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Forbidden love chapter 7



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A story by Jochrine Kunda


***Mwelwa woke up feeling very positive that day, he took a shower as he sang songs of praises then took out his expensive suit and Veronica was just looking at him all that while and no one said a word to the other, they’d become more of housemates than a couple coz they’d both go to bed without talking to each other most times. Each one of them was so focused on their problems and whenever they spoke it would turn into an argument but this time Veronica’s curiosity got the best out of her and she cleared her throat

“Umm….aren’t you going to work today?”

***Mwelwa just looked at her and continued with what he was doing***

“You can as well go to work and stop lazing around busy chowing my hard earned money”


***She got angry and got out of bed***

“Veronica, stop lying to yourself because we both know that you weren’t cut out for school, yours is the type that looks for ways to drop out of school and blame others. I even did you a favour of getting you pregnant otherwise you’d have been a s£x worker”

***She tried raising her hand against him but decided against it and took a deep breath instead***

“It’s your mother who’s a s£x worker”

“What did you say?”

***He asked approaching her then stopped and chuckled shaking his head***

“I won’t allow Satan’s firstborn to begin my day with bad luck”

He took his bag and made himself simple breakfast, Jane was already awake so she joined him and told him about how silly she thought her teacher was which left Mwelwa in stitches. He took his bag and kissed her goodbye, he got in his car and said a silent prayer hoping that the DNA results will match his then he started the car and drove to the hospital playing gospel coz he didn’t want anything to kill his spirit…… When he got to the hospital he found Sarah and her fiancé already there waiting for him and they shook hands then he was told to take a seat and the doctor would join them shortly, he watched how Sarah interacted with her fiancé and it pained him. The doctor finally arrived and called them all to his office, they got there and Mwelwa’s palms were sweating, he vowed that if the baby was his then he’d treasure it with all his life and make things right with Sarah then take full custody of Jane because it was what he was supposed to do from the beginning

“Who’s going to read them aloud?”

***The doctor asked***

“You can doctor”

Sarah’s fiancé answered and Mwelwa gave him a disgusted look

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“Bring them here, I’ll read them”

He roughly grabbed the envelope from the doctor and Sarah’s fiance gave him a “go ahead look” then he slowly opened it with his heart beating fast. He looked at the paper for quite some time then threw it on the table and huffed

“These results are fake and I know he paid you off to temper with the results, this child is mine”

***He hit the table hard***

“Mr Mwelwa can we all behave like the adults we are, I can sue you for laying such accusations against me and call security on you if you continue with your misconduct”

***The doctor told him in an authoritative tone which kept him on a tight leash***

“And please keep away from my son and woman because you two don’t share anything, am I clear?”

He slowly nodded


Mwelwa got up and couldn’t wait to leave the room because he’d just embarrassed himself, he drove to the nearest pub and drank his sorrows away. A good friend of his walked in with his mistress and spotted him then he joined him asking the lady to wait for him


He called out then they bro hugged and sat down, Mwelwa offered to buy his friend a drink but he declined

“What’s happening? I’ve been trying to reach you but couldn’t get through”

“The worst has happened”

He narrated what happened to him and he felt bad for him when he was done

“I have a suggestion for you but please keep an open mind

“What is it?”

“Why don’t you see a doctor and check yourself out, don’t you think something might have gone wrong coz you can’t have a child just after that girl Jane?”

It then clicked to Mwelwa and thought he had a problem but he stayed calm in front of his friend

“I’ll do just that”

He assured his friend and he went back to his mistress then Mwelwa continued drinking with what his friend told him adding fuel to the already burning fire. He kept the drinks coming and didn’t even realize how much he’d spent until the bartender told him he wanted to close up so he stood up and immediately lost balance falling on the floor, the bartender helped him up and said he’d help him get home if only he paid him and Mwelwa accepted so he closed the bar and they walked home because he was in no condition to drive, they parted ways when he was just a few houses from him and he thanked him……..




She was having one of her tearful nights after rejecting Justin’s calls and she couldn’t get herself to sleep, she felt bad for what she was doing but couldn’t help it and just cried. She heard what sounded like Mwelwa’s voice shouting for her to open the door a few houses away and it annoyed her and just continued starring at Justin’s pictures as she cried. After what seemed like forever she heard a loud knock on the door telling her to open up and she knew Mwelwa was drunk then she looked at the time and it was past midnight then she clicked her tongue, turned off the lights and got in the blankets, plugged her headphones and listened to loud music as sleep took over her…..




Starring at the results from the doctor, Mwelwa couldn’t believe that he was impotent, he couldn’t have a child of his own and it happened that the problem was from childhood. He didn’t know what to feel that moment coz he had mixed emotions, he screamed at the top of his voice then he overheard one nurse whisper to her colleague that they also test him for a mental illness and he charged towards her but was stopped by security who led him out of the premises. He called his mother as he drove like a maniac and she answered

“My only son”

“Mom, for how long have you known?”

“Known what?”

“That I can’t have a child of my own”

“Who told you that nonsense?”

“I’m coming from the hospital as we speak where I’ve been told that and the other day it turned out that Sarah’s child isn’t mine, she couldn’t conceive when I was with her and I was quick to put the blame on her not knowing that the problem was with me”

***There was silence on the other end and his mother was crying not believing what she was hearing**

“Take it easy my son”

“No, I won’t. I kicked my wife out just to replace her with some demon in form of a woman and have me raise some idiot’s child”

“Calm down already Mwelwa”

***His mother pleaded with him***

“Today is the day she’ll take her last breath along with her puppet and I’ll land in jail, I’ve got nothing to live for”

“Mwana wandi napapata (my child please) she’s not worth it”


He dropped the call and accelerated his car with so much anger that even his veins were popped out and kept cussing.

He was home in no time then found Jane on the floor with a bowl of cereals watching ‘Mickey mouse” which was her favourite cartoon and Veronica laid on the couch watching with her, he charged towards Veronica and slapped her hard across the face, she tried getting up but he pushed and she fell back on the couch and started beating her with everything he could find while Jane was screaming for him to stop. He then dragged her by her since she’d lost strength and pinned her against the wall telling her to disclose who the Jane’s father was and she had no other option than to tell him then he tightened the grip around her neck, Veronica could feel the life being sucked out of her until Jane held Mwelwa’s leg and kept calling him dad which got him angry and slapped her then pushed her roughly hitting her left eye in the edge of a table but did and went back to beating Veronica until he felt it was enough then locked them up and took a match stick which he was about to strike then he heard his mother call out for him to stop but he went ahead and lit it then the house started burning…

To be continued…

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