Forced episode 7 – 8


🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
πŸ’œBy Damilola Faleke M πŸ’œ
Chapter 7
πŸ’Ž Tiana’s pov πŸ’Ž

I woke up feeling quite dizzy, my head was pounding like I was carrying the whole Earth on me……………………………………πŸ’œ

After trying to rest for some minutes, I stood up feeling less dizzy, but my head still aches. πŸ’œ

I wore my flip flops close to the bed and headed to the bathroom. πŸ’œ

The bathroom was quite bigger than ours, but I still prefer my home above it, no where can replace the comfort of your home, though I never felt fully loved, my Joy is still in that house. This place is just like hell hole to me, mostly for the fact am living with Tristan……πŸ’œ

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I walked to the zinc to rinse my eyes for better vision. πŸ’œ

I looked at my face on the mirror close to the zinc , Jeez!! Am like a shadow of myself, my eyes were puffy and swollen, like I haven’t slept for week 🀦…………πŸ’œ

I can’t believe Tristan didn’t come back home yesterday……….well that’s none of my business, I guess that’s how he wants it, and that’s what he’ll get……….πŸ’œ

This is not me, I know I get really emotional at times, but this won’t weigh me down. πŸ’œ

I know am no longer with mum, and dad doesn’t even care about me, bit I’ll be stronger on my own.πŸ’œ

I’ll show Dad that he’s decision was just stupid and wouldn’t affect me in anyway, am Tiana and nothing brings me down.πŸ’œ

Am gonna scared through this myself and am still gonna live my life the way I want it πŸ’œ ……………………………………………………………………………….

I took my bath, washed and dried my hair. I put on one of my simple wear and then packed my hair up in a bun cause am not gonna be going to work today πŸ’œ.

I went to the mirror and smile satisfied…. ‘Yes, this is the Tiana i know’ πŸ’œ.

I ordered pizza cause there was no single good stuff in his kitchen to prepare any edible breakfast for myself not even an ordinary cereal, so I had no option than to order pizza πŸ’œ.
…………………………………………… πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

I sat on the couch opposite the TV munching on my pizza enjoying the show on the TV with my legs on the table πŸ’œ….

Wow!! Live is really fun without my Dad pestering my up and down movement, living alone is the bestπŸ’œ…………………..

I was still enjoying my breakfast when the door cracked open and the devil himself walking in……….πŸ’œ

I looked away after he glanced at me awkwardly. I just continued enjoying my breakfast without caring about his presence………πŸ’œ
‘Am sure that’s gonna piss him off’

He came to my front but I still ignored his presence…..πŸ‘€

“You know what Tiana , am trying to get is to you staying in this house , but you putting your stupid legs on my table, is definitely what o won’t get used to” he said ragging with anger also pissing me off πŸ’œ.

“Guess what Tristan, am sure you remember the last time you said no trespassing… Well, that’s what you’re doing now” I said in sarcasmπŸ’œ.

” Well this is my house, my own property so the rules only apply to you, so you better treat my property the way you’ll treat yourself” he said raising his voice…….πŸ’œ

” Ewww dude, that’s crazy, for your knowing, I never wished coming to this useless house of yours so whatever stupid rule applied to me also applies to you………….. Is not even like my legs were on your head or something” I said angrily taking the plate and my phone storming to the kitchen and then straight to my room………πŸ’œ

‘Jeez!!, What a jerk 🀦’

⚑ Tristan’s pov ⚑

Why was it this she devil I was forced t to marry? why did we ever met in the first? place, no girl whatsoever had the guts to talk to me that way, not even Alicia when we were dating πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ……πŸ’œ


don’t know what I can do to put that bitch in her place, cause she’s thinking she’s the smartest, but I’ll definitely put her in her place πŸ’œ.

Or maybe she thinks I’ve forgotten about the slap she gave me, or she think I was only threatening her, I must definitely revengeπŸ’œ.

She even had the audacity to place her stupid filthy legs on my table……………πŸ’œ

I would definitely not lay my hands on her, but she’ll definitely leave this house out of frustration, that would be my greatest joy……… πŸ’œ

I was taking the route to my room when I heard a loud shutter sound. πŸ’œ

I trace the sound and discover it was from the she devil’s room cause I was directly opposite her closed door ….πŸ’œ

‘Jeez!!, What the hell is wrong with her??’

