Forced mate episode 26

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 26💥
Landon’s POV

“You are getting better John” I said as I grabbed his hand and pulled him up from the ground
“At this rate, you’ll beat me in no time”

“Thanks but I still have a lot to learn” he said as he dusted the grasses off himself “Perhaps, Alpha Jayden still thinks am not good enough in duels”

“Oh please, if your goal is to satisfy Jayden then congratulations, you’ve given yourself an impossible goal that you’ll keep working on till you die” I said and John smiled

“Let’s go back to the Mansion, the sun is just coming up, we’ll continue training later” I said and he nodded

We walked towards the Mansion but something caught my attention and I stopped

“Smell that?” I sniffed

“No, my sense of smell isn’t yet as developed as yours” John said and I patted his back

“I smell blood” I said

Andre ran towards us panting

“Is there any problem Andre?” I asked

“You need to see this” he said and we accompanied him to the cottage Audrey was held captive

Many wolves had gathered around and I had to jostle through the crowd to get a good view of the scenario

“Oh my goddess!” My mouth fell wide agape

The wolves that guarded the cottage were all on the floor, throats slashed open and the blood forming a pool round their bodies

I quickly ran into the cottage and the chains were empty
She is gone
Audrey is gone

I walked back out and Andre walked up to me

“The slashed throats are cauterized with wolfsbane again Landon, he did this, The Demon Wolf” Andre said

“Audrey warned us, she told us he will come to save her, I should’ve guarded this place myself!”

“The Alpha needs to know about this” John said and I nodded

“I’ll alert him myself, you and Andre, you take care of things here, tell everyone to go back home, the Alpha will take care of this, he always does” I said and they nodded

Jayden’s POV
My head ached
My eyelids felt too heavy to open
I was reluctant to wake up but in the end I did
Opening my eyes to the blinding morning sun illuminating the room
I blinked rapidly to get my eyes adjusted to the brightness

I looked around, I was alone in the room
Where is Luna?
And why…. am I not wearing anything?

“Ahhh!” I groaned as I head a splitting headache

“Stupid tequila!” I grunted
“Why the hell did I drink that intoxicating stuff!” I sighed “She dared me, Luna dared me”

I stood up from the bed and my eyes caught a torn dress on the floor

“Luna wore this yesterday” I picked up the dress
Why is the dress ripped?
Why am I naked?
Where is Luna?
And what happened last night?

I went into the shower cubicle and let the warm water spray over me as I tried to remember
The splitting headache came again
And then the memories came in flashes, Luna’s screams filled my ears and I cringed

I…… I forced myself on her!
I….. I hurt her

I left the shower, wore my clothes and dashed out of the room

I bumped into Landon on the stairs

“I was coming to meet you Jayden, Audrey…..”

“Where’s Luna?” I asked

“Audrey escaped Jayden” Landon said

“Where’s Luna!!!” I yelled

“I….. I saw her driving out at dusk” he said and I superspeed out

I got to the road that led out of the woods and I stopped
Where could she have gone?

“Daisy” I said
That’s the only place she can go, her friend’s

I was going to superspeed to Daisy’s but there were too many eyes around so I stopped a cab

I got to Daisy’s place and knocked on the door

“Luna!!” I called out

The door suddenly opened and Daisy came to view

“She doesn’t want to see you” Daisy said

“I have to see her” I said

“I won’t let you see her you ravager!!”

“I need to see her!!!” I yelled as I pushed her aside and forced me way in

I could hear her heartbeat in one of the rooms
I trailed the sound and I got to a door
I could hear her sobs right outside the door and I halted

“She really doesn’t want to see you Jayden, she’s broken” Daisy said

“I hurt her”

“Yes you did, how could you take advantage of her like that, you defiled her!” Daisy said

“I didn’t know what I was doing! I was not in control”

“Well she is hurt” Daisy said “Thanks to your inability to control yourself, hurtful memories that she had managed to buried was brought back to the surface”

“Hurtful memories?” I asked and she nodded

“When Luna and I were in highschool, she was raped by a guy called Micheal Atwood, he was the captain of the basketball team and Luna was just a virgin teenage girl, yet Micheal forced himself on her and he defiled her, Luna was damaged, she wouldn’t speak to anyone and she became a shadow of herself but I helped her and she was finally able to bury the awful memories in the past and move forward. What you did to her brought back those awful memories Jayden, you forced yourself on her, just like Michael did!”

