Forced Mate episode 2

Married to the Alpha

Jayden’s POV

“Hey! Who are you?” I turned back to see a blonde girl staring at me from behind

“Well am a boy” I said unsure of the right response to her question

“I can see that, I mean who are you, tell me your identity” she said bodly

“I don’t know, I can’t remember” I said sadly

“You can’t remember? How?”

“I don’t know, I woke up by the lake this morning and the only thing I remember was my Mom telling me to wait for her here, that she would be back to get me” I said

“So you are waiting for her?” she asked and I nodded

She stared at me for some moments and came to sit beside me

“My name is Luna” she said with a smile

“There’s no way I’ll ever listen to that fanatic goddess’s sayings!” I yelled

“You have to Jayden, she is our Matchmaker, you cannot disobey our goddess” Landon said

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“But how? How am I not your destined Mate when we are so obviously perfect for each other” Audrey cried

“I told you going to her for blessing was a crazy idea to begin with but you never listen do you?!” I said

“I…. I had no idea she was going to say this” she said and I sighed

“You don’t need to worry Audrey, this won’t change any of our plans” I assured

“But she said….”

“What she said is utter nonsense!!” I yelled cutting Landon short

“If you disobey her, it will spell doom for our pack, she warned you” Landon said

“Then what will you have me do?! The girl that is my supposed destined Mate is a human girl Landon, I haven’t seen her for more than 15 years now and I don’t even know much about her, only her name, Luna, that’s all, now tell me how the hell am supposed to find her and convince her to marry a werewolf alpha”

“The goddess had destined this, she will find a way for you but now, you should cancel the marriage with Audrey, she…..”

“No one is cancelling my marriage” Audrey said and cleaned her tears

“But you heard what the…..”

“Yes I heard what the goddess said and I am telling you now, no one is cancelling anything!!” She yelled

“You are crazy Audrey, how could you ever think of disobeying….” Audrey superspeed to Landon and grab his throat

“You shut your mouth less I’ll rip out your throat” Audrey said and let go of him after some moments

“The wedding will go on as planned, no one is marrying Jayden except me” she said and walked out

“I…. I told you she……she’s crazy Jayden, I told you” Landon stuttered

“Crazy or not, she’s powerful, she’s the daughter of the Alpha of her Clan, am marrying her for her power so the wedding will hold, it must”……


“Where I am?” I wondered as I walked into an empty house
And then I realized, this is my mansion, my house

“Who’s there?” I enquired as I noticed a figure laying on the floor

I walked closer and slowly
For some reason, am scared

“Hello” I said
I slowly knelt down to tap the figure

“Ahhh!!!” I screamed and fell as I saw it’s face covered in blood

“Lan…..Landon” I stuttered
The body is Landon’s, he’s laying there lifeless

I looked around and noticed that I was surrounded by dead bodies, the dead bodies of my pack, Audery was there too, everyone was dead

“You are warned” a cold but overwhelming voice said followed by a loud hysteric laughter

“Nooo!!!” I screamed


“Is everything alright? I heard you screaming” Landon said as he ran to my room

I stared at him for a while
I just saw this guy lifeless and covered in blood seconds ago

“Jayden, are you okay?” He asked again looking worried

“I am anything but okay” I said as I stood up and walked out

“Where are you going?” He asked as he walked after me

“I’ll be back” I replied

“Ivan is coming, what should I tell him?” He asked and I turned back

“Who’s Ivan?”

“You know, the winner of yesterday’s hunt, you told him to come by the Mansion today remember?” He said and I nodded

“Just give him some money and fix him up a job in the company” I said with a wave of hand

“And the human we captured?!” Landon yelled

“I’ll turn him when I get back!” I yelled back

I walked out of the Mansion and then I started running

I ran into the forest and soon I was running on my fours, shapeshifting into a wolf

I ran to the moon tree, where the moon goddess’s shrine was and I howled

The priestess walked out and stood in front of me

“Shapeshift back Alpha, I doubt if I can communicate with you effectively in your wolf form” she said and I turned back to a human

“What brought you here?” She asked

“Tell your goddess to stop sending me those absurd dream” I said and she smiled

“She’s warning you Jayden, so that if you continue being disobedient and her warnings come to pass? You won’t put all blames on her like you did 7 years ago…” She said and I grabbed her throat

“Maybe I should just kill you so you can go meet your dear goddess, in hell” I said as I tightened my grip

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“If…..if you kill me……you….. you’ll never….. know….know how to….. find Luna” she stuttered and I released her

“Her full name is Luna Wilsford and if you love your pack, you’ll obey the Moon goddess and make her your Mate” she said

“Is that all you know about her? Just her name?” I asked
I was expecting more

“Yes and I also know that you do not need to find her, she will find you Jayden and when you finally meet her, the goddess will show you a sign and you will know” she said and I shook my head

“I really should have killed you”

“I can’t die yet Jayden, for one day you will come in tears seeking for my help, I am silently waiting for that day, the day the storm shall arrive” she said and walked back into the tree

“Bunch of manipulative beings” I scoffed and walked away….

