November 29, 2021

Forced episode 13 – 14


(My pains!!😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 💜
Chapter 13
💋 Tiana’s pov continues 💋

“Friends” I replied taking his hands ….

” I guess it’s a new beginning between us right? ” He asked

” Of course” I said and he smiled this time genuinely

“Well Tiana, am sure you’re really good at this friendship stuff, so can you brief me on what friend does? ” He asked showing a funny face and I couldn’t hold in the chuckle, I really like this part of Tristan, I guess it isn’t right to quickly judge someone directly…

“Well, friends do a lot of things together, they joke, have fun, tease each other, do things together, support each other, encourage each other, love each other and so on,” I said and he smiled

” Wow, sounds fun”he said

” Oh no I forgot an important aspect” I said

” What would that be? ” He asked

” They don’t keep anything from each other, and that’s why I wanna ask you this… Uhmm, though I don’t mean to be too forward,, but I’ll ask, what really went wrong between you and Alicia? ” I asked and immediately regretted asking that question cause immediately his countenance changed to the normal Tristan

“Oh no, am sorry for asking such Question, don’t bother if you don’t wanna talk about it” I said Immediately

” No Tiana, I think it’s high time I open up to someone who cares” he said out of sincerity and I nodded and sighed, he really liked her…

” well Alicia and I were once in love, I mean deeply in love.. I thought she really loved me and was ready to do anything for her, I cherished and valued her and wanted her to be by my side for her, I was really obsessed with her. Things went on well with I and Alicia, I supported her I. Whatever she did including her modelling career, but I guess not everyone you cherish, cherishes you back” he said taking a deep breath before continue, he was really sad and I felt like I shouldn’t had brought about that memory.


got to a time, I noticed Alicia was mostly obsessed with my money, but I didn’t really mind cause I was so obsessed with her, she even cheating on me, I approached her on that but she was quick to deny it, but deep down in me I knew she was, but I was do blinded by my undying love for her, I tried to tame her in the best way so at least she could leave her ways, but it’s true, that the leopard never changes it spot” he said

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So how did your break up with her come about?” I asked..

” I was betrayed Tiana,betrayed by the woman I loved deeply” he said in pains..

” What really happened” I asked carefully not to hut him but still anxious

“Well, she had an affair with my finance manager.. together they planned to steal all my company funds and run away with all my money.. including the company main docvments, but I was wiser than them and I still had some faithful workers who were quick to expose them, it was hard Alicia was willing to do that to me, she broke my heart and my trust. I was ready to accept her despite her unfaithful ways to me, but she broke it all…. And I was glad I discovered if not I might have been married to the devil himself by now” he said sadly and I sighed deeply

” Am sorry Tristan, I wonder why she even still comes back here, after what she did to you” I said and he chuckled, the fake one as usual

” Well she thinks am still the fool I once was before, the one who accepted her despite her irregularities, but she’s really wrong” he said

” Tristan, am really sorry for bringing such bad memory back to you, I wouldn’t have asked if I knew it was this bad” I said sadly…..

No Tiana, am glad you asked, at least you’ll know my actions towards her, are more than justified, excuse me Tiana” he said leaving with his car keys

Jeez!!, I never knew heart break hurt that way, just the first day of our friendship, I ruined it because of my stupid curiosity……

What Tristan told me only increased my hatred for Alicia, she really lost a great person in her life, who loved her for who she is. But am glad he left her, cause Tristan deserve better than her….

🚗 Tristan’s pov 🚗

“Dad, I think it’s high time I let you Know that I can’t be involved in your revenge plans anymore and also I want you to stop your stupid intention of revenging on the Davidson’s family” I said to my dad hoping to change his mind….

” What are you talking about son, are you out of your mind?” He asked surprised

” No Dad, rather I’m back to my senses” I replied

“Then who the hell put such crazy idea into your head? ” Dad asked in anger

” Dad , am only doing what’s right, I can’t do anything to hurt Tiana, she’s so innocent and doesn’t deserve such treatment from anyone including Dad” I replied

” Don’t tell me you’re getting involved with that girl, cause this marriage is only for revenge, revenge Tristan” he said evilly

” No Dad, am not getting involved with her, am only doing what’s right” I replied

” Right?, Have you forgotten what happened between you and Alicia?” He asked

” I’ve not forgotten Dad, but trying to get revenge only keeps bringing the memories which I don’t want, letting go is the best option Dad…. What even went wrong?, Weren’t you the one who thought me against revenge?” I asked and he kept silent

” Dad, you might revenge, but the fact still remains that it was all your fault, involving yourself into something illegal” I said storming out but he stopped me………..

