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🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 4
β­• Tristan’s pov β­•

“Son we need to talk” my dad said immediately he stepped inside

” About what dad” I asked sarcastically

” Listen son, I know I did bad by not telling you about this deal before you heard it from Mr Davidson. And that’s why am here to explain things to you better” he said pausing

” And? ” I asked

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” You know what Tristan, this marriage I and Mr Davidson planned between you and his daughter is not gonna last” He said

” What’re you driving at Dad? ” I asked giving him all my attention

” All I wat you to do, is to get closer to Tiana and gain her trust. After you must have done that, you will then convince her to sign the company to you.. and then the victory will be ours, and Mr Davidson will be back to 1, cause that’s the company that makes them popular and that rich, the rest are just standby. After this is done, you can file her a divorce letter, you would even leave your normal again, it wouldn’t even take a year for this to be done” my Dad said smiling to himself

” Dad, why the hell are you so crazy about the downfall of the Davidson’s family? What did they even do to you?, They’re that rich, only because they worked to get there? ” I said angrily

” Look son, even if I tell you, you would never understand” he said taking a bottle of wine pouring into the wine cup.

“Dad, why don’t you just tell me already, am your son?” I said angrily hitting the counter

” I promise you Tristan, one day, you’ll see it yourself” he replied

” Okay fine, what the hell am I to do now, get married to that bitch?” I said in anger

” Look dad, I won’t marry that girl, never. We can’t even stand together peacefully and I never see my self entering into a relationship with any lady, talk more of marriage, after that useless Alicia, I know girls are not trustworthy, I’ve made up my mind on how am gonna love my life” I said

” You really need to get over that Alicia of a girl, you just have to bear it. It won’t take long for you to win her heart and after that dump her, isn’t that easy you?, you got the looks son, girls fall at your looks alone”my Dad said

” Dad, not In the case of that bitch, we met earlier today where she slapped me for bashing her car which she parked wrongly” I told my Dad who only ended up bursting into laughter

“You see son, that even makes it easier for you, those kind of girls are easy to get, just think of how big our company is gonna be” my Dad said smirking.

” Just go for now Dad” I said disturbed

“Alright son, just think about it” my dad replied smiling evilly before leaving

‘shit’ this is crazy.

πŸ’Ž Tiana’s pov πŸ’Ž

I was sitting on the floor of the room, leaning my back on the bed crying my eyes out. It’s been 2 hours since I left that stupid dinner and nobody even cared about me, nobody cares about my feelings

‘God why?, Why did you create me into this family?, You should have just created me into a better family where we live happily together and I enjoy the love of a parent even if we’re not gonna be rich, I would be happy if that was my case, my joy, happiness, freedom and laughter would be un-estimated’

I kept on sobbing with my head on my knees, ‘Nobody even cares’………………

Not up to a minute, I heard a knock on the door but I made you my mind not to answer

The person kept on with the knocking……….. But I still wasn’t ready to answer

“Tiana it’s me your mum, please open the door” mum pleaded from outside.


she just remembered she had a daughter in here…Pitts!!

“No mum, go away, I don’t want to talk to anyone” I said trying to control my sob

” Baby please am sorry I delayed okay?, Just open the door” she pleaded sadly

” No mum, I said I don’t want to talk to anyone” I repeated

“Tiana, stop this, please. You will hurt yourself and you’re hurting me also” she sadly and I didn’t know what to reply her again

” Baby please am begging you, am sorry am just coming now, I just had to finish attending the meeting downstairs because of your Dad, am sorry okay” she pleaded and I reluctantly stood up to unlock the door going back to where I was before, mum opened the door, walked in closing the door behind her, sitting on the bed beside me…..
There was a moment of silence between us before mum spoke

“Look Tiana, I understand how you feel” Mum said sadly

” No Mum, you don’t understand. Were you forced to marry Dad?, Did your parents sign you out on a stupid business?” I asked with tears flowing down my eyes

“Baby I……….

