Forced mate episode 12

💢Forced Mate💢
Married to the Alpha

💥Chapter 12💥
Jayden’s POV

“No no, I killed the Demon Wolf when I ripped Alpha Robert’s heart out” I said

“But the clues….. ”

“Only points out that whoever did this used the Demon Wolf’s sword and my guts tells me Audrey has a hand in this” I said as I made to leave but Landon stopped me

“Where are you going?” he asked

“To give Audrey and her pack a befitting reply to this” I said and he held my arm

“If they really did this then they’ll be expecting you, it will be dangerous” Landon said

“Do you think so low of me Landon, do you think I am that powerless?”

“No of course not, I’ve witnessed your power firsthand on several occasions but just let me come with you, as backup” he said

“No Landon am going alone”

“But Jayden…”

“I said no!!” I yelled “Right here is where I need you to be, protect our family, protect our pack till am back and I will be back after making them pay” I said and walked off

Landon’s POV
“I don’t know why you are worried about him, if anything, am worried about Audrey and her pack instead” Luna said and I looked at her

“You seem to have known how powerful Jayden is”

“And ruthless yes, he has shown that to me on several occasions” Luna said

“I agree with you Luna, brother is powerful but I can’t help but worry too, it’s been hours and he’s not back yet” Brie said

“I shall go after him” Andre said standing up

“And I’ll go with you” John said

The door suddenly opened and we all looked at the direction in anticipation

“It’s you” Brie said on seeing Bella

“Yeah it’s me, what’s going on? Why’s everyone so tensed around here?” Bella asked

“Some of our pack members was killed, brother believes it to be the work of the River Moon Clan so his off to get revenge” Brie explained

“That’s a good thing, those arrogant wolves need to be thought a lesson” Bella said

“He’s been gone for hours Bella” I said

“Don’t tell me you guys are worried about him? Have you forgotten how he took down a strong pack of werewolves alone some years ago, if you must worry about someone, worry about those River Moon wolves that’ll be killed mercilessly”

“Exactly what I said” Luna said

“Anyway, excuse me guys, I’ve had a pretty rough day” Bella said and climbed up the stairs

We waited for one more hour and I noticed everyone was dozing off
Luna was already asleep on the couch

“You guys should go to bed, I’ll wait the night, if he’s not back, we’ll go find him in the morning” I said

“Yeah, you guys should go, especially you Luna” Brie said waking Luna up

“Just let me sleep here Brie am so tired” Luna said sleepily

“You have to go to you room” Brie said dragging Luna up

“My room?” Luna asked

” Yes, let’s go” Brie held Luna and they climbed up the stairs

“Goodnight Landon, you should get some sleep too” Brie said and I nodded

“You guys should go too” I said to Andre and John

“Don’t worry, we are fine and we’ll wait with you” Andre said and John nodded

“Andre you are still recovering from your wounds from the Demon Wolf and you John, Jayden has been working your ass off training you, you both deserve some hours rest” I said

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“Fine, but if he’s not back by tomorrow, we are going to look for him” Andre said

“Of course but am sure he’ll be back” said and the nodded

“Goodnight then” John said and he left with Andre

I sat on the couch tapping my foot on the floor
Where are you Jayden? You have to be alright

Minutes later, the door opened and Jayden walked in

“Oh my goddess” I said as I slowly stood up

Jayden was okay but his whole body were all covered in blood stains

“For goddess sake, how many hearts did you rip out for you to be covered in so much blood! ” I exclaimed

“As many as I came across” he said

“Was Audrey among your victims? ”

“Unfortunately she wasn’t. She wasn’t there, only found a few of their underwolves” Jayden said

“By few, how many are we talking about?” I asked

“Around ten” he said absentmindedly

“Ten!!” I exclaimed “You killed 10 wolves and you call it a few?!”

