Forced mate episode 23

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 23💥
Bella’s POV

I helped Brie and the workers set up the table for breakfast and I noticed Brie giving me a suspicious look

“Spill it Brie, what is it?” I asked

“Am just…. you know, surprised” she said giving me a weird kinda smile

“And why are surprised?” I asked

“Well, it’s not like you are the help-in-the kitchen or stay-at-home kinda girl” she said still smiling

“I just decided to help today okay? And stop giving me the creepy smile!”

“Fine” she shrugged still smiling

“Okay is there something else that’s making you so happy?” I asked

“What…. Why….. Nothing’s making me happy” she stuttered

“Oh you are hiding something, you only stutter when you lie! Spill it Brianna what are you hiding from your sister?!”

“Just…. go call Jayden and Luna, breakfast is ready” she said and quickly walked off to the kitchen

Oh she is hiding something
And I’ll find out soon enough

I climbed up the stairs to Jayden and Luna’s room
Was about to knock but I noticed the door wasn’t locked so I entered

“Hey breakfast is……” The rest of the words escaped from lips as a silent whisper

“Oh my goddess” I said as I quickly ran out

“Brianna!!” I screamed as I ran downstairs

“What’s with the sudden scream, have you let Jayden and Luna know that breakfast is ready?” She asked and I grabbed her hand

“Oh you need to see this Brie” I said as I pulled her and we climbed up the stairs

“What’s going on?” she asked

“Shhhh” I placed a finger over my lips telling her to be silent

We quietly entered the room trying not to wake up the sleeping couple

“Oh my….” Brie gasped as she saw them

Jayden was just on trousers, no shirt on, and Luna, who was covered up with a shirt that probably belongs to Jayden, was fast asleep with her head resting on his chest and Jayden’s arm wrapped around her protectively

“Take a shot of this perfect moment Bella, we can’t miss this opportunity” Brie whispered and I nodded

I brought out my phone and took some shots of them
The clicking sound of the camera must have been too loud or maybe Jayden was just a light sleeper as he slowly opened his eyes
His movement also got Luna to start waking up

“What….. what are you guys doing?” He asked drowsily

“Look over your chest brother” Brie said with a smile

He looked at his chest and flinched making Luna fully awake

“What the hell is going on?!!” The both yelled and we laughed

“I should be asking you that, what’s my head doing on your naked chest!!” Luna yelled

“You placed your dumb head on me last night” Brother yelled

“As if you’ll ever be kind enough to let me rest my head on your chest! And why the hell do you have no shirt on?!!” Luna yelled again

“You were asleep with your head on my shoulder and you looked tired and cold, I wasn’t able to stand up and go turn on the heater or close the window cause I didn’t want you to wake up, so I managed to get my shirt removed and cover you up with it, you should be thanking me!!!” Jayden yelled

“Thanking you?!” Luna scoffed “You dissapointed me Jayden, you obviously tried to take advantage of me!!”

“What?! I helped……”

“Oh enough of the yelling competition!” Brie said

“Why are you stopping them? Forget about Brie and continue guys, it’s not everyday I find my brother in a romantic position with his Mate the he claims to hate” I said

“Hate?” Brie said “They always argue and fight with each other but some chemistry is obviously developing here, soon all I’ll be hearing is I love you so much Luna, I can’t live without you Jayden” Brie said and I laughed

“That’s…. that sounds so disgusting” Luna said

“Nothing like that will ever, ever happened” Jayden said

“Yeah right, I better go make a frame of this picture, it needs to be hanged in front of the Mansion for the whole pack to see” I said

“What picture?” Jayden asked

“The picture of you guys being all lovey-dovey while sleeping, you didn’t think we were going to let such a rare moment pass without us capturing it did you?” I asked

“Delete the picture Bella!” Jayden said

“Not a chance, she’s not deleting anything” Brie said and I nodded

“Enough of all this!!” Jayden yelled standing up

“Give me the phone Bella” he said looking all serious

“The phone!” he repeated “Do not let me snatch it forcefully from you myself”

“You’ll have to catch me first” I said as I superspeed out

“Come back here Bella!!!” Jayden yelled angrily as he superspeed after me

Luna’s POV
I couldn’t help but laugh silently as Jayden and Bella used their superspeed ability to chase after each other

I looked up to see Brie giving me a suspicious look

“No no, it’s not what you are thinking, I do not love your brother!” I said quickly

“I haven’t said anything” she said

“Yeah but you were going to say that” I said and she chuckled

“He’s your Mate Luna, you are supposed to love him”

“It was a forced marriage remember? So do not expect us to love each other like other couples do” I said and she smiled

