Forced Mate

Forced mate episode 17

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 17💥
Jayden’s POV

I slowly opened my eyes to meet Luna’s worried gaze

“You are awake!” she squealed

“You were out for like 10 minutes that I was beginning to get scared” She said as she helped me up

“Why will you be scared, if something happens to me or if I die, you get your freedom from me and that’s what you’ve always wished for right?” I asked as I sat down and she sat beside

“Not really, am beginning to enjoy being married to a werewolf Alpha cause it comes with certain advantages no ordinary man can offer” She smiled and I shook my head

“Clueless human” I muttered

“Thank you Jayden, I was able to speak to my Mom thanks to you” She said and then I remembered

“Jayden Jayden!” She called as she waved her hand in front of me jerking me from my thought

“What?” I asked

“I should be asking you that, you were totally zoned out like your mind traveled out of the world, what were you thinking about?”

“Nothing. Were you able to speak with your Mom?” I asked and she nodded

“I did speak with her but she said alot of things, weird things, she said I was born with the destiny of being married to an Alpha, that’s why she named me Luna from birth, she also said I have a great destiny that I am very powerful, more than I know, then she mentioned something…. yeah The Sisters, she said they were going to come after me just like they came after her”

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“Was your Mom not human?” I asked

“She is human and so I am and that’s why I don’t understand any of this, she said I was special, that I have great powers”

“Bet your great powers include running and hiding” I chuckled

“Come on Jayden, this isn’t the time for jokes”

“And who said I was joking” I shrugged

“Anyway, what do you think?” she asked

“Wait a minute” I said remembering the priestess of the Moon goddess “That’s exactly what you she told me too, the priestess, she said you are special and powerful”

“The priestess?” She asked

“Yeah, the creepy old lady with white hair that bonded us” I said and she nodded

“Take me to her then, she must know something about me”

“You go alone and don’t bother me with your business, I’ve kept my promise so am done” I said

“What?! You can’t just suddenly back out like that!”

“Watch me” I said as I stood up and made to walk out
Then she held me back

“What if they come after me? Those men with bows and arrows, with if they come after me again and try to kill me, what then?” She asked

“This is blackmail” I sighed and she grabbed my hand and tried to drag me out

“Let’s go and don’t pretend like you don’t want to know if I really have powers or not”

“Powers or not, you’ll still be a weak human to me” I said as I followed her out

Bella’s POV
I saw Kilan standing alone in the parking lot and slowly I tiptoed behind him

“You are 30 minutes late” He said as he faced me and I stopped in my track

“How on Earth did you know I was coming?!”

“I told you to stop trying to sneak up on me, it’s a mission impossible” he said

“Nothing is impossible, you never know what will happen in the future” I shrugged

“And I thought I told you not to keep me waiting” he said

“Well I hate being told what to do, so I came late deliberately” I said as I began to walk away and then turned back

“Well are you just going to stand there or are we going?”

“Sometimes I forget how stubborn you are” he said and I smiled

“Well it’s one of my unique qualities”

Luna’s POV
“Why the hell is your goddess’s shrine so far into the woods” I said as Jayden and I struggled through the thorns and trees

“One, it’s not my goddess’s shrine, two, it’s hidden so it no human may stumble upon it” Jayden said

“You always deny your goddess when she’s been mentioned, do you have something against her?”

“I do not have anything against anyone” he said

“Am sure you know am the last person for you that say that to when you obviously hate my very existence just because am a human”

“Well it’s not a lie is it? You are a human, a very weak and troublesome one who doesn’t know her place”

“I guess we are about to find out how true that is” I said as I pointed to a big old tree “That’s the goddess’s shrine right?”

“Yup” he said and then looked at me “But I wouldn’t advice you to put much hope on this meeting, the priestess is manipulative and whenever you go meet her with a question she always leave you with more questions”

“Thanks for the advice” I said

We got to the big old tree and the priestess came out

“Alpha Jayden, your visit to the goddess’ shrine is becoming too frequent which is very unusual of you considering how you hate the goddess” the priestess said

“Am not here to meet you priestess, only came as an escort thanks to dear Luna over here” Jayden said

“Yes, I asked Jayden to bring me here” I said and the priestess looked at me.

