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Forbidden love chapter 15 – finale


FORBIDDEN LOVE – Finale episode 15

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A story by Jochrine Kunda

“Guard yourself and your conscience no one else will and know that a bad decision at the right time can destroy you far more surely than any bullet!”

James Clavell





***I scrubbed my whole body for the umpteenth time as I cried uncontrollably but his scent just wouldn’t leave my nostrils, I asked myself how I even managed to have a child with Francis coz I couldn’t stand him and just the sound of his name made me want to throw up and I realized that I wasn’t in my right senses to have fallen for him years back. We only had an hour before we could leave and I felt my world coming to end when the thought of leaving Justin played in my mind, he was the best thing I ever had and I always saw myself with him and a happy family in the coming years but I had to kiss goodbye to all of that because I had no faith in him finding me since I hadn’t sent him my location. I looked at myself in the mirror when I wore the black jumpsuit Francis got me and I had red, swollen and puffy eyes, my face was messed up with a mixture of tears and snort.

“There’s no time to waste, you better get the little girl prepared”

***A voice brought me back to reality***

“Francis, please……”

“I know you’re hungry so I’ll get us all something to eat”

He left and I went to get Jane prepared, I was helping her put on her dress when I noticed that she wasn’t her usual self then I sighed deeply and got on my knees making her to face me

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

***she didn’t respond***

“Are you hungry?”

***she shook her head***

“I miss daddy”

“Don’t worry, he’ll come soon”

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“That man said I should call him my father or else he’ll beat me up with the belt he’s wearing”

***She shed tears and I hugged her tightly***

“No one will ever cause harm to you as long as I’m alive”

She snuggled closer to me and we stayed in that position for quite some time.

I couldn’t get anything down my throat and just played with the food as so many thoughts clouded my mind, I prayed that it was all a nightmare and I would wake up from it soon

“Aren’t you going to eat your food?”

***I didn’t respond then he came to my side of the table and he held my hands which I quickly yanked off and he sighed***

“Veronica, I still love you we can work things out and be the happy family we were destined to be”


***I yelled at him startling Jane***

“Keep calm my love”


***He grabbed my neck making me face him***

“You won’t yell at me, you hear me? You’ll be a submissive wife to me, understood?”

***The grip was getting tighter so I quickly nodded so that he could let me go which he did***

He instructed one of his men to bring out our bags so that we could start off and he told Jane to be quick while he just starred at me, the man brought our bags and left then he waited for Jane to finish eating so we could start off. I had provoked him several times so this time he took out his gun and threatened to shoot me, I watched as he played with it in his hands and I imagined myself grabbing it from him and offloading all the bullets on him. Someone came knocking on the door and he was asked in

“The pizza delivery man is here”

***one of his men informed him***

“You can take it and have it, we don’t need it anymore since we’re starting off soon”

***The man left and Jane shortly got up from the table and cleaned her mouth***

“We’re finally ready to leave my perfect family”

He announced happily with a huge grin on his face and began wheeling out the bags then we heard gunshots been fired outside then he called one of his men and out the phone on loudspeaker

“What’s happening out there?”

“It turns out the pizza delivery man is Justin”

“Which Justin?”

“The one you wanted to join forces with and his cousin”

“Then, what does he want here firing gunshots?”

“He’s not only firing gunshots but he has killed most of the guards and I’m actually running for my life now, I’ve left the battle for the tough ones”

“Does that mean……. Oh no!”

He turned to look at me and caught me smiling, I couldn’t hide my joy and the strategy that Justin used.


***Jane and I just stood there without moving an inch***

“How could you betray us Veronica? If I can’t have you then no one will because I won’t have some bas***d raise my child so I’m going to kill us all”

He went out and I had to comfort the crying Jane who was traumatized…..she’d calm down a bit so I stood up to get her a glass of water on the table and Francis came in looking angry, I’d never seen him like that before, he’s eyes red bloodshot and his visible veins popped out. He shouted a curse and I saw it before it all happened, everything was slow, nothing existed that moment but getting in front of my daughter so I could protect her from the ugly face of death, I threw the glass away and charged for my innocent, defense less daughter, she meant the world to me and I was going to fulfill my promise of fighting for her with my all. An accurate timing it was coz I just landed in front of her when I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my chest and I slowly dropped to the ground having a blurred vision, the next thing I heard was Jane’s heart piercing scream next to me calling out my name. The door swung open and another gunshot was fired probably towards Francis, the pain had become unbearable and I felt life slowly been sucked out of me. I heard Justin asking me to hold on then shouted for someone to call an ambulance. I felt a thick liquid running out of my mouth and the voices were then distant

“P…pl…please… take…. care…of her”

“Shhhhh don’t say anything my love”

***I began to slowly draw away from consciousness and felt cold***

“I love you Veronica please don’t give up”

That was the last thing I heard, after all the fighting and pain I was content…..

I watched as my lifeless body laid on the hospital bed and a white sheet was covered on it shortly, Justin was devastated and Thomas kept asking him to calm down though he couldn’t handle the pain too. Blessings, my dearest friend and sister had thrown herself on the floor and cried uncontrollably calling for me to wake up. My baby was at Justin’s house and she was sound sleep

“How innocent”

I thought to myself as a tear dropped from my eyes but I knew she was safe was him and I had nothing to worry about, I slowly waved at her and she woke up from her sleep looking around the room, I knew she could feel my presence

“I love you”

Those were the words I told her before I could leave.

Justin was then calm but the pain was visible on his face so I sat next to him and he had buried his head in his hands

“It has finally come to pass, it all started with a dream where you proposed to me in a very peaceful place but the ring had to drop in water and this is our fate, we couldn’t make it to the end but I’ll forever love even in the next world”

He quickly looked up like he’d seen something and I just smiled and left so I could finally rest.





***Losing Veronica was the worst thing that happened to me but she’ll forever be in my heart and I’ll continue loving her, I don’t even think of finding love anytime soon because no one could ever love me like she did. I had Jane who always reminded me of her and I’d adopted her, we had a great relationship and she found a mother in Blessings. We would visit Veronica’s grave from time to time because it drew me closer to her and I didn’t want to get involved with any woman would cause her pain.

“You might be gone but our love is forever and will always be……..”




***THE END***

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