Forced mate episode 18

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 18💥
Luna’s POV

“Welcome to our new home Luna” Mom said as we stood in front of an old looking cottage close to the woods and the lake

“Isn’t it nice, it’s quiet, away from the noisy town, there’s the breeze, there’s a lake not too far from here and you can loudly hear the beautiful chirps of the birds” Mom smiled

“Why did we have to move from our beautiful house in the town to this creepy place?” I asked

“Because…… this….. this place is nice and quiet” she said

“Well I don’t like it!!” I yelled “I want to go back home, I don’t wanna to live here”

“Why?” Mom asked

“We’ve been moving constantly since I was in kindergarten, each time I manage to start making friends, you make us move so thanks to you Mom, I have no friends! I was starting to like it in the town too but you want us to live in this stupid old cottage in the woods now? No Mom, I aren’t going to live my life in this stupid place as a loner, I won’t!!” I yelled and she held my hands

“I know this must be hard for you Luna and am sorry but we have no choice, this place is the only place safe for us for now, I wish I could tell you everything but you are still a kid and I do not want to leave you with the burden of the truth, just know that whatever I do, I do it for your safety” she said

“I hate you!” I said as I jerked off her hand and ran off

I ran towards the lake and saw a boy seated by the lake and I quickly cleaned my tears

“Hey, who are you?” I asked…

You only know how valuable someone is when they are gone, I just experienced this first hand

All she did was try to keep me safe and sometimes, I hated her for it and now? There’s nothing I want more than her to be by my side and keep me safe like she use to but she can’t do that anymore because she’s gone
Am on my own now, am all I have now

The door opened and Brie and Bella walked in

“It’s been days Luna, all you do is stay in bed and drown in sadness the whole day, you should try and be strong Luna” Brie said

“I know you love your Mom alot but there’s nothing anyone can do to bring her back, you have to get over this, if your Mom was alive, she won’t be happy seeing you this way” Bella said

“We brought you bread and scrambled eggs, eat please even if it’s just a bite” Brie said as she tried to make me eat and I threw away the plate of food

“Leave me alone!!!” I yelled

“Let’s just go for now Brie” Bella said and they both stood up and left

Brie’s POV
“I feel so bad for Luna” I said as we climbed down the stairs

“Me too Brie, her Mom was the only family she had” Bella said

“But we are her family too now, why won’t she let us help her?”

“Luna is a strong lady, maybe she wants to deal with this her own way, am sure she’ll come around soon” Bella said

Jayden and Landon walked in
Seemed like they went to work out with the wolves

“Luna is still not talking to anyone Jayden, she still won’t eat” I said to Jayden

“Maybe she’s just not hungry” he shrugged

“What?! She’s your wife Jayden! The Luna of the Crescent Moon Pack and you don’t even seem to be a bit concerned about her well being? Look at how unfeeling your brother has become Bella”

“Woah, don’t push him to me now that he’s being heartless, he’s your brother too” Bella said

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“I understand what you guys are trying to say and I feel bad for Luna, I really do but maybe we should just leave her till she comes around, but I can’t say that I miss her noise, I love this silent part of her” I said


“You are heartless brother” Bella said

“I have some business meetings to attend so am going to get dressed and go to the company, Luna is not on my schedule right now and I don’t think she’ll ever be, she can deal with her demons herself, perhaps am a bad comforter” he said and walked away

“I can’t believe he’s my brother” I said and walked out
Then I bumped into Landon by the door

“Oh am…… I didn’t see you there, sorry” I said as I made to leave but he held me back

“Brianna” he called

“Yes Landon, is there any problem?” I asked as I looked around

“Look at me Brianna, look at my eyes” he said and I took a deep breath and looked up at him

“Am looking at you now, happy?”

“What happened Brianna? You’ve being avoiding me ever since….. ever since that night” He said

“What night? I don’t know what you are talking about and I have to go, I have to some work to do” I said

“Stop this pretence Brianna!!!” he yelled “Is this because I told you the truth of my past? Are you avoiding me because of what I did back then when I didn’t know better?”

“Yes!!” I yelled “Yes I am Landon, you…. you killed your own mother, who would want to associate with someone like you, I want nothing to do with you Landon, absolutely nothing so do not stain me with your filth and stay away from me” I walked out of him and ran out of the Mansion

“Are you okay Brie?” Andre asked as he saw me outside the Mansion

“Yeah of course am fine” I said

“Then what’s with the tears on your face?” he asked and I quickly cleaned the tears

“Oh nothing, it’s just umm….. dust, yeah it got into my eyes, the dust” I said and Andre nodded

Bella’s POV
I dressed up and drove out of the Mansion
If I continue staying there for a minute more I might get depressed like everyone else

I got the hospital and went to Kilan’s office

“You are becoming a regular here” Kilan said

“I have nowhere to go, you are the only friend I’ve made in the city” I replied

“And that won’t be such a bad thing if you weren’t such a tenacious lady”

“Well, I am different from most people, I understand that but admit it, that’s why you hang with me out cause you are just like me, you aren’t normal too” I said

“I agree am not normal but you can’t compare us, we are both odd in different ways” he said

“How are we odd in different ways?”

