Forced episode 3


🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My Pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 3
πŸ“ Tiana’s pov πŸŒ€

Driving straight into the parking lot of my house after the gate was opened, mum was the first person I set my eyes on ….

What’s she doing at the parking lot?
It’s like she had been here waiting for me..

I rolled my eyes inwardly…
Can’t they just give me my own freedom fully, it’s just 7:24pm and am 23 for Christ sake.

“Tiana, am glad u’re back, your dad have been asking and furious about your where about” she said

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” Why mum?, What did I do this time, I just hope am safe” I said with sarcasm

” You’re saved Tiana, but it seems something big is about to happen which your Dad is not telling me, it’s about our company, Edward couldn’t make it here but it seems this is about you” she said

” Mum are you sure am not in trouble, cause even if I was forced to take over that company, I’ve been managing it properly, I know that” I pouted and she smiled in a less assuring manner

” You’re okay Tiana, but all I want you to do now, is to go in, freshen up, put on something decent and pretty. We’re are having dinner with the Trevor’s family, a very important one, and you must be there said your dad” Mum said

Jeez, dad is just too annoying, he’s always ordering me around, but the only reason I would consider attending that meeting is only because mum mentioned the name ‘Trevor’, which means his son would be included cause he’s also a business person, I don’t know him neither have I seen his picture before, but people say he’s cute and hot, I actually love seeing cute people, both male and female, they are my weakness.
And at least I would know why people talk about the Trevor’s family that much…..

“It’s okay mum, as you wish” I said smiling

“Thanks sweetie, I and the maid will go set up the table now, you can join us when you’re done” she said

” Okay mum” I replied walking into the house, mum was already dressed up, she only had an apron over her dress.

And the house is looking unusually fancy than normal…
Jeez!! I wonder how important this so called meeting is gonna be.

I angrily walked down the stairs, I couldn’t waste my time on scanning my whole wardrobe, so I just picked any dress I saw.
I was on my average length body hug off shoulder pink down, with my pink sandals…
No time for heels, am only dressing this way because mum emphasized on ‘decent’

“Mum am done, am I okay” I said showing her the dress, she scanned me a little before replying

“You look so sweet baby, I love it ” she said and I smiled, at least she appreciates it

“Okay T, come help me with the drinks” she said and I walked to her helping her with her request

Not long after, dad walked in with his ever looking serious face

“You may go” my mum said to the maid in a low voice, she bowed and left to the kitchen immediately

“Okay honey, I think we’re all set” mum said to my Dad who only nodded…

‘i don’t know why he’s always like that to my mum, he should just one day show us love like mum does’

“Look Tiana, we’re having a visitor today and I and Mr Trevor made a deal which is gonna be about you, so you have to behave” he said rudely and I rolled my eyes at him, though he wasn’t looking if not I would be dead.
‘Gosh!! I wonder what deal he’s so serious about’

We were still trying to put everything together when we heard the door bell, I already knew it was our visitors, cause I heard the gate opening…. Mandy went to get the door immediately…


5 minutes later, the mighty Mr Trevor dad has been talking about finally walked in with two men behind him which seems to be his body guard, due to their body frame and appearance
Hmm, I don’t see his son anywhere, and he’s definitely not one of those guys behind Mr Trevor considering the way people described him…..
Maybe he’s not even coming…

Jeez!!, I just want to know how he looks, that’s why am actually in this boring dinner.

As soon as Mr Trevor reached the table, my dad and mum both stood up to welcome him, I only sat down stubbornly until mum gestured me to stand which I did reluctantly

After all the formalities, we finally sat down
‘At last’

After sometime of talking and laughing, Mr Trevor turned to me

“Is this your daughter?” Mr Trevor asked

‘jeez, what a question’

” Yes she’s Tiana, Tiana, Mr Trevor” my dad introduced and I faked a smile at them

” She’s beautiful, my son would be happy to see her, he’s on his way” he said smirking.. I wonder what the hell they are up to.

But am glad to hear that the popular Trevor’s son is still on his way, I really want to see how he looks like, cause of Mr Trevor is as good looking as this, though weird, I wonder ho his son would be..

“Okay let’s have dinner now, your son will join us soon”my mum said standing up to serve the food, my dad gave me a look to assist her, gosh!!, Like I wasn’t going to do so

We were all settled eating, while dad and Mr Trevor kept on talking about some certain stuff on developing both their business and they were talking of some kinda arrangement I couldn’t really decode


son is here” Mr Trevor said as soon as we heard the doorbell ring…

Mr Trevor son walked in, in all his glory, judging from his hair downward he looked super hot and handsome, though I haven’t really seen his face cause he was putting on dark glasses, but he’s body kind of look like that annoying guy who bashed my car a while ago, and again he isn’t looking at my direction, Jeez!! I just wanna see his face.

