Forced mate episode 33

💢Forced mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 33💥
Luna’s POV

“There are many supernatural beings in this world” Daisy said “When the werewolves first emerged they oppressed the humans because we were weak and powerless, to balance the powers, The Sisters were created”

“The Sisters?” I asked

“They are human but blessed with the power of witchcraft and sorcery, and their soul aim is to keep the humans safe, I am one of The Sisters, and so are you, well in a way” she said
“The Sisters are pure beings dedicated to the course of keeping the human race safe. Each of us multiplied by getting married to a human and bearing a female child, rarely do a Sister give birth to a male child, that was how the almighty ordained it, it always has to be a female child and it was always a female child. But one day, one of us gave birth to a male child, the child was ordered to be killed because a male child who inherited the powers of a Sister grows up with so much power, one more powerful than any of the powers we have ever witnessed and in time, the powers will consume him and he will become the dark version of himself. The mother of the male child didn’t want her child to be killed, she took the baby and escaped into the night. The Sisters hunted her and the baby for years but they couldn’t find her and when the baby grew up, he was just like the Sisters predicted, dark and evil. He kept his identity hidden and he seduced one of the most powerful Sisters we had then, impregnating her, that Sister was your mother Luna and the outcasted baby is your father, Richard. When your mother found out the identity of man she had spent the night with, she was devastated and when the Sisters found out too, they were furious at your mother but she was a very powerful and highly ranked Sister so she wasn’t punished, instead they waited for your mother to give birth for them to kill the baby, the baby is an outgrowth of an abomination, it could not be allowed to live regardless of the gender it might turn out to be. But your mother wasn’t so keen on giving her child away so before she gave birth, she escaped from the Sisters clutches and delivered the baby, she delivered you. When Richard came back and couldn’t find your mother, he attacked the Sisters, some Sisters were able to flee but those that met with Richard were offered two choices, it was either they stood by his side and he’ll gift them more power or they die a miserable death, and that was how the Sisters splitted, those that decided to stand beside Richard became polluted by his magic and we call them the Dark Sisters. Those Sisters that were able to flee got stronger and resumed their hunt, both for Richard and for your mother and you”

“So that was why my Mom always made us move from place to place, because we were being chased by the Sisters, because they wanted to kill me! You said you are a Sister too, did your people sent you to approach me and kill me?” I asked

“If I wanted to kill you Luna, you’ll be long dead. When I met you, I had no idea you were the miraculous baby my people were hunting for, not until I saw your mother. When I found out who you are, I wanted to report to the Sisters but I also knew they’ll kill you immediately I tell them about you and I had gotten to like you, you were such an innocent soul and one would hardly believe you are an offspring of such an evil man, so instead of reporting, I decided to stay by your side and watch the kind of person you grow up to be, if you grow to take after your father then I was going to kill you myself but if you remained innocent, then my people were wrong and I will never tell them I find you” Daisy said

“So my mother was a powerful witch and my father is a very powerful villan with overwhelming dark powers. If I inherited both my parents powers why did it take so long for it to manifest in me? And since I inherited my father’s dark powers, will I also be consumed by the powers just like it consumed him? Will I also become evil just like him?”

“I wondered too, if you were really a child with great powers, why haven’t none of it shown yet? But I suspected your powers took so long to show up cause your mother locked them inside of you and it only came out now cause your body is strong enough to house your powers and your powers doesn’t condemn you to an evil life Luna cause along with your father’s great dark powers, you also have light within you, your mother’s magic lives in you too, she is your light” Daisy said

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We remained silent for a moment
We were all seated in the cottage by the lakeside
Jayden who was brutally wounded and couldn’t walk without the support of a staff was just staring into the empty space
And Brie, her face had three long and deep cut across it and she wouldn’t let anyone touch her
I found out who I am but at what cost?

Landon’s POV
“What happened Richard? How did they all just disappear like that?!!” I yelled

“She’s powerful” Richard said “She’s too powerful, even more than me so if she won’t support me, she’ll have to die”

“So Luna is a witch” I said

“She’s my daughter and she’s a powerful sorceress” Richard said

I sighed and looked around
Audrey was still on the ground writhing in pain, one of her hands had been ripped out by Jayden

“Just heal Audrey and stop the blood from flowing” I said then I walked towards Kilan who was still crying over Bella’s dead body

“I have no idea what kind of what relationship existed between you and Bella but man up Kilan, am sure Jayden will be back, and he will back stronger, so be prepared” I said as carried Bella’s body from him

“He will be back, for his pack and for his sister’s dead body, this will serve as a bait to lure him to us” I said as I walked away with Bella’s dead body

Luna’s POV
Brie locked herself inside one of the rooms in the cottage and I went to meet Jayden in the other room
He was struggling to stand up with his staff and I quickly went to support him

“Where are you going? You are still weak and you haven’t healed”

“Leave me alone!” he yelled pushing me away

He clinged to his stick and began to move forward


“Bella is dead!!!” he yelled “They captured my whole pack and killed my sister!! They will have to be punished, Bella must be avenged!”

“I understand what you are saying but think straight Jayden, you are brutally wounded and I don’t understand why are you aren’t healing, you are still weak Jayden, you….”

“I am not weak!!” he yelled “I am not weak” He repeated softly and limped out with the support of his stick

Kilan’s POV
I went back to our pack, to the family mansion and I began packing my clothes
Then Audrey walked in
She didn’t look so good
She lost an arm

“I was looking for you” she said and then noticed I was packing
“Are you going somewhere?” She asked but I remained silent and continued packing

“Am talking to you Kilan!” she said “Is this because I killed Bella?”

“I told you not to touch her!!” I yelled

“I had to kill her Kilan, she’s the enemy!” Audrey said

“She’s not the enemy to me!!”

“So you are leaving? You’ll leave me just because I killed Bella?” she asked

“You should be grateful am just leaving and not killing you” I said and she scoffed

“Stop this nonsense and come to your senses, Jayden is still out there, we haven’t avenged our father and….and I lost one arm Kilan, am not as powerful in a fight with just one arm, I need you to protect me” she said

“I knew you were like this, when things don’t go your way you always needed me to fix it, and like a fool I did, I was never close with father, you were father’s favourite child and I was the outcast of the family, you dragged me into this revenge circle and into this mess, you dragged me into this yet you ripped out the heart of the only person I ever felt any connection with, out of respect for bloodline I will not kill you, but if I can do anything to bring your downfall I will, I will make you miserable Audrey, you are not my sister anymore” I said as I dragged my luggage out of the room

She grabbed my arm and looked at me with teary eyes
“Don’t Kilan, you are the only family I have left, I need you, I need you by my side Kilan, without you I’ll be broken”

“You broke me first Audrey” I jerked off her hand and walked out…..

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