Forced mate episode 36

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha
💥Chapter 36💥

Landon’s POV
I stood outside the Mansion, watching as the moon slowly came to view in the sky

“I don’t think he’s going to come” Audrey said

“You shut up!” I yelled “I’ve known Jayden since we were kids, he values his pack more than anything else, he will come”

“But it’s already nightfall and……”

“I said keep shut Audrey!!” I yelled and she flinched “Jayden will come”

Brie’s POV
Kilan and I slowly sneaked into the Mansion through the back door. We met some guards outside but they were easily taken care of silently by Kilan and I

We walked into the living room and Kilan tapped on my shoulder

“There they are” he said pointing at
Landon and Audrey, standing right outside the Mansion

Kilan made to go but I held him back

“My pack is more important, they are captured here I need to release them” I said

“Brianna, Landon is standing right here, you can kill him and finally get your revenge! Why do you want to forfeit it for a bunch of wolves” Kilan said

“The safety of my pack is more important than any revenge and if you are the better man like Isabella believed, you will help me get them released” I said and Kilan sighed

“They are being kept hostage in the cottage outside, we will have to fight our way in and their is a high chance we will be caught, you still want to go through with it?” he asked and I nodded

“Fine, let’s go then, oh and don’t ever use Bella to blackmail me again” Kilan said and I followed him back out through the back door

We closed in on the cottage and we could clearly see 7 wolves standing guard outside the cottage

“Are you regretting not telling Jayden now? Cause his powers would have definitely come in handy in this case” Kilan said

“Am not regretting anything Kilan it’s just 7 wolves, we can handle them” I said

“I like your faith” he nodded

“So shall we?”

“Ladies first” he smiled

“Fine” I walked towards the cottage and they all saw me

“Hello boys” I smiled

“You must really want to die, coming here alone” they said

“Oh she’s not alone” Kilan said coming into view

“Alert Alpha Landon, we have intruders” one of them made to run out but Kilan slashed his throat

“What was he saying?” Kilan asked and I shrugged

The others ran in to attack us and a fight broke out
I was able to kill the first two wolves that came at me but the third got the better of me and I fell to the ground
He was about to slash my throat when Kilan pulled out his heart from the back

“You owe me one” he said as he helped me up

We opened the door and met everyone tied down and mouth gagged

“Quickly help me loose them up” I said to Kilan

I saw Andre and I quickly went to meet him and released him

“Andre….” he quickly hugged me immediately his hands were free

“I thought you were dead, I thought you all died” he said

“We are fine Andre”

“And the Alpha?” he asked

“He still lives” I said and he smiled

John was loosed too and they all helped in untying the rest of the pack

“If you’ve been untied then you should go, we have to release as much as we can before we are caught” I said

“John you lead the freed ones out, I’ll follow when we’ve finished untying the rest” Andre said and John nodded

“Lead them out John, follow the road straight down the woods, you’ll find a cottage by the lake, Jayden is there, go, we’ll be right behind when we’ve finished untying everyone” I said

John led the wolves out and we continued untying the rest

“Go go go” I said to the remaining wolves we freed and they all ran out following John

“You should go too Andre” I said

“Aren’t you coming?” he asked

“We still have unfinished business” Kilan said

“You are planning to attack Landon” Andre said and I nodded

“He killed Bella, I can’t let him live”

“What?! Bella is dead?!” Andre exclaimed

“And you are about to meet the same fate too” the door suddenly flew open and the wizard, Richard came to view

“Stay back or we’ll kill you” I said and he laughed

“Kill me?” he laughed again
He suddenly waved his hand and we all went flying to the floor

“I don’t know which is the better punishment for you, killing you now or making you watch when I kill your brother” he said

“What….what do you have against us?” I stuttered as I managed to stand up

“You all turned my daughter against me, my daughter is a very powerful soceress, the plan was to find her and rule the world along with her but what did you all do? You turned her against me!!” He yelled and we all went flying to the floor again

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“What’s going on here?” Landon said as he ran into the cottage and soon Audrey followed in

He looked around with an enraged look on his face

“Where are my prisoners?! Where are they?!!” he yelled

“What the hell are you doing with these people Kilan?!!” Audrey exclaimed

“The way you all yell and behave immaturely makes me want to abandon you all” Richard said and walked out

Landon walked up to me and pulled me up
“You did this didn’t you? You released my prisoners!” he said

