Forced Mate

Forces mate episode 19

💢Forced Mate💢
Married To The Alpha

💥Chapter 19💥
Luna’s POV

The rays of the sun shone through the window to my face and I slowly opened my eyes

I noticed I was alone on the large bed, Jayden wasn’t there
I looked around and saw him dressing up in front of the mirror

“You going to the office?” I asked

“Isn’t it pretty obvious?” he said

“Nothing is obvious when it concerns you, who says you can’t wear a suite to go murder people, that’s what you are most good at” I said

“I’ll take that as a compliment” he said as he struggled with his tie

“Let me help” I stood up from the bed and collected the tie from him

I straightened the tie, placed it round his neck and started tying a special knot tie I learnt from Daisy

I could feel him staring and boring his eyes into me and I tried hard not to look up to meet his gaze

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“Ummm……” I tried to think of something to say to break the awkward silence between us as I tied his tie

“What you said about your Mom, about how she was killed, I…….” He suddenly grabbed my hand stopping me from completing his tie knot and I gasped

“I do not wish to speak about my mother neither do I wish to remember how she died!” he said coldly as he jerked off my hand

“Fine then, you don’t want to talk about your mother, let’s talk about mine. She told me some people will come after me, The Sisters, that’s what she called them. If am going to survive this I need to be strong, I need you to teach me how to be strong” I said

“You want me to teach you how to be strong?” he repeated and I nodded

“Who better to teach me than the strongest and most feared Alpha” I said

“Do you know the first rule of being strong?” he asked

“No, tell me”

“Solve your problems yourself” he said


“That’s the first rule, be independent, solve your problems yourself” he said putting on his suit jacket

“Though am quite amazed, I was expecting you to keep going on about how to find your miraculously-declared-alive father, but you didn’t even mention him yet” he said

“I decided to forget about him, I do not want to ever meet him” I said and he looked at me surprised

“I thought you wanted to know who you are and how you are special” he said and I nodded

“I do want to know who I am and I know the priestess said I can only find that out when I meet my father but she said something else too, she said the day I meet him will spell doom for you remember? And I can’t risk that, I’ll find out who I am another way, but I’ll never meet my father” I said and Jayden gave me a suspicious gaze

“Are you…. are by chance worrying about me now?” he asked

“Well you might be this big bad Alpha but you were once my childhood friend and no matter how I hate you, I wouldn’t wish death upon you”

“This is why you’ll never be strong” he said “Rule number two of being strong Luna, when you want something you go get it, by whatever means necessary. You want to meet your father then you should meet him by whatever means necessary, even if it will spell doom for everyone, that’s how you become strong and get what you want”

“That’s not called being strong, that’s called being ruthless”

“It’s all one and same for me” he shrugged

“If it were you in my position will you do that to me? Will you sacrifice my life just find out who you are?”

“Yes I will, and without a second thought” he said as he made to him but I grabbed his hand and he stopped

“What happened to you? My Leo would never even think of hurting an animal but you? How did you grow up to be such a ruthless and unfeeling killer?”

“You want to know how I became what I am today?! Go ask the Moon goddess for she made me who I am!!” he yelled and walked out

I stood, still and befuddled

“What happened?” Brie asked as she walked in “Jayden had this enrage look when he went out, did you guys argue?”

“Brianna” I called

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“How do I speak with the Moon goddess?” I asked

“You just go meet the priestess, she’s the vessel of the goddess in this world, but why do you suddenly need to speak with her?” Brie asked

“I need to know what happened that changed Jayden so much, so bad” I said and Brie shifted uncomfortably

“Do you know what happened?” I asