Forced mate episode 37

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To An Alpha
💥Chapter 37💥

Brianna’s POV
Andre, Kilan and I were chained together and locked up in a dungeon Landon had created under the Mansion

“We are going to die aren’t we?” I said

“I am not afraid of death, especially not from a backstabber and coward like Landon” Andre said

I looked at Kilan who has being silent since the moment we were chained

“Am sorry for dragging you into this Kilan” I said and he looked at me

“I told you before didn’t I? I have nothing to live for anymore, if I die today, my only regret will be that I didn’t take Audrey and Landon with me” Kilan said and Andre glanced at him

“I am not going to die” Andre said “Or at least not alone, if am dying, am taking that werewolf backstabber with me”

Luna’s POV
I paced around the house as soon Daisy walked in


“What the fuck are you thinking?! You want to meet with The Sisters?!” Daisy yelled

“Yes I do! I have no option do I? Jayden has went off on a deadly mission which that’s threatening snuck the life out of him”

“Jayden is powerful Luna, he will be fine!”

“I had a vision of him dying!” I yelled “I saw him die and his head hanged up on a tree, what kind of wife will I be if I just fold my arms and let this dreadful destiny happen when I have the power to change it?!”

“A power that comes and goes, a power you can’t control yet!” Daisy reminded

“And that’s exactly why I need The Sisters, they promised to help Jayden and I, we are allies now so take me to them”

“You don’t understand, since the rampage with your father when he attacked The Sisters, they had no permanent abode anymore, they are constantly on the move” Daisy said

“How do you communicate with him then?” I asked

“I summon then” she replied

“Then summon them!”

“You can’t summon The Sisters unless you have something really important to…..”

“So Jayden Ashford’s life isn’t important?! My husband’s life isn’t important to you?!!” I yelled

“No of course not Luna, that’s not what I meant” she sighed “Fine, I’ll summon them for you, I supposed you don’t have ashwood laying around here somewhere”

“I can ask one of the pack members to get it for you” I said

I quickly walked out and saw one of the werewolves, I requested for ashwood and he brought it in no time

Daisy drew a big circle with the ashwood and stood outside the circle
She started chanting some incantations and I just stood and watched

The ashwood she constructed the circle with suddenly caught fire
“Is that supposed to happen?” I asked but Daisy continued chanting whatever it was that she was chanting

The smoke filled the center of the circle and before I could make out what’s going, three tall magnificent women in white apparel appeared in the circle

“This better be important Daisy” The said in a uniform voice

“I asked her to summon you” I said stepping in front “Jayden is in danger, he went off alone to Landon’s territory, he…..”

“He will die” they said in unison “You saw it in your dream didn’t you?”

“I must not let him die, I can save him, help me save him, you said you’ll be our allies against Landon and Richard, help us now please” I pleaded

“Jayden went off alone, without a plan he went off to meet Landon, he is foolish and we shall not partake in such a foolish act” they said

I fisted my hands and looked at them angrily
“My husband is not foolish! He’s just one that cares for his family and pack a great deal, he went off only because his sister and his beta are still in the hands of that Demon! Jayden is not like any of you, he is more righteous than any of you!”

“More righteous?” they scoffed

“Yes, more righteous, my mother was your family yet you abandoned her for just a mistake she did, you abandoned her for getting impregnated by the wrong man, hell you didn’t just abandoned her, you seeked her death and chased her round the world, you caused her to die! What kind of family do you portray yourselves to be then?! One that abandons the other with just a mistake?! I guess that’s how weak the bond between you Sisters are but Jayden is not like that, he went off to save his family and I certainly will not let him die, I will save him, with or without your help!”

“Then it shall be without our help then” they said and disappeared

“So irresponsible!” I grunted

“You spoke to them rudely Luna, for God’s sake you were the one seeking for their help!” Daisy said

“They called my husband foolish, I won’t stand anyone insulting Jayden irrespective of who they are!” I replied

“So what are you going to do now?” she asked

“Am going to save my husband” I said as I walked out

“You will be putting yourself in danger!”

“I do not care!!!” I yelled
The breeze that blew across my face made me realize we were outside, where the whole pack was

“If our Alpha is in danger, we will all go together and save him Luna” one of them said

“Yes, Alpha Jayden saved us times without number, we should repay the favor” another said

“No, no one is going anywhere it’s a sucide mission!!” Daisy said

“Alpha Jayden will go through death for us, why can’t we do the same?” a werewolf among them asked

“I actually agree with Daisy on this one, Jayden was a mess when you were all captured, he wouldn’t want you to do anything that will put you in danger, he’ll want you to stay here where it’s safe” I said

“We are not safe if our Alpha is in danger”
“If you are going to save him then we shall be behind you!” they said

Daisy held my hand
“You aren’t really thinking of doing this are you?” she asked

“As a matter of fact I am” I said and faced the crowd

“When I first joined this family, I was a scared, naive girl that was forced into a union, I wasn’t used to being around werewolves, I wanted to go back to my world, I was only able to survive cause of the love you all showed me, I learnt from you all how strong the bond of a family is and now that family is in danger, our Alpha is in danger, we can’t let him die can we? Not when he has always come through for all of us, he always laid his life down for us and now it’s time for us to do the same”

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“Yeah!!!!” the screamed

“Old, sick and injured werewolves shall remain behind, if you don’t know how to use any weapon or you are too young, you shall remain behind too, the rest of us shall move before the sun sets, prepare” I said and went back inside


“You can’t stop me Daisy so don’t waste your time trying” I said

“I know, so am not trying to stop you, am going with you” she said

“No Daisy, it’s dangerous!”

