Forced mate episode 9

Married to the Alpha

💥Chapter 9💥
Luna’s POV

I rolled continuously in my bed
I am anxious, nervous, disturbed and I can’t sleep
I trudged over the bed to get my phone and check the time

It’s almost 3am and I didn’t sleep a wink
Am fucking getting married to a ruthless werewolf Alpha by tonight and there is absolutely nothing I can do to avert it
And worse? I can’t even tell my best friend the truth, I can’t even tell her that am being forced into this marriage

My door suddenly opened and Daisy peeped

“You awake” she said

“As you can see” I shrugged “What about you? Is there any problem?”

“I woke up an hour ago and I couldn’t sleep again. I couldn’t take my mind off your sudden wedding plans, according to what you told me, today is actually your wedding day, you’ll be getting married by tonight” she said and I nodded

Don’t remind me

“And you’ll be moving out of the house today too” she said and I nodded in affirmation

“We’ve been friends since highschool Luna and I’ve always dreamt of this day to be the happiest occasion of our lives. I don’t know what prompt you to agree to marrying Jayden nor do I know why you are hiding it from me but I trust you and am sure you have a good reason for doing all this so I’ll support you Luna, am not about to let some petty little argument make me miss your big day” she said and I hugged her

“Thank you so much Daisy, thank you for supporting me despite the fact that I didn’t tell the whole truth. I promise I’ll tell you everything when the time is right” I said she smiled

“Just know that you are not alone, I’ll always be here for you” She said and I muttered a thanks

“It’s still a few hours before dawn so I think we should both get some sleep, I have a feeling today’s going to be a really long day” Daisy said

She stood up to leave but I held her hand

“Since I’ll be moving out today, mind sharing the bed with me one last time?”

“Come on, scratch the one last time thing, you are getting married not moving out of the country, you can still come for sleepovers” she said and I smiled


She sat and the bed and covered herself with the duvet
“No snoring okay?” She said

“Come on, I don’t snore!”

“Well, there’s a first time for everything” she said and I laughed

“Right, pull my leg, I won’t be here by tomorrow night for you to do this”

Jayden’s POV
“Today our main priority is deciphering who the demon wolf is amongst the guest, we’ll be having two celebrations, one is the wedding ceremony which is just for show so the media won’t be talking about me holding a wedding in secret and the second is the mating ceremony that takes place at night and all wolves are allowed to attend, the priestess specifically said he’ll be present at the mating ceremony so keep your eyes open and ears to the ground cause tonight, we’ll figure out who the demon wolf is and avenge our fallen ones” I said

I had gathered the few Wolfs I was sure I could trust
Andre, Landon and John

“John you are the weakest person here, you are the last one I turned and you are still adjusting but you’ve been very useful to me and I hope you’ll be useful again tonight. Do not get carried away by the celebration and always watch your six, be ready to fight at anytime”

“Yes Alpha!” They said uniformly

“Why exactly are we absent from this meeting?” Bella said as she walked in with her sister

“Yeah, we are part of the pack too and we deserve to know that there’s someone called the Demon Wolf after us” Brie said

“Have you both being eavesdropping?” I asked

“Let’s just say we just happened to hear stuffs while passing by your door” Bella said and I scoffed

“You guys may leave” I said and they stood up to leave

“Landon” I called and he looked back “Remember to go pick up Luna”

“Of course” he said and left

“It’s your wedding day brother!” Brie said

“Yeah, it’s not exactly something to be psyched about”

“Why do I think that there’s something more contributing to this paranoia of yours apart from the Demon Wolf attending your mating ceremony” Bella said

“What are you talking about? My only concern now is how to get the Demon Wolf” I said

“We know you brother, maybe even more than you know yourself” Brie said

“Is something wrong?” Bella asked

“Well you mean apart from the fact that the Demon Wolf that murdered my betas will be there when am being forced to be bonded to a weak, feeble and fragile human? No Isabella, nothing is wrong” I said and walked out

Bella’s POV
“He’s been paranoid” Brie said

“Not like I blame him, he’s an Alpha and he’s going to be bonded to a human and you know what that means” I said and Brie sighed

“I don’t know which of them should get more of my sympathy, brother? or Luna?”