But am sure he’s gonna be rude, common who put on a dark shaded glass for a business dinner???
‘hmm Tiana, there’s nothing you won’t see’
He finally sat down.. I just couldn’t stop myself from admiring his cute set of pink lips, jeez what a creature, no wonder people just won’t stop talking about him…. He’s really worth the anxiety, he’s now my crush….

Hmmmm…..but he kinda look familiar, though I couldn’t really fathom..
‘Can’t he just take the glasses off already?’

Like he was reading my mind, he finally took off the Glasses and accidentally our eyes were the first to meet..
I immediately choke on the food I was eating with my heart skipping a beat, I quickly took a glass of water to ease it away

“Are you okay sweetie?” Mum asked

“Yes mum, thanks” I replied nervously

He still wasn’t taking away his stare, I can’t believe that the same rude guy I slapped some hours ago is the same guy sitting opposite me in my family’s house….

He just couldn’t stop staring at me, it was a look that held, anger, annoyance and revenge, though he was holding it in with a smirk, which made him more cuter…

Wow!!, So I slapped the mighty Tristan Trevor, the so called Trevor’s son….well he’s actually cuter than they described.

Infact, am kinda happy I slapped him, at least I brought down his ego a little, all his threat are just empty….

“Do you both know each other” Mr Trevor asked, it was like he noticed both our reactions

” No, not at all Dad” he said still gazing at me

” Tristan Trevor, nice meeting you” he said stretching his hands to me which I reluctantly took, his hand was warm and inviting, but it kinda irritated, maybe it’s because I already disliked him from the bashing incident.

“And you are?” He asked still giving that annoying smirk
‘jeez!!, This guy is fvcking annoying’


Davidson” I replied rapidly without stretching for any stupid hand shake

“Wow!!, Nice name for a beautiful lady” he said and I intentionally rolled my eyes to piss him up, but he wasn’t
‘jeez!, I hate this guy already’

We all settled down to have desert, Dad and Mr Trevor kept talking about business, the involved Mum once in a while and she played along

I wonder why Dad said this meeting is about me, am fvcking tired already. The hottie I wanted to meet badly is here already, but we’ve already met in a bad way, so am not interested in this dinner again…
Like Dad was reading my mind, he finally diverted his attention to us. …….

“Tiana, Tristan, this meeting is strictly about you both, and it’s on an agreement between I and Mr Trevor, and try to note, it’s for the good and benefit of you both” Dad said and Mr Trevor nodded in agreement

” Dad, what’s up” Tristan asked his Dad…
Jeez, he’s really mannerless

“This is for you son, don’t take it too hard” his Dad said, and that only increase and inhibited my anxiety and confusion on what exactly is going on now.
I glanced at mum, she only looked as confused as me
‘somebody tell me what’s happening’

“Look Tiana, you’ve been a daughter to me from your mother’s womb, I might have been strict to you, but just know I only want the best for you, no matter what happens” Dad said and that only made me more bewildered

“I know Dad” I replied feeling more anxious

“I and Mr Trevor, had been close for ages, an we would want you both to grow on that legacy and that’s why we’ve decided that you both would be getting married as a merger of our main company” my Dad said and it was like a bomb was just released in front of me

“What!!!!!!?” I and Tristan both exclaimed at the same time, it’s like he also had no idea about it

“Dad you must be joking right?” I said standing up folding both my hands together

“No, you guys make a perfect match and you still have time to get along before your wedding planning, but what you two don’t know is that, it’s already signed” my dad said angering the bitch in me, but I was still speechless

“What the hell is this Dad?, You never told me this is the fvcking deal you were all about, merger or no merger, am not getting married to this bitch”Tristan said angrily walking away

” Ooh,well well well, am glad I and Mr Trevor son are on the same page, am not marrying that jerk, never, have my words Dad” I said angrily, I don’t even know what gave me the boldness cause normally I can’t even talk to him…

“How dare you disrespect me Tiana?, Look my decision is made, I am your father” he said angrily

” You not my father Dad, the only told you play in my life, is the man that gave birth to me, cause all through my life, you’ve never paid the duty of a father, all you did was for your own selfish interest, an example now, I’ve been holding this in for long but let me let it known to you Dad, I hate you, yes Dad, I hate you passionately” I said angrily in tears walking briskly to my room

” Tiana get back here” that was the only word I heard before I slammed the door loudly at them locking it…

Am never gonna marry that guy, never!!!!

Tiana πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

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