“Yes and that’s why I can’t let you go alone, I have to be there with you!” she said


“Don’t say anything cheesy” she said and I smiled

“You know I love you right?”

“Am beginning to doubt that” she said

“Come on, of course I love you” I said as I hugged her

Jayden’s POV
John and I slowly sneaked through the dense forest and we closed up on the Mansion

“What’s the plan Alpha?” John asked

“The priority is finding Andre and my sister, immediately they are found, you take them and run as fast as you can from here” I said

“And what about you?” he asked

“Do not worry about me, worry about yourself and watch your six, all the trainings I’ve been giving you all comes down to this, surviving in the battlefield, and you must survive John, you must!” I said

“Yes Alpha” he nodded

We walked quickly and stealthily and sneaked behind the Mansion
Few guards were guarding the back door so we took them down silently
We walked in and a wolf saw us

“It’s the…..” I grabbed his throat before he could make an announcement of our arrival

“You will tell me where my people are being held captive before I rip out your throat!” I said and he struggled to breath

“Where are they?!” I tightened my grip round his neck

“Dun….. dungeon…… below…… below the….. mansion” he stuttered

“Thank you” I said as I knocked him out

John and I moved quietly, we found the entrance down to the dungeon and we moved stealthily after taking out the wolves guarding the entrance

We looked around quickly and finally found the dungeon where they were chained together

“Brother!” Brie exclaimed
“Alpha” Andre bowed his head

Seeing them chained together released the rage I’ve been trying to keep in check, Landon did this
I will kill him
I will rip out his heart, my wolf growled

There were sudden sounds of footsteps coming down the dungeon
They found us

“Release them Alpha, I’ll go hold them back” John said

“No, it’s dangerous” I said

“You said the priority is to save them” John said

“I also told you to stay alive”

“It’s just a few wolves, I can handle them all, release Andre and Brie then you can come and help me out” he said


“We are wasting time Alpha, they are closing in” John said as he walked away to stop the incoming wolves and give us more time

I sighed and clasped my hand round the iron bars of the door
I moved up my hand and pulled out the door
I walked in and broke the chain holding them captive
Brie quickly hugged me immediately she was free

“You came for us” she cried

“Did you think I’ll do otherwise?” I asked

“Hate to break your reunion but we need to go” Killan said and I nodded

I stood up with Andre and Brie but Landon suddenly came into view grabbing John’s throat

“Took you long enough to come to me Jayden” Landon said

“Let John go” I said

“Okay” he said as he dropped John to the floor “It will be more fun making him watch his Alpha die anyway”

“You cannot kill me” I said

“Really? Cause I actually plan on giving you a well deserved public murder”

“I will rip off your heart before you are able to do that”

“I think you’ll find it really hand ripping off his heart if you can’t use your hands” Richard said as he came into view and my hands suddenly went stiff
I was unable to move my hands no matter how hard I tried

“Stop trying to move your hands, you are just wasting your strength, even your big Alpha powers can’t break Richard’s spell” Landon said and turned towards his guards

“Chain their hands” he said and they chained Kilan, Andre and Brie’s hands

They moved us to the front of the Mansion along with the wounded John
All his wolves were already assembled including Audrey who was looking at us with a teary eye

“I’ve waited so long for this moment, to finally end your pathetic life” he said
“This is it the end of the reign of a once powerful alpha!” Landon said and his wolves yelled in excitement

He moved closer to me and whispered to my ear
“Are you ready to finally die Alpha Jayden?” he said and I gave him a hard head butt and spat on his face
I can’t move my hands but I can still move my head and legs

Landon groaned as his nose bled
“I guess you aren’t as strong as you want to make yourself believe, no matter how hard you try Landon, you still and will always belong beneath my feet” I said

“You!” he looked at me angrily then turned to Richard “I want him unable to move any part of his body”
Richard whispered some inaudible things and my body suddenly went stiff

“What the bloody hell did you do to me!!” I yelled and Richard smiled and shrugged

Landon drew out his Demon Wolf sword
“Enough of all this, you shall die, and you shall die now!” Landon said as he made to slash his sword across my chest and I closed my eyes

“Brother!!” “No!!!” I heard Brie and Andre’s scream but I never felt the pain of the sword’s slash across my chest
I slowly opened my eyes and saw John in front of me

“No no no no” I muttered in anguish
John had move in my front just in time to save me from Landon’s sword

He was falling to the ground and I was unable to catch him in my arms, I am unable to move at all

“I told you to stay alive!!!” I yelled

“I promised……the Luna that…..I won’t let you get hurt” he stuttered as he gurgled out blood on the ground


“I think I remember a bit about my human life now before you turned me, I was a drug addict and my life was miserable, I was going to commit sucide before your wolves caught me and you turned me, I’ve had a nice ride with you Alpha Jayden, thank you for saving me and taking me in” John said as he slowed faded out

“No, don’t, don’t die, you can’t die, I can’t loose you too, John!!!” I yelled in anguish….

…… be continued…….

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