“You’ll definitely pay for that” I said out loud to her hearing walking to my room but she hissed out loud angering me the more………..πŸ’œ

Staying here would only piss me off the more,I need to leave this house πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

1 week later ✨✨

Jeez, being in that house with Tiana is like living in hell, she’s always getting on my nerves pissing me off and getting me mentally sick and that’s why I spend most day and night out of the house πŸ’œ………

We’ve only lived together for just a week and it seems like forever. Maybe i should reconsider dad’s plan……yh, I would definitely put that into a thought πŸ’œπŸ’œ

πŸŽ—οΈ Alicia’s povπŸŽ—οΈ

Well, well, well …….so Tristan finally moved on, and is even married now……πŸ’œ

Darn it!!!!!

I was actually planning to go back to him cause I was already broke, I just don’t know why I ducked up crazily if not I’ll still be with himπŸ’œ……….


I agree what I did to him was kinda wrong and unforgivable. But I know Tristan can’t get rid of his feelings for me, back then when we were dating, he was all over me like I would disappear, he showered me with love and care, am sure that spark he had for me then wouldn’t had faded……..πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Fernando told me that his marriage to that girl to that bitch who am sure wouldn’t even be as pretty as I am was arranged and they are not in any form of good terms, this is gonna be a great big chance to get between them and get Tristan back……. But Fernando keeps stopping me, I just don’t know why….πŸ’œ

Well Fernando is my elder brother, we lost our parents 5 years ago to four masked armed men who were definitely after the life of our whole family πŸ’œ.

We are luckily alive today only because we were able to hide in the empty dog cage since the dog wandered away…πŸ’œ

Till date, Fernando still claims that the death of our parents was planned, he said he must seek justice and vengeance and that’s why we both moved to Los Angeles…….πŸ’œ

The only reason am here in Mexico our home town is because of my break up with Tristan, it’ll definitely be a shame to me, due to the way I’ve bragged to all those sluty girls of how Tristan was mine and would never leave me…….well I think is time I face the shame and get back my Tristan……πŸ’œ

Am going to Los Angeles to see Tristan, I high time I take my decision without Fernando’s interference..πŸ’œ

California here I comeπŸŽ—οΈπŸŽ—οΈπŸŽ—οΈπŸŽ—οΈπŸŽ—οΈ

🌸🌼 FORCED πŸ’”πŸ’
(My pains!! πŸ˜ͺ)
By Damilola Faleke M 🧑
Chapter 8🧑
πŸ‡ Tiana’s pov πŸ‡

“Hey Samantha, what’s up?” I asked replying Samantha’s call🧑.

” All is not well Tiana, you need to come home now, I mean to your parents house, am there already” she said anxiously🧑.

” What’s going on Samantha, try to calm down and talk to me okay” I said🧑.

“T, your mum is sick, freakishly sick, she is running a temperature of 38.5Β°c and your dad is not home” she said and I suddenly stood up out of fear🧑.

” What!!, Is she okay?, What happened to her?, Call the doctor, please!!” I said in fear 🧑.


don’t know what’s wrong T, but I’ve called the doctor, she’ll be here anytime from now, but you still have to come here fast” she said,…….. 🧑

” Okay thanks Samantha, I’ll be there in a jiffy” I said hanging up the call immediately…… 🧑

‘Jeez!!, Nothing should happen to my mum, God please protect her for me’🧑.

I quickly wore my blue jeans trouser with my green top together with a pair green sandal and then I took my phone and bag rushing out immediately in my car……🧑
Nothing must happen to Mum….


I drove straight into the parking lot of the house, the house I grew up in and was forcefully separated from…….🧑πŸ˜ͺ

I dropped down from my vehicle and walk straight into the house directly into mum’s room…

When I got there, I met the doctor already attending to her with Samantha standing beside them worriedly looking at mum and the doctor
‘Jeez!!, What would I do without Samantha’………….🧑

I hurriedly rushed to the other side of mum holding her warm hands, she opened her eyes and smiled at me…….🧑

“She’s responding pretty faster as she noticed your presence, she has a cold and fever due to stress. And due to her reaction when she noticed your presence, it’s clear that she misses you. So I’ll give you done drugs for her fever and you should also try to stay with her for a while, probably through out today” the doctor said opening her suitcase handing me an envelope of drugs……🧑

“Thanks doc” I replied…….🧑

“I’ll take my leave now, I got something to attend to in the hospital” she said standing up……🧑

” Wait doctor, what about your pay?” I asked also standing up…..🧑

” No need of that Tiana, what kind of a family doctor would I be to ask for payment just for this” she replied and I smiled…..🧑

” Thank you doctor” I said and she smiled back and left……🧑

I turned to Samantha
“Thanks Samantha, what would I have done if you weren’t here…how do you even know?” I asked 🧑 …..

