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🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 5
πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•› Two weeks later

πŸ”΅ Tiana’s pov πŸ”΅

“Tiana you have to eat” Samantha pleaded for the seventh time today, we were both in my room, at Least she was allowed to visit me, she’s almost like the only one I had and the only one that cares after mum.

“Am not interested Sam, take it away” i replied not even looking at her

” Look T, you have to eat, even if not for anything, let it be for God and your health sake” she pleaded with pity.

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” What health Sam? ” I asked finally turning to her, I was lying on my bed, sincerely, I felt really useless

“For your health, swii, you’re hurting yourself, just stop this” she pleaded and I chuckled painfully

” What’s the use Sam?, The only thing I want to do right now is to die, that’s just it” I said sadly

” Look T, I understand how it feels not being able to take part in decision of your own life all the days you’ve lived especially this. And right now they’re trying to deny you of the most precious decision of your life , but T, that’s not the end of life, brighten up okay, everything is gonna be smooth and alright later on” Samantha said trying to calm me down, I nodded with tears in my eyes

” The sad part is that my own dad doesn’t even care about me or my feelings” I sad staring at her. She bent to me and wiped the tears off my face.

“That’s why I want you to have faith and a positive mind about this, okay” she said and I nodded

” Thanks T, now will you take something?” She asked and I nodded positively

“Okay I’ll be right back, this is already cold” she said taking the tray of sausages and soda with her as she stood up

“Thanks Sam” I managed to say trying my possible best to smile

“You don’t have to thank me best, am always here for you” she said and I smiled this time.

She walked out closing the door behind. I sighed heavily in frustration……. Jeez!! What a life….

🍭 Samantha’s pov 🍭

Ever since I knew Tiana from college, I’ve never seen her this way before, it’s like am seeing a total new version of her, sad and sober. Though I knew she wasn’t really the happy type because she usually felt unloved but she never let it bring her down.

I’ve been trying my best to gain a true and genuine smile from her if possible make her laugh, but it’s all to no avail, this decision must had really tore her within , I just hope this would not make her finally hate her dad

I quickly warmed up the burger and fries I got for her, I know this was her favorite, that’s why I got it for her on my way here from her favorite restaurant, I thank God she agreed to eat.

Still waiting for the elapsing of the timer on the microwave, my phone begin ringing from the back pocket of my pants.

I took it and check the caller, it was Archie, I quickly swapped answer.

“Hey Archie” I said

“Hey Samantha how you doing? ” He asked

” Am good, so what’s up?” I asked

“I’ve been trying to reach Tiana by call since we met two weeks ago but she isn’t picking my call, and she promised we could hang out sooner” he said, oops!!

” Uhmm really? ” I asked contemplating on what to tell him

” Yes Sam, do you know why she isn’t picking?” He asked.
Jeez!! I can’t tell him what’s going on, Tiana would be furious if she finds out

“Uhmm no, but I’ll find out okay?” I replied

“Okay thanks for your help, you introduced her to me and now I think am into her” he said

” No problem Archie, I’ll talk to her, what are friends for” I said


Sam” he said and there was an awkward moment of silence between us, so I had no choice than to hang up.

I took the already warmed food from the microwave to the tray and then I took an ice cream from the freezer for her, I just hope she loves it, she really needs something really cold.
I hate her dad for this, right now, am hopeless about his decision cause he’s really adamant about it, he even went as far of grounding her.

I walked upstairs to Tiana’s room to give her the food ……….. Jeez!! I just hope she eats and for now I can’t tell her about Archie, it’s definitely not the right time

πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•›πŸ•› 1 month later

πŸŽ€ Tiana’s pov πŸŽ€

It’s been a month now and I haven’t made any impact than becoming a shadow of myself. And guess what, my wedding is tomorrow, the wedding I was forced into……

I thought today was supposed to be one of the most happiest day of a lady’s life?, No rather, it’s the worst day of my own life…..

I tried to elope last week but my dad’s stupid CID monitored me and cut my journey short. I stupidly thought of suicide and I discovered that’s one thing I’ll never do to myself.

I thought today is a day when a normal lady getting married would fix herself, her hair, her nails and other stuff. But look at me here grounded, sulking like a baby and being watched by guards.

And you won’t even believe that I’ve not set my eyes on my soul called husband to be since that dinner. But whatever happens, I’ve accepted my fate already

I was still in deep thoughts when someone knocked my room door.