” Well,if my son won’t support me, I’ll find support else where” he said in sarcasm

” Then suit yourself Dad” I said angrily walking out

I wonder what got into my Dad……..

💄 Alicia’s pov 💄

Well,well, well…..

Do Tristan thinks I would let him go that way….

He’s definitely wrong, cause he’ll be mine again, very very soon

Am really tired of leaving this useless life,after all Tristan easily forgive me before, no matter what my offence is, i wonder what’s gotten into him now…..

I want to go back to my normal, expensive, classic life with Tristan, where I wear the most expensive and latest dress, an appear on most TV station interview as his lover.

I want to be seen with the richest and cutest guy in town so I’ll put all those girls in their place including that his stupid fake wife Tiana.

Am tired of living this boring life, cause I know Tristan is still in love with me, he has always been obsessed with me and I’ll make he comes back hovering over me just like he could never let me go before….. And I know just the perfect plan


“Alicia what even makes you think I’ll help you after what you did to me” Sydney said to me

” Common Sydney, I know you still love me, what’s hard in doing something for the lady you love” I asked winking at him touching his face…..

” It’s because of you Alicia, I was sacked from Tristan company, not even knowing your intention was using me for your self desire” he said and I sighed angrily..

Common Sydney, don’t think like that, I still love you, if you do this for me,you’ll be a boss of your own, aren’t you tired of working for the Trevor’s? First you were hired and fired by the son, and now the father is hiring you, common Sydney,think”I said

” Alright what’s the plan?” He asked

” That’s the spirit boo” I said happily

“For now, you have to take me to Mr Trevor, through him I would get my deeds” I said to him

” The boss?? are you okay Alicia?” He asked weirdly

” Don’t be scared, I already know about all your business transaction and I swear I wouldn’t tell a soul, trust me” I replied

” Alright come with me” he said and my mind jumped for joy.. ..

‘Tristan, here I come’

🌸🌼 FORCED 💔💝
(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 🎀💐
Chapter 14

🌺 Samantha’s pov 🌺

“Archie, you just have to calm down okay” I said trying my possible best to calm Archie down……

We were both in my house. Archie and I have been best of friends from childhood, and I love him as much as I love Tiana, so any problem he had, he usually comes to me for advice since his parents are not in the country…

Now what’s bothering him and also bothering me is just this case assigned to him by the head of investigation of the NBI, but am only trying to calm him down even though am visibly bothered, it’s really a sad case…

“Samantha I would have calm down if it is as easy as it looks, I don’t even know anything about the criminal and their transaction, since I’ve started this job, I’ve never been into such, into such…. Gosh! I don’t even know what to say neither do I Know where to start from” he said looking really bothered.

I walked to him and patted his back

” I believe in you Archie, you’ll definitely scale through this, you’ve never lost on this you know, believe me, this would only be like a piece of cake for you, trust me, okay”I said leaning on the high counter

” Thanks Samantha, you’re always giving me hope and that’s why I’ll continue loving you forever best” he said and my heart skipped a beat, I wonder why…..

” Sure Archie, what kind of friend would I be that doesn’t stand beside her friends” I replied and he smiled nodding

” Well the only thing I wanna do now is to see Tiana, am starting to miss her” he said and a cloud of sadness took over me, but I can’t really figure out but I can tell it’s from inside… Why does all this talk from Archie really bothers me so much!!? 🤦

“Samantha are you okay” Archie said snapping me out of my thought

“Yh of course, I am” I replied faking a smile

“That’s not true Sam, I’ve been talking to you since and it really seems like am only talking to myself” he said fake frowning…

” Oh, it’s nothing serious am just stressed out” I said and he looked at me with a doubt filled face and u chuckled trying to wave things away and it seems it worked

“Whatever, do you have anything cold” he said walking to my fridge

“Yh, suit yourself” I said.

“You don’t need to tell me that” he replied winking at me and I rolled my eyes at him

❌ Mr Trevor’s pov ❌

“And what makes you even think I would trust you around of me after what you did to my son?” I asked Alicia who was standing in front of me beside Sydney and she twitch her face….

“Uhmm…. Sir what I did to your son was really bad and stupid of me, but I’ve realized my mistake and am ready to make amends but Tristan doesn’t even want to talk to me” she said and I studied her face before speaking

“So what exactly is your mission? And why exactly are you here?” I asked

” Am aware of how much you seek revenge on the Davidson’s family. I can help you get that revenge easily with the tip of my finger and also have Tristan back to myself, but sir, I need you the most” she said and I nodded

” Interesting” I said

“Have your seat” I said pointing to the chair close to me, she reluctantly sat on it

“What makes you even think you can get my son, after such wickedness you did to him?” I asked in sarcasm

“Cause I still love him, and am sure he still loves me back, with this plan sir,I’ll get him back and are the same time you’ll get your full revenge on the Davidson’s” she said and I smiled inwardly….

