November 29, 2021

Forced episode 11 – 12


🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke MπŸ’™
Chapter 11
πŸ–€ Tristan’s pov continues πŸ–€

“Whattt!!!?” I said confused

“Yes Tristan, that was what really happened” he said

“Dad I must tell you, you are not making any sense here, if he killed her, why is he not in jail?” I asked still confused

” Not that he killed her with his own hands, but he caused her death” he said only making me more confused.

” What are you even saying Dad, I don’t understand, all I need you to do now is to explain what you are saying in full details” I said and dad sighed before starting his explanation

“Well son, a very long time ago, I and Mr Davidson we’re very close friends…, Then, he wasn’t really famous as he is now, but he was quite rich. I , your mum and your sister lived an average life, sometimes things get rough for us,but sometimes it gets a little better. Life continued so as my friendship with Mr Davidson continued smoothly until I was dismissed from the little place I worked, to earn a living was difficult and it was even then your mum was pregnant for you. Things became hard for us Tristan, but Mr Davidson also helped our family with little tips, but they weren’t enough to cater for us all. Until another of my friend introduced an illegal business deal to me, which I accepted without thinking twice”my dad said and pause

” And what was the business? ” I asked in anxiety

I was asked to deliver illegal drugs to a person in New York. and they said if I was able to complete that deal successfully, I would be granted a pay of a million dollars. An amount of money I’ve never seen then. So like a fool, I accepted the deal without thinking twice. They gave me the drug package home to be delivered the next day. I kept the drugs in a safe place at home which I thought no one could reach. I went out celebrating even if the deal wasn’t finished. Unfortunately, when I got back home, I found your mum angrily burning the drugs and I couldn’t do anything cause the drugs were already closed to ashes and again your mum was heavily pregnant. I had no choice than to tell them what actually happened, they were furious and asked me to pay a refund price of 2 million US dollars, and I didn’t even know where I was going to get that amount of money at that moment.
My mind drafted to Mr Davidson, then he just won a contract of 2 million dollars, I told him to lend me the money that I was going to pay him back but he was adamant of it, and your mum only hope to live were in his hands.. still in the process of soughting for the money, your mum feel into labour, I rushed her to the hospital and she safely delivered you, alive and strong, I kept on begging Mr Trevor for the money but he was still adamant, it was when I went to see your mum in the hospital that they delivered the bad news that your mum was killed that same night but you weren’t harmed. It was after the day of your mum’s death that Mr Davidson gave the money to me, it was too late so I didn’t accept the money. If only Mr Davidson gave me that money at the right time your mum would still be with us. It was then I went back to business school and by that I was able to build up our life to this level” my dad said sadly

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Dad are you serious? ” I asked surprised and he nodded positively.

“Am sorry Dad. I never knew you’ve been through that much, I never knew you had such a bad history with Mr Davidson, am sorry I yelled” I said sadly

It not your fault son” he replied

” But Dad, why would you let me marry the daughter of the man who literally caused the death of mum? ” I asked angrily

” Israel thinks I’ve forgiven him just like that, but I want to get my revenge, I want him to know am not the Trevor of then, I want him to fall on his knees and experience what I faced then. That’s why I want you to get her to sign the company to you, that’s the out way we can weaken them and start our full revenge” my Dad said and I stared at him confused…..

“That’s it son” he said leaving me in deep thought

πŸ’ž Tiana’s pov πŸ’ž

OMG!!, Wow!!, I can’t believe this, our company won the contract. It was a contract we signed in for, it was a world contract and it worth billions of dollars, I just saw the mail on my laptop.

Wow, I’ll have to show this to Tristan, I know we don’t really tolerate each other but am sure he’ll be happy about this.

Speaking of the devil himself, Tristan walked in, just in time.

I quickly ran to him at the door with my laptop to show him the good news

“Tristan you need to see this” I said happily rather he just stared at me with anger walking away.

