November 29, 2021

Five years too late episode 60



(When the Love is gone )

Episode 60


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine’s pov 👙

A tap on my shoulder woke me up from my sleep, I sat up and massaged my stiffed neck… a yawn left my mouth.

Wait…when did I fall asleep? weren’t we just watching a movie?

My eyes located the wall clock in Adele’s living room, a gasp left my mouth at once… It’s been two hours already.

How could I sleep for such a long time? I guess the movie was too boring and I ended up falling asleep.

“Jas, they are back!” Adele said.

I sprang off the sofa abruptly, my heart suddenly skipped and some unknown fear gripped heart started beating fast.

I hope it all went well…

“Jas, Clark and Thana are back!” she repeated her words.

“They’re back?” I asked again.

I turned towards Davis who’s already sleeping on the sofa, I carried him on my shoulder and snatched his backpack from the table.

“Em…good luck” I told her, referring to her meeting with her in-laws.

She smiled and nodded. “Thank you, I think I really need some luck”

Just then, her door pushed opened and Clark rushed in. He smiled when he saw Adele, he rushed to her and pulled her into a tight hug.

“Thank you, I’m alive! I’m alive!” He murmured.

I frowned when I look in his outfit, he looked unkempt and his shirt seemed as though it was deep in a bucket of blood.

What happened? Why is there blood on his clothes?

“Is.. is that yours?” I asked Clark slowly.

He pulled away from Adele, he looked down on himself and sighed.


not mine”

“Then whose?” I asked again.

In my heart I already know the answer, but I’m hoping it’s not true… It can’t be.

“Thana… he was injured…”

My legs are already headed the door before he could finish his words, my heart beating in a rhyme with my footsteps.

Thana’s injured.. what sort of injury can gush out so much blood? Gunshot? A dagger stab?

I pushed the door open and headed for my apartment in long strode, not minding the weight on my shoulder.


Soon, I arrived at my apartment, I pushed the door open and rushed in.

“Thana?!” I called loudly, my voice echoed in the living room.

My legs inched towards the living room and I froze, my eyes followed the blood trailing from the door mouth to the living room.

Not just drop of bloods, but large pool of bloods.. how deep is his injury exactly.


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I heard a familiar voice barking orders, as if my brain was damaged..I simply followed the sound of the voice.

And it led me to a corner in the living room, I stopped and watched the scene in front of me.

I forcefully swallowed the lump hanging in my throat, tears welled up my eyes instantly.

“W-what.. wh-what..happened?” I whispered.

But no one replied me, they’re busy doing their job.

“… we’ve pulled out the bullets, get me an hydrogen peroxide and a cotton wool” ma Gloria yelled.

“Yes, ma’am” Peter replied and rushed off.

I felt someone carried Davis from me, I wanted to yell at whoever it was.. but kept calm when I found out it’s Adele.


I toned her voice off and focused my attention on Thana, he’s laying so lifeless on a mattress.

His face was already drained of any colors and his lips are almost a shade of a very dark purple.

My knees bent and I knelt beside him, tears began flowing down my cheeks.

“Thana…” I whispered his name.

Ma Gloria lifted her head and saw me, she smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, Jasmine, he’s gonna be fine.. he’s in safe hands”

What she said didn’t sink in my ears, my eyes and attention was wholly on Thanatos.

“What happened to him? How did he ended up like this?” I asked amidst tears.

“He’ll be fine” ma Gloria answered again.

I gaped at her, I glared at her hand putting pressure on Thanatos shoulder that’s gushing out blood.


do you mean he’ll be fine? Can’t you see he’s losing too much blood? Can don’t you take him to a hospital?”

Ma Gloria ignored me and continued with whatever she’s doing, I held her hand.

“You’re gonna kill him if you continue doing this, let’s take him to a hospital” I said.

Though I’m sad, very sad and upset, I felt like shouting at anything and anyone.. but I dared not raise my voice at her.

She’s my elder and my future mother-in-law, I can’t disrespect he because I’m sad.