” Well I just wanted to say hi to her since it been a while we met and then I saw her curled up in the couch with a high burning temperature” she replied…🧑

” thanks Samantha I really appreciate” I said and she nodded smiling…..🧑

” Mum you’ll be okay” I said holding one of her hands, at least her temperature was now subsiding…..🧑

I stayed with mum, cooked for her and gave her the right dosage of her drugs. Samantha left when it was late……🧑

I decided to sleep over with mum since it was late already and Dad travelled out. All this is even his fault, if he had stayed beside mum like a caring husband all these stuff wouldn’t had happened…..🧑

‘Don’t worry mum, everything would one day be back to normal’……..🧑🧑🧑

Next day β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈπŸš˜πŸš˜

I walked into the house, I mean Tristan’s house. I spent the night with Mum and am glad she’s okay now, I really don’t want to come here today but mum kept on convincing me to do so…….🧑

The first person I saw was Tristan, he was sitting on the medium couch in the sitting room with a laptop on his legs so I just decided to ignore him🧑. …..

I was climbing up the stairs when I heard his voice and halted…..🧑

“Where are you coming from?” He asked calmly, I wanted to ignore but my mind just couldn’t, what kind of a stupid annoying question is that, what’s his business with my where about….🧑🀷

I walked two steps downward before replying him….🧑

“That’s none of your business Tristan” i said🧑

“What kind of an irresponsible lady who is even a wife would sleep out and wouldn’t have an explanation of where she’s coming from” he said standing up walking to me, leaning on the rails with his hands folded and then smirking at me increasing my anger🧑

“You know what Tristan, you are getting on my nerves real bad, and I wouldn’t hesitate to react negatively, common tell me how many times you’ve slept out of this house without me interfering. Fine, I agree this marriage was forcefully arranged, but what kind of irresponsible Man would sleep out on the first night of his marriage and even more days?, Well that’s none of my business, I live my life you live your life okay, stop interfering, you gave that rule from the beginning I wonder what kind of a person are you” I said angrily and he just chuckled making me angrier🧑

” You’re done right?” He asked and I eyed him severely🧑

” Look Tiana, I don’t care about what ever you do, so don’t even think towards that direction, you can do whatever you like, but whatever pregnancy you bring to this house is not mine okay? And I wouldn’t hesitate to tell the whole world that” he said, jeez!! How dare he🧑

” Wait Tristan what do you think I am, a slut?” I asked in anger🧑

“No Mrs Trevor, I was just saying, well the only reason am talking to you now, is just to tell you that there is an evening business dinner party where different CEO who wants to work with our organization would be there, so whether you like it or not, you’ll have to come with me, it’s tonight okay?” He said walking back to the couch, I only rolled my eyes at him angrily walking back to my room….🧑

‘What a stupid jerk’……….. 🧑

πŸŒ€ Fernando’s povπŸŒ€

I was heading straight to Mr Trevor’s office to deliver some report to him, when I heard him on a suspicious call, so I decided to do what I’ve never done before, I eavesdropped 🧑…….

“What how could you be so careless?” he said to whosoever he was calling,he listened and then lowered his voice

“You Know the rules Sydney, whoever is not among our workers and has known about the deal, and want to become a threat to us, we eliminate” he said and my heart skipped a beat…🧑

‘what!!? Eliminate? ‘

Well I knew Mr Trevor usually acted shady but I never knew he could take a life, or Maybe I wasn’t hearing properly.🧑
I decided to eavesdrop again

“Yes, kill both him and his wife and make sure their death isn’t traced to us” he said against the call…. 🧑

Jeez!!, Both him and his wife??
Oh no, this sounds familiar, my parents death was planned and my Dad worked with Mr Trevor, could it be that….? No it can’t be possible, it can’t be ………… 🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑🧑


😊😊 I still fulfilled my promise

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