“Come in” I managed to say and the door cracked open with Samantha and mum walking in…
Samantha was holding a big gift box with a bow on it while mum wasn’t holding anything so she was able to close the door behind her.


baby” Mum said coming to seat beside me on the bed.

“How are you doing Today, talk to mummy” she said holding one of my hands

” Mum to be honest with you, I don’t even understand myself anymore but to cut all short, am sad Mum, my heart is really heavy. To be sincere mum, tomorrow is gonna be the worst day of my life” I said with tears flowing down my eyes. I can’t even control my tears again. ..

“I know T, but I’ve tried all my possible best to stop this, but it seems this is how fate wants it to be, and I want you to be happy okay?, Cause your happiness is always my joy” she said holding my hand tighter

” But mum I don’t love him” I said in a teary voice then Samantha bent in front of me holding my second hand. …..

“Tiana, ever since I met you, I’ve known you to be a fighter, you’re strong you know that, you never give up to anything. I know you don’t love him T, but you just have to try cause this is a choice less issue, that’s why you have to try, maybe when you guys start living together, you’ll learn to adapt, okay?” She said wiping my tears with her hands before standing up.

” Common T, cheer up, it’s your wedding eve, we need to have a bridal shower, don’t be a bore, you’ve always been the cheerful one, common” she said twirling around, my mum only smiled watching us

” What friend do I even have it’s just you and Karina who is not always in town” I replied

” Karina is in town, she heard about your wedding and would be coming over soon” she said trying to cheer me up, I only nodded in reply

” Okay you know what’s in this box” she said pointing at the box she came in with

“No….” I replied rolling my eyes at her

” Your dream wedding dress you’ve always rant about since college, I got it specially designed for you in the latest version, yay!” She said

” Am not even happy, it’s just my dream dress, not my dream man or wedding” I replied

Common T, cheer up” she said making a puppy face

” Fine, just know am doing this with all sadness” I said standing up

“Yippe!!” She screamed and I chuckled, my mum was smiling happily, maybe because I finally smiled

“Okay I think I should leave you two, thanks Sam” mum said smiling leaving

” Tiana come look at this” she said opening the box and I walked to her sadly.

“Common babe you have to cheer up, you’re not happy about this. But Tiana, this is once in a lifetime in a girl’s life” she said and I faked a smile

” am trying Samantha” I replied

“Common T, ok try this one” she said throwing a box of shoe at me which landed on my legs.

” Ouch!!” I yelled and she chuckled

🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 6
πŸ’œ Narration πŸ’œ

The day of Tiana’s planned marriage has finally reached, neither the bride or groom were happy about the decision they were forced into, but as it is, they had no choice or say in what was happening.

Tiana was far away from looking like a girl who wants to get married, although you would definitely count her as the most beautiful bride you’ve ever seen.

Tristan wasn’t also left out, despite the pains, hatred and reluctancy, he still looked as handsome as always if possible even more handsome.

“Baby you look so beautiful” Tiana’s mum said to Tiana who only faked a smile at her mum.

They were in a room with Samantha and Karina as her only bridal train who tried their possible best to force s smile from Tiana. It worked but didn’t last.

It was really a sad day for Tiana,but she was left with no choice. ‘Sometimes, life doesn’t often go the way we prefer’.

Everyone arrived the wedding venue including the bride and groom.

The wedding wasn’t actually planned a big one. But the press didn’t hesitate flocking in to take record of the wedding from the beginning down to the end.

The bride and groom both said their vows with pains only noticeable to them in their eyes. Tiana was the most pained, she even shed tears, everyone thought it was tears of joy, except her mum and closest friends.

Tiana’s mum also felt like bursting into tears when she saw how sad Tiana was, she was really pained about the fact that she couldn’t change her husband’s mind over the plan he forcefully made over Tiana’s marriage.

Edward was really sad for his little sister, he wanted the best for her but their dad cut it short, he couldn’t do anything.

The crowd were really happy for the couple but most girls were really jealous of Tiana being the one to marry their handsome Tristan some threw her murderous look, but that wasn’t her problem that moment. ..

Tiana’s Dad kept on with his serious look, while Mr Trevor, Tristan’s Dad kept smirking in a weird way nobody could decode.

The wedding was a sad one to the couple but a happy one to the crowd. But not to some girls who were really angry that the Tristan they fantasize about was now married ………

The bride and groom moved to Tristan’s Manson after their marriage celebration to live together, but that doesn’t sound good at all.