“Mrs O’Briens was a doctor” Peter said when he walked in a saw me holding ma Gloria’s hand.

“She’s a doctor?” I asked again.

“Yes, dear, your husband will be fine.. just trust me” she assured me.

I nodded and let go of her hand, I grabbed Thanatos hand in mine.. it’s very cold, as if his hand was stuck in a fridge.

“Thana.. you must be fine, you must be fine” I chant.

“He’ll be fine” ma Gloria assured me again.

I nodded and closed my eyes, then began to pray in my heart.. nothing must happen to my Thanatos.. or I’ll stop believing in God!


Writer’s pov 👙

Chicago.. sir Roman’s resident!

Sir Roman sat on a sofa in his living room, with a remote on his left hand and a cigarette on his right hand.

He took a deep sip of his cigarette and puffed out the wasted smoke, he squinted his eyes as he watches the news.

A satisfied smile on his face.

*… it was reported that a gun fire battle took place at a retirement home in Las Vegas.. the Las Vegas police department arrived at the scene 30minutes after the battle…*

Sir Roman laughed and nodded.

“Good!” He exclaimed. “Very good!”

He reached for his glass of wine and finished it in one gulp, he slammed the empty glass on the table.

“This is what I love to see, there’s no way he can survive that gun fire”

He leaned back on his chair, he stared at the TV again.. a smirk tugged his lips.

“You want to save that bi*ch, to get something on me?” He laughed hysterically. “You can give it a try again”

While he was rejoicing over his victory, Henry barged into to living room.. he paused and raised an eyebrow at him (Henry).

“Young man, how many times will I correct you about this behavior?”

Henry stayed silent and glared at him, he balled his fist.. he looked as though he’s refraining himself from landing a punch on his face.

“It’s rude to barge into someone else’s home” sir Roman said.

“Grandfather, this is also my home.. or what do you think?”

Just then Simon rushed in with a panicked expression, his whole body is shaking in fear.

“Sir, sir.. sir” he called sir Roman.

“What happened? And why are you looking so bothered?” Sir Roman asked.

He poured himself another glass of wine, just when he’s about to bring it closer to his mouth…

“Sir, the police are here”

He paused and gave Henry a questioning look, Henry shrugged and shook his head.

“Why are they here?” He asked Simon.

Simon shook his head too. “They didn’t say the reason they’re here.. they simply demanded to see you”

Sir Roman narrowed his eyes, he stared at the table blankly and got up.. he dropped the glass of wine and folded his hands behind him.

“Let’s go” he said.

“This way please” Simon said.

He led them (Henry and sir Roman) and showed them the way.



I heard you’re looking for me?” Sir Roman asked when he saw the police men.

“Good evening, Mr Roman… we’d like you to please come with us for some questioning” a police officer stepped forward.

Sir Roman drew his eyebrows together and stared at the officer for a moment.

“And who are you?”

The officer dipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out his ID, he showed it to sir Roman.

“I’m detective Graham and these are fellow officers” he said, gesturing to the other police men.

“Alright… so, what’s my crime if I may ask?”

Detective Graham nodded at one of his men, he reached for his phone and typed on it briefly.. before playing a recorded conversation.

Sir Roman turned to Henry after listening to the record, but Henry isn’t even looking at him.. he’s keeping a straight face.

“Mr Roman, does this sound familiar to you?” Detective Graham asked.

Sir Roman grabbed Henry’s collar, to the extent of choking him.. but some officers quickly pulled him away from Henry.

“Henry, it’s only the two of us that know about this conversation.. how did it got to the police?”

“An anonymous person sent this to us and reported you’ve been threatening their lives” detective Graham said.

Sir Roman shook his head, his eyes still focused on Henry.

“Answer me Henry! How did this get to the police?!” He growled.

“Oh.. so, from your speech, we’ll assume you clearly said these words.. please come with us to the station for interrogation!”

Detective Graham signaled his men to take sir Roman away, they dragged him to their car.

