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(My Pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 1
πŸŒΊπŸ‡ Tiana’s pov πŸŽ€πŸ’

“How about this Sam?” I asked showing the gown I took from the display to Samantha….
I and Samantha had gone shopping for the party and we are still trying to pick the perfect dress so we could look the best like we always do in huge parties like the upcoming one tonight

“Ewww, T, you look like a fish, how will you walk in that?, It’s crazily tight” she replied

” Jeez!!” I exclaimed trying to walk to her but in the process I tripped and fell flat down and Samantha wasted no time in bursting into a mocking laughter

“I told ya, you should put pick something better, probably an off shoulder gown with a slit, it’s gonna fit perfectly, common babe, you got the money and you’ve got the body” she pressured me

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” Correction Sam, dad’s money, not mine, I shouldn’t waste it” I replied

” Gross, whatever belongs to your parents belongs to you” she said and I rolled my eyes at her trying to take off this extremely tight gown

“Hey Tiana, come check this out” she said displaying an emerald with sparkles on it, it caught my attention with a single glance..

“Wow Sam, you got the taste” I said quickly collecting the gown running to the dressing room to try it on

I came out catwalking to Sam and she immediately rolled her eyeball at me

“Jeez!!, Why didn’t I pick this for myself” she pouted

” Because it was meant to be mine” I replied smirking and she rolled her eyes at me again

” I told ya, you’re gonna be the queen of that party, never look down on my advice baby” she said and I chuckled

” Alright, let’s pick some pair of shoes, then we pay and leave” I said

” Hell yeah” Sam replied and we both bursted into a round of laughter

We’re done shopping already and we’re now in my dad’s SUV , I actually took this car without my dad’s permission…..jeez!!, I’ll be a dead fish if dad finds out

“🎢 Oh- i-oh-i-oh-i-oh-i, am in love with ur body🎢” Samantha kept singing along and waving her hands to the music from the CD player……
We were making a hell outta noise, it was like we owned the road, I guess if it wasn’t for my dad reputation they would had arrested us for noise pollution..

Am Tiana Davidson, the daughter of the popular Davidson’s family, am 23 and a graduate of business administration from Havard college. Pheww!!! , Am sure you might be tracing my age to my lousy and loud life style like others do anytime they come across me, well!!, That doesn’t matter

People call me wayward or sometimes sluty due to the fact that I never fail to attend any popular party in the city… But there’s one crazy thing they don’t know about, that despite my loud, wayward life style, ‘I don’t joke with my body’ weird to believe right?

You might be wondering why am not at work or something at the age of 23, well, becoming a business administration wasn’t actually my dream since I was little, I had always dreamt of becoming a model of this great city Los Angeles and also the country and world at large, but my dad was never In support… He only considered Edward’s wish, sometimes I do think am not part of that family

Edward is my elder brother with a difference of 3 years. He is currently the CEO of the Davidson’s limited, dad handed it over to him when he was 25. Now am currently managing dad’s second company against my will, and that’s why I live literally all my duties to my personal assistant (PA) .

Oops!, I almost forgot one important aspect of my life, my mum….. I have the best and most adorable mum ever, she owns the biggest cosmetic store here in Los Angeles and due to that, people envy her really good.. ewww!! I hate envy
Am single and I love my life that way, guys are just distractions and woupd end up breaking ones heart


“Hey Dad” I conversed, taking the incoming call from my dad

“Tiana, you better get your tiny self here right now” he yelled

“Dad?, What’s going on?” I asked

” Where the hell do you take my car?” he asked and my heart skipped a beat

” Uhmm Dad I …..I didn’t take your car” I said and Samantha almost bursted into laughter but she held it, am glad she did

“You should be wise to know I have a tracker on that car , and I actually know you’re coming from the mall, and who the hell who go to the mall at this Time of the day if not you? Am not a kid Tiana, Edward or your mum can’t do that” he said, jeez!!, I’ve been caught, my mind totally left the tracker

” Common Tiana, you’re no longer a baby, you have your own car” he said angrily

” Am sorry Dad, it was an accident”
I said

” Whatever, I just wanted to know if my car was safe” he said

” KK dad” I said and he hanged up Immediately

I and Samantha turned up the music volume, jeez!! We are gonna rock that party

🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My Pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 2
πŸ’–πŸŒŸ Tristan’s pov πŸ’™πŸ’œ

“Take have this” I said throwing the bundle of dollar at the girl who was still trying to dress up in my room….I don’t even know her name

“Uhmm….. Tristan, what’s this for” she said waving the money at me, I gave her a weird stare, what’s wrong with this girl??
How does she even know my name? It sounds horrible from her and I never introduced my self to her when we met last night
Well, am not surprised, who wouldn’t know Tristan, the richest and hottest dude in town and country at large….


your bill” I finally replied after my long stare, she looked really scared after my stare…

“Bill? I thought there was something more between us,I thought you wanted to date me?” She said annoying me

” Your thoughts, cause I never said that, or did I?” I asked in sarcasm

” But you can’t do this to me,I I ….