What is wrong with him!, I know we don’t really stand each other, but he has never snubbed me before and Clearly I could recognize anger in his eyes

What’s going on!?

🧒 Fernando’s pov 🧒

” So what do you intend to do now Tristan?” I asked Tristan who was sitting beside me in the bar. He just finished telling me the story which his dad told him and I wasn’t really surprised.

” I don’t know Fernando, but right now I hate that whole family including Tiana, I just hate them” he said

” But I don’t think it’s actually their fault, that was a large amount of money then, and then you said Mr Davidson just won a contract of that exact amount. Tristan you’re not new to business, you know you’ll have to pay off some bills despite how rich you are, that was a really hard decision for anyone to make Tristan, and he later offered the money to your dad, it wasn’t his fault the money came late, Tristan reason this” I said out of sincerity

” What are you even saying Fernando, you’re not even helping. Are you now for their family?, Common tell me, what’s greater than a life?” He asked angrily

” Am sorry Tristan, I don’t know what to say about this” I said and Tristan sighed frustrated

Hmm, this is really hard to take in and break down. I Know Tristan would want to follow his dad evil plan of revenging, this doesn’t even warrant revenge, I just pray Tristan understand it in the right way….

Mr Trevor is evil, am sure about this, he’s into murder and some shady business, though am not sure he was involved in my parents death. But can I tell Tristan about this??

A week later πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž

πŸ’™ Tiana’s pov πŸ’™

Tristan has really changed a lot and I really can’t understand what’s going on with him. He acts moody, hardly even stay at home, always ignoring me like I offended him or something and not to lie, it hurts.

I know we really hate each other, but his change of attitude is really making me feel awful, no one to argue with or roll my eyes at, it’s like am the only one who lives in this whole house.



minutes later, Tristan came out all dressed up like he was going out or something so I quickly stood up blocking him by standing in front of him.

“Tristan would you please tell me what’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like someone who has lost his mind?” I asked but he kept mute like he wasn’t even listening to me.

“Tristan would you talk to me or not” I said

” Oh, you wanna know right” he said sarcastically and I eyed him

” Tiana if you like yourself, you better get the hell out of my front” he said angrily

” Oops!!, Am not moving” I said folding my hands still standing in front of him….

” Tiana am warning you” he said

“What’s even wrong with you?, You’re acting like a weirdo , I told youbour company won the contract, but you cared less like it means nothing to you, common what’s wrong with you?” I asked

” That’s none of your business, get out of my way Tiana” he said but I stood still…

” At the count of three Tiana, leave my way. 1……2……3” he said roughly dragging my arm throwing me on the couch storming out angrily

‘jeez!!, What the hell is wrong with him?’

Gosh!! Why do I even care

Why is his stupid change in character even affecting me, he can kill himself if he wants to….

‘Argggggghh’ what’s wrong with me???

🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke M❣️
Chapter 12
🌊 Tristan’s pov 🌊

Was I to treat Tiana that way?…….

Am starting to feel guilty, it’s not even her fault that all those stuff happened between both my Dad and her’s, it could had happened between Dad and anyone else, am sure she wasn’t even in the world then.

Tiana is innocent of all those stuff that dad wants me to do to her. Anytime our eyes meet I feel she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way da wants me to treat her, I also don’t have that conscience to hurt her.

This few months living with her, I discovered how different she is from others and I feel the pain of what dad wants me to do to her. She’s the first girl I’ve met who didn’t scream out loud or scream my name weirdly or forced herself on me. She’s too innocent to face such wickedness that day is subjecting her to.

Right now, I really feel bad for treating her that way back at home, I only let anger take over me..

And to be sincere, I was really surprised when she asked about my change in attitude, am surprised she cares, but I didn’t want to show it to her then.

I know I promised to break any girl who comes across me due to what Alicia did to me and this seems to be the best time to achieve my desire due to Dad’s plan. But am not gonna do that to such an innocent soul only for her dad’s mistake, which wasn’t even totally her Dad’s fault, it was mostly between the dealers and dad.