“The best of love comes from hate Luna, I am waiting patiently for the day yours and Jayden’s hate story changes to a beautiful love story” she said

“Brie, I know you mean well but honestly, I can never love your brother, he’s so mean, unfeeling, ruthless, he’s practically a monster”

She suddenly grabbed my hand and we walked out of the room
“Look at him” she said and I looked down to see Jayden still chasing Bella all over the house

“Does that look like a monster to you?” she asked and I stared at Jayden superspeeding round the house trying to collect Bella’s phone

“The ruthlessness, the unfeelingness, it’s just an act Luna, that is not the real Jayden. Look at him” Brie said “Do you think Jayden wouldn’t have collected that phone long ago if he wanted to? He is enjoying it, he’s enjoying running around with his sister under the pretence of trying to collect her phone, that is the real Jayden” Brie said

“I know you see him to be someone who has no humane feeling but if you passed through what Jayden passed through, you might have even turned out worse than him now, Jayden has had it rough since he was a kid, if you were really his childhood friend, you wouldn’t hate him, you’ll sympathize with him” Brie said

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“What the hell are you doing up there Brie?!” Bella yelled “Come get the phone before brother gets it”

“Coming!” Brie said as she superspeed downstairs and got the phone from Bella

“You want the phone brother?” Brie asked

“Hand over the phone Brianna!” Jayden said

“Come get it” Brie said sticking out her tongue and Jayden chased after her

Brie ran but tripped and the phone fell from her hand and was right at the door

Bella and Jayden raced to get the phone but Landon walked in and picked it up

“What’s with the sudden marathon? And who’s phone is this?” he said waving the phone

“Give me the phone Landon” Jayden said

“Do not give him!” Brie yelled

“The pretty lady said I shouldn’t give you” Landon smiled

“Landon!” Jayden yelled

“It contains a picture of him and Luna, the picture is so great Landon, but he wants to delete it” Bella said

“I guess I can’t give you then Jayden, you see am an advocate of love” Landon said as he superspeed out with the phone and they all went after him

I found myself laughing hard as I watched them run out

Who would’ve thougth they could all be so playful
I saw a new side of the family today, a good side of the family

I walked back into the room, showered and wore a casual wear
I sat on the couch then Jayden walked in

“Did you get the phone?” I asked

“No, they were too many of them and they too fast” he said

“So the mighty ruthless Alpha lost to his two sisters and cousin brother?” I said in a mocking tone

“Just shut up and focus on your work” he said

“Oh I’ve stopped working” I said

“Are you done with the designs then?” He asked and I shook my head

“No am not”

“Then why did you stop?” he asked

“Cause I have a question, and I won’t continue till you answer it for me” I said.

“And what question might that be?”

“What happened to you? Something bad happened to you and it changed you, what was it?” I asked

“My life is my life Luna, it’s none of your business” he said

“Am your Mate Jayden, your life isn’t yours alone anymore, you do not have to go through everything alone”

“Just get on with your work, we had a deal and you must honor it” he said

“I’ll break the deal then, am not working anymore till you tell me what I want to know, you can go ahead and kill Audrey, I’ve told you I don’t care about her, I hate her even”

“You!….. I need those designs by tomorrow Luna, my clients will come to see the designs by tomorrow!!” he yelled

“Then I suggest you start talking then” I shrugged

“Come on, take a sit” I said as I tapped the chair beside me and he sighed

“You wanna hear my story?” he asked and I nodded

“Fine, here it goes” he said as he sat down

“Am listening”

“My mother was born with a destiny of being the Luna of the pack” he began “She grew up to be a very powerful wolf, the best the pack had ever seen, everyone wanted her, all the eligible wolves all tried to claim her as their mate cause if you marry her, you automatically claim the Alpha position. But my Mom, she fell in love with an Omega, an outcast of the clan, the weakest among all the wolves, she made him her mate and the lowest and weakest wolf, became the Alpha of the Crescent Moon Pack” he paused a bit

“My Mom had a younger brother, Alfred, he was Landon’s father, we all lived like a happy family, all of us together in the Mansion, my father had a younger brother too, he was Brie and Bella’s Dad and he’ll bring them to the Mansion to spend days, sometimes weeks with us, we were all happy, till the day Landon’s father decided my parents weren’t fit enough to lead the pack, he gathered an army in secret and he attacked us at the moment we least expected, my Mom came to get me and as we ran out, I could see my Dad’s lifeless body on the floor, in a pool of his own blood” he paused again

