Forced Mate

Forced mate episode 6

Married to the Alpha

Luna’s POV

I broke into laughter and Jayden stared at me

“Am… sorry for laughing in such a serious situation, I just can’t stop myself” I said amidst laughter

“You don’t believe me?” He asked

“Oh I believe you, I believe you can magically heal my Mom and make me marry you in 3 days” I laughed again

I suddenly heard a silent growl and I stopped laughing and looked up

Jayden had magically transferred into a hairy looking monster with fangs

“Ahhh!” I screamed

He grabbed my throat and pushed me against so quickly, I didn’t realize what was happening till I was up against the wall with his hand round my throat

“You…… you…..are…. not…… human” I stuttered and he tightened his grip

“Don’t you ever laugh when am still talking” he said

“Am…….am…….so…. sorry” I could barely breathe now

He finally let go of me and I fell on the floor coughing vigorously

“What…..what….are you?” I managed to ask as I stood back up

“Am a wolf that is capable of shapeshifting into a human, your kind calls me werewolf” he said and my jaw dropped

“But…. that’s….. that’s just some fantasy”

“Well that fantasy is right in front of you” he said

“So… you are a……a werewolf and…..and you can magically wake up my Mom?”

“Not magically and I can’t wake her up permanently either, I can only draw her pain and some of the disease causing parasites from her into mine thereby giving her a chance to be awake briefly, just for some moments” he explained

“Taking her pain and drawing the parasites in her body into yours, won’t that hurt or kill you?”

“I can heal” he replied and I stared at him awe

“Just….. please gimme a minute…. I…… I still can’t believe this, am… really speaking to a werewolf right now, who would’ve thought that a big figure like you isn’t human”

“I don’t have much time Luna, I need to know if we are going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” He asked and I remembered the dilemma am in

“You just told me you are a werewolf, no matter how crazy I am, do you really think I’ll want to spend the rest of my life with someone that isn’t human?” I said and he nodded

“It’s the hard way then” he moved closer to me and I stepped back

“What…..what are you doing?” I asked wobbly

“Am going bite you, turning you into a werewolf and erasing your memories, and then I’ll make you my mate and you will have no choice cause then, you won’t remember a thing” he said and my breath hitched in my throat

“Can…..can you really…….do that?”

“Do I look like am bluffing?” He said as he moved closer to me

“Stop, stop, I never made my choice, I never choosed the hard way” I said and he stop

“Fine, make your choice” he said and I sighed, frustrated

“Why? Why on Earth are you doing this to me? Why does it have to be me? Why do you have to marry me?”

“Do you think I want to marry a weak human? Do you know the disadvantage position I’ll be in by being bonded to someone as weak as you? Am being forced here too Luna, am doing this because I have no choice, I made you a promise years ago and I’ll have to keep it” he said and tears rolled down my eyes

“I don’t want to marry someone as scary as you are”

“Neither do I want to marry someone as weak as you are” he said

“Then why are you doing this if you don’t want it too?”

“I told you already, am being forced too, blame that darn goddess not me, so make your choice Luna, you are running out of time”

“Why is this happening to me?” I cried again and I heard him sigh

“10 seconds Luna, if you don’t make your choice in the next 10 seconds, I’ll go the hard way. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6….” He counted on and I sobbed

“You are a strong girl Luna, one day you will realize that” Mom’s voice echoed in my head and I cleaned my tears

“Wake my Mom, I’ll go with the easy way” I said and he nodded

“I’ll allow you some moments with your Mom after we are married, I promise”

“But…..but you said you’ll wake her up now, that was the deal”

“I did say I will wake her but I never said now, I’ll do that after you are bonded to me” he said

“And what if you go back on your word?”

“I just made you a promise and an Alpha never breaks his promise” he said

“We’ll be getting married in 3 days but I’ll give you today to rest and find your feets, you’ll have to come with me tomorrow to prepare for the ceremony, and you should start packing up too, you’ll be living with me after we are bonded” he turned to leave but turned back after some moments

“Breath a word about me being a werewolf to anyone and I won’t hesitate to turn you into one and kill whoever you told. I know everything you do Luna and incase you doubt me, I know you live with your friend Daisy and I also know you had cookies filled with salt instead of sugar for breakfast this morning” he said and I gasped “So be careful of what you utter cause am always watching you, always”

He walked out leaving me in awe

How….. how did I get into this situation? What have I done so wrong that life always punish me so harshly?
I’ve always tried to remain strong regardless of what life throws at me but is this it?
The last straw that breaks the camel’s back?