“Well I do not pity them Landon, they messed with my pack and no one messes with my pack, I wasn’t able to find Audrey but am sure the dead bodies will serve as an effective warning for her” he said and climbed up the stairs

They were all right, I should have worried about his victims instead and not him

Jayden’s POV
I walked into my room and everywhere was dark

My body is all socked in blood
I opened the wardrobe to get my towel
Then I heard some movement on the bed

“Is someone there?” I heard Luna’s voice from the bed

“Anyone there? Show yourself!” She yelled obviously scared

I heard her move from the bed and slowly, she walked towards me

“Whoever is hiding in the shadows, you should know this, am the wife of Jayden Ashford and he has a pretty powerful reputation, if you try to harm me he’ll rip your heart out and I mean it!” she said and then she bumped into me in the dark

“Ahhhh!!!” she screamed “Who…. who are you?!”

I sighed and turned on the lights

“Ahhhh!!!” She screamed once more on seeing me all covered in blood

“Thought you hated the idea of being married to me but I guess you are enjoying it seeing as you were so quick to use me to boast ” I said

“I didn’t use you to boast, I used you as defence and what the hell happened with you, wait….. don’t tell me those are the blood of your victims! You must have literally tear them apart for so much blood to splash on you”

“I will tear you apart if you don’t stop talking” I said and she quickly covered her mouth

I walked off to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror

Yes, this is who I am, the ruthless amd merciless Alpha of the Crescent moon Pack, Jayden Ashford

I showered, cleaned off the blood stains on me and returned to the the bedroom

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” I asked as I met Luna pacing around the room

“B…… bed? What do you mean in bed?” She asked looking agitated

“I meant sleep, what else do you think?”

“Of…… of course, sleep, that’s what you meant” she gave off a nervous laugh

“Did you think I was going to….. ”

“I didn’t think anything” she quickly interrupted

“Of course you didn’t” I said as I moved towards her and she slowly moved back

“What….. what are you doing?!” She asked as her back touched the wall

I moved closer to her and moved a few strands of her hair that fell on her face back

“If I wanted to have you, I’ll have had you long ago and you won’t be able to stop me but be rest assured, you look the least attractive to me and more than that, someone as feeble as you are do not deserve me on your bed so you can breath now cause I would never touch you and as much as I hate you, it will by my loss if you die of suffocation” I said and she let out a sigh

I walked away from her and sat on the bed

“I know that was meant to be an insult to me but am actually glad I heard them and I totally agree with your decision, am too feeble for you so keep your word and never touch me” she said and I ignored her

“I actually feel more comfortable around you now that we’ve cleared things up” she said as she sat beside me

“I know I said it will be my loss if you die but am sure you’ll survive if I only cut off your tongue” I said and she looked at me wide-eyed

“Am sorry, am sorry for disturbing you, I’ll go to sleep now, goodnight” she quickly laid on the bed covering herself up with the duvet

Bella’s POV
“I was feeling good so I was going to let you off the hook for breaking my arm but if you keep rambling on you’ll leave me no choice but to return the favor of what you just did to me and trust me when I return favors, I do it tenfold!” he said as he moved his face closer and dug his fangs into my neck

“Ahhhh!!!!” I screamed as I sprang up from the bed

I looked around and heaved a sigh when I realized I was still in my room and it was just a dream
But why will I be dreaming of that jerk?

I slowly dragged myself up, brushed and went to the dinning

“Good morning” I greeted as I took a sit

“Are you okay Brie? Your eyes are all swollen, didn’t you get any sleep?” Brie asked

“I did get a sleep but just not a good sleep, how on Earth did that jerk creep his way into my dream and try to bite me with his stupid fangs!” I said and everyone stared at me

“Are you okay Bella?” Landon asked

“Sure I am Landon, am fine”

“Good morning” Luna said as she joined us for breakfast

“Seeing you reminded me of Jay, did he make it home last night?” I asked

“So you actually forgot to ask about your brother who went off on a murder spree yesterday, you can be so caring Bella” Brie said

