Forced mate episode 15

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 15💥
Brie’s POV

Audrey threw me up and I fell on the ground with a thud

“Well is that all you’ve got? I expected more honestly” Audrey said and I slowly stood up with my eyes changing to a dark shade of gold

“Woah, looks like someone’s angry, come on Brianna, come at me” she said

I superspeed towards her and gave her a face punch

Audrey touched her lips and saw the blood oozing out

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“Enough of this games, it’s time for you to die” she said as she caught me and threw me against a tree

Then she grabbed my throat and dragged me up

“I will pull out your heart, just like your brother did to my father” she said

There was a sudden swoosh sound and Audrey went flying to the ground

“Landon” I called as I suddenly became weak and he caught me from falling

“Are you okay?” He asked with his eyes still glowing

He looked around and Audrey was gone

“Audrey must pay for hurting you, stay here” he said as he made to leave but I held his hand and his glowing eyes disappeared


“Yours eyes, when it glowed, it was blue” I said

“Let’s take you back to the Mansion” he said ignoring my previous statement

“Why did your eyes glowed blue Landon?” I asked again

“You….. you must have seen it wrong, my eyes has never shown a blue glow”

“I know what I saw Landon, your eyes used to be a bright shade of gold as a kid, what happened? Did…. did you really kill someone unjustly? Did you kill someone that caused you no harm?!!” I yelled

“It was my mother!!!” he yelled back “It was all part of the maniacal trainings I got from her, she forced me, she forced me to kill the innocent” he said

“No one can force you to kill when you don’t want to, you…..”

“Oh you don’t know how vicious my parents are, even to me. All my father cared for was finding ways to over throw his own sister cause he thought she wasn’t fitted to be the Luna of the pack and all my mother cared about was making me strong so I could succeed my father one day. She’ll take me to the barn and make me kill the erring servants she tied up there, I was just 10 Brianna, I’d cry and run telling them I don’t want to kill anyone, I don’t want to be strong but my father would grip me, take me to the deepest and darkest part of the woods and leave me there all alone for days, that was always my punishment whenever I refuse to kill the poor servants and in time, I got fed up of being alone in the dark forest so I killed whoever they told me to, whenever they asked me to” he said


“I killed her in the end, my mother, I pulled her heart out myself” he said

“I thought Jayden killed your mother”

“No he did not, he only took the blame so people won’t see me as the monster that killed his own mother but you know now, the kind of monster that I am. Let’s go home” he said as he helped me up and we silently journeyed back home

Luna’s POV
Jayden and I walked slowly by the side of the secluded road, finding our way back home

“I get that it’s dark but why is no cab passing by at all?” I said as we walked on

“This is an old road, no one barely comes here anymore but am sure your feeble human brain didn’t think of that when you dashed here at dusk” Jayden said

“And here I thought you were starting to be nice but I guess we are back to grumpy old Jayden” I said and he stopped walking and turned towards me

Gosh, did I go too far?

“Am….. am sorry” I stuttered as I moved backwards

“You seem to have grown fearless Luna, I hope you’ll be able to bear the consequences of your fearlessness” he said as he slowly walked closer

“You….. you said you won’t bite me and turn me to a werewolf”

“I made no promises” he said moving a step closer to me with each word

“Jayden….. you….. you are scaring me” I stuttered

He moved closer to me and I froze
Is….. is he really going to turn me?

“Duck” He whispered

“What?” I asked confused

Then everything suddenly became still as an arrow came at my face and Jayden caught it right before it got to my face
It happened so fast that I was dazed for a moment

“Do you not know what duck means?!!” Jayden yelled as he threw away the arrow

“What….. what just happened?” I asked finally finding my voice

“Your face almost got struck by an arrow that’s what happened, I just saved your feeble life” he said

I looked up ahead and saw five huge men with bows and arrows coming towards us

“Umm….. Jayden…..”

“Am going to count from 3, when I get to 1, run as fast as your weak legs can take you in the opposite direction” he said and I nodded
Then he turned to face our current predators

“What’s up guys, you 3 going for hunting?” Jayden asked as he stood right in front me shading me from them

“Yes we are hunting and you guys are the prey and in case the your night vision has started failing you, we are not three but five” they said as they aimed their arrows at us and Jayden laughed

“Calm down guys, none of you can stand a chance against me, even if 2 of you guys attackd me at once” he said

“And what if we all attacked you at once, it won’t be pretty would it?” they asked

“I can only promise you all this, I will rip out your hearts one by 1” he suddenly yelled the ‘1’ and then turned to look at me

“Run you fool” he said

“Ooh” I said as I quickly turned and started running as fast as I could in the opposite direction

Jayden’s POV
“Not so fast” I said as I caught one of the guys that superspeed after Luna and ripped his arm out

He screamed and sprawled on the ground with his blood splashing everywhere

“Well come on guys! Meet your maker” I said and they all came at me

I supersed towards them and ripped out the heart of the first one I caught
I caught the next and threw him faraway with all my strength
The other two attacked me from behind and I turned back, grabbed both of them by the throat with their toes barely touching the ground

“Tell Alpha Robert I said hi” I said as I snapped their neck letting them fall lifeless on the ground

I looked around and I couldn’t find Luna

“Luna!!” I yelled as I searched for her
I sniffed in the air and tried to trace her scent

Luna’s POV
I kept running as far as I could, till I got to the cottage by the lake where I use to live when I was little

I sat in front of the door as I looked around, nervous and scared

I still can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that I just got an arrow shot at my face minutes ago

“Am scared, am so scared Mom” I cried

I wailed loudly in the forest with Leo’s unconscious body by my side
“Somebody help, am so scared” I cried

“Luna” Mom called as she ran towards me and I hugged her

“Mom” I cried

“I’ve been looking for you, what are you doing so deep into the woods and….. and what happened to Leo?” she asked as she saw Leo’s unconscious body

“We came looking for my dog Vee, then a wolf suddenly came out and tried to bite me but Leo got his hand bitten instead trying to save me” I cried and Mom quickly looked around

“Where’s the wolf?” She asked

“It left when Leo told it to go, after it had bitten his hand, then….. then Leo fainted. I was so scared Mom” I cried and Mom hugged me again

“Lemme teach you a trick” she said “Whenever you are scared, count from 1 to 7” she said

“1 to 7?”

“Yes, count from 1 to 7 and repeat the counts 7 times, when you finish counting, I promise help will always find you” she said

“Really?” I asked and she nodded “But why do I need to repeat the count 7 times?”

“Because 7 represents the extraordinary sweetheart, 7 is a lucky number so whenever you are scared, do as I’ve said and your guardian angel will find you and protect you” she said and I nodded

“Now let’s take dear Leo home and get him treated” Mom said as she carried Leo

“1 2 3 4 5 6 7, 1 2 3…..” I slowly counted on, starting over again whenever I got to 7 till I counted for the seventh time

“….4 5 6 7” I ended

“Luna!” I heard Jayden’s voice and I quickly stood up and looked around


Then I saw him running towards the cottage and he stopped right in front of me

“You hid well, I guess the only thing someone as weak as you is good at are running and hiding” he said

I stared at him for a moment then I broke into tears and hugged him

“Mom was right” I cried as I held on tightly to Jayden “My guardian angel found me”……