Forced Mate

Forced mate episode 21

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 21💥
Luna’s POV

“I said apologise!” Jayden yelled

“Never” Audrey replied weakly

“I guess you are eager for your death then” Jayden said as he stood Audrey up

“Brother don’t, do not kill her because of me” Brie said

“If that’s what you are worried about then don’t, even if she didn’t hurt you, I was still going to kill her in the end” Jayden said as he suddenly dug his hand into Audrey’s chest and she gurgled out blood

“Stop!!!” I yelled with Jayden’s hand still in Audrey’s chest

“Kill her and I’ll kill myself too” I said as I grabbed a knife from the table


“Am serious Jayden, I will kill myself, my mother is dead already so I don’t have anyone that am particularly attached to in this world, if you pull out her heart, I’ll cut my throat, die and you’ll become the very weakling you’ve always feared to be” I said

“She….. Why are you trying so hard to save her, she doesn’t deserve to live!!” Jayden yelled

“I am trying to save you Jayden, am trying to save you from your consuming dark self and you of all people don’t get to decide who deserves to live and who deserves to die”

“Jayden, maybe you should listen to Luna, please” Brie pleaded

“She plans to destroy my company and you tell me to let her go?!” Jayden said

“I’ll help you” I said “Am a fashion designer remember? I got employed to the fashion designing department before you fired me on my first day, so I’ll help you, I’ll come up with the best line of lady’s clothings in 2 days, in return, you do not kill Audrey, do we have a deal Jayden?”

He removed his bloodstained hand from Audrey’s chest and she slumped on the floor

“2 days, if you don’t come up with a clothing line that am impressed with, I will decapitate her head” Jayden said and then he called in Landon

“Look her up in the cottage outside and make sure she’s well guarded” Jayden said to Landon

“What?! Why are you locking her up? We had a deal!” I asked

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“The deal was to not kill her, we said nothing about keeping her locked up and am not about to set someone that wants to harm my company, family and my pack free, that would be a foolish act and I am not foolish” He said and walked away while Landon carried Audrey to get her lock up

“I hate this family, they make me feel weak” Brie said and walked out angrily

I sighed as I slumped on the couch
Who would have thought I’ll try so hard to save the life of someone that sent people to kill me
Am doing this for you Leo, I know you are still inside Jayden somewhere and I promise to bring you back to the light

Bella’s POV
I felt a stiff pain on my neck and I slowly opened my eyes
I was laid on a couch in a very unfamiliar house

What happened?

“You healed up pretty fast” Kilan said as he walked in and I quickly jumped up, ready to fight

“Come fight me you backstabber!!” I yelled as I supersed towards him and twisted his arm backwards

“You called me your friend yet you tried to kill me!!” I yelled as I threw him up and he fell on the floor

“I do not want to fight you Bella” he said as he stood up

“You tried to kill me last night, don’t pretend you care now!” I made to give him a face punch but he blocked it off and held my fist back

“If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already” he said

“Yeah right, so you want me to thank you for being merciful enough to just snap my neck and not kill me?!”

“I saved your life Bella!” he said

“By snapping my neck?!!” I yelled

“I knew you were going to heal!” he said

“Oh please, do not give me that nonsense”

“If they saw you, you’ll have been dead, I had to get you out of there before they saw you, I saved your life which is something I rarely do and you should be thanking me!” he yelled

“Fine, let’s assume I believe you for a minute, so who are this people that would’ve killed me if they saw me? Those two figures you met in the woods, who are they?” I asked

“I can’t tell you that” he said and I scoffed

“Why were you there in the woods?”

“I can’t tell you that too” he said

“And I assume you also can’t tell me why those people will kill me if they had seen me, neither can you tell me what you were doing with them right?”


“What can you tell me about you without me having to die Kilan, I wanna know, I need some explanation” I said

“The only safe thing you can know about me is my name” he said and I scoffed, unbelievable!

“Why were you in the woods so late then?” he asked “Do you live around there?”

“You think I’ll be foolish enough to tell you all that when you’ve refused to tell me anything about yourself?” I said and he sighed

“You won’t understand Bella” he said

“Well make me, explain yourself!!”

“I can’t” he said and I nodded slowly

“I guess we are done here then, we are friends no more” I said as I made to leave

“You the first” he said “I spared your life when I could’ve killed you, am not known for mercy yet I showed you one, you are the first person I’ve ever spared”

I hesitated for a moment
Then I walked out

Luna’s POV
I sat in the dining with Andre and Landon and we ate in silence
Brie is still angry and Jayden is still being Jayden

I heard some footsteps and I looked back to see Bella walking in

“Where have you been all day?!” I asked

“I do not want to talk about it” she said as she climbed up the stairs looking furious

And I thought I was messed up
This family is the accurate depiction of messed up

I finished eating and went up to meet Jayden
He was already in bed but he wasn’t asleep
I could feel he was feeling bad

“If you are sad about what happened then go apologise to Brie” I said

“Apologise? I only protected her and her honor” he said

“Maybe she doesn’t need your protection, Brie is capable of taking care of herself and making her own decisions, you don’t need to jump in every time trying the be the over-protective brother”

“Am her brother, it’s my duty to protect her” he said

“And am not denying that but honestly, you’ve gone overboard with the protective charade”

“Enough Luna! One more word from you and I’ll…..”

“You’ll cut off my tongue? Turn me to a Werewolf? Kill me? Just do whatever you want Jayden, I am not afraid anymore. Everyone might be scared of you around here but I am not, I will say and do whatever I want to from now on cause I’ve got nothing to loose, so you better start getting used to it Jayden” I said and walked into the bathroom

Brie’s POV
It was morning but I stayed in my room still
There was a knock on my door and I felt reluctant to go open it

“Whoever it is, go away! I do not want to see anyone!”

“Brianna” I heard Landon’s voice and my heart skipped a beat

“What…. what do you want?”

“Can you open the door for me please?” he said

I sighed and I slowly stood up to get the door open

“Brianna” he called as he walked in

“What do you want?”

“I was worried” he said

“Why will you be worried? You probably hate me” I said

“Why will I ever hate you?” he asked

“Well I said….. I said horrible things to you”

“If only I could really hate you Brianna, that would have been great because I know you can never love me as I love you and it’s probably best to hate you but I can’t, I can’t bring myself to hate you” he said

“You……you love me?” I stuttered

“Of course I love you, I’ve always loved you, since we were kids, then we separated due to the battle between our parents and I heard you got claimed by another Mate, I became heartbroken Brianna because I wanted you for myself, but that didn’t happen. I should’ve tried to hate you back then, I was wrong to have nurtured this love up to this stage, I was wrong to have even come here in the first place” he said as he made to leave

“Wait” I said as I grabbed his hand and he stopped

“As a kid, I always saw you as a dear friend, then our parents fought and we went apart for years, and I got mated to another and I loved him but then he died and I was left vacant again, like an empty shell, but since I came back, I’ve been feeling less empty Landon, I can feel you filling me up, I know this is wrong and I tried to deny it but I am getting attached to you Landon, I……” He suddenly pulled me closer and his soft lips landed on min

He was kissing me, and I didn’t push him away……


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