Forced mate episode 25

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 25💥
Luna’s POV

“Good job Luna, you did great and am proud of you” he said leaving me astonished

I stood still as he hugged me, neither moving an inch nor a muscle, I just stood there, trying to figure out if this was a dream or if am really being complimented and hugged by Jayden right now

The excitement died down and he suddenly seemed to be back to reality so he quickly let me go

“Um…. They…..they liked your design” He said

“Obviously” I nodded

There was an awkward silence for a moment

“I… I have some work to do” Jayden said as he turned to leave but I held him back

“You are just going to go?” I asked

“Am I supposed to just stand here with you then?” he asked

“No, but come on, you just pulled off a big deal and saved your company, we should celebrate”

“Celebrate?” he scoffed “Am not interested” he said and turned to leave

“Oh come on” I said as I grabbed his arm “Let’s go have some fun, we can go to the park or a restaurant or maybe a movie theater, let’s just go some fun please”


“Great! Let’s go” I said as I dragged his arm and he reluctantly followed me

Brie’s POV
I sat uncomfortably on the couch staring daggers at Bella

“Oh please, will you stop staring at me like that” she said as she concentrated on her movie

“I have an opera program to watch Bella but ever since you decided to be the stay-at-home girl, I’ve been missing them thanks to you!”

“Forget your Opera Brie, this movie? It’s so much more fun to watch” she said

“A horror movie is fun to watch?” I asked and she nodded

I sighed
“Sometimes I wonder how we ended up as twins when we are so obviously different”

“Come on, am the best twin sister you can ask for” she said and I scoffed

“And what are you two arguing about now?” Landon asked as he climbed down the stairs

“Bella wouldn’t let me watch my soap opera!” I yelled frustrated

“Because this movie is so much more better than your soap opera” Bella said

“You mean your horror movie!” I added

“Okay calm down guys” Landon said “Bella maybe you should let Brie watch her Opera, then you can watch your movie later”

“Landon!!” Bella yelled “How can you take Brie’s side so easily! I got here first and so am watching whatever I want!”

“Oh you are so rude Bella, Landon only said the truth, you know he always says the truth” I said

“Or Brie, maybe you should watch your Opera program somewhere else, there are many televisions in the house” Landon said

“Landon?!” I exclaimed

“Yes!” Bella shouted excitedly “Thank you for being such a good judge Landon, you are the best”

“How could you take Bella’s side Landon?”

“Okay, I can never settle a dispute between you two, am going to work out in the woods so have fun fighting and arguing” Landon said as he made to leave

“Wait Landon, take me with you, I rather spend the hours working out with you in woods than watching this absurd horror movie with my evil twin” I said and Bella stick out her tongue at me and I stick mine at her too

Landon sighed
“You two behave like kids sometimes” he said

“You heard that Bella? Landon said you behave like a kid and he’s very right!”

“What? I never….” Landon was saying but I grabbed is arm

“Let’s just go”

“You guys better not come back here!!” Bella yelled as we walked out

“So, are we going to punch trees again today?” I asked Landon as we walked into the woods but he remained silent

“Landon! Am speaking to you!” I said and he suddenly pulled me closer and kissed my lips
He wrapped his arm round my waist, breaking up my resistance as I slowly gave in to the the kiss

He suddenly broke up the kiss and turned back

“Am….am so sorry Brie” he said as he made to walk away but I held him back

” Not this time Landon, I won’t let you just walk away after kissing me this time, why do you always apologise and leave?!”


“I want an explanation Landon, not excuses” I said

“I…. I don’t like being alone with you” he said

“You don’t like being alone with me? What does that mean?!”