“Well you are persistent and willful plus you don’t listen to anyone and me? Well let’s just say am the dangerous type of abnormal” he said

“You keep telling me you are dangerous”

“Yeah and a normal person would’ve stayed away from me on hearing that but you didn’t cause one, you aren’t normal and two, you aren’t a person” he said

“And three, am drawn to the dangerous kind of men” I added

“So what brought you here today, home became boring?”

“No, family problems so I had to run away for awhile, I don’t think anyone in this world has a family as messed up as mine” I said and he scoffed

“You don’t believe me? That’s because you haven’t met my family” I said

“Or because you haven’t met mine” he replied

“Is your family messed up too?” I asked

“No, not gonna work, I am not talking about my family” he said

“Come on, only thing I know about you is your name and your place of work”

“And the only thing I know about you too is your name” he said

“I could tell you more if you want to know” I said

“No, it’s safer this way, if we know too much about each other, if you know too much about, you’d be dead” he said


“Am serious Bella, if you want us to continue this friendship stuff, stick to just knowing my name and my place of work and maybe you’ll be the first person to survive being friends with me” he said and stood up

“I have to go, it’s time for my check-up rounds”

Jayden’s POV
Landon drove me from the office back to the Mansion

“Did someone die?” I asked Landon as I got down from the car

“What? No” he said

“Am just asking you are unusually silent and gloomy, not that I don’t enjoy the silent part, I love this side of you” I said

“I know I’ve always been a disturbance to you by always being too chatty, I’ll continue to be silent from now on” he bowed and walked away

I shrugged and walked into the Mansion
Had a pretty stressful day at the company

I got to my room and met Luna still in bed, her eyes all puffy

Oh come on! What’s this sad aura that’s spreading everywhere today

I went straight to my closet and removed my jacket
Then I heard her sob

“Will go and do your crying somewhere else? It’s been days your Mom died why do I still have to endure this tears and sobbing?” I said but she continued sobbing

She was a mess
Her hair was all scattered on her head
Her eyes red and puffy
She looked quite disheveled
And what irritates me more? That slow sobbing of hers, it’s driving me crazy

“Enough!!!” I yelled and she looked up at me “What exactly is wrong with you Luna?!”

“What is wrong with me? My Mom died and I wasn’t even by her side in her last minutes yet you ask what’s wrong with me?!”

“My Mom’s heart was pulled out by her own brother right in front of me but you don’t see me sulking around do you?!” I yelled


“Whatever pain or emotional trauma you are experiencing right now, it’s absolutely nothing compared to what I experienced yet I overcame it, and that’s why am strong. Everyone has their own share of hardships so do not act like the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders, acting like this only makes you weaker than I even thought you to be” I said and glanced at my watch

“Dinner will probably be served in 10, if you are tired of all this and you really want to be strong, you’ll come downstairs and have dinner with everyone but if you want to continue wallowing in self-pity then fine, stay here and cry all the way, you’ll only be proving me right by being the weakling I thought you to be” I said as I dropped my jacket and walked out

“Jay, you are back” Brie said as she saw me coming down the stairs

“Yeah, please tell me dinner is ready” I said and she smiled

“Almost” she said “Seems you had a stressful day at the company”

“I did, had alot of meetings and what have you been up to today? You looked stressed than me” I asked and she hesitated a bit

“Are you okay Brianna?” I asked and she nodded

“Of course am okay”

“I’d believe that if I haven’t known since we were kids, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me anything, I might be the ruthless Alpha that everyone fears but am still your brother, you and Bella, and you guys are the ones I care about most” I said and she sniffed

“Oh please, no tears, I’ve already had enough of that for today” I said

“You are known to be merciless, you aren’t supposed to have problem with tears”

“I do not have any problem with tears, only when it comes from people I care about so hold the tears and tell me what’s wrong. Did someone hurt you? If anyone did then just say the word and he’s dead” I said and she chuckled

“No one has the guts to hurt me, not when you are still my brother, I just…. I just got a bit emotional plus confused. I miss Owen”

“Your dead Mate?”

“You know, for someone that’s trying to comfort me, you are too blunt and unfeeling” she said

“Well I told you this morning, am a bad comforter so just go straight to the point and tell me what’s wrong?”

“I just feel guilty” she said

“Guilty? Why? I kill people almost everyday and I never feel guilty” I said

“Well am not you brother and I didn’t kill anyone”

“Then why the guilty feeling?” I asked

“I just…. I feel like I’ve betrayed Owen cause lately I can feel…. I can feel myself being drawn to another and I….. I…..” She bursted into tears

“Come on, I said no tears”

“Am sorry I can’t hold it” She said and I sighed

She’s lucky that she’s my sister

“Come here” I said and embraced her

“You’ll be fine, that’s what you always told me as a kid, you’ll be fine Brianna” I said

“Having a sibling moment without me” Bella said as she walked in

“No, no, Bella don’t” I said as she ran towards me to hug me too

“I can miss a rare opportunity to hug my always grumpy brother” Bella said and I heard someone giggle

We all turned to see Luna by the stairs

“Did…. did I disturb you guys? Am sorry I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to come down for dinner” she said and the twins went and hugged her too

“I’ve missed you Luna” Brie said

“Am so sorry for causing you all discomfort” Luna apologized

“It’s okay, am just happy no one’s sad anymore” Bella said

We walked towards the dinning room and Luna came close to me and whispered
“I proved you wrong” She said “I decided to be strong”……


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