” Look lady, I don’t date girls, talk more of dating a slut who I met at the club, who didn’t hesitate jumping into my bed, after just 10 minutes of knowing each other?, eww!! I wonder what you’re are gonna do then, if we’re dating, you won’t think twice before cheating, I don’t date girls who throw themselves at guys and lastly, I don’t date bitches, you’re just a night girl, okay?” I replied switching on my laptop, her countenance really changed after my speech, ‘stupid gold digger’.


” Look bitch, get your stupid fvcking body outta here, or you want more money?” I yelled angrily throwing her another bundle of money

“You know what Mr Tristan, what I’ve heard of you isn’t a lie, you’re fvcking heartless” she said angrily picking her bag, heels and the money from the bed storming out

“Hey you better don’t steal anything cause I got CCTV camera around” I yelled to her hearing……..

Ewww… Slut!!, I thought she won’t take the money, it’s just a prove of how sluty and a gold digger she is…

Even though I ever want to date a girl, it wouldn’t be her type

Okay, you don’t have to judge me by my actions, that’s just who I am or should I say that’s how situations made me be…

Am Tristan Trevor, 26 years of age and am a business tycoon such as my dad… We are one of the largest business Enterprise in Los Angeles and California at large… But now, we are in competition with the Davidson’s Ltd…. But right now, I don’t know what my dad is planning to do, but I know he has a plan which he isn’t telling me, to overthrow them…..

Gosh!!, I hate that family especially their daughter who bitch around town, I’ve heard a lot about her, I wonder why Dad is still friends with them cause clearly they’re our rival, well, maybe that’s part of his plans…


I never knew mum, but all I heard was that she died why giving birth to me so it’s just me, my Dad, and my senior sis who is an actress in France….

Ever thought why I’m so abusive to girls?, Well I was pushed to it and by that, I vowed in my heart never to date a girl ever again after what Alicia did to me, like what the slut said, she said am heartless, well the story is that am not really heartless, for a fact, girls are the heartless ones, all I want is to see all girls like Alicia suffer what Alicia made me suffer…………

Wondering who Alicia is??, Well that’s a story for another day, for now, I got some office work to do…

πŸ§‘πŸ“ Tiana’s pov πŸŽ€πŸŽ€

“Get up T” mum said pulling the duvet away from me

” Jeez mum, I need to sleep, I fvcking have a hangover” I said putting the pillow over my head

” Tiana get up, you have a company at your hand” she said

“Not mine mum, dad’s” I said with the pillow still over my head and before I knew it, she pulled it away I was now staring at her

“Look Tiana, you need to learn to handle your responsibilities, we’ve talked about this company stuff already and besides I never told you to go out partying, you’ve been warned about this” she said in a tune I couldn’t define

” Fine mum you win, am getting up already” I said sitting up yawning

” Better, take care okay?, And make sure your dad doesn’t meet you like this, I got something to do at the store, love you baby” she said pecking my cheek

” Love you too Mom” I replied and she smiled leaving

I quickly lay down back as she left

Jeez!, Head ache, I really need a lot of water


“So you take care of all those docvments, and dismiss all unnecessary meetings I have for today. And should in case Mr Martin comes by, give him the necessary docvments for the stock and let him pay into the company’s finance account, and for now, I don’t know if I will be back today, okay?” I said to my PA who was in front of me, she took down all the instructions on her note pad.

“Anything else, ma’am” she asked

“Nothing I think, but just make sure Dave don’t cross his boundaries and for now you’re in charge” I stated and she grinned like she won a lottery or something more…

” Yes ma’am, everything is gonna be in order” she replied

“Thanks, bye, take care” I said walking out
One thing is that am friendly to all my employees, even if this duty as a CEO was never my wish.. unlike my brother Edward, Jeez!!, He’s really rude, everyone knows that….

I walked into the parking lot stepping into my car, well this time it’s my car, so for now, I think am free from Dad.. .

But right now, I really need to get to swindy’s eatery cause I’ve got a blind date with a guy who I don’t fvcking know, all thanks to Samantha who set it up against my will, she keeps on ranting I need a guy, for God sake am just 23, I just don’t wanna disappoint her, that’s why am actually going for this date, I think she said the guys name is Archie….. Well we’ll see…


I dropped down from my vehicle, immediately I was done parking at the parking lot of swindy’s eatery…

Jeez!!, I never even thought of this, how’ll I know the guy I got a date with, am gonna look stupid going in there ……

I quickly picked my phone up to put a call to Samantha and thankfully, she picked on the first ring

“Hey swii” she said in an annoying tune

” Hey bitch am at the restaurant, how the hell do you want me to know the guy I’m meeting” I said almost yelling, some jobless people were already staring….