“It means I can’t control myself when am alone with you!!” he yelled “When we are around other people I can manage to keep up my guard but when we are alone? I crave for you, I crave to touch you, crave to kiss you, I…. I crave for all of you”

“I…. I don’t know what to say” I stuttered

“Then don’t say anything” he said as he made to leave again but I held him back

I moved closer to him and before I could stop myself, my lips was seeking entrance into his, I was kissing him

“I crave for you too Landon” I said and he pulled me into his embrace

Bella’s POV
I ended my movie and I looked around the almost empty house

John passed by and I stopped him

“Where’s Andre and everyone?” I asked

“They are training in the woods” John replied and I nodded

Ever since the coming of the Demon Wolf was announced, everyone has been working out pretty hard and getting prepared

I sighed
I miss him

“Shut up Bella, you miss no one” I said to myself

But it would’ve been so fun watching this horror movie with him
Watching this alone is no fun at all

“I do miss him” I admitted

“This empty house is getting me to think too much, it’s suffocating and I need to step out” I said as I stood up

I went to my room and got dressed
But where exactly will I go?

“I’ll just go to the movie theater, then I can watch some horror movie and I won’t watch it alone” I smiled

‘Are you going there cause Kilan goes there to watch some horror movies frequently?’ An inner voice in my head asked me

“What? Of course not, am just going there cause I want to watch a movie and I do not want to be alone when watching it” I defended

I walked out of the Mansion, got into one of the cars and drove out

I got to the movie theater and I paked my car in the parking lot

I involuntarily looked towards the spot I had stopped Kilan back then and my memory drifted off to how I broke his arm then found out that he’s a Werewolf

I walked towards the spot and I smiled
I really do miss him

“Bella” Someone called and I turned back to see Kilan, standing right beside his car

“Kilan” I said unsure of what to say

“I…. it’s….. Are you still angry with me?” he finally said and I remained silent

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“It’s fine then, I’ll just leave” he said as he opened his car door

“I was angry at you, you refused to tell me anything about yourself, you refused to give me an explanation, anyone would be angry about that” I said and he stopped and faced me

“I told you already, if you want us to remain friends, you cannot and must not know anything about me or the family I come from, and….. I want you to remain my friend Bella, I….. I’ve missed your company” he said

“Oh please!” I said “You didn’t miss anything about me, am sure you were too occupied with your shady stuffs to even remember me”

“If only that was true” he said

“It is true, I refused to be confused or used by you again” I said

“You think I confused you?! I’ve never lied to you Bella, every single word I spoke to has always been true and that’s why I can’t answer all your questions about me, cause I do not want to lie to you” he said and I was silent for a moment

“Why…. why did you think am here in the first place? I was reminded of you, so I drove here, to the first place I realized how crazy yet amazing you are” he said

“Why did you think I came here too? I was reminded of you too Kilan, I’ve missed your company too” I said

“So….. ”

“Friends again?” I asked

“Definitely” he nodded and I hugged him

“Why’s your body so stiff like you’ve never hugged a lady before, release those tense muscles a bit” I joked and he chuckled and became relaxed

Luna’s POV
“Let’s go take a ride in the devil’s spin” I said as I dragged Jayden round the amusement park

“You said the horse ride was going to be the last one!” he said

“Yeah maybe I did but am not an Alpha that’s always bound to fulfill his promise, am just a weak human and am allowed to break my promise so I say let’s go to the devil’s spin!” I squealed

“You should really thank the goddess that you are bonded to me” he said

“What if I wasn’t bonded to you? What would have happened?” I asked playfully

“Let’s just say it would have been a different story all together, one that definitely won’t be in your favor” he said

“I should really thank the goddess am your Mate then, but that will be after we ride the devil’s spin” I grabbed his arm and literally dragged him to the ride

We took our seat and the spin started, slowly at first, then the speed doubled by each second

“Ahhh!!!” I screamed while Jayden sat still

The ride went on for some minutes and it finally stopped
I stood up and almost fell but Jayden held me, with one hand holding my arm and the other round my waist

“Am sorry am just feeling dizzy” I said

“Such a feeble human” he said as he still held onto me

“Don’t call me feeble, am just a bit dizzy cause of the ride”

“And who suggested the ride in the first place?” He said

“Just stop talking, do not let go of me and stay still for a minute” I said and he sighed as he held me still

“You are really lucky you are my Mate” he muttered

My sight was back to normal and I was no longer dizzy
But for some reason, maybe because am enjoying the fact that he’s obeying me for the first time and just holding me still just like I told him to, I was no longer dizzy but I didn’t let him know

