Forced mate episode 5

Married to the Alpha

💥 Chapter 5 💥
Jayden’s POV

“Marry me Luna Wilsford” I said leaving her dumbfounded

“Marry me” I said again

“Umm…… Are you okay Mr Jayden? Are you sure you are at the right place? Something must be wrong somewhere cause this can’t be happening”

“The wedding will hold in 4 days time” I said

“Wait a minute, why do you think I’ll marry you?”

“Because am telling you to” I said “I made you a promise 15 years ago, I promised to marry you”

“What? The first time I met you was the day you fired me for no reason at all so when exactly did you make this supposed promise?”

“I guess you don’t remember me, I don’t expect you to, that kid and I are almost like two different people now, I’ve changed alot” he said

“Can you please tell me what’s going on, am in the dark here” I said and he looked at me

“Am Leo”

“Leo, Leo who?”

“The nameless boy by the side of the lake, you named me Leo” I said and she stared at me looking confused

“Leo? You……you are Leo?!!” She exclaimed “I don’t believe you, that innocent kid has absolutely no similarity with you, you can’t be Leo”

“I know this all came as a surprise for you but I hope you find your feets soon cause we will be getting married in 4 days time, we’ll meet again soon” I said and walked away

“I never accepted to marry you!” I heard her yell as I walked towards my car

I drove back to the mansion and Landon walked up to me

“What did she say? Were you able to convince her?” Landon enquired

“Prepare for the ceremony, it will hold as planned” I said

“So she agreed?”

“She has no choice” I replied “Where’s John?”

“He should be around somewhere” Landon said

“Call him to my room” I said as I climbed up the stairs to my room

“You requested for my presence Alpha” John said and I nodded

“You became a werewolf some days ago, you were once a human though you have no memories of your human self now but nevertheless, the instincts of a human still exist within you so I need you to go out there as a human and do something for me”

“What do you need me to do Alpha?” John asked

“I need you to dig some information about someone”

“Who?” He asked

“My supposed mate, Luna Wilsford” I said and he nodded

“I’ll do that right away”

“How’s Andre doing?” I asked

“He’s recovering slowly at the infirmary”

“You may go then, make sure you report back to me tonight” I said and he bowed and left

I went to check on Andre at the infirmary

“Alpha” he made to stand up as he saw but I sat him down

“You can salute and bow to me all you want after you’ve recovered fully” I said stressing the ‘after’

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“Am sorry Alpha, am sorry we failed the mission you entrusted to us, everything was fine until that killer surfaced, am sorry we were not able to defeat the killer” Andre said

“You don’t know how happy I am that you are back alive Andre and as your Alpha, I promise you that I’ll find the killer and when I do, I will rip out his heart” I said

“I’ve been hearing some things in here, that you are getting married in 4 days, is that true?” He asked and I nodded

“And to a human girl?” He asked and I nodded in affirmation

“But…..but you know what happens when an Alpha gets mated to humans, they…..”

“I know” I said cutting him short “But am left with no choice, this marriage is part of the plan Andre, the plan to catch the killer and I promise you I will catch him. Rest dear friend” I said as I stood up “I have work to do”

Luna’s POV
“Leo!” I ran to sit beside Leo by the lakeside

“Luna” he called excitedly “You came late today, I’ve been waiting for you”

“Sorry Leo, I went to the town with Mom and we ended up going to the movie theater to watch a movie, here, Mom cooked” I said as I handed him a container of food

He muttered a thanks and quickly started eating

“How long will you keep waiting for your Mom? You should just move in with me and my Mom permanently, am sure Mom will be happy about that” I said as I watched him eat

“My Mom will come, I know she will be here for me one day so I’ll continue waiting here till that day arrives” he replied

“So you went with your Mom to a movie theater today?” He asked and I nodded

“What’s a movie theater?” He asked and I shook my head

“Am not even surprised again, there are many things you do not know Leo”

“But you always teach me right?” He said and I nodded

“A movie theater is a place you go to watch movies”

“Ohhhh, so tell me about the movie” he said excited

“Nothing to be excited about Leo, the movie was about some people getting married, that’s all, I so much prefer cartoons but Mom wanted to watch it so I had no choice but to watch it with her too”

“I think the movie might be interesting, tell me more about the movie?” He asked curious

“I don’t really know, I wasn’t actually concentrating on the movie” I said and he smiled

“So you prefer cartoons to the movie?” He asked and I nodded with a smile

“You know my favorite?”

