Forced mate episode 34

💢Forced mate💢
Married To The Alpha
💥Chapter 34💥

Jayden’s POV
I limped with the support of my staff into the forest
I didn’t know where I was going, I just wandered on
How could he? How could Landon betray me so
And Bella, she must be avenged, I must find Landon and make him suffer
I limped on, falling and standing continuously
Why are my wounds not healing

“Why!!!” I yelled falling on my knees

I looked around and realized I was close to the goddess’s shrine
I grabbed my stick from the ground and clung onto it with all zeal
I must ask her
I must ask the goddess why she decided to make me miserable once again
I got to the goddess’s shrine and fell on my knees

“How the mighty have fallen” The priestess said walking towards me

“What have I done? Why must the goddess punish me so? Why did she allow my sister to be taken away from me? Why?!” I cried

“Your pride Jayden, your stubbornness and ego, it caused all this, years ago before you became an Alpha, you came to meet me, demanding for more power so you could protect your family and the goddess gave you exactly what you asked for, she made you powerful and you were able to get your revenge against those that harmed your family, you got your revenge but you failed to kill the one person that mattered, you killed everyone else but spared the one person that was destined to bring you doom, I told you didn’t I, I told you the Demon Wolf is your undoing, if you killed Landon then, this would never have emerged, I told you before and I will repeat it again, The Demon Wolf is your destiny and he is your doom” she said “Now if I may leave, your pathetic sight makes me really uncomfortable”

She turned to leave but I quickly grabbed her leg
“Please” I cried “Help me”

“You saved Landon that night, you spared him and brought him under your wings, this is your burden Jayden, and you must bear it alone” she said

“They killed my sister!! They killed Bella so I have to avenge her, I must avenge her please, help me” I cried

“Remember what I told you once? I told you a day will come and you’ll be in tears and on your knees seeking for the goddess’s help but you totally thought I was spurting rubbish”

“I have been unreasonable and arrogant, I disrespected the goddess and I acknowledge my mistake, if not for me but for my pack help me save them, all their lives they’ve worshipped the goddess and respected her, do not punish them for my mistake please” I pleaded

The priestess stared at me for minute
“Your wound is not healing because your wolf is wounded emotionally, I cannot help you Alpha, once again, you underestimated your helper and ignored them, the only person that can help you is the most powerful sorceress of the human race, she has an insurmountable power one even greater than mine, she’s your Luna, go back to her so you shall be saved” she said and walked away

Luna’s POV
I paced around the cottage and Daisy walked up to me
“Luna, what’s wrong?” Daisy asked

“Everything is happening so fast it’s hard to comprehend, I just saw my father and also found out am a witch last night, Landon turned on us, we lost Bella, the whole pack has being captured and Jayden is off to God knows where alone and he hasn’t healed, I fear he might make a rash decision and put himself in danger”

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“You know when you told me you are getting married to Jayden, it was obvious something was wrong so I did a solo background check and found out he’s a werewolf Alpha, a powerful one at that, I realized he was forcing you into the marriage and I really wanted to help but I decided to let you handle it alone, hardships makes you stronger and as you grow strong, your powers grow too. This hardship will only make you stronger and do not worry about Jayden, he’s an Alpha and he will do the best for his pack, that am sure of” Daisy said and walked back inside

I waited outside, pacing and waiting
Where are you Jayden?

I got tired of waiting so I walked off into the woods to look for Jayden

“Jayden!!” I called as I walked farther into the woods


“Luna?” I heard a weak voice and I turned back to see Jayden limping towards me

“Oh Jayden!” I ran to hug him “I was so worried, you went off like that and I thought your anger was going to get the best of you and you’ll do something unreasonable, thank God you didn’t”

“Am sorry Luna, am so sorry” he hugged me tighter

There was a sudden thunder strike and I felt a chill through my body
I could feel a presence behind me, I wanted to turn back and look but Jayden was still hugging me tightly


“Don’t look back, stay still” he said

I heard a sudden laughter resonating round the woods

“Jayden what’s going on? There….there are people behind me right? Who….. Who are they?” I stuttered

“We are the Sisters of the light” they spoke in an echoing voice of three

“The…..the Sisters?!” I cringed and Jayden hugged me tighter

“What do you want from us?” Jayden asked

“Jayden Ashford, how the mighty have fallen, you were once so proud and ruthless, what happened to all the pride and ego” they mocked

“This will be the last time I’ll ask, what do you want from us” Jayden asked again

“And if we do not answer, what power do you have over us? You are broken and weak, in case you haven’t noticed, you are not as you use to be” they said

“Enough!” I yelled breaking out of Jayden’s hug and turning to face them
“I will not have you mock my husband!”

There were three women just like I suspected, and they were dressed in all white

“Luna Wilsford” One said
“The wild flower we’ve been searching for” the second said
“And finally, you have been found”

“You will do nothing to her! I might be a bit down right now but I have a long history of protecting those I love and I promise you, am quite good at that, if you touch even a strand of Luna’s hair, I will come for you, and I will end you” Jayden said

“The ferociousness with which you two protect each other, it’s admirable” They said

“We are not here for a fight” one said
“We are here to help” the second said
“We are after the one that calls himself your father” the third said

“Richard?” I asked and they nodded

“Just like you dear Alpha, we also have a long history of protecting what we love, and for those that hurts us, we chase them to the end of the world, till we get our revenge. Richard was meant to be sacrificed at birth, his birth was a sacrilege, but he escaped our grasped and he lived, yet he came back to impregnate one of our own, a powerful one at that, the plan was to kill you whenever we found you Luna, cause you are an outgrowth of a sacrilege, but you are also your mother’s daughter too, and she was a great human, so we shall let you live, on the condition that you shall only use your power for the good of others, the moment you use it otherwise, we shall find you and we will do what we planned to do in the beginning, kill you”

“I….You don’t even have to worry about that, I don’t even know how to use my powers at will, it just comes and goes” I said

“You said you are after Richard right?” Jayden asked

“Yes, is there any problem?”

“I know where Richard is right now, he joined forces with someone I thought I could trust and they attacked my Pack, Richard is my enemy too, so what do you say we join forces to get back at those that hurt us?” Jayden asked

“You were angry with us a minute ago, now you want us to join forces, very unexpected from someone as prideful as you” they said

“Times change, the life of my whole pack is on the line so pride is something I cannot afford right now, unexpected problems calls for unexpected allies, perhaps, am sure you are not a stranger to the saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so what do you say?” Jayden asked extending a handshake

“You preceed your reputation Jayden, even in weakness you refuse to give up. You have spoken like true Alpha, the enemy of my enemy is my friend indeed” they said in unison and the second lady shook Jayden’s hand

“Allies” she said….

……to be continued…….