Forced mate episode 4

Married to the Alpha

💥Chapter 4💥
Luna’s POV

“What’s up sweetie, why are you here so early and why are your eyes all swollen like you’ve just cried a river?” Daisy asked as I walked into her office in the hospital and I broke into tears

“Sweetie” she hugged me “What happened? It’s supposed to be a happy day for you, it’s your first day at your new job so why the tears?” She asked and I wailed louder

“Come on sweetie, pull yourself together and spill it, what’s up?” She held my shoulders with both hands, staring into my eyes

“I…… I got fired on my first day” I cried again

“Oh my God!” She hugged me patting my back “What did you do? They can’t fire you for no reason at all”

“We…..we were in… Jayden’s office for introduction and when…..when he was leaving, he….he stopped by my side and winced in pain so I….. I just touched his hand and asked if he was okay”

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“And then?” Daisy asked with all concentration

“And then he fired me” the tears rolled down my face again

“That darn CEO, how can he just dismiss you just because you touched him? How can he be so insensible and indifferent!!!” Daisy yelled and I sobbed

“I mean why give you the job if he was gonna snatch it back on the first day, that’s pure cruelty!” She yelled again

There was a sudden knock on the door and the door was soon opened wide

“Doctor Daisy, please keep it down am attending to a patient” a young man in a doctor’s gown said

“Oh, I didn’t realize I was that loud, my apologies doctor Kilan” Daisy apologised

The young doctor gave me a puzzled look before turning to leave
He stopped at the door and turned back again

“I thought your team had a surgery scheduled for 13:00 which is right about now” he said glancing at his wristwatch “Aren’t you supposed to be in the operation room doctor Daisy?”

“Yes, yes of course, it actually slipped my mind but I’ll be there right away” Daisy said as she hurriedly wore her coat

The doctor stared at us for a moment before walking away

“Am sorry sweetie, I really have to go right now” Daisy said

“Don’t worry, I’ll be with Mom” I said and she hugged me

“Be strong, all will be well” she said and rushed out

Jayden’s POV
I laid on my bed pondering over all that happened some hours ago

There was a sudden scream in the Mansion and I stood up
What’s going on?

The door opened and Landon rushed into my room

“You should come stop Audrey, she’s destroying everything in the house” Landon said looking exasperated

I followed him downstairs and their was another shattering sound

Audrey was destroying all the home equipments and beating anyone that stood in her way

“Audery” I called but she was deafened to my call

“Stop this Audrey” I said but she went on

“I said enough!!” I yelled as I grabbed her hand and slapped

“How dare you? How dare you slap me?!!” She yelled

“And how dare you make such a mess in my mansion!!”

“Your mansion? Well it’s going to be ours after our marriage so I can fucking do anything I want here!” She said

“And who said the marriage is still going to hold?”

“What?! You’re joking right?” She asked puzzled

“You heard what your goddess said, it was your idea to meet her not mine” I replied

“I don’t care anymore about what the goddess said but here’s what I have to say, you’ve already told my father of our union so you must marry me in 7 days time Jayden, else my father will be so angry he will bring the whole pack to come devour you and your pack, need I remind you my father is the Alpha of the River Moon Clan and he is just as ruthless as you are” she said


“7 days, that’s all you’ve got to decide whose wrath you are more scared off, the goddess’s or my father’s” she made to leave but I held her back

“I am scared of no one and I won’t tolerate anyone threatening me. I can kill you right now and tonight I would still sleep like a baby with no consequence but I won’t do that, you know why? I love an intriguing challenge so run along little wolf, go report to your old daddy, am curious to see what your aged father can do to me”

She stared at me for a moment and scoffed
“You’ll regret this”

“Make me” I smiled and she nodded

“Fine, you asked for it” she said and furiously walked out of the mansion

“This is the best decision you’ve made in a while Jayden, am right behind you on this one. So should we start looking for Luna?” Landon asked grinning

“I never said am going be mated to Luna”

“But the goddess said…..”

