Forced mate episode 35

💢Forced Mate 💢
Married To The Alpha
💥 Chapter 35💥

Landon’s POV
“Are you okay Landon?” Audrey asked on seeing me pacing around the room

“I can’t figure out he’s thinking”

“Who?” Audrey asked

“Who else, Jayden of course!!” I yelled “I killed his sister and captured his pack, why isn’t he here for revenge yet, why?!!”

“Maybe you just calm…”

“Don’t you dare tell me to calm down! I want to know the moves of my enemies before they make it, now I’ve known Jayden since childhood, he’s not one to keep silent after something like this, I expected him to rush back here to fight me but he’s not doing that and I don’t know why, I need to know what he’s thinking!!!”


“Spread out the words far and wide, I want Jayden here by nightfall, after nightfall, every hour that passes without me having Jayden under my grasp, I’ll kill one of his pack and hang the head outside for the vultures to feed on, go and spread the word” I said with a tone of finality

Jayden’s POV
I entered the room and Luna followed me in

“You made a risky decision today” she said

“It was necessary” I replied as I sat on the bed and she sat beside me

“Where did you go to before? When you barged out of the house like that, I was so worried, I thought you were going to do something risky”

“I went to meet the priestess and we had a talk” I replied and Luna nodded

“You look tired” she said

“Yes, my wounds aren’t healing”

“Up till now, why isn’t it healing?!” She asked with all worry written on her face

“The priestess said my wolf is wounded, and unless it heals, my injuries will remain the same”

“You need to heal for you to be strong, how do we make your wolf heal?” she asked and I stared at her for a while

“What’s wrong? How do we make your wolf heal?” she asked again

“Forget it” I said as I made to lay down but she held my hand

“Why don’t you want to tell me what we need to do for your wolf to heal?!”

“Because you won’t be able to do it!” I replied sharply

“What won’t I be able to do?”

“When we got mated, I told you the mating bond connects the wolf with his mate right?” I asked and she nodded
“The mating bond goes the deeper than you can imagine, it…..”

“Just go straight to the point, what do I need to do for your wolf to heal?” she asked and I sighed

“I need to claim you, the touch of a bonded mate has a lot of powers for the mate”

“By claiming, you mean sleeping together?” she asked

“Not just sleeping together, I’ll need to feel you, taste you, all of you” I said and she hesitated
“It’s okay if you aren’t ready to go that far, am not forcing you and I will never force you”

I made to lay on the bed again but I noticed her removing the buttons of her clothes. Her blouse went down first, then slowly she slipped her trouser down
I watched with all interest as she undressed, I was amazed, amazed that she was really doing this and amazed at the beauty am beholding
I claimed her before yes, but I was drunk and I barely knew what I was doing, I didn’t notice this beauty then
She was totally naked in front of me and I couldn’t take my eyes off.
Her full and standing bréàst, her smooth and shiny skin, her curvy and beautiful hips, her smooth and straight legs, they all screamed for attention

“How long are you going to leave me standing like this and continue staring?” she asked pulling me from the rollercoaster of my thoughts


“Did I make the great Alpha Jayden speechless” she said and I smiled and stood up

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I slowly walked towards her and held her hand
“You are beautiful” I said

“Really? You use to tell me you aren’t interested in me at all, you said am not your type”

“That was….. I didn’t love you then” I said

“So you love me now?”

“With all my heart” I replied and she smiled

“So how do we do the claiming stuff?” she asked

“You really want to do this?”

“Yes, show me how it’s done, make me enjoy it” she said

“Okay” I nodded
I bent a bit and lifted her up in my arm

“What….what are you doing, you are atill wounded” she said

“I can still carry you” I said as I laid her on the bed

“You ready?” I asked again

“I told you before, I’ve never really enjoyed this before, I have always been forced, but I want it now, so make me enjoy it” she said and I placed a kiss on her lips

She lifted her head up and her lips met mine and slowly, I lost myself in the ecstasy of the kiss
I broke the kiss and trailed my tongue down to her neck, breathing in her intoxicating scent all the way down….

Brie’s POV
I sat in front of the cottage, lost in a muddle of my own thoughts
My sister, she is dead
Bella is dead
The man I loved, the man I thought loved me too, Landon, he betrayed us, and killed my sister
I will kill him too, for killing my sister, I will condemn him to death

“I finally found you guys” someone said and I looked up to see Kilan, Audrey’s brother and Bella’s supposed lover

“You must be hungry for death to have come here” I said as I sprang up, ready to fight

“Am not here for a fight Brianna” he said moving back

“Well after what you guys did, you will surely get a fight”

“I didn’t know they’ll kill Bella”

“Do not call her name!!!” I yelled as my fangs grew out
I ran towards him and slashed his arm with my nails

“Don’t just stand there, fight me! Fight me!!” I yelled as I punched him on the face

“I can’t fight you, you are Bella’s sister”

“And your sister killed her!!” I yelled as I pushed him to the ground

“I loved her!” he yelled “I loved your sister and I had no idea she was related to Jayden until that night. She was the first person that ever made me feel loved, she paved a way and made a place for herself inside my heart, so if you think you are the only one hurt due to her death then look at me, her death broke me”

“Your sister killed her” I said

“She is not my sister anymore, she severed that relationship when she pulled out Bella’s heart” he said and I sighed

“Why exactly are you here?”

“Landon took over the Mansion and held your pack captive, there are words spreading out that if Jayden doesn’t bring himself in by nightfall, he’ll kill a member of his pack every hour”

“What?!” I exclaimed

“If I wanted to kill my sister as revenge for Bella’s death, I would’ve easily done that but that wouldn’t be proper revenge would it? She took Bella from me so am going to take away what she cherish most too and it’s not her life, it’s her pack and to do that I need help, I need Jayden’s help” Kilan said

“Jayden is still struggling with everything, Bella’s death broke him too, if we tell him about this he’ll want to give himself to Landon to stop him from killing his pack, and if he goes there, Landon will kill him. I’ve lost Bella already, I will not loose Jayden too, so we’ll do this, we’ll attacked Landon and Audrey by nightfall, the both of us” I said

“Are you sure? it’s going to be dangerous, the wizard Richard is still with them and he’s powerful” he said

“Are you afraid of death?” I asked and he chuckled

“Only those that have something to live for are afraid of death, unfortunately, I do not fall into that category” he said

“I am not afraid of death too, and we have an advantage, Landon shares some affection for me, he will not let me die”

“Fine then” he said as he stood up
“Shall we do this?” he extended his hand

“Let’s do this” I smiled as I shook his hand…..
…….to be continued……