Forced mate episode 29

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 29💥
Jayden’s POV

“I just witnessed your death” Luna said in a shaky voice

“My death?”

“I saw you die Jayden! Someone ripped out your heart and you died!” tears rolled down her face

“How do you know that?”

“I saw it, when we kissed and I closed my eyes, it was like my mind fled to the future and I saw you being killed” she said

“It must have been your imagination Luna”

“It was not!!” she yelled “It felt real Jayden, you were killed and I felt an agony unlike ever before, you were killed and I was broken, I witnessed it, I felt it!!”


“It was under a night sky and the moon was full, you must not go anywhere at night from now on Jayden, I won’t let you ever go out at night” she said rapidly looking terrified

“You have to calm down Luna”

“You can not die!!” she yelled “We have to do everything to prevent what I saw from happening, everything!”

“It was only dream Luna”

“You promised me, you promised to treat me as your equal, and now an telling you that we are all in danger, you have to believe me” she said

“Okay, fine, let’s assume what you saw is really the future but I can’t always stay indoors at night, 3 days from now will be the night of The Hunt, I will have to go out that night” I said and she looked at me wide-eyed

“The night of what?” She asked

“The full moon night, the night of The Hunt” I repeated

“No, no no” her voice quavered

“What’s wrong?”

“I had a dream before, a voice told me stuffs I didn’t understand but now, I think I…. I understand clearly” she said

“What did the voice tell you?” I asked

“Every action bears a brunt
On the night of The Hunt
When darkness begins to converge
The Demon Wolf shall emerge” she said
“Do you know what that means?”

“Luna it’s just a dream”

“The Demon Wolf will come for you on the night of The Hunt and he will rip out your heart just like I witnessed” she said

“Come on Luna…..”

“You must run, we all must run if we want to survive, if you stay and the Demon Wolf comes, he will kill us all! We have to leave, go and call everyone Jayden we have to run away right now, before he comes, before he kills you” she said terrified and I held her shoulders

“You are freaking out Luna, you have to calm down” I said

“No, you don’t understand, we have to run, we……”

“No one is running anywhere!!!” I yelled and she flinched “If what you say is true, whoever this Demon Wolf is, if he really is coming to get me on the night of The Hunt then let him come”


“I will go out on the night of The Hunt and if The Demon Wolf comes, he shall fall by my hand” I said

“And what if you fall by his?” Luna asked

“I do not entertain the thought of failure Luna, I am not afraid”

“Still, we should run Jayden or let Landon alert your wolves, you must not fight the Demon Wolf alone” she said

“Running and hiding solves nothing, I’ve learnt that the hard way!! Everyone is already terrified including Landon, I will not scare them more by telling them of The Demon Wolf’s coming, The Hunt will hold on the full moon night and if the Demon Wolf appears, I will fight him alone so you must promise me Luna, no one else must hear this, this news will stay between us, only us” I said and she shook her head

“No, no I can’t, we need to ask for help, you can’t do this alone” she said

“The last time someone helped me in a fight, he died! Owen died and Brie was broken, I won’t let anyone else meet that fate again because of me, lots of my wolves have died in the hands of the Demon Wolf but no more Luna, the next time he appears, I will face him myself, so promise me this stays between us” I said

“No Jay…..”

“Promise me!!!” I yelled and she shuddered

She stared at me for some moments then sighed

“Fine” she said as she looked into my eyes “I’ll won’t let anyone else know of this but in return, I want you to teach me, teach me how to fight”

“Luna, you are…..”

“I told you never to call me weak! You are to treat me as your equal, that was the deal remember?” she said

“Why do you want to learn how to fight?” I asked

“When the Demon Wolf comes, you will fight him alone but I want to have your back, when you fight the Demon Wolf to protect your pack, I will fight to protect you” she said

“No, I will never agree for you to put your life at risk”

“Then I will tell everyone that cares to hear what I know, you want me to keep my mouth shut them you’ll have to teach me” she said and I sighed

“Fine, I’ll teach you, I’ll teach you how to fight”

“Great, we’ll start in the morning” she said and I nodded

Brie’s POV
It was morning and I left my room to the kitchen to assist the workers in preparing breakfast

We set the table and breakfast was almost ready

“Good morning Brie” Bella said as she climbed down the stairs

“How is it that you are always on time when it comes to breakfast?” I asked

“Well I like to be punctual” she said as she sat down

“No sitting yet, you should call Jayden and Luna, let them know breakfast is ready” I said

“Are you sure I should go meet those two? They seem to be in a really heated argument last night and I certainly do not want to interfere” Bella said

“There won’t be any need for you to interfere, they seem to be all good now, look” I said to Bella and she turned back

Jayden and Luna were both coming down the stairs

“You guys coming for breakfast?” I asked

“Not yet” they both said as they walked out

“What is going on between those two?” Bella gave a suspicious look

“I don’t know but am just glad they are no longer at each other’s neck” I replied

“Well, let’s eat breakfast now, I have somewhere to be in less than an hour” she said

“These days, you always have somewhere to be”

“And am sure you are happy about that, when am out, we don’t have to fight over the television and you get to watch your boring soap operas with no disturbance” she said and I scoffed

“At least you acknowledged you are a disturbance” I muttered

Landon and Andre soon joined us and we ate breakfast together

Minute later, Bella stood up
“Am done here, I have to go dress up” she said and quickly walked upstairs

“Thanks for the food Brie” Andre said as he emptied his plate

“You seem to have enjoyed your food” I said and he nodded

“You are always a good cook. I have to go meet with John, we are planning a practice duel for today” Andre said as he stood up

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“Do go easy on John” I said

“Guy is already getting strong, he might really beat me up if I go easy” Andre said as he walked out and I smiled