“I suppose you have some questions for me then” she said and I nodded

“Who am I? What powers do I have?” I asked

“Well you are the mate of Alpha Jayden and you have power as the Luna of the whole Crescent Moon Pack” she said

“Not that…. that’s not what I meant, I heard that am…. am extraordinary and special, I want to know how” I said

“Then am afraid Luna, I do not have the answers you seek”

“But I heard you always have answers, you have to help me, I have no one else to ask” I pleaded and she stared at me for a moment

“What you seek lies in your lineage, find your roots and you shall find your answers” she said

“But I already know my roots and my Mom was the one that told me I have powers that I do not know”

“Your mother has obviously kept lots of secrets from you, but she’s not your only root is she? What about your father?” she asked

“He’s dead” I replied

“My dear Luna, your father is very much alive and breathing, the day you meet him will be the day you find your true self and it will also be the day our dear Alpha here meets his doom, it’s like a curse and a blessing” the priestess said

“I….. my father is alive? How do I find him?” I asked

“You cannot find him dearest, he will find you” the priestess said “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go, stay well Alpha” She said and slowly walked away

Bella’s POV
Kilan and I walked out of the movie theater, we just ended a horror movie

“I still remember the day I found out that you are a werewolf, I had come to watch a horror movie then but I got stuck in traffic and I missed the movie, I was really angry then but now am thankful to the goddess that I missed the movie and met you” I said

“Why? Because you wanted to break my arm real bad?” He asked and I chuckled

“I actually did break your arm remember?”

“How can I forget when you almost ripped the arm out of it’s socket” he said and I laughed

“I do wonder, how am I able to break your arm yet am never able to sneak up on you”

“You shouldn’t be dissapointed Bella because no one can sneak up on me” he said

“And what if I succeed one day?” I asked

“It’s impossible”

“What if?” I said

“Then I’ll grant you a wish, I’ll do anything you want” he said

“Wow, you mean it?”

“Yeah I mean it, cause I know such a situation will never come to life cause it’s impossible to sneak up on me” he said.

“I already told you dearest Kilan, nothing is impossible so when I succeed in sneaking up on you, do get ready to tell me all I want to know about you cause you still are a mystery to me”

“Am a mystery to everyone Bella, a mystery you won’t ever be able to solve” he smirked

Luna’s POV
We got back to the Mansion and I followed Jayden to his room

“I can’t believe my father is alive” I said as I paced round the room
“I mean, all my life Mom always told me my Dad died when she was still pregnant with me, said he died of a disease. How then is he still alive?”

“Guess your Mom lied about your father” Jayden said

“No she can’t do that, I meant why will she do that? Why will she deny me the chance of knowing my own father and growing up with one?” I asked but Jayden seemed lost in thought, again

“Jayden!!” I yelled and he flinched “You didn’t answer my question”

“Look here Luna, your problem is your problem, I want nothing to do with it” he said

“But….. but you are my husband, you are supposed to support me”

“Thought we both agreed to drop the couple stuff or do you really want me to start acting like your husband?” he asked and I quickly shook my head

“Fine don’t help me but tell me what’s wrong, something has being on your mind, you zoned out completely back in the hospital and same thing happened few minutes ago”

“It’s nothing” he said

“You said you aren’t going to help me with my family problem and I neither argued nor complained but if you know anything that can help me now you should at least let me know”

“Just leave me be Luna” he said and laid on the bed

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“Is this a joke to you? I just spoke with my Mom who’s been unconscious for 6 months and she said a lot of weird things I couldn’t make head nor tail of, then your priestess just told me that my father is alive, someone I was told was dead before I was even born, everything I have known and believed about myself and my parentage is slowly crumbling down and all you can do is wriggle out of it and tell me it’s none of your business?!!” I yelled

“Luna…. ”

“I am really trying to pull myself together and be strong here, am trying not to break down like a weak human that you think me to be but you aren’t helping at all, you won’t help me out neither will you tell me what you know! What on Earth do you expect me to do if not to breakdown at this point?!” I said as a tear rolled down my face and Jayden stood up from the bed

“Fine, I’ll tell you what I know, when I took in your mother’s pain, I felt all she felt the day she had the accident that led to her condition, only it wasn’t just an accident, she was attacked” he said

“What?! Attacked? By who?”

“I don’t know, I only experienced fragments of her memories, she was attacked and she was on the run from her attackers, then she got run down by a car but what I do remember clearly in her memory of that day was that she was terrified, she knew they were coming for her and she called them The Sisters” Jayden said

“The….. The Sisters?! She told me they’ll come for me too just like they came for her”

“Well whoever those people are, they wanted your Mom dead” Jayden said

“Yes and she’s still alive, alone in the hospital, what if….. what if they find out where she is and goes to finish what they started?”

“Luna…. ”

“I can’t leave Mom alone right now, I must always be by her side”

“Luna come on she….. ”

“She might be in danger, I have to go save her, I have to” I said as I made to leave but Jayden grabbed my arm

“What are you doing? Let me go, I have to protect her?!” I yelled as tears streamed down my face

“You are freaking out Luna, take a deep breath” Jayden said still holding my arm tightly

“Let me go Jayden, I have to go, my Mom she might be in danger, I can’t let her die, I can’t….. ”

“Luna!!” he yelled and I flinched
“Get yourself together and stop being so weak!” he said and I sighed

I am weak
My phone suddenly rang and it was a call from the hospital

“What is it?” Jayden asked as my phone dropped from my hand

“She’s dead, my Mom, she’s dead” I said as my throat dried up and tears streamed down my face

“My Mom is dead” I cried and Jayden embraced me silently while I cried with my head on his chest……


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