“I do not care about what she said!” I yelled

“Fine then” Landon nodded “I have no problem with experience a killing headache each time you make the goddess angry but you should think of the pack, are you okay with putting the whole pack in danger?”

I climbed up the stairs ignoring Landon

“Last time, the priestess said only you and those you share a blood relation with was affected by that perilous headache, which means Brie and Bels must have been affected too, it’s quite alright that you do not care about me but are you okay with putting them in danger too?” He asked making sure I heard him as I walked away

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Luna’s POV
I learnt an important lesson at a very early stage of my life, life is fucked up
Yeah, life is so fucked up
Life has fucked me up so many times, so many times that I’ve lost counts now

I stared at my Mom noticing how pale she had become
A once vibrant woman now reduced to a living corpse

“Please come back to life for me Mom, please”
I couldn’t cry anymore, seems like my tear duct has finally dried up

Mom had an accident and she’s being in a vegetative state for 6 months now
She’s was my hero, my role model and seeing her this way breaks me

The doctors said she’ll probably die but I believe she will live, she has to live for me

But no matter the hardships, I’ve always stayed strong, I had to, cause that’s what Mom thought me

“The ship is sorrounded by alot of water but the ship sinks only if the water gets inside it. No matter what you may go through Luna, never let it get into you, never let it bring you down, you are a strong girl Luna, one day you will realize that” Mom’s soothing voice echoed in my head as I remembered our times together

So no matter how hard life fucks me up, I don’t let it get to me and I always wear a smile and live a carefree life, cause I am strong

Jayden’s POV
“Breakfast Landon” I said as I sat on the dinning

“Good morning Jayden, how was your night?” Landon greeted as the workers set my breakfast on the table

“My night was okay” I replied absentmindedly as I dug into my food

“Really? Mine wasn’t” he said “I kept seeing myself dead in my dreams”

“Not now Landon, as you can see am having breakfast and I certainly do not want to be disturbed”

He looked at me and sighed
Then he joined me on the table for breakfast

“Good morning Alpha” someone greeted

I looked up to see John, the human I turned yesterday


“There’s someone looking for you Alpha, he’s obviously one of us but all the guards outside said they’ve never seen him before, he’s brutally injured and he wants to see you urgently” John said

“Really? Did he mention his name?” I asked

“He said he’s one of your betas” he said and I jumped up

“Take me to him”

My betas, they are specially trained werewolf that I personally turned and I hid them around the world, some disguised as humans, others disguised as a werewolf in another clan, I have my betas secretly infiltrating all the 7 clans of werewolves existing, they were my spies, my secret weapon

“What happened?” I asked agitated as I saw one of my betas, Andre laid on the floor, brutally wounded

“Alpha” he tried to stand up immediately he saw me

“Stay down Andre, what happened? How did you end up this way?” I asked

“I infiltrated the Jade Moon Clan successfully and I had become part of them, then I got words from a fellow beta that someone was targeting us, someone has being killing us off, I was perplexed cause no one knew about our identity, so who could be targeting us? I decided to meet up the beta that sent me the message, his name was Denzel and he was among those disguised as humans, it was from him I learnt that we were the only two remaining betas, the others had all been killed, we decided then to meet up with you and deliver the message but on our way back we were attacked”

“By who?” I asked coldly

“I don’t know Alpha, I don’t know what it was, all I saw was a shadow and a long arched blade, it moved so fast, I’ve never seen anything like it, Denzel sacrificed himself for me to escape Alpha, I am the last of your betas” he coughed and his nose oozed out blood

“Why aren’t your wounds healing?” I asked

“The blade the shadow used was laced with wolfsbane so I’ve been unable to heal” he said and I nodded

“Thank you for surviving Andre, thank you for bringing me this news”

“It’s my honor Alpha”

“Take him to the infirmary to get treated” I said to Landon and he nodded

“John” I called and he bowed

“Inform the priestess that if she wants her heart to remain in her chest, she should be here in not more than ten minutes”