This Alicia girl really seem smart at criminality and I bet I can use her to my very own satisfaction…..

I guess God is really on my side since my son Tristan decided to abandon me at a very crucial and important part of my revenge, I was really quick to get a supplement…..

But this girl really thinks she’s smarter than me, thinking she can use me for her own desire, I laugh in Latin, I’ll be the one using her, I just hope she wouldn’t be like her nosey father who thinks he’s smart..

I won’t even let my son marry a gold digger like her, he’ll only regret it in the future. I also want him to end that relationship with Tiana,I don’t want him falling in love with the daughter of Israel…

“Miss Alicia, am glad you came back, cause I’ve only wanted you for my son right from the beginning, you’re the perfect woman for him” I said and she gave an awkward smile

” But there’s one more thing I want you to do for me” I said and she stared at me with all her attention

” I guess Fernando is your brother” I said and she nodded

“I don’t want him to know about this, neither do I want him to know you even met me” I said

” I won’t let you down” she replied and I smiled internally

” That’s great, meet me at this address tomorrow, we’ll start our plans tomorrow” I said stretching a paper which she accepted Immediately…

“Thanks Mr Trevor” she said

“Don’t mention lady” I replied and she smiled

Such a fool!!, I’ll only use you like I did to your father, Fernando is the only smart one and that’s why I don’t want him to know about anything fishy I do, most especially my drug business……………….

Israel, you must face what I faced, you must go back to square one….👿

🍨 Tiana’s pov 🍨

I was in the sitting room on the large couch watching TV, when Tristan came to join me on the couch.

“Hey Tiana” he called

“Hey” I replied smiling diverting my attention back to the TV

There was some minutes of silence between us before he spoke…………………….

“being in this house, without doing any real fun stuff is really boring right,?” He said starting a conversation

” Really boring, especially now that am trapped her by my dad’s will” I replied and he chuckled

” Am also trapped here you know” he said and I smiled

“Okay will you mind if I take you out?” He asked and my mood lightened immediately

“Off course not, when!?” I asked and he laughed

“We’re both doing nothing important,so why don’t we go now” he said and I smiled radiantly

” Yes!!” I said happily

” Okay go dress up quickly, am only giving you 15 minutes or else I will change my mind” he said and I quickly rushed upstairs

OMG!! Am really happy am going out with Tristan, I wonder how fun it gonna be
I can’t wait!!


We’ve gone to write some few places together and now, we are both in the VIP section of swidney’s eatery Archie’s restaurant.

I must admit being with Tristan isn’t boredom at all, he’s naturally fun to be with, and am glad am at this side of him now, it’s really fun……

He told me about his childhood and I couldn’t help but laughed crazily some people even stared at me…

According to what he’s saying, he really has a free, fun and fair child hood and am sure he would be really happy then, unlike me who was forced to do likely everything in my life, I told him about my child hood and he only stared at me with pity filled in his eyes.

“You really had a rough childhood Tiana” he said and I nodded in pains and like he noticed he held my hands….

“I promise you Tiana, even though we are not lovers or anything, I’ll make sure you’re happy and never feel anything close to what you felt Back at home” he said and I nodded with a smile..

” Common let’s change the topic” he said and we started talking about other fun things

And I must say, Tristan isn’t really a jerk like I’ve always thought….

He later took excuse to go somewhere and I was alone when someone appeared out of the blues, it was Archie. I wasn’t really surprised since this is his restaurant

We exchange pleasantries and joked together…..

“I wish you good luck on your case” I said and he smiled

” Thanks Tiana, that’s the best I need now” he said and I smiled nodding

“Good bye Tiana” he said leaving and Tristan appeared just immediately

“Who was that guy?” He asked looking quite pissed

” Just a friend I made newly” I said and he stared at me and i chuckled..

“Friends don’t mind seeing their friends with other friends, rather they learn to interact with each other” I said smiling

” What are you even saying”he said with a weird look and I bursted into a heavy round of laughter and he stared at me like I was out of my senses

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous Tristan” I said and he popped his eyeballs out at me

” Hell no, what is there to be jealous about, you can talk to anyone you want okay” he said and I chuckled loudly and he rolled his eyes making me chuckle the more

“You shouldn’t do that it’s girlish” I said mockingly

“Who wouldn’t forcefully learn that leaving with you ” he said and I bursted into another round of laughter, am sure people would start to think am crazy

Are least for a long time in my life I had a really fun time………………………

Stay safe ❤️

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