I could sense the emotion in his voice

“My Mom was being chased by Landon’s father, so to protect me, she left me at a lakeside in a remote and quite place. My Mom was a very powerful Luna, she was able to remove my memories so I wouldn’t come looking for her and she only let me remember that she will come find me, when the time is right” he said

“So that’s how you ended up at the lakeside? That’s…..that was how we met, you…. you went through all that and I thought of you as just a nameless boy without memories” I said

“You wanted to hear my story then just listen” he said
“My Mom ran and tried to stay hidden from his brother’s men for months and all the while she was going through that, I was at the lakeside, with you and your mother and I had no idea what was happening. A few days after you and your Mom moved out of the cottage by the lake, my Mom came to get me, when I saw her, I remembered everything, and I knew that she was my mother, someone I’ve longed for. My father’s brother hid my Mom and I, and for years we were always on the run from Alfred’s men. I grew up on the run, along with Brie and Bella, we grew up together on the run, but I was tired of running and I was tired of always being on the run with my family, so I went to meet the priestess and she told me I needed to be strong if I wanted to protect my family, and to be strong, I need to trust in the goddess and she will protect me, I was to undergoe a 100 days fast, this fast wasn’t the one you abstain from food, it’s the one you abstain from a taking a life, she promised me I’ll be stronger and I’ll be able to protect my family when I complete the 100 days fast, and during the period of the fast, she said the goddess will protect me. I was a fool to have trusted her, to have trusted them!” he said angrily

“Anyway, I foolishly believed her and I fasted, I killed nothing, even when I see something as little as an ant, I was careful not to kill it, for 100 days, I didn’t focus on my family, my focus was on the fast, trying to make sure I killed absolutely nothing. On the 100th day of the fast, Alfred found us, he found our whereabouts and I saw them coming, I saw him coming with his men, I wanted to go attack him, to stop then from getting to our home but I stopped myself, it was the last day of my fast, I just had to pull through this day and I’ll be strong enough, strong enough to kill all of them and perhaps, the goddess was going protect us, I just had to trust her and she will protect us, so instead of fighting back, I took my family and I ran like a coward. But that was my biggest mistake, running away from a fight doesn’t solve the problem because that night, the fight found me. Alfred and his men found us, Mom and the twins father stood behind to fight while they asked me to get Bella, Brie and her Mate, Owen whom she had bonded to some months back, they asked me to get them to a safe place which I did. I got them to a safe place and when I returned, the twins father was dead and Alfred’s hand was buried deep inside my Mom’s chest, I wanted to help her but I hesitated, it was the last day of my fast and if I do this now, the past 99 days would’ve gone to waste. I hesitated for a moment, and that moment of hesitation caused me my Mom’s life, Alfred pulled out her heart, right in front of me. He was going to kill me too but there was a sudden lightening and he went back, taking my Mom’s body with him as a trophy. The goddess did protect me, but she failed to protect my family, and I completed the fast and became strong, at the cost of my own mother’s life. The next day, I saw my Mom’s decapitated head hanged on a tree in the forest for the vultures to feed on, my Mom!!” he yelled then sighed

“I waited, I waited for the night to come so I could get my revenge, I was going to go alone, but Brie’s mate, Owen, he figured out my plan and he offered to come with me, I was so foolish and I agreed, I shouldn’t have accepted his help, if I had solved my problems alone he will still be alive but I didn’t, and like a weakling I let him come with me. That night, I walked into this very Mansion that Alfred claimed as his palace and I killed everyone, every single one of them, I got to Alfred and I ripped out his heart and cut off his head just like he did to my mother. Alfred’s wife came out Landon and she asked Landon to fight me, I got ready to fight Landon, I got ready to kill him the moment he makes a move, but he didn’t, he turned back instead and he pulled out his mother’s heart and splattered it on the floor, Landon had suffered in the hands of his own parents just like I have, his parents were bloodthirsty maniacs and Landon was finally free, Landon pledged his allegiance to me and I showed him mercy but I decided Landon was going to be the last person I would ever show mercy. When I came out of the Mansion, Owen was laid on the ground, dead, I led him to this fight and he died, I decided then, I wasn’t going to put people’s lives at risk again just because of my own problems, I decided to solve my problems alone because that was how to keep everyone safe. That night changed me, I made myself strong and I became ruthless, I killed anything and anyone that threatened me, my family or my pack! I was once weak and I lost the person that mattered to me most, so I decided to protect everyone I care about by whatever means necessary, even if it meant becoming a ruthless and merciless Alpha that everyone feared because if they fear me, they won’t dare to cross me” he said

I stared at him as he told his tale
I didn’t realize when a tear fell from my eyes
I was wrong about Jayden
He isn’t ruthless
He is just…… he’s just broken…..