“Don’t make me the guilty one Brianna, Jay can take care of himself, he’s an Alpha”

“He did come home last night, he came back covered in blood and almost gave me a heart attack” Luna said and I smiled

“That’s my brother, I love him when gets all protective of his pack” I said and Luna gave me a ‘what the heck’ kind of look

“What? It’s the truth, an Alpha is supposed to be protective his Pack just like Jayden is” I said

“The hero of the day is here” Brie said as Jayden joined us on the table for breakfast

“You are all dressed” Luna said

“Yes and unless you want to go to hospital on your night gown, I suggest you go get dressed too” Jayden said and Luna quickly stood up

“Am sorry I’ll go…. wait did you just say hospital?” Luna asked

“I made you a promise to try and wake your mother up even if it’s just temporarily and an Alpha is always bound to fulfill his promise” Jayden said

“Wait, so you guys are going to the hospital from here?” I asked

“Am sure you heard me the first time” Jayden said and I quickly stood up too

“Let’s get dressed Luna, am going with you guys”….

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“Why exactly are you in this car with us?” Landon asked as he drove us to the hospital

Luna and Jayden were seated at the back and I sat in the front with Landon

“Luna is going to finally speak to her Mom after 6 months of her being unconscious, am just coming along to play the supportive sister-in-law” I said

“I don’t care about the reason you are going with us to the hospital but you’ll have to get there on a cab if you keep disturbing the silence” Jayden said and I sighed

“Always grumpy” I muttered

We got to the hospital and I sighted Kilan from afar

“You guys should go on without me, I…… need to go to the washroom” I said and walked off

Kilan was speaking with a nurse and I stood silently behind him

“Make sure you administer Rocephin injection to the patient in the next two hours” he said

“Yes Doctor” The nurse said taking her leave

“How long are you going to stand there silently?” he said as he turned to face me

“You don’t seem surprised to see me”

“I told you that you can never sneak up on me” he said as he walked on and I followed him

“Is that a challenge?” I asked

“Challenge or not, the impossible remains impossible” he said

“Fine then, I’ll gladly take up the challenge, if I succeed in sneaking up on you one day, what do I get?”

“Nothing because there won’t be that one day, you talk as if we’ll be seeing more of each other in the future” he said and I nodded

“Of course we will, I’ve never dreamt of a man before so I need to find out why I dreamt of you this morning, I need to find out why I dreamt of you killing me”

“What are you rambling about? What did you dream of and who killed who? You know what, I don’t care just leave” he said

“Not until you tell me about yourself starting from, which werewolf Pack are you from?” I asked and he quickly gave me the silence signal

“Shut up” he said as he grabbed my hand and took me to his office

“People were walking around and you are asking of my werewolf pack, do you plan on announcing to the whole world that am a werewolf!”

“So you are scared of people finding out that you are a Werewolf” I said

“Scared?” He laughed “Am not scared of anything, if anything, you should be the one scared of me”

“Well guess what? Am not scared of anything too, least of all, a harmless werewolf like you” I said and he laughed again

“Do you really think me harmless?”

“Yes and if you don’t tell me what I want to know, I’ll make sure everyone in this hospital finds out your true identity” I said

“You wouldn’t dare” he said and the door suddenly opened

“Oh am sorry, I had no idea you have a visitor, I only wanted to let you know that it’s time for kidney transplant surgery” the lady said

“Aren’t you Daisy? Luna’s friend right?” I asked and she looked it me

“It’s you, Isabella right?” she asked

“Just call me Bella” I said and we hugged

“You guys totally snatched Luna away from me, I’ve not spoken with her for days” Daisy said

“I apologise on her behalf, she’s been busy since she’s now Jayden’s personal assistant, infact she’s in the hospital with Jayden now” I said

“You guys can chit chat later on and somewhere else of course, for now we have a surgery to perform” Kilan said and I smiled

“Daisy do you want to know something about your resident doctor here?”