“Mr O’Briens, thanks for the information.. we’ll be expecting your brother’s testimony soon”

“Of course, I’ll urge him to get it done soonest”

“Thank you once again”

Detective Graham headed to the police car, he got in and they drove off.. sir Roman glared at Henry from inside and mouthed.


Henry simply smirked, he reached for his phone and typed something… then rushed towards his car and drove out.


Jasmine’s pov 👙

Ma Gloria neatly wrapped Thana’s wounds, she stepped aside to watch her hands.

“Baby, w-why are you still crying?” Thana asked.

He had woke up 20 minutes ago, he reached out his hand and wiped my tears.. then smiled weakly at me.

“I was so scared, I.. I thought I would lost you” I opened my mouth a wailed.

He pulled me closer to his chest, he released a painful grunt but when I wanted to pull away, he didn’t let me.

He kissed my head and pat my back.

“Baby, I’m fine…I won’t die so easily, not when I’m expecting our baby” he joked.

I almost hit his chest, but remembered he’s injured.

“I was really scared, please don’t scare me like that again!” I scolded him and he nodded.

“I promise, I’ll never let you waste your precious tears on me”

Just then…

“Ahem!” Clark cleared his throat and we gave him our attention.

Thanatos tried to get up, but his right leg’s injured pretty badly.. he hissed in pain.

“Ask for help and people will help you” I queried him.

He laughed.

“I don’t wanna show any weakness in front of my woman”

I scoffed.

“Your woman should be the only person you show your weakness to… you should have died so you won’t show your weakness in front of me”

I stepped away from him and folded my arms on my chest, he chuckled and got up with Clark’s support.

They walked towards a sofa, no, Clark walked.. Thana limped. Clark helped him sit down and I sat next to him.

Ma Gloria carried Davis from Adele, she stared at him fondly and kissed his forehead… I wonder why Davis is still sleeping so soundly now.

“Thana, Adele and I have a date with my parents, if you’d excuse us…” Clark trailed off and winked at Thana.

Thana shuddered, he waved him off.

“But.. it’s quite late, it’s almost 9pm” I said.

“It’s better we arrive late, than we don’t show up at all” Clark said and Adele nodded in support.

I sighed. “Alright, you can go but be careful on your way” I said.

Clark pulled Adele into a side hug, wrapping his arm around her waist.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any enemies” he replied.

I nodded and gave Adele an encouraging look, she smiled and waved at me.. then they headed out.

Immediately thy left, Peter walked in with his phone glued to his ears.. he smiled when he saw Thana’s awake.

“Mr O’Briens!” He exclaimed excitedly, he removed his phone from his ear.

He stared at Thanatos for a moment, then sighed in relief.

“It’s good to see you’re alive, sir”

“I owe that to you” Thanatos replied.

Then a brief silence fell on us, until Peter broke it.

“Sir, Mr Roman has been arrested by the police, they’re waiting for… ”

He trailed off, his eyes moved to ma Gloria who’s busy singing a lullaby to Davis.

“… they’re waiting for Mrs O’Briens testimony” he said.

Thanatos sighed.

“The police are here?”

“Yes, sir, they said her testimony will be transferred to the Chicago police department.. then Mr Roman can be sued or sentenced directly” Peter said.

Thana faced ma Gloria.

“Mom?” He called her.

She lifted her head, she gave him a questioning look.

“The police wanna ask you some questions, are you ready to talk to them now?” He asked her.

Ma Gloria stayed silent, she’s staring at Thana but it doesn’t seem as if her mind is here.

I cleared my throat.

“Baby, can we make the police come tomorrow?” I asked.

He frowned, I gestured towards her.

“I don’t think she’s ready to talk… ”

“Let them in” she cut me off.

“Ma, are you sure?” I asked.

She nodded her head firmly.

“Yes, let them in” she repeated.

Thanatos turned to Peter and gave him permission to let the police in.

Finally, I’ll know why this family are fighting against each other.


Only one episode remaining, then we’ll say goodbye to #FIVE_YEARS_TOO_LATE

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