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Forbidden love chapter 12



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A story by Jochrine Kunda


***I had been in the house Justin took us to for months and I just couldn’t stop admiring it’s beauty and I could tell that mom did too, she was happier than before and it brought me so much joy because it was what I always wanted. I then owned a shop were I sold my own designed clothes and it was doing quite well since I was new in the business, I had talked to Justin about seeking employment but he said never in his lifetime would he permit me to work for someone else so I got assistance from him. Jane had continued attending day care and she had grown fond of Justin, I was happy that she never asked questions about Mwelwa or anything related to him.

I had never come across Francis ever since we moved into that house and I was having peace, it was like he never existed because even his phone calls were a thing of the past

Mom and Justin’s grandmother had a great relationship going on. We were in the living room at his grandparents house when his mother walked in and she looked not so good then everyone focused their attention on her while Justin wore an annoyed look and he angrily got up from his seat


***he asked in a harsh tone***

“Justin, let’s first hear why she’s here”

***His grandfather pleaded with him***

“Whatever she’s here for better be important”

“It’s time”

***His grandmother said with a serious look on her face, one I’d never seen before***

His mother slowly sat down looking like she was in so much pain

“I come to you for the second time seeking your forgiveness and this time it’s genuine”

***Silence filled the room***l

“The doctors say I’ve got cancer and only have a few months to live so I want to make things right with everyone”

***I felt bad for her but Justin showed no form of pity for her and she began crying***

“Justin, please forgive me for not playing my role as your mother because of my own selfish desires”

***He said nothing***

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“I’m responsible for the death of your father and I live to regret it each and every day”

It was like Thomas knew what he wanted to do because he stopped him from pouncing on her, he was so angry that even his veins were popped out and he was made to calm down but couldn’t stand her presence so I left with him and it took a lot of time to convince him not to hurt her. She was in the hospital and was doing quite badly but he never visited the hospital, I went there one day with his grand mother and she asked for apologies for what she did on the first day we met and I willingly I her”

I smiled to myself in my office as I couldn’t stop admiring the huge rock on my oh finger***Yes, Justin put a ring on it*** when I was disturbed by Blessings who called

“Hey stranger

***she teased me***

“Bye stranger”

***She huffed and dropped the call but I understood that her hormones were getting the best out of her since she was pregnant again and the doctor said they were twins this time so I knew what she was going through and I called her back then she answered on the fourth time of trying***

“What do you want?”

***I could tell she was crying and for a moment I wanted to laugh but I knew better***

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean it”

“Yes you did”

“No, I was only responding to your joke please don’t cry Vero is sorry”

“I understand”

“How is Thomas and Thomas, you inclusive?”

***she giggled***

“We’re all fine, I wanted you to accompany me shopping for the babies”

“But I thought your mother in law wants you to give birth in England”

“Yes but I want to begin with the preparations”

“That’s alright, I’ll go with you”

“Thank you so much, have you heard the latest gossip?”

“No I haven’t”

“I overheard the gents speaking in the study that Francis is in jail”

“Really! That’s great news and now I can have my happy ever after”


We talked some more then wrapped up our conversation, I placed my phone on the table then I felt someone’s presence right behind me but I didn’t want to look who it was because I feared the worst…



***The room became quiet until I looked behind and there was mom with her hands folded and a huge smile on her face


***She shouted and I breath out loud***

“Why do you have that look on your face?”

“Because I was ready to run for my life, I almost had a panic attack”

***She frowned then approached me with a basket she came with, she held both my hands and looked at me***

“My child, it’s all over the higher you stopped living in fear the better. The enemies are all locked up and now you have your happy ever after so live life to the fullest”

“I just can’t brush off the feeling that something bad will happen and it will be soon”

“No, nothing will happen because we’re under God’s protection”

***She smiled at me and I had to fake one because what I felt was beyond my control***

“So I thought of spoiling you today and brought you lunch”

“That’s so nice of you because I’m starving”

***She unpacked the food and said GRACE then we dug in holding a light conversation***





***After a tiresome day, Mwelwa sat in the corner of his room as events of marriage with Sarah and how he sent her packing played in his mind and he was filled with regret, he wished he had thought wisely and read between the lines but he couldn’t change the hands of time. He wished he never met Veronica and always prayed for the worst to happen to her then again he remembered Sarah who fought for their marriage despite what they encountered, he somehow blamed his mother as well for supporting him in his decision instead of reasoning with him but all those where thoughts which would never happen and he was brought back to reality by his roommate who was just the same age as his youngest sibling but he disrespected him each chance he got and made him feel less of a man when others joined. He enjoyed the night more than day because it gave him hope that his five year sentence was being reduced even though he knew how miserable his life was going to be out there especially without employment but he just couldn’t stomach being in that place any longer.

“And if he’s not soaked in tears then he’s daydreaming like a b***h”

***His roommate teased and Mwelwa had a huge lump on his throat with no words to say but his eyes became teary***

Four men walked in shortly and surrounded him, one tapped his shoulder and signalled for him to stand up but he looked at them like he’d seen demons and they all laughed except for one who grabbed him up roughly

“Psych got something for you old man”

***He said sarcastically***

“I…I… don’t know…. any psych”

***A hard punch landed on his face and cut his bottom lip which was bleeding then one grabbed his head and spoke on his face***

“How can you not know Psych the king of this jungle?”

***He spat on his face***

“It’s time you met him”

Another shouted and they led him away while throwing insults at him but there was nothing he could do as he concentrated on his cut. They got to a basement and he was roughly pushed inside landing on the floor, he faced up and saw a familiar face which smiled at him. He remembered it was his former pupil who once warned him to keep away from Veronica since she belonged to him and fear washed all over him because he knew how notorious he was and what he was in for.

Francis got himself in jail so he could quench his thirst for revenge for what Mwelwa did to Veronica and his daughter, he looked at his prey with so much passion to end his life and Mwelwa began sweating upon seeing him


***He managed to say***

“In the flesh”

“But what are you doing here?”

“That’s a silly question for you to ask because we both know that this is my home but I’ll answer you either way, I’m here to inflict the same pain you made my woman and daughter go through”

“Listen, let’s talk, I’m sorry I was blind”

***They all laughed***

“I thought you’d blame the devil like they all do”

***He chuckled lightly***

“Please forgive me, I’m truly sorry”

“I’m not God you can tell that, I’m Psych, guys get on with this while I capture it and send it to his mother who’ll die of high blood pressure upon seeing what her baby is going through”

Mwelwa cried pleading with Francis but he was on another level as he laughed like his life depended on it, the four men grabbed Mwelwa and tore off his clothes and raped him while Francis cheered them all. After what seemed like eternity for Mwelwa they all stopped and he laid on the floor feeling unbearable pain and he thought it was a dream then one of the men who had gone out returned with a plate of food and handed it to Mwelwa

“Eat because you don’t remember when you last had a proper meal”

***Francis teased him but Mwelwa just starred at them until he saw that he was getting angry, he was stopped and was given a toxic substance to add to it then they shoved all the food down his throat with him trying to fight them but it was all in vain. They watched him as he began feeling weak and felt excruciating pain until he took his last breath and they left…

To be continued…

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