really love Clark, she’s a bold, smart mouth girl and she’s barely afraid of anything.

But seeing her being so nervous meeting Clark’s parents, that’s something new and it only means one thing.. she’s deeply in love with Clark!

“Alright, I’ll help you”

She quickly gave me a side hug, she gave me a kiss on my cheek, which made me push her away with a cringe.

“Eww! Gross!” I said.

We arrived at the main road, fortunately, there’s an oncoming taxi. I quickly reached out and stopped it.

“Molina’s retirement home” I told the driver.

“Hop in” he replied.

I nodded and quickly got in, then waved at Adele.

“I’ll see you in the evening” I said.

“Yeah” she replied and waved me back.

I winked at her, then wind up and quickly sent thanatos a text, informing him about my visiting ma Gloria.

The driver drove off.


Molina’s retirement home

“Thank you, sir” I said and collected my change from the driver.

He drove off without wasting time, I guess he’s in a hurry to make enough money for today.

I sighed and walked into the building.

“Good morning, ma”

“Good morning, sir.. how is your health today?”

“Good morning, grandpa Louis, are you taking your medications?”

“Good morning, ma’am.. I hope you’re still maintaining your diet?”

That’s how I’ve being greeting any and everyone I past, until I arrived at ma Gloria’s room.

I knocked on her door but she doesn’t seem to hear it, she must be thinking again.

She’s sitting by the window like she always do when she’s thinking, not wanting to disturb her thoughts.. I quietly walked in.


sneakily went behind her and realized she’s staring at something in her hands, I tilted my head and peeped at it.

It’s a photo frame, I recognized her and Mr O’Briens, there’s a little boy of about 7years standing between them.

The boy looked so much like Davis, which means he’s Thanatos..

It’s obvious she’s Thanatos mother, then why was she denying it? What happened to her?

Besides, judging from how widely she’s smiling in the photo, it doesn’t look like she was unhappy in her marriage.

Wait… Mr O’Briens is also staring at her with so much love in his eyes…they seemed to be one happy family.

What went wrong? Will she agree to tell me if I ask?

I cleared my throat and tapped her shoulder, she quickly hide the photo and turned to me.

She smiled when she saw it’s me, she tilted her head and looked behind me.. Maybe she’s checking if I came with Thanatos.

“I came alone” I said.

“Oh” she exclaimed. “That’s a relief” she said.

She looked as though she’s happy Thanatos didn’t come along, but she’s there’s a hint of sadness in her voice.

“How are you and Davis doing?” She asked.

“We are both fine” I replied and sat on another chair next to hers.

I reached inside my bag and pulled out the supplements I bought for her, I dropped them on the table and faced her.

“You brought new supplements?” She asked.

“Yes” I replied, then squinted my eyes waiting for her next words.

I know she haven’t finished the first ones yet, she does that every time.

“Em.. you shouldn’t be buying these supplements every time”


“You know… If they’re too much in the system, it won’t be effective anymore”

“Ma, I want it to be too much in your system…”

I paused, I saw her pushing the photo under the table like she normally does.. she thought I didn’t see her.

“… why not check it out” I pushed the supplements towards her.

Ma Gloria picked a bottle of vitamin C, she smiled as she studied it.

I rolled my eyeballs, that’s the only supplement she like there.. even the vitamin D, she hardly touch them.

“Ma, you should be taking your medications and also eat early, you shouldn’t neglect your health because of your personal issues!” I scolded her.

She laughed and shook her head, shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t have personal issues, I don’t even recollect my past.. what personal issues can I possibly have?”

Then she focused her attention back on the vitamin C, she opened the bottle and took a few tablets.. she popped them in her mouth and closed her eyes.

“So sweet” she said.

Seeing this as an opportunity, I got up and went behind her, then snatched the photo from under the bed.

“Thanks, Jasmine, I really appreciate this vitamin C” she said.

I came back to my chair and sat down, I hide the photo behind me.

“Ma, I wanna talk to you about something very important”

Her eyes snapped opened, she seemed to know what I wanted to say already.. she dropped the bottle of vitamin C on the table.

“I know you want to talk to me about your husband, I’m also sorry for reacting that way to you guys.. I shouldn’t have asked you to leave in a such a harsh way” she apologized.

Is she willing to admit she’s Thanatos’ mother?

“But like I told you that day, I requested don’t know your husband.. we’re not in anyway related, I don’t know him”

“Why, ma?”

She stayed silent, she turned away from me and faced the window.

“Why are you denying your family?”

“He’s not my family”

I chuckled lightly.

“You said you don’t recollect your past, then how are you so sure he’s not your family?” I asked.

Ma Gloria didn’t speak, she simply continued staring out the window in silence.

“Are you gonna deny this too?”

I showed her the photo, her eyes grew wide and she quickly looked under the bed.. but didn’t find it.