“I like the fact that I was able to get you so angry” I smiled and he slapped me hard and I fell to the floor

“Brianna” Kilan and Andre yelled as the quickly came to me

“What…. Why the hell are you with her Kilan?! Why are you protecting her?!” Audrey yelled

“I care about her Audrey, you know why? Because she is the sister of the woman I love, remember her? Her name is Isabella, you pulled out her heart some days ago” Kilan said

Landon moved closer to me and held my face
“I was going to spare you after everything Brianna, because I’ve always loved you, after everything we were going to rule all the packs together but you ruined everything, you released the prisoners I was using as bait to get Jayden so now you will serve as the bait and in the end you will die, that is your punishment Brianna, for going against me” he said and he called in the guards to tie us up

“You all will die a miserable death” he said and walked out

Audrey waited a bit staring at Kilan with tears in her eyes

“Am disappointed in you brother” she said

“It’s a mutual feeling sister” Kilan replied and Audrey sighed and walked out

Luna’s POV
“Jayden no, don’t go Jayden, please” I pleaded with a teary eye

“I have to go Luna, I have to save them” Jayden said as he turned away from me

Everywhere suddenly became dark and then I found myself in the middle of the woods standing in front of an old tree. I looked up and behold a horror I’ve always dread, Jayden’s decapitated head hanging on the tree top

“Ahhhhh!!!!!” I screamed as I sprang up from the bed….

“What’s wrong? Are you okay Luna?” Jayden asked looking all worried and I embraced him as tears rolled down my face

“What’s wrong Luna?” Jayden asked again

“I….I had a bad dream” I stuttered and he slowly cleaned the tears off my face

“It’s just a dream, don’t beat yourself over it Luna” he said and I nodded

“It’s just a dream” I repeated

There was a sudden knock on the door and Jayden stood up and wore his clothes

“John!!!” Jayden exclaimed as he opened the door and they quickly went into an embrace

I stood up and went to meet them

“Luna” he bowed and I hugged him

“Am so glad you are safe” I said

“Not only me, the whole pack, I brought the whole pack with me, they are outside” John said and Jayden quickly ran out to meet his pack
They all bowed in respect when we came out

“How… how did you all escape?” Jayden asked

“Brianna and Kilan, they came to save us” John said

“Brianna and Kilan?!” I exclaimed

“Where are they?” Jayden asked

“They were supposed to catch up with us after freeing everyone but they never came, along with Andre, I think they’ve been captured by Landon” John said

Jayden stood still not saying anything and stared at him

He suddenly walked off inside and I followed him in

“Jayden, Jayden you are not going to do what I think you are going to do right?” I asked remembering my dream

“She risked her life for the pack, while I was here doing….. She took the responsibility and went to get my people, I will not abandon her” he said as he changed his cloth

“I am not asking you to abandon her Jayden…”

“Then do not say anything, I have to go Luna, I have to save them” he said

“That’s….. that’s exactly what you said in my dream, if you go Landon will kill you, he’s going to cut off your head and hang it on a tree, that’s what I dreamt of this morning Jayden, and you know my dream always comes true, it always does” I cried and he pulled me into his embrace

“You dreamt of my death last time but am still living aren’t I? That shows your dream can be wrong” he said

“But you almost died the…..”

“Even if I will die, I cannot stay put, I already lost Isabella, I will not loose Brianna too, so it’s either you are with me or you are against me, either way am going to that Mansion to get my people” Jayden said

The door suddenly opened and John walked in

“Sorry for barging in but the Alpha won’t be going alone Luna, his beta will be going with him, I will be going with him and I will make sure he returns unharmed Luna, I promise” John said

“John you just escaped that place, you don’t have to go back there with me, I will do this alone” Jayden said

“The place of a beta is always with his Alpha, so it’s either I go with you or I follow you without you knowing, either way, I won’t let you go there alone” John said and I managed to muster up a smile

“Seems you’ve rubbed off your stubbornness on John” I said “You two should go, save Brianna and Andre, and come back alive with them” I said and Jayden held my hand

“We will be back” he said and I nodded

I followed them out and they said goodbye to the pack, I watched silently as they went off on the journey that threatened to snatch their lives

I had a vision of Jayden’s death yes but I will not let him die, he will go and perform his duty of protecting his pack and I will also perform my duty of protecting my husband

I walked back inside and phoned Daisy
“I want to meet him with The Sisters” I said immediately she picked up the call……

…….to be continued……