“The highschool you attended with Luna, what was the name?” I asked

“Raven High, why are you asking?” She asked

“Take care of Luna, I will be back” I said and walked out

Daisy’s POV
I watched as he left in anger
God knows what he’s going to do
I sighed

I slowly opened the door to Luna’s room
She was still crouched down beside the bed, her head placed on top of her knees, giving off a silent sob

“Luna” I called and she looked up
Her eyes were all puffed up from crying

“How long are you going to cry Luna?” I sat on the floor beside her
“You are strong Luna, you can overcome this just like you did back then” I said

“I am not strong Daisy” she sobbed “I thought I was strong but that was a facade I deceived everyone with including myself. Why do you think I never dated anyone after that incident with Michael? It was because I never overcame it, all I did was lock it away and pretend like nothing like that ever happened but last night….. last night I relived every moment of that memory Daisy, every single moment of that dreadful memory” Tears streamed down her face and I hugged her

“You are strong Luna, wether you overcame it or you locked it up, what matters is that you shoved your bad memories away and lived your life the way you wanted, that is what matters Luna, you’ve always thrived above your bad situations, do not let yourself be imprisoned by self-doubt now”

“You think I can survive this?” she asked and I nodded

“You are a fighter Luna, you’ve always fought your way through the hardships life threw at you, so that’s exactly what you’ll do now, fight your way through this” I said and she hugged me again

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“Thank you so much Daisy, you are the only one that really supports me” she said and I smiled

“So no more tears?” I asked

“No more tears” She nodded

“So now that your spirit is lifted up a bit, Jayden was here not long ago” I said and she gasped

“He looked really sorry Luna, you said it yourself, he was drunk, he wouldn’t have forced himself on you if he was in control of his actions” I explained

“Why are you pleading for Jayden? You never really liked him” she said and I nodded

“Yes but the expression on his face this morning when he came? It was that of a man worried sickly about the woman he loves” I said and she scoffed

“Jayden doesn’t love me, if anything, he sees me as a burden” Luna said

“Am sure you’ll think twice about that if you saw how he was this morning”

“What did you tell him when he came?” Luna asked

“That you didn’t want to see him” I said “Oh, I might have also told him about the incident between you and Michael in highschool”


“Am sorry, I know that was really personal for you but I was so angry for what he did to you and I wanted to make him feel bad” I said and she sighed

“What did he say when you told him?”

“He asked for the highschool you went to”

“The high school we went to?” Luna asked and I nodded

“Then he walked out angrily saying he’ll be back” I said and Luna sprang up

“Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?!!”

“What exactly was I supposed to tell you earlier?” I asked

“He is going to go after Michael!” Luna said

“He doesn’t even know where Michael is and neither do we” I said

“Oh that won’t stop him Daisy, if anyone can find someone in a very short time, it’s Jayden”

“Okay let’s assume he does find him, Michael deserves every punishment he might get from Jayden, that guy was a complete jerk to you” I said

“If it was just some punishment Daisy, I wouldn’t mind but Jayden….. He always goes extreme when he’s angry so we need to find that jerk before Jayden does”

“So how do we find the scumbag? I mean Michael” I asked

“You are still in contact with some of our high school mates, make some phone calls and find his address” Luna said and I sighed


Jayden’s POV
I had gone to Raven High and asked about Michael Atwood
Being Jayden Ashford, a well known CEO, it wasn’t difficult to get his address from the school

I stood in front of an apartment
So this is his house
I kicked the door open and walked in

“Hey who are you? Don’t you know how to use the doorbell?” A man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties asked as he walked out of one of the inner rooms

“Michael Atwood?” I asked

“Yes” he nodded “And who are you?”