“How did you get that?” She asked.

“Ma, how I got it doesn’t matter, but the main question here is.. why are you denying your son?”

She collected the photo from me, stared at it a few minutes and closed her eyes.. then a lone tear rushed down her cheek.

I guess there’s no way she could deny it now, she have no choice but to talk to me.

“I’m doing this for his own good” she said quietly.

“For his own good? How?”

Ma Gloria simply shook her head, she brought the photo closer to her chest and hugged it.

“The farther we’re apart from each other, the safer he’ll be.. I don’t want him dead.. they’ll kill him if we reunite”

I frowned.

So, someone actually threatened her to leave her family? But who could that be? Henry and his mother?

Yeah.. it must be.

“I’m meant to disappear from his life and server all ties with him, that’s the only way I can ensure his safety”

“Who wants him dead? And why do they want him dead?” I asked.

Ma Gloria didn’t speak again, she simply held the photo tighter and sobbed.

“Is it Henry and his mother?”

She tensed immediately I asked that question, her pupils dilated in fear and she shook her head.

“Not them? Then who?”

She dropped the photo and grabbed my hands in a tight grip.

“Don’t ask, the less you know, the safer you’ll be.. just help me with something”


“Don’t tell Thanatos I’m his mother, if you don’t tell him who I am, then he’ll be safe”

Her voice sounded so panicked as she speak, if she’s not hiding from Henry and his mother.. then who is she afraid of? Who is she hiding from?

“Ma, forgive my boldness, but I think you’re being wicked to Thanatos”

“I’m being wicked to him?” she asked.

“Yes, I mean, Thanatos thought you were dead and he’s being trying his best to find the culprit.. but to no avail”

I paused.

“But here you are, hiding and denying everything, do you think that would help keep him safe? If you stay hidden forever, do you think whoever threatened you is gonna let Thanatos off the hook?”

She withdrew her hands from mine and stared blankly at the table.

“It’s the only way”

“No, it’s not. Tell Thanatos who’s after your family, then Thanatos will find out what their purpose is and hand them over to the police.. that’s the only Thanatos’ life will be spared.. that’s the only way to keep him safe”

She stared in my eyes.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to lose my son.. it’s better he’s safe and we don’t meet”

“Ma, your son can only be safe and sound when the bad guys are put behind bars” I told her.

Ma Gloria got up, she walked closer to the window, pushed the curtains opened.

“He sent his spy to watch over me here, thankfully I drove Thanatos out that day.. they saw it”

Hmm…what is she tryna say? I’m afraid I don’t seem to understand her now.

“They must have told him about it, so, he must be thinking I’m serious about my decision of never speaking to Thana”

She turned to me.

“Tell Thana to make arrangements, he should get me out of here tonight and I’ll tell him everything he needs to know”

My lips curved in a smile.


“Yes, I’m also missing my son too, I can’t wait to be with him again”

I nodded, but suddenly remembered something.

“But how can he get you out of here? With those spies stationed here?” I asked.

“Just tell him to make arrangements to get me out, he’ll understand what you mean”

“Oh, alright” I smiled.

I just hope Jade isn’t involved in this dirty business though.


Writer’s pov 👙

Jasmine’s apartment!

“Mr O’Briens” Peter called Thanatos as he knocked on the door.

Thanatos stopped what he was doing and rushed to get the door, he pushed it open and Peter walked in.

“We’ve found out the new owner of McMahon’s company” he said.

Thanatos nodded, he walked back to the living room and sat on a sofa.

Peter also sat on a sofa, he searched through his phone and handed it to Thanatos.

“Sir Roman is the new owner, he bought the company at the last minute and made Jade his assistant.. that’s the reason Jade came to your office yesterday” Peter reported.

A deep frown appeared on Thanatos forehead as he stared at the content in the phone.

“As to the reason Jade agreed with them to rape you…”

Peter cut himself off when Thanatos flashed him a very harsh glare, he cleared his throat and continued.

“…only Jade can tell us why she agreed to seduce you” he said.

“That’s good” Thanatos said and handed the phone back to Peter.

“Right, your mother-in-law is in Las Vegas, she’s on her way to the hospital Jade’s admitted”

“Hm, go get the car ready”

Peter nodded, he bowed slightly and headed out. Just then Thanatos phone rang from the kitchen, he rushed over to receive the call.

He smiled when he saw Jasmine’s name flashing on the screen.

“Hello, beautiful” he said.

“Hey, baby, she agreed to tell you everything” her cheerful voice arise from the other side.


“Yeah.. I’ll tell you more when I see you”


There’s a brief moment of silence.

“Your mother is in Las Vegas, she’s on her way to the hospital”

Jasmine didn’t say anything, Thanatos sighed deeply.

“Send me your address, I’ll come pick you up”

“Ok” she answered and hanged up.


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