“Both Brie” I said “Both of them are being forced into this union”

“Feels like it’s a funeral today rather than a wedding”

“Maybe they will still be a funeral” I said and Brie looked at me

“Well, who said brother won’t be killing anyone today?” I shrugged and walked out

Luna’s POV
I packed my stuffs and it all fitted into one luggage
Never really the shopping type

I heard a horn outside and I peeped through the door
It’s Landon

“It’s time Daisy” I said

“Your supposed brother in-law is here to pick you up?” she asked and I nodded

“It’s your wedding day today Luna, can’t I just go with you for today?” she asked

“Am sorry hunnie, I really am but Jayden’s family are really private people, you can’t come to the Mansion with me” I said and she sighed

“But you can still attend my wedding, I’ll text you the address when I speak with my ummm husband to be?” I said making it sound more like a question

“Today’s your wedding and you don’t even know where it will hold?”

“No that’s not it…. well….”

“J Events center, one of your supposed groom’s company, the wedding will be holding by 10am and the reception which will be a strictly private occasion will be held in the evening at the groom’s home, it was broadcasted in the news this morning” she said


“The world knows more about your wedding than you do, you are being forced into this aren’t you?” she asked

“Daisy am marrying him because I have to, you have to trust me on this please” I said and she sighed

“Fine, fine, I already said I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and support you, I’ll be at your wedding by 10am, can’t wait to see you all dressed up in your wedding gown” she smiled

“Thanks hunnie”

I dragged my luggage with Daisy and we went to meet Landon

“Good morning beautiful bride” He said with a smile

“Good morning Landon” I said and he helped me with my luggage

“So you are Jayden Ashford’s brother” Daisy said

“I like to think so and you are?”

“She’s Daisy, my best friend, more like a sister” I introduced

“Nice to meet you Daisy”

“You too Landon” Daisy said and they shook hands

I hugged Daisy and we said our goodbyes

“See you at the wedding” I said as Landon drove away

“For a bride, you don’t seem very excited on your wedding day” Landon said as he drove

“Considering the fact that am being forced to wed your ruthless werewolf cousin brother? You finish the puzzle”

“Jayden isn’t always ruthless Luna” he said and I scoffed

“Tell that to a one year old”

“His ruthlessness is a camouflage he put up to scare people away from him Luna, if you are able to get through the huge wall he has erected round his heart, you’ll see how innocent and kind he is. You knew him as a kid so should know the kind of person he really is better than anyone” Landon said….

“Luna!” The twins hugged me as I walked into the Mansion with my luggage

“Good morning” I said with a smile

“Not the time for greetings, we are already running late, let’s go get you dressed up” Brie said and they dragged me to a room and sat me down in front of a large mirror

A lady walked in holding a large make-up box

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“This is Gianna, she’s an Italian make-up artist and she’ll be making you look like a Queen today” Bella said

My make-up was done by Italian lady and I wore the shiny wedding dress lined with diamonds
My hair was packed with different shiny ornaments and my shoe was like that of a Cinderella

“You look breathtaking” Brie said

“Am sure Jay won’t be able to stop staring” Bella said and I smiled

“Oh am sure he won’t even glance at me, this is not exactly the ideal wedding where the bride and groom loves each other, he’s domineering and he hates me” I said

“Jay doesn’t hate you Luna” Brie said

“Just that he’s an Alpha and he’s being bonded to a human and the mating bond, it connects you with your mate in an unbreakable way, having a strong mate makes you stronger, having a weak mate weakens your own power” Bella said

“So you are human and you guys aren’t exactly a very strong specie” Brie said

“So he’s worried that he’ll become weak when bonded to me?”

“Yeah and I don’t exactly blame him, considering what happened to his Mom” Bella said

“Shut up Isabella, this is not the time to bring that up!” Brie said

“Not the time for what? What happened to Jayden’s Mom?” I asked

“Sorry but we can’t tell you Luna, it’s not our story to tell but I’ll tell you this, apart from the power connection that the mating bond brings, it also connects the your hearts together, it’s just a matter of time but soon Jayden won’t be able to resist the mating bond and his wolf will yearn for you” Brie said

“I…..” There was a knock on the door and then a guy walked in
He looked familiar

“The Alpha wants you all…..” he stopped talking when he saw me

“By the goddess, you look amazing!” He exclaimed and the twins chuckled and muttered a ‘told ya’