“Oh am the the devil coming for reckoning” I said as I grabbed his throat and he choked

“What….. what are….. you doing?” he stuttered

“Remember Luna Wilsford? You molested her in high school?” I asked

“I don’t know…… I don’t know what you are talking about” he said

“You see Michael, you can’t go around hurting anyone you want, there are some people, you shouldn’t mess with, Luna was one of them” I said as I tightened my grip on his throat

“Are….. you….. going to…… kill me?” he asked

“Well yes of course, but you hurt someone I care about so I don’t plan on showing you mercy, I will make you suffer, so much even the devil will weep on your behalf” I said as I threw him and he landed on a table, breaking the table to the ground

“Oops, poor table got broken” I grabbed his collar and pulled him up

“Please, please am so sorry, I remember Luna Wilsford, I….. I was just coming out of my teenage years and I was filled with pride, I didn’t know better and am sorry, please do not kill me” he pleaded

“The damage has already been done, your apology matters no more” I said as I threw him up and he landed on the ground with a thud

“Please…. please”

“Which of your arm shall I break first?” I asked as I grabbed his right arm

“No, no please….. Aaahhhhh!!!” he screamed as I broke his right arm

“Your screams are like music to my ears” I smile as I grabbed his left arm and bent it down

“Aaaahhhh” he screamed again as his left arm broke

He sprawled on the floor in agony with his broken arms

“Are you already tired? Well am just getting started Michael, should I move on to your legs now?”

“No, no” he tried to crawl away but I grabbed his leg

“Where are you going Michael, I told you, am just getting started”

“Jayden stop!!” Luna yelled as she ran in with Daisy

“You will not hurt him anymore” She said

“He hurt you Luna”

“And you are supposed to punish him by breaking his arms and legs?” she asked

“Oh this is more than just breaking of arms and legs, this is to be a slow and painful execution” I said as I grabbed micheal’s throat, lifting him up to his toes

“Am sorry….. am sorry Luna….. please….. please save me” Michael pleaded

“Put him down Jayden!” Luna said

“After I kill him? Yes I will” I said


“He used you!!!” I yelled “He took advantage of you and he hurt you!!”

“You did the same to me last night!!” Luna yelled “You are in no position to punish him Jayden, not when you are guilty of exactly what you are punishing him for”

“Luna I…..”

“If you want my forgiveness, you will let him go” she said

I stared at her for a moment and then I looked at Michael

“You must have done a good deed in your past life to be so lucky, you escaped death today but if you ever defile anyone, if you ever force yourself on anyone, I will find you, and I will inflict on you a pain so much you’ll wish I had just killed you today” I said as I let him go and he fell on the floor

Daisy ran to Michael and examined him

“Let’s go” I said to Luna

“You guys go on, I’ll take care of Michael” Daisy said and Luna followed me out

“Get in” Luna said as she entered the car and I sat in the front seat with her

“What in the world were you thinking hurting him like that?!” Luna said

“I was thinking that I was going to kill him”

“Does everything has to do with killings when it comes to you? You can punish someone without killing him but you always go overboard” she said

“Because he hurt you! He doesn’t deserve a simple punishment” I said

“And when did you begin to care so much about me and my well being?!”

“You are my Mate, the Luna of the Crescent Moon Pack, no one will hurt you I and go unpunished” I said and she scoffed

“You hurt me almost everyday and you go unpunished, should I also punish you then?”

“I was not in control yesterday and I did something I wasn’t supposed to, I violated you and I broke the promise I made to never touch you in that way, for breaking my promise I will agree to whatever punishment you meet out” I said

“You really want me to punish you?” She asked

“Mistakes comes with punishment, if anyone makes a mistake then he should be punished, even if it is me”

“Fine then” she said “Here’s my punishment, from now onwards, treat me as an equal and be nice to me”

“That’s absurd, you are….”

“A weakling? Yeah you will never call me that again, that’s your punishment for what you did” she said and I sighed

“Fine, I’ll…… I’ll be nice to you” I said

“And treat me as your equal” Luna added with a smile

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked

“Who wouldn’t enjoy this?! I mean am punishing the ruthless Alpha everyone fears, I find this really fun” she laughed and a smile crept to my face

Her smile brightened me up
Am glad that she isn’t sad anymore
Seeing her sad made feel something I thought I was no longer capable of feeling, compassion….