“Are you still dizzy?” He asked

“Yes, just stay still” I said

“Enough of all this” he said as he bent over and lifted me up

“What…. What are you doing Jayden?” I asked

He remained silent as he carried me in his arm and made me sit on a long seat in the park

“Are you still dizzy?” he asked

“No, not at all” I quickly shook my head and he chuckled

“Did you carry me up deliberately to make me uncomfortable?” I asked

“Well you also put up an act of still being dizzy when you aren’t so….” he shrugged

“You are so evil”

“That’s sounds like a compliment to me” he stood up “It’s getting dark, let’s go back home”

“No way, not yet, I haven’t had this much fun in like forever and my fun isn’t complete without a bottle of tequila” I said as I stood up
“Look” I pointed to the other side of the road “There’s an eatery and it’s still opened”


“Please, lets just go get a drink there and then we’ll go home, I promise” I pleaded

“I can’t believe am doing this” he muttered and I smiled

We went to the eatery and I ordered two bottles of tequila

“One for you, one for me” I said as I placed one bottle in front of him

“I don’t drink”

“Why? Are scared of tequila?” I laughed as I poured a little into a tumbler and gulped it

“Am not scared of anything” he said as he grabbed the bottle of tequila and drank everything at a go

“Woah, you are pretty strong” I exclaimed

“I…. I…. ” he suddenly fell on the table

“Jayden!” I tried waking him up and he suddenly sprang up

“Am awake” he smiled

“Are you…. are you drunk? So quickly?” I said and he stared at me smiling

“Who said am drunk, am perfectly fine” he said as he grabbed my bottle and emptied the content on his mouth

“No! Oh come on Jayden! I caused this, I should’ve just listened to you when you said we should go home, let’s go back home now Jayden” I said as I dragged him up by putting his hand round my shoulder and he reluctantly dragged his leg following me

“You….. are ….. much….. heavier…. than…. I expected” I strained as I got him into the front seat of the car

I got into the drivers seat and drove off into the night

I had some drink too and my sight were suddenly starting to get blurry

“Focus Luna” I said to myself

I was able to drive us safely to the Mansion and it was already pretty late

The wolves standing guard outside the Mansion helped me and we carried Jayden upstairs to his room

I sighed as I stared at him on the bed

“Who would’ve thought that the powerful and fearsome Alpha will get knocked out by a bottle of tequila” I said as I started removing my clothes

“Thank God he’s asleep, I was getting tired of always going into bathroom to get changed”

Jayden suddenly sprang up from the bed and I quickly covered myself up

“I thought you were asleep!”

“Am not drunk” he said and I scoffed

He is drunk

“Just go to bed Jayden” I said as I went to the wadrobe trying to find my nightwear

I suddenly felt a hand encircle my waist

“Jayden!!!” I exclaimed

“You are beautiful” he said

“That is definitely the tequila talking” I said

He tightened his grip round my waist and brought his face close to my neck
I could feel each breath he took as the hot air he expelled brushed against my bare neck

“Stop Jayden, I know you are drunk but you are going too far” I said as I tried to turn but I couldn’t, his grip on my waist was too strong


“I want you” he whispered and I shook my head

“No Jayden, you promised, you promised you wouldn’t touch me” I tried to break free from his grip but I couldn’t and he slowly nibbled at my neck

“Jayden stop, please stop” I pleaded as I breathed rapidly

“I want you” he repeated in a possessive tone

“Jayden…. ”
He suddenly lifted me up and threw me on the bed

I made to run but he grabbed my leg and climbed atop me, pressing me down on the bed

“Jayden please, don’t do this please, you…. you promised, you promised you wouldn’t touch me” I cried but there was no response from him
All I could hear from him was a heavy breathing filled with need
A need to claim me

Audrey’s POV
Chained against the wall, I stared into the emptiness
I had healed from the injuries Jayden inflicted on me but I was not strong enough to break free and escape on my own
I needed help

I suddenly hard some sword slashing and muffled screams outside the door
Then the door flew open and I knew it was him

The Demon Wolf
He’s here to save me……..

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