“Ohh, thank you” I said

“Am…am sorry, we haven’t been properly introduced though we’ve met before, My name is Andre” he said

“Nice to meet you Andre”

“Honor is all mine” He smiled

“You were saying something before Andre?” Bella asked

“Oh right, yes, the Alpha is ready and he wants you guys downstairs now, it’s time to go to the wedding venue” he said

We walked down the stairs to meet Jayden, Landon and few other werewolves standing outside

“Took you guys long enough” Jayden said and entered the car

“Told you he won’t even glance at me” I said to the twins

“I can’t believe he’s my brother” Bella shook her head and went to the second car

I made to follow her but Brie held me back

“You are the bride, you have to sit with your groom” she said and I shook my head

“No, I am not enduring a ride of torture by sitting together in a car with that monster, no offense” I said and she chuckled

“You guys are going to be wedded soon and tonight, you’ll be doing more than sitting with him” She winked and pushed me to car Jayden was seated

I hesitated for moment, then I entered the car and sat beside Jayden

Brie’s words rang in my head again
The wedding night! How could I have forgotten the wedding night!
Please save me God, nothing should happen tonight
I prayed silently

“Is there any problem?” Jayden asked and I looked at him

“What? No no, there’s no problem” I replied quickly

We got to the venue and it was packed with cameras and reporters
I need to start getting used to the fact that am getting married to a hotshot CEO

Then Daisy ran up to me and hugged me

“Girl you look like you’ve just undergone a beauty transformation!” She said and I smiled

I introduced Daisy to the twins and we all went inside the wedding hall

Hours passed and I soon found myself with Jayden standing in front of everyone taking our wedding vows

The wedding soon came to an end and we had to go back to the Mansion to conduct the real wedding of the werewolves, the mating ceremony

I said goodbye to Daisy and we entered the car back to Mansion
It was a silent ride as usual
I don’t really care if Jayden’s being silent, am just glad he’s not being mean to me

The car stopped but it wasn’t at the Mansion
It was in front of a dense vegetation

“What is this place?” I asked as we came down from the car

“The way to the moon goddess’s shrine” Landon said

The began walking and I followed them

“Why the hell is the moon goddess’s shrine so far into the forest!” I said struggling with my overflowing wedding gown

We got closer to a big tree and I could see a lot of people standing in front of the tree

“Who are they?” I asked

“The Crescent moon Pack” Andre answered

We got to front of the tree and they bowed then an eccentric looking old lady with white hair walked up to us

“Luna” she said as she stared at me

“Umm hi?”

She gave me a strange smile and then walked past me and went up to Jayden

“Hand Alpha” she said and Jayden brought his hand

She made a cut on his palm with a knife and his blood dripped into a bowl she was holding
The she walked back to me and grabbed my arm


“Be calm” She said as he dipped her hand into the bowl containing Jayden’s blood and drew a crescent moon mark on my shoulder

I winced as the blood burnt my skin and I heard Jayden groan too
And right there, I could feel some kind of new connection with him, one that I couldn’t explain

“In our world here, an Alpha’s bride is addressed as Luna but you have already been named from birth, it was your destiny to be married to an Alpha and that destiny has being fullfiled today. Today, Alpha Jayden has claimed his mate, the Luna of the Crescent moon Pack!”

“All hail the Luna, All hail the Luna” They all said as they went on there knees

“Wow” I muttered

We got back to the Mansion and it was already decorated and guests were trooping in

“And the mating ceremony officially begins!” Brie announced and everyone screamed and started dancing

“Who are all these people?” I asked

“They are all werewolves, not just from the Crescent moon Pack but from all the werewolf packs existing” Bella explained

“Am never going get used to this werewolf stuffs” I said

“You will, with time but for now, your job is to seat over there with your mate and welcome the guests with a smile” Bella said as she dragged me to sit with Jayden

I glanced at Jayden and he maintained a straight face, just staring intently into the dancing crowd

“Jay….. Jayden” I called “We…. we need to talk”

“Am listening” he said still looking into the crowd

“We are wedded…. I mean bonded now and ummm….. If we are going to spend our whole life together, shouldn’t we at least be friends?” I said and he looked at me

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“I know you’re thinking am nuts to say this but we were friends before remember? When you were still Leo the kind and innocent kid” I said

“That innocent kid is long gone” he said

“I don’t think so, I’ve seen the way you talk with the twins, I heard about you saving Landon from death, I think you’ve still got that innocence and kindness within you Jayden”


“Alpha” Andre and Landon ran to meet us

“The River Moon Pack just arrived” Landon said and some people walked in

Then a lady amongst them walked up to us

“Audrey” Jayden called

“Jayden” she said and then looked at me “So this is her? You left someone as powerful as me for this human girl?”