“Okay Alpha” he said and ran off

I slowly sat on the couch, staring into the empty space

“Andrew is being taken care of Jayden, am sure he’ll be fine” Landon said

Moments later, John ran back to the mansion

“The priestess is on her way” John reported

“You summoned the priestess?” Landon asked but I ignored

“I know what you are thinking and I know you are furious right now but do not do anything crazy Jayden, I don’t think the moon goddess is responsible for killing your betas” Landon said but I ignored yet again

I perceived the priestess scent
I stood up, superspeeding outside to meet the priestess

I stood in right in front of her and she frowned at me

“The only reason I honored your request is because you are the Alpha of the……” I dug my hand into her chest with my palm encircling her beating heart

“What the hell are you doing Jayden!!!” Landon yelled while the priestess gasped as blood oozed out from her mouth

“Did your goddess kill my betas just to force me to obey her? Lie to me and I’ll pull out your heart right now” I said with my hand still inside her chest

“The…..the goddess doesn’t….. doesn’t kill…..her own” she stuttered

“Give me a straight answer priestess, I won’t be asking again” I said as I tightened my grip on her heart and she coughed

“Just stop it Jayden, she said it’s not the goddess’s doing!!” Landon yelled again “According to Andre’s story, the killings started long before the goddess brought up the issue of your mate so it can’t be her can it?!”

I slowly brought my hand out of the priestess’s chest and she fell to the ground

Landon ran to where she was and looked up at me angrily
“How could you do this to the priestess Jayden”

I looked at the priestess who was still breathing well
“She’ll heal” I said and turned to leave

“Wait” the priestess said weakly and I turned back

“The goddess isn’t responsible for the killings but she can help you find who’s responsible but first, you have to obey her and do what she’s asked you to do, take the human girl as your mate, you have 5 days left” she said

#Next day

“The lady I dismissed few days ago, you still have her application form right?” I asked Alice over the phone as I drove

“Yes Sir” she replied

“Forward it to my email”

“I’ll do that right away Sir” Alice replied

I ended the call and focused on my driving
But I couldn’t really focus at all as I remembered the past I thought I had forgotten

I woke up by the lake not knowing where I was or how I ended up there

The only memory that came to me was my Mom

“Stay here and wait for me son, I’ll be back to get you, I promise” her voice echoed in my head

I sat down by the lakeside confused and alone

“Hey! Who are you?” I turned back to see a blonde girl staring at me from behind

“Well am a boy” I said unsure of the right response to her question

“I can see that, I mean who are you, tell me your identity” she said bodly

“I don’t know, I can’t remember” I said sadly

“You can’t remember? How?”

“I don’t know, I woke up by the lake this morning and the only thing I remember was my Mom telling me to wait for her here, that she would be back to get me” I said

“So you are waiting for her?” she asked and I nodded

She stared at me for some moments and came to sit beside me

“My name is Luna” she said “My Mom and I just moved into that house today” I said pointing at the house

“Luna?” I asked and she nodded

“The names seems a bit off to you right? Well Mom named me that cause I was born on a full moon night, she said the moon was brightest that night” she explained

“It’s a beautiful name, I wish I remember mine”

“Then for the meantime, till your Mom come find you, why don’t we give you a temporary name”

“A temporary name?” I asked and she nodded

“What about Leo? Am Luna and you are Leo” she said and I smiled

“Leo? I like it”

“And our names starts with the same letter too, isn’t that cool?” She asked and I nodded looking at her

“Very cool, thanks Luna” I said with a smile……

Alice forwarded the application form and I got Luna’s address from it

I stopped my car in front of a small bungalow and knocked on the door

“Who is it?” She asked as I heard her footsteps coming closer to the door

She opened the door and was gobsmacked on seeing me

“Mr….. Mr Jayden, what are you doing here?” She asked taken aback

“To keep my promise” I said and she gave me a surprised look

“What promise?”

“The promise of marrying you” I said

“Ma……what?!” She said astounded

“Marry me Luna Wilsford”…….

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