Tiana wept on her mum’s shoulder on the pain of leaving her mum to a guy house which she really hated…… But there was nothing she could do, she has no choice than to move in with him, after all she has forcefully become a Trevor.

πŸŽ—οΈ Tiana’s pov πŸŽ—οΈ

Tristan drove into the compound, we were both silent through out the ride and I must admit that today is the worst day of my life, I feel miserable and sad.

Tristan dropped down the vehicle without saying anything just the way our ride have been.

I followed and dropped down the vehicle, well the mansion was quite massive from the front view,but it wasn’t as massive as the pain I felt inside.

I trailed behind Tristan, and when I got in, I met him standing In the living room.

I stood watching him as he stared at me angrily.

“Now look Tiana, I want you to know that we are only married by paper and nothing more between us, that’s why I want us to both mind our own business, whatever I do in this house is none of your business same as the people that come and go in, and also don’t dare trespass, and good news you can live your life the way you want it’s none of my business” he said angrily, I just stared at him without uttering a word and that seemed to piss him up.

“Your room is the second room on the right upstairs” he said leaving for the stairs.

I collapsed into the couch close to me, feeling awful, tired and depressed.

‘No Tiana, you’re strong and you can get through this’


Exactly 10 minutes later, he stepped down in another wear, like he was going out or something.

He walked towards the door without saying anything, it was as he was the front of the door when he paused.

“I’ll be going out, don’t wait up for me” he said walking out slamming the door behind him.

‘You’re strong Tiana, he doesn’t intimediate you at all’

⚑ Tristan’s pov ⚑

“Dude you need to be at home today, even though you don’t love her and don’t want anything doing with her, you should at least stay back at home just for today, how do you want her to feel, it’s like this is her fault or something” Fernando said

” You know what Fernando? How that bitch feels is none of my business, we are only married by paper and nothing else, my life still continues the way I love it and want to live it, and she can also do whatever she wants, it’s none of my business” I replied angrily

” Tristan, that doesn’t change the fact fact that she’s already your wife. And look at her, she’s really a beauty, beautiful than all those girls trailing behind you” he said

” Fernando, do I look like I care? And don’t you dare call her my wife, am still single for all I know and I won’t hesitate to still vest my revenge on her laying her hands on me. And if you think she’s so so beautiful, why don’t you just go for her, I don’t mind neither would I complain” I said angrily sipping from my glass of wine

” Hey , chill dude, I was just saying, it’s your choice okay” he said taking his own wine.

” Okay, now that both your company and hers are now merged together, how would business take place now?” Fernando asked staring at me.

” Well, everything is still the same, the only difference is that the money we make will be divided into equal two, half to the Davidsons and the other half to the Trevors and again the company would have to be run by I and Tiana which is really freaking me out”I replied in anger……

” Well, I know that with this merger, your company would make more money than before, but Tristan, be frank with me, what’s the main purpose of this marriage” Fernando asked lowing his voice. I sighed lightly……..

” You know what Fernando? I can’t really lie to you, but the truth is that I don’t really know what dad is after, but something tells me that he really has a strong beef against Tiana’s family……… I know you and trust you and that’s why am gonna tell you this” I said and he nodded.

” Well, the main purpose of this marriage is because Dad wants me to trick Tiana so she would sign the company to us entirely, and then I would sign her a divorce letter, then the company would be fully ours” I said also lowing my voice.

” What!!, Are you gonna do that?” He asked anxiously.

” Despite my undying hatred for that girl, I can’t do that to my fellow human, but it seems that’s the only way I can get out of that useless marriage” I said hopelessly

” Jeez!!, So what are you gonna do now?” Fernando asked looking really confused, I couldn’t really talk again, I only sipped more wine from the glass.

πŸ”₯ Mr Trevor’s povπŸ”₯

“So Fernando, now that we know my son knows why he’s married to that girl, I think we have lesser work to do, you only have to convince him to make it more snappy” I said to Fernando standing beside me.

Fernando is one of Tristan’s friend but he works as one of my boys, just that he is more faithful to me than he is to Tristan which makes things more easier for me

“You have to try your best to convince him for me, I want this done quickly, the earlier the best” I said and he nodded

” And for now, you have to monitor Tiana’s move, to make sure that stupid family of her’s is not up to anything stupid” I said and he nodded

” You may live” I said and he left…………

This is only the beginning Israel (Tiana’s Dad). I would make sure he pays for what he did to my family, I would make sure he pays severely, he and his family must end up on the streets……

Hmm Mr Trevor πŸ€”πŸ€”

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