“Enough Audrey!!” a white haired man among them yelled and Audrey stepped back

“Sorry father” She said

“Alpha Jayden” The man said

“Alpha Robert” Jayden said still seated

“You disrespected me, my daughter and the whole River Moon Clan”

“How so Alpha Robert?” Jayden asked and I could sense the man getting angry

“You were to claim my daughter as your mate yet you broke off that relationship without consulting me and bonded with this feeble human instead!” He yelled

Did he just call me feeble?!

“You shall speak of my mate with respect” Jayden said and I looked it him

Did he just take my side?

“And what will you do Alpha Jayden? What will you do if I don’t speak of her with respect”

“Well, I don’t have a father to cower and run to for help like a scared little wolf just like your daughter did, unlike someone here, I’ll fight my own battles myself” Jayden said

“How dare you insult me?!” Audrey said

“I don’t remember mentioning your name” Jayden smirked and I smiled

He’s evil

“You think the whole world revolves around you right?” Audrey’s father said looking angry “You think you are on top of the world and you always know what is going on? Well you don’t Jayden, I know everything, more than you will ever know, I am called the Demon Wolf for a reason and I…..”

“Wait a second” Jayden stood up “What did you say you are called?”

“The Demon Wolf in case you haven’t heard” The Alpha said and Landon and Andre gasped

What’s going on?

“You killed my betas” Jayden said and the Alpha smiled

“You think you are smart? Well am smarter Jayden, you think I wouldn’t find out that you sent off your betas to infiltrate all the werewolf clans and get you informations? When I learnt of your little secret I couldn’t just stand by, I had to do something so I killed them” He laughed “I was going to be apologetic about it but then you broke my daughter’s heart and you compelled me to retaliate again” he said as he collected and bag from one of his men and dropped it in front of Jayden

“I happened to stumble on one of your wolves on my way here” he smiled

Landon opened the bag and I gasped

A decapitated head!

“That’s Ivan!” one of the werewolves said

“Happy married life Alpha Jayden” he smirked

He turned to leave but Jayden superspeed to him and dug his hand into his chest

Alpha Robert’s werewolves turned aggressively to attack Jayden but they were blocked by Jayden’s men

“Let my father go Jayden!!” Audrey yelled

“Be calm daughter, he can’t kill me, not unless he wants a war to break out” Alpha Robert said with Jayden’s hand still deep inside his chest

“That’s very brave you to think that way when my hand is circled round your rotten heart” Jayden said

“Am an Alpha, if you kill me, a war will break and my people will get there revenge” he said

“You killed my betas and one of my wolves and you really think I’ll spare you? You think am scared of a war? Am called ruthless for a reason Robert. Do take solace in the fact that your daughter will be the next one I kill after you, this is for my wolves whom you brutally murdered!” Jayden pulled out the Alpha’s heart and his blood splashed everywhere

The Alpha fell on the floor lifeless and Jayden let go of his heart and it splattered on the floor

“Father!!” Audrey yelled

The wolves with Audrey made to start a fight but Audrey stopped them and stared daggers at Jayden

“We are outnumbered and we will leave but we will back and I will make you regret this, your death will be a slow one Jayden” Audrey said and superspeed out of the Mansion along with her wolves

I felt nauseous, like I just watched a live horror movie
I just saw a decapitated head and someone’s heart was pulled out right in front of me

Jayden turned to me with his face and body all covered in blood

“You still want to be friends?” he said as he moved closer to me with blood dripping down his face and I staggered back

“This is who I am, the Leo you knew was a part of me that died years ago, I am not innocent I am merciless, I am not kind I am ruthless and I kill anyone who stands in my way, this is the kind of man you are mated to and you should be scared of me!!” He yelled and I flinched

… be continued….

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