“What are you doing?” Kilan asked agitated

“What?” Daisy asked

“Stop Isabella” he said

“Doctor Kilan here is a….”

“I said stop!” He said as he covered my mouth with his palm

“What’s going on?” Daisy asked looking confused

“Go on Daisy, I’ll meet up with you in the operation room” he said
Daisy left and he finally let me go

“Thought you weren’t scared of anything” I said and he looked at me angrily

“You….. Stay here till I come back and I know you are a big blabbermouth but please, keep your mouth shut” He said and walked out

“Nice” I chuckled

Jayden’s POV
“Thank you for doing this for me Jayden” Luna said as we walked towards her mom’s hospital room

“Am only doing this because I have to, we made a deal”

“Still, thank you” she said and I quickly grab her hand and hid behind a door in an empty room with my body against hers

“What….. You…. You said you won’t touch me” She stuttered as she breathed heavily

“How dirty is your mind that it always drift that area” I said

“Then why….. ”

“Over there” I said and she peeped through the door

Audrey and two other huge guys were walking about obviously looking for something, or someone

“I think they are looking for us, they must have followed us here” I said and she burst into laughter

“Will you shut up before they hear you?!”

“Sorry, am sorry” she said

“And what the hell is funny? ”

“Just… I never thought I’d see the day the all powerful Alpha hides from a lady and two men” she said

“You think am hiding?”

“Isn’t that what this is?” She said

“We are here because of you, if I were alone then rest assured I’ll have confronted them, this is one of the reason I disgust having a weak mate, they are always useless” I said

“I guess I should be grateful then, you are doing this to protect me”

“Make no mistake, this is not to protect you Luna, am bonded to you so if anything happens to you it will weaken me so am only protecting myself, you can call it a selfish act” I said and she nodded

“Yeah that’s more like you”

“Infact wait here, do not go anywhere” I said as I made to walk away but I stopped

“Oh and the next time you laugh at me will be the last time you ever laugh” I said and finally walked out of the empty room

“There he is” One of the men with Audrey announced as he saw me

“Finally found you” Audrey said as she walked towards me

“You know, I remember a time you always ran to hug me screaming my name whenever you see me” I said

“That was in the past, everything changed the moment you decided to marry a mere human and killed my father!” She yelled

“I only married a human because of the goddess and if you remember very well it was your idea that we go see her which gave the opportunity to dictate my life once again” I said and she nodded

“What about my father then?”

“I killed him because he is the Demon Wolf, he killed my betas”

“He didn’t kill your betas, he was just bluffing cause he was angry and he certainly isn’t the Demon Wolf!” Audrey said

“Am sorry if I don’t believe a word that comes from you”

“Fine then, suite yourself. You killed my father and I didn’t retaliate yet you came back last night and ruthlessly killed my people, I knew how ruthless you are but I never thought you’ll be such an asshole that kills off a pack for no reason!!” She yelled

“You killed my people first, I only got my payback in a grand manner” I smirked

“And what made you think I killed your people?” she asked

“The sword that was used, it definitely belonged to the Demon Wolf, now since your father is dead, which am certain of since I pulled his heart out, am sure he passed down his evil sword down to you” I said and she shook her head

“I never knew you to be such a fool Jayden, neither me nor my father is the Demon Wolf, it’s someone else, someone I know and I’ll be a fool too if I ever tell you”

“Oh so you know the Demon Wolf?” I asked

“As matter fact I do, you don’t know what’s coming to you Jayden, we are just biding our time, soon….. ”

“I know, soon you’ll gather the little remnant of your pack and come fight me and a war will break out, right?” I laughed

“Oh this is more than just my pack Jayden and the war has already begun and by the time it gets to you, it’s going to be too late to stop it and when that time comes, I’ll make sure to return the favor of what you did to my Dad. Take care of your heart Jayden, for it won’t remain in your chest much longer” she smiled and walked away…..

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