Landon and I were left alone on the table and the atmosphere was awkwardly silent

“I challenged Jayden to a race” he said

“Race? Why?” I asked

“To obtain his approval, if I emerge victorious on the race, he’ll not object if I claim or get bonded to you” he said

“Bonded?!” I exclaimed

“You don’t want us to get bonded?” he asked

“It’s….. I…. I had a mate Landon, I am already bonded” I said

“You deserve another chance at happiness Brianna, let me make you happy again” he said

“Landon am not….. am not ready for this” I said and he sighed

“Fine, I will give you some time and pace but I will compete against Jayden no matter what you say, I will get his approval”

“This is absurd Landon, you can never win against Jayden” I said and he smiled

“You underestimate me Brianna, you really underestimate me” he said and walked out

I sighed softly
I do like Landon but getting bonded? I already feel enough guilt for Owen
I can’t just forget Owen and get bonded to another, I can’t

Jayden’s POV
“Here” I said as I threw a stick at Luna and she caught it

“Nice” I said

“I used to be a gymnast” she said

“Let’s see how good you are then, come at me” I said

“You want me to fight you?” she asked and I nodded

“Show me what you’ve got” I said

“Okay then, do not blame me if you get injured”

She ran towards me aiming her long stick at my face and I stood still, just when she was about to strike me, she stopped for a moment and I grabbed her hand and twisted it back

“Ahhh!” she groaned and I let her go

“You hesitated!” I said

“You were just standing still, I didn’t want to hurt you!!” she said

“Fear is the beginning of failure, in a battlefield, the moment you hesitate you are dead! And you can never hurt me Luna so try again” I said as I gave her back her stick

Bella’s POV
“This is my second time in your house” I said as I sat on the couch

“The first time wasn’t so good was it?” Kilan asked

“Considering the fact that you snapped my neck the previous night, no it wasn’t that good” I replied

“Well you payed me back, you went all crazy on me when you woke up” he said and I nodded

“It was a well deserved action”
“So….. What secret of yours are we going to unravel today?” I asked and he hesitated

“Kilan” I called “We talked about this remember? We agreed to do this” I said and he nodded

“I have a sister” he said

“And?” I asked and he remained quiet “Is that all? You have a sister?”

“Yeah, it is a secret and you said one secret a day so your turn” he said and I shook my head

“You think you are smart huh” I said and he chuckled “Well, I have a sister too, a twin sister”

“You are twin?!” he looked surprised

“Yeah, she’s a very troublesome one” I said

“Am not surprised, she is your twin after all” he said and I laughed

“About your sister, are you guys close?” I asked

“It’s complicated” he said

“Fine, we won’t force this, like I said before, we’ll take this slowly” I said and he smiled

“You seem that be smiling frequently this days” I said as I noticed his smile

“I can’t help it, you make me want to smile” he said

“Okay that’s….that was a bit romantic” I said

“Was it? Did I make your heart flutter?” he asked

“No you didn’t”

“The truth, Isabella Ashford” he said

“Okay, fine, maybe my heart did flutter, just a tiny little bit” I said and we both laughed

Brie’s POV
I sat on the couch staring into the nothingness as my mind wandered afar

“What’s up with you?” Bella asked as she came to sit beside me, jerking me from my thoughts

“Nothing” I said quickly

“I’ve noticed you for the past two days Brie, you always zone out whenever you are alone, the pack is preparing for The Hunt that will hold tomorrow night but you aren’t even partaking in the activities like you used to, what’s wrong?” she asked

“Bella” I called and she looked at me

“Spill it Brie, what’s wrong?” she asked

“Landon wants to get bonded to me”

“Oh my goddess!!” Bella exclaimed “This is good news”

“Good news?” I asked taken aback

“Of course, the goddess is finally giving you a chance to find happiness again Brie so of course this is good news” she said

“But….. but what about Owen?”

“I know what you are thinking Brie, Owen will always remain your first mate but he’s dead now Brie, you’ve mourned him for years, it’s time to move on now, you should grab this chance with Landon and be happy” Bella said

“What if Landon isn’t meant for me? What if the goddess hasn’t destined us to be together?” I asked

“Then let’s go ask the goddess” Bella said as she stood up “The moon goddess’s shrine isn’t that far away”

“I guess you are right, it’s better to hear the priestess opinion first” I said as I stood up too

“And maybe along with enquiring about you and Landon being destined, I could also ask some personal questions” she said

“You mean you also want to ask the priestess if the mysterious guy you’ve been meeting with is your destined Mate?” I said and she laughed

“Let’s go”

We left the Mansion to the goddess’s shrine

“What brings the Ashford twins to my domain today?” the priestess asked

“I have some questions” I said

“Everyone has questions Brianna, few ever find the right answers but go on, what is your question?” she asked

“I was once Mated, years ago, it was a union the goddess approved of but then he died and I’ve mourned him for years but recently, I find myself being attracted to another priestess, I want to know if the goddess is really giving me a second chance at happiness with a new mate” I said

She stared at me for some moments then she faced Bella

“And I suppose you have a question too?” she asked and Bella nodded

“I’ve never fancied this mating stuff, if I had my way, my plan was to never get mated but then I met this guy, a very mysterious guy if I might add, every moment I spend him, I feel my wolf yearning for him, I want to know if he’s my destined Mate” Bella said

The priestess stared at both of us and sighed softly

“I look into the future and it seems very dark for both of you, the fate of the Ashford twins is one that’s too sad to tell. One shall live alone, without a mate and one shall die alone, without a mate, that is the cruel ending fate has condemned you two to. Now if I may, tomorrow is the night of The Hunt and I have a lot of preparations to do” she said and slowly walked away…..


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