“You’ve told me before, Tom and Jerry” he said

“Exactly” I said with a wide smile
“I watched a new episode of it yesterday, and it was so interesting, Jerry was out to get food and…..” And I continued narrating the whole episode of Tom and Jerry that I watched

Leo stared at me as I narrated the cartoon and we laughed most times

But then I noticed his gaze was getting intense
“You are staring at me” I said

“Luna” he called softly “Remember the movie you said you watched with your Mom that some people got married?” He asked and I nodded

“What age do you want to get married?” He asked

“I don’t know, but the lady in the movie was 25 when she got married” I said “Why do you ask?”

“If you are still single by 25, I’ll marry you, I promise” he said and I smiled…..

I rolled over the bed again and ended up hitting my head on my bedside table

“Ouch” I yelped “This can only mean badluck”

I sat up reluctantly staring into the empty space

“Why’s my life like this? And why’s Mr Jaden making it more complicated? He’s not really Leo right? No, he can’t be Leo, my Leo is nothing like him!”

“Gosh, Luna do you know how loud you are? I was hearing you from the kitchen” Daisy said as she walked into my room

“Am sorry hunnie, I just couldn’t sleep and each time I manage to fall asleep, I keep dreaming of the last time I saw him, the last time I saw Leo” I said

“And why on Earth are you suddenly dreaming about your long lost childhood sweetheart?” Daisy asked

“I don’t know, maybe my subconscious is playing games with me”

“Or maybe you are just being paranoid, the wealthy but maniac CEO turned up at your doorstep yesterday claiming to be your childhood love and you are now restless” Daisy said

“He’s said he’s going marry me Daisy, in four days time oh wait, it’s 3 days now, according to him, I’ll be wedded to him in 3 days time”

“He’s obviously crazy, why are you taking him seriously?!”

“He sounded serious” I said

“Anyone can sound serious!”

“He looked serious too, am telling you Daisy, there was something about the way he said it, like I’ll definitely get wedded to him and there’s no changing that, he sounded so sure” I said

“Well will you ever get married to such a ruthless man?” Daisy asked and I shook my head in disgust

“Do I look like I want to spend the rest of my life suffering? I’ll rather die than marry him”

“Good, then stop sulking around and get your ass of the bed, I’ve made breakfast” Daisy said and I smiled

“Thanks hunnie”

“Will you be going to see your Mom again today?” She asked

“Yeah” I nodded

“Shouldn’t you spend more time looking for a job now? You know the hospital bills are pilling up and they won’t ignore it much longer”

“I’ll start looking for a job tomorrow I promise, just let me spend one more day with my Mom, being with her gives me strength” I said and she looked at me sadly

“Am really sorry Luna, am sorry am not able to help you with the hospital bills, you know I want to but my paycheck isn’t that much and I have to buy the foodstuffs, pay the rent, buy…..”

“You’ve done more than enough hunnie, you’ve been housing me since we finished school and it’s thanks to your influence that my Mom is still at the hospital else am sure they’ll have thrown us out long ago, I don’t even how to thank you for all this so don’t you ever think that you aren’t helpful to me, don’t worry hunnie, I’ll work hard to be successful very soon and I’ll pay you back, tenfold” I said and she smiled

“Freshen up and come have your breakfast, I’ll drive us to the hospital”

“Sure” I smiled

I bathed, dressed up and joined Daisy for breakfast

“You… made cookies?” I asked wide-eyed

“And tea, you sound surprised” Daisy said

“Well….. You aren’t really good with cooking so you always made bread toast for breakfast but this is a good change” I said as I sat down