” Hey chill, just go to the VVIP, and introduce yourself as Tiana Davidson, Archie’s guest, he owns the restaurant, there’s a reserved table he made for you both, they will direct you there, you’ll just wait and he’ll be there in no time, trust me, so no need to freak out” she said chuckling

” Great Sam, but just know this is the last time I’ll be doing this with you” I said hanging up immediately but I could still hear her laugh underneath..

I walked into the eatery and with some introduction, they let me into the VVIP area, I sat at the table I was directed to and in not less than 4 minutes, I sighted a guy probably in his late twenties walking towards me, I wouldn’t lie, he was actually good looking with an inviting smile

“Hey am Archie, and I guess, you must be Tiana” he did with a cute smile after settling down beside me, wow he’s really cute

“Yeah, hi”I replied trying my possible best to sound nice, well he seems kinda interesting.. not too bad for a start

We were done eating and now we’re both chatting outside trying to get along

“Well, it’s really nice knowing you, can I please get your number?” He asked with a smile. ‘gosh’ that smile only makes him more Charming

“Okay, here’s my card” I said stretching my card to him

“Thanks pretty, here’s mine” he said stretching his to me

“Okay, bye for now” I said faking a smile walking to my car, jeez! It wasn’t that bad, unlike that weird guy I met two months ago… I really regretted that.

I quickly halted my car to check who the incoming call was from…
Hmm…it’s actually from my mum….
I was about to pick the call when I heard an awkward sound from behind…. I couldn’t really fathom where it was from…
My blood boiled immediately I realized it was someone who bashed my car….
I dropped down immediately only to find a stupid Bugatti behind my car, and clearly, it was the vehicle that hit mine, the person didn’t even bother to come out, ‘how rude’ …..

He or she still had the window wind up, and the glass was tinted, so I couldn’t clearly see who was in it, and the fvcking idiot can’t even come out after bashing my own car..

I knocked angrily on the glass…..and it still took the person a while to wind down, eww, I hate this person already

Immediately the glass was already winded , my eyeballs almost popped out at the sight in front of me, it was a guy who was smoking hot, I can’t even describe him, but all I know is that a Greek god was an understatement to him, those eyes, nose and lips well set and arranged, he was the best definition of God’s perfect creation, I thought Archie was the cutest guy I’ve ever met, but this figure in front of me proved me wrong God!!, How can someone be this cute???…

“Sup” he said and that actually angered me, what can of a guy is this?? Though upon his return to behavior, I couldn’t deny the beauty in his voice

“You bashed my car” I said angrily

“Yeah!!, What do you want me to do” he said nonchalantly

” You’re out of your senses, who the hell are you??” I yelled

” I should be asking you that swiii, your car was parked wrongly, so stop ranting” he said and that made my blood boil

” You’re no difference from a lunatic, how dare you?” I said angrily but he didn’t reply me, rather he finally opened the door and dropped down to face me, jeez!!, He was actually cuter than this, but that won’t blind me from correcting his stupidity

“Look pretty, you’re to beautiful for this” he said scanning me head to toe

” That doesn’t pay for my car, I want a new one” I said and he chuckled

“Why don’t we hang around, I like your type, you know I could get you more beautiful cars than you think” he said leaning on his stupid car

” What do you think I am? A slut?, You know what?, I’ve arrived at a conclusion that you’re more than senseless” I said and he smirked at me, ‘Jeez this guy is really pissing me up’

“Look bitch, you really need to stop ranting for that little car of yours which you got probably by sluting around, but mine??, I bought it with my own clean hard earned money” he said and that awaken the bitch in me and without control, I raised my hands and slapped him hard across his face. Almost all watching gasped, I never even knew people were gathered, they’re just so jobless, I wonder what’s wrong with them, that they’re gasping like animals, gosh!;

“You slapped me?” He asked and I rolled my eyes at him

“No I hugged you, are you that foolish that you don’t know what a slap is??” I asked in sarcasm and his face only became more cold and red in anger

“Look bitch, you’ve insulted me enough and I actually didn’t mind, but slapping me was the worst mistake you made, it’s like you got no knowledge of who I am, am glad you don’t, cause am gonna make you pass through hell for this” he said red with anger walking into his arms after making his empty threat.

” Hey my car” I yelled knocking at his Glass but he zoomed away immediately

“Ewww!! Cute guy with no brain” I said out loud to myself rolling my eyes walking to my car.. everyone still got their eyes on me..
Jeez!!, Can’t they just mind their business??, Not like I slapped the president or something..

I entered my car and checked my phone, it was 7 missed call from mum, no need to call back, I’m going home already, now I’ll have to move with a bashed car, gosh!! , My day has been ruined……
Who’s the guy??πŸ€”
Please I need your real point of view of this story, am doubting it’s interesting πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Please help me out 🧑🧑🧑🧑

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