” See mum, I’ve been forced to do almost everything in my life, forced not to play with my neighboring friends as a kid, forced to go to school with a driver and come back with a driver when all I wanted was to move with my friends, forced not to relate with other kids because they were poor, forced to study business administration in college and also forced to Inherit that useless stock business, yet mum, I never complained, I never did, or did i?” I asked in pains

” No baby you didn’t but ………..

” No Mum, Dad might had forced me to do almost everything he wanted for his own selfish reasons, but you know what mum?” I asked in sarcasm, she only stared at me bewildered.

Am never gonna marry that guy, Tristan,I can’t marry a jerk, mum, this decision is one of the most important decision in a lady’s life, which she is expected to make her self, why don’t they just let me make it myself, I want to spend my life with a guy I would love and who would love me more Mum, not this” I said in tears

” I know sweetie, I also want my daughter in a happy marriage, where she would be loved, happy and always have her say. Unlike mine,your dad and I were in love, we got married and still shared our bond, until suddenly, he got only interested in money, I have no say In whatever decision he makes again, but this Tiana, he can’t make this decision for you, I promise T” she said in pains, I moved my head to her laps sobbing, I couldn’t comfort her cause I was also in pains, she smoothened my hair and patted my back softly.

We were still in that Position when Dad barged in. I quickly stood up in fear, due to the way he barged in, it really startled me.

“Tiana,what was the meaning of that?, You disrespected me and my guest” my Dad yelled angrily.

” Dad, his son also did the same, why is it only me” I said folding my hands together

” Look Tiana, you’re stepping on my toes and you wouldn’t like the outcome”he yelled angrily.

” Israel you need to respect her feelings, she’s our daughter”my mum yelled unconsciously

” Ohh I see, so you’re the one turning her mind negativity to disrespect me right?” He asked but got no reply.

” You know what Tiana? An your father, and as far you are related to me legally and by blood, you’re are marrying Tristan whether you like it or not, whatever you say is non of my business okay?”he said, I couldn’t reply, tears only flowed out of my eyes.

“And for now, you’re grounded, you can’t step your feet out of this house, and for a matter of fact, am gonna hire a guard to stand in front of your room, to also follow you around the house to ensure that you don’t defile my orders. Until you learn to respect, this is where you would remain. Your marriage procedures starts tomorrow. Just try to act stupid, then am afraid you wouldn’t like my actions, Tiana Davidson” my dad said going out slamming the door behind him.


word came out of my mouth, all I felt was hot tears flowing down my eyes like a rushing tap, suddenly, I felt mum hugging me.

“It okay T, am here for you okay” she said patting my back and the tears only flowed out my eyes the more

🍷 Tristan’s pov 🍷
I took another shot of vodka, my head was spinning gradually, this was my 6th cup, I was in the mini bar in my house.

I can’t violate my rules, am never gonna violate my rules, girls are heartless and unreliable, they will break you, crush you and leave you like nothing ever happened between the two of you.

Tell me why I should ever get married especially to that girl who dared to to raise her filthy hands on me..

I took another sip from the glass. ….. That action of her’s made me hate her really much, and despite the pending part of that deal marriage, I will still make sure she pays dearly for it.

“Tristan what the hell are you doing” dad asked but I ignored

” Am talking to you”he retorted

“As you can see Dad, Am drinking my pains out” I said angrily

” And what pains do you even have” he asked

“Look dad, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve come to a conclusion that I won’t marry that girl for anything, for a matter of fact, I don’t want anything doing with a woman, talk more of that bitch of a lady” I said angrily

” Bitch or no bitch Tristan , you’re marrying that girl” he yelled

” What if I said I won’t Dad” I said in sarcasm

” Then you will face the consequences” he replied

” What consequence dad?, This oart of my life is my decision to make and not yours okay?” I said calmly

” Then watch me disown you,and take everything that you have boosting your ego” he said angrily

” What!, Dad are you really serious, why don’t you just let them be and focus on our own company?” I yelled angrily

” Defile and feel my wrath son” he said angrily Stumping out

I angrily took my frustrations on the wall punching it really hard.

“Shit……” I cursed out loud………

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