“Take me to the captured human” I said to Landon as I walked into the Mansion

He took me to the room the human was held captive, he was awake now

“What is your name?” I asked

“John” he answered

“Do you realize where you are?”

“I don’t know but I do know you’ll kill me eventually so just do me a favor and get on with it” he said and I looked at him surprised

“You don’t seemed to be afraid of dying John”

“Before your men captured me, I was going to kill myself anyway, I came to the forest to commit sucide so it doesn’t matter if I do it or you do it” he said and I squatted beside him

“I don’t know what happened to you and I don’t really care but am going to give you a gift now, a chance to be reborn stronger, I’ll release you from the grip of your painful memories, I’ll cleanse all the memories you have as a human and you won’t remember a thing when you wake up, the bite is your second chance at life John, it’s your gift”

“What….what bite?” He asked looking at me and I smiled

I leaned over his neck as my teeth grew longer and sharper, then I dug my teeth into his neck, biting him and depositing my venom on his blood stream

He screamed and then became unconscious

“Welcome to the Crescent Moon clan John” I said as I stood

“You know what to do” I said to Landon and he nodded

I was about walking out when I heard a wolf howl

“Did you hear that?” Landon asked and I nodded

“I think someone from our clan is in trouble” Landon said

“That is not someone from our clan, that is Audrey and it’s not a howl of distress, it’s a howl of hunting” I said


“Take care of things at the mansion” I said and I ran out

I superspeed into the forest as I tried to follow Audrey’s scent

“Audrey!!” I called

And then I saw a wolf tearing apart a human

“No no no” I said as I ran towards her

I kicked her and she hit a tree and shapeshifted back to human

“How dare you interrupt my hunt!!” She yelled and I walked towards her and slapped her

“Is killing humans in broad daylight your idea of a hunt?!!” I yelled

“I…..I needed something to release my stress and take my mind off what that priestess said”

“Audrey, we have lived in this city silently and unnoticed for years and I won’t let you jeopardize that, you want to live with me you’ll have to follow the rules, we do not kill humans! Killing humans and littering their dead bodies like this in the woods would only bring us unnecessary and unwanted attention, the reason for this marriage is to make my pack stronger but if you are now the one putting us in danger, then you’ll leave me no choice than to break our alliance so think straight Audrey, think straight” I said and walked away

“Are you going to the company today?” Landon asked as I walked back into the mansion

“Yeah, get the car ready” I said

I stared at myself in the mirror as I dressed up

“I should’ve just killed them, both the priestess and Audrey, they are the pest bordering my life” I muttered

I walked out of the mansion all dressed and entered the car

“What time should I come pick you up?” Landon asked as he stopped the car in front of the company building and my secretary rushed to open the door for me

“I’ll call you when it’s time” I said and got down from the car

“Good morning Sir” Alicia greeted

“I have a meeting this morning right?” I asked and she nodded

“Yeah, with the manager of Exclusive boutique, they want to buy some of our clothing lines, then you’ll meet our newly employed fashion designers and lastly, you’ll have an interview with the national TV regarding the new clothing line that was just released plus the news of your wedding that our Media aid released to the public yesterday” she said and I nodded

“Since I’ll be having such a long day, we should get started then”

“Yes Sir, the director of Exclusive boutique is already waiting for you at the meeting room” she said

We went to the meeting room and I met with the director, we struck a deal and concluded the meeting

“The new employees are waiting for you in your office” Alicia said

We went to my office and 3 employees were waiting for me, two female, one male

They bowed immediately they saw me walking in

“Introduce yourselves” Alicia said to them

“No need” I said raising my hand

“I don’t have the time to listen to your introduction and I don’t really care about knowing your names, you want me to know your name? Do your job excellently and get recognized by me but if you do otherwise, then get ready to say goodbye to your jobs for as you all are already aware, incompetency is forbidden in this company” I said

“Yes Sir” they all said uniformly and I felt a tingle on my shoulder

I ignored it and I started walking out

My shoulder brushed against one of the employees’ and the Crescent Moon mark on my shoulder burned

“Ahh” I grunt in pain and the employee quickly touched my hand

“Are you okay Sir?” She asked with concern and the memories all came at once

“My name is Luna” the young girl said with a smile…..

“If you are still single by 25, I’ll marry you, I promise” the 10 year old me said

I looked up at the employee panting

“Are you okay Sir?” She asked again still holding my hand

I grabbed her hand and the burning sensation on my shoulder intensified

“Who…… what’s your name?” I asked

“My name is Luna Sir, Luna Wilsford” she replied…..

…… be continued…….