Jayden’s POV

“I’ve completed the mission Alpha” John said as he walked into my room

“So you’ve found out everything about Luna?” I asked and he nodded

“Yes Alpha and in case I missed something, I sneaked into her house and installed some cameras while they aren’t around”

“Good job John, good job”
*****Flashback Ends*****

I sat in my office staring into the empty space as different thoughts ran through my mind

“I have to find him, I must find the one who killed all my betas, I must” I said with all determination

The office telephone on my table rang and I picked up

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“I think you should turn on the TV in your office Sir, you might want to see what’s being broadcasted” Alice said

I turned on the TV and Audrey’s face popped up on the screen
A live interview was going on

“So you are declaring your intention to go into the fashion industry?” The interviewer asked and Audrey nodded

“Everyone has always complimented my looks and how modelling is perfect for me so I just decided to give it a try”

“It really amaze me Miss Audrey Castle, you are already the heir to the Castle empire and you are getting married to one of the most wealthy businessman in the country in a few days yet you still want to have your own business and make your own money, you are such a righteous woman Miss Castle” the interviewer said and she chuckled

“Actually, you made some mistake there, I’ve not opened my own business yet, am still running solo for now, as a contract model and I recently signed a contract with J Clothings to be their model for 3 months”

“Wow, J Clothings? Isn’t that the company your fiance runs?” The interviewer asked

“Indeed yes but he’s not my fiance anymore”

“What?! Why? I heard you guys are getting married soon”

“Am not marrying him, I dumped him” Audrey said and I scoffed

Who dumped who?

I switched off the TV and called Alice into my office

“When did we sign a contract with Audrey Castle as our model?” I asked

“Sir, it was few days ago, she came here and she said she had discussed things with you and you agreed for her to be the company’s model for 3 months, so she signed the contract with the fashion director” Alice explained

“She came here with such a lame story and you guys believed her?!”

“Well……she was your fiancee” Alice said and I sighed

“And the fashion director, how can he sign a model into my company without informing me?!!”

“He…..he said…. since it was….. your fiancee, you must’ve already been aware” Alicia stuttered and I nodded

“I see, well help me inform the incompetent fashion director that he is no longer needed in my company, tell him to turn in his resignation letter unfailingly tomorrow and find someone to fill in his position” I said as I stood up

“The next time you guys make such a mistake again, you will be fired too Alice”

I walked out of this office and drove back to the Mansion

“What’s Audrey up to?”

Luna’s POV
“Sweetie?!” Daisy called as she ran into Mom’s hospital room where I sat on the floor

“What are you still doing here? I closed from work long ago and I’ve been looking everywhere for you, I went home but you weren’t there and why the hell haven’t you beem picking up your phone!” She said and I quickly wiped my tears

“Oh, have you finish your work for today?”

“I finished two hours ago Luna, what’s wrong? Why are you here all alone and crying?” She asked


“Come on sweetie, you and I know that it’s not nothing, come on, spill, what’s going on?”

“Am getting married” I said

“What?!!” She exclaimed “Were you secretly dating someone without letting me know?!”

“No Daisy, am… getting married to Jayden Ashford in 3 days” I said and she scoffed

“Seriously Luna, is this all about that inhuman CEO? I thought we talked about it this morning and you said you will never marry him so what are you saying now?” Daisy asked and a tear rolled down my eyes

I wish I could tell you the truth, I really want to tell you that am being threaten by Jayden Ashford who turned out to be a werewolf

“I changed my mind” I said “He came to check on me today and we both agreed to get married in 3 days”

Daisy stared at me for a moment
“Is this some kind of joke Luna? Are you trying to pull my leg?”

“Of course not Daisy, am really getting married to one of the richest men in the country, it’s a happy occasion, you should be happy for me”

“Oh please, if it’s such a happy occasion why are you here all alone and crying your eyes out?” She said and I quickly cleaned my eyes again

“I wasn’t crying Daisy, my lashes poked my eye” I quickly stood to avoid Daisy’s intense stare

“Tell me the truth Luna, did Jayden threaten you and force you to agree to marry him?” She asked and I tried hard not to let the tears fall from my eyes

“What do you mean by threaten and force, come on hunnie, you know me, am strong, no one can make me do what I don’t want to, Jayden was my first love, he’s my childhood love that I’ve missed so much over the years and we promised each other back then, that if we are still single when we meet again, we’ll marry each other, so we are just keeping our promise. So can we go home now? Am really hungry” Daisy stared at me for some moments and shrugged

“Let’s go” she said

****Next Day****
“Am off to work sweetie, are you coming with me?” Daisy asked

“No hunnie, I promised to start my job hunt today” I replied
“Have a great day at work and don’t let doctor Killan bully you”

“I won’t sweetie, bye” Daisy left

I looked around the house and I sighed
Why does it suddenly feel like the fate of the world is resting on my shoulders
I wish I could tell Daisy everything

My phone rang and I picked it up

“Who’s this?” I enquired

“5 minutes, you’ve got 5 minutes to get dressed and come out, do not keep me waiting else there will be consequences” he said

“Jayden” I cursed under my breath…..


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