I think Fernando is making sense, maybe I should talk to Dad… …

πŸ‘” Archie’s pov πŸ‘”

“Mr Archie, report to my office now” our head investigator said after I picked the call from him

I quickly stood up and walked directly to his office

“You sent for me sir” I said standing opposite him

” Yes, you may have your seat” he said still sorting some docvments in front of him…… It took him quite a while before he was done sorting and then diverting his attention to me…..

“Mr Archie, I guess you know why I called you here already” he said and I nodded positively.

” It is surprised to find out that despite the growth and development of our great city Los Angeles. We still have some threat of illegal drug transaction affecting us now. And you know being the NBI (national bureau of investigation). It’s our duty to trace out this illegal practice and handle according to the law. Am putting you in charge of this case because of your skills and hard work and am sure with you in charge of this, we are assured of a little hope” he said

” Yes sir, I’ll do my best” I replied

” You may go for now” he said and I took my leave

Gosh!!, This is really a hard task ahead of me … I don’t even Know what to do, cause the people involved are unknown, we are only aware of their transaction and I must admit those criminals are really smart.

I really have a lot of work to do..

πŸ•ΆοΈ Fernando’s povπŸ•ΆοΈ

No, no,no, I can’t believe it, Mr Trevor, a drug trafficker??

“Yes Sydney, you shouldn’t go to the airport with the package for now. Cause right now as I speak, there are some investigating team against us. So inform all our boys to lie low for now, and any transaction taking place Should be held) up, until those crazy dudes are done with their investigation” Mr Trevor said to Sydney who was clearly with him in the office…

Gosh!!, This is so hard to take in ….
Mr Trevor is a drug trafficker….
So he’s a criminal after all, and now the NBI is after their team to expose them at all cause… I must get to the root myself, maybe I can uncover the mystery of my parents death myself……

“Fernando” someone called as I was about to move

‘jeez!!, I hope am safe’

🍎 Tiana’s pov 🍎

“What the hell do you want here again, what’s your deal, you’re unwanted here, can’t you learn to stay away, we don’t want you het, your so called Tristan doesn’t want you here, so butt out out of here” I said angrily to Alicia sanding at the entrance ofThe house.

“Am here to see Tristan and I don’t think it’s your business” she said sassily

“Well it is, cause am married to him” I said against my will and she laughed evilly

“Your marriage is fake okay, I know that ” she said with confidence

” Who cares, just leave” I said angrily to her

“You’re crazy” she said angrily pushing me away from her but someone caught me, it was Tristan, I stared at him and he released me.

“Alicia what the heck are you doing here” he asked

“Well am here to see you but this slut here wouldn’t let me in she said blinking her fake eyelashes

“There is no slut here apart from, so you should just humble yourself and leave” he said calmly..

” Tristan why are you doing this to me, what much did I do to you” she said in a game teary voice

” Am not any mood for your fake tears, so you better leave before I loose my temper”he said still calm and am glad that at least he noticed her fake tears.

” Tristan please I love you and I know you still do” she said

” Get the fvck out before I call the security” he yelled

” Alright fine, chill am going already, there would be no need of that, we’ll talk when this psychopath isn’t there, and just know I still love you boo” she said walking away with her stupid ego

I sighed heavily leaving for the living room when Tristan held my left hand, I paused to face him..

“Tiana am sorry of any embarrassment over caused you because of Alicia” he said, jeez!!, Is he apologizing???

” Am I forgiven? ” he asked after a while of silence

“Yh you are” I replied and he smiled… I picked up pace walking back when he called me back

*” Tiana wait” he said and I turned to him

“Uhumm… I know we didn’t start on a good note due to our parents decision and it really bad for us. But why don’t we start it all over”he said and I smiled

“Friends” he said stretching his right hand for a hand shake

“Friends” I replied talking his hands

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