“Eat and tell me how it is” she said excited

I took a bite and chewed slowly

“How is it? Is it good?” She asked

“Did…..did you add salt to this instead of sugar?” I asked

“What?…. I’ll taste it myself” she took a cookie and ate

And then she coughed out loudly

“You are right, it’s filled with salt instead of sugar, I guess I made a mistake with the ingredients”

“You guess? Next time just stick to the bread toast or better still, call me to make the breakfast” I said

“Am sorry sweetie” she said

“Should I go make something else for breakfast?” I asked

“Actually, am already quite late for work”

“Let’s go then, I’ll come back home early enough to make lunch for both of us”

Daisy drove us to the hospital and we walked into the hospital building together

“What’s does your time say doctor Daisy?” Someone asked and it turned out to be the young grumpy doctor that came in to Daisy’s office the other day

“Its just few minutes past 9am Doctor Killan, is there any problem?” Daisy asked

“It’s few minutes past 9 and you are walking proudly into the hospital? Is punctuality not stated in your code of conduct?” He asked coldly

“Am sorry doctor, it won’t happen again” Daisy apologised

“It better not” he said and walked away

“Who’s that and why does he always bully you?” I asked

“Not only me but everyone working here, he bullies everyone, he’s like the Jayden Ashford of this hospital and I can’t talk back at him cause he’s the most talented doctor we have here and way above me in rank” Daisy explained

“Wow, why are all talented and handsome men rude?”

“Ask me again, anyway, I’ve got to go, have a good time with your Mom” she said and walked away…..

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“Mom, remember Leo? That little boy I met when we first moved to the house by the lake? I dreamt of him today Mom, I actually forgot him for so long but I dreamt of him last night, it was so nice seeing his innocent smile again, I miss him Mom, he was actually my first love you know, I wish I could see him again” I sighed “But strangely Mom, remember the merciless CEO that I told you about? The one that fired me for no reason? He claims to be Leo Mom, I know right? It’s not possible, of course it’s not possible they have such opposite personalities, he….” My stomach rumbled and I sighed

“I might actually die of hunger if I don’t go back home and get something to eat, but I don’t want to leave you yet Mom, lemme spend just 30 more minutes with you, I’ll just drink water for now” I took a glass from the table and got water from the dispenser in the room

“Mom I…..” I turned around and I was shocked on seeing who was right in front of me
The glass slipped off my hand shattering on the floor

“Mr…… Mr Jayden, you….you scared me”

“John was right after all” he said as he moved closer to me and I slowly stepped back

“What…….. how are you here?” I stuttered as I kept stepping back while he moved closer to me


“Ahhh” I screamed as I slipped on the wet floor and fell

Jayden Ashford stood still, staring at me blankly

“You could’ve caught me and saved me from falling you know, Mr Jayden” I said still on the floor

“I don’t help people unless I have something to gain in return” he said flatly

I scoffed
I managed to stand up and I noticed the shattered glass on the floor had cut my hand and it was bleeding

“Look at what you caused?!” I said as I held my bleeding hand up to his face

He turned his head and look at me sternly
“Did you just raise your voice at me?” He asked

He is suddenly looking really scary, scarier than he normally looks

“I….I didn’t yell or anything, my voice is just naturally loud” I said quickly

“I hope that is the case cause the next time you raise your voice at me will be the last time you ever speak” he said and I swallowed my breath

Did he just threaten me?
He must be joking right?
But he doesn’t sound like he’s joking
He doesn’t look like he’s joking

“Why….why….are….you here?” I stuttered

“To make you a deal” he said

“What…. deal?”

“We’ll be holding our mating ceremony in 3 days time, marry…..”

“Excuse me Mr CEO but I never agreed……”

“Interrupt me one my time and you won’t be able to interrupt anyone for the rest of your life” he said coldly and I got goosebumps

This man has a deadly aura surounding him
“Please continue” I said wobbly

“Marry me without any fuss and I’ll make your Mom conscious in return, refuse my offer and I’ll kill your Mom and find another way to make you my mate, either way you’ll be bonded to me in 3 days time so what will be your choice, the easy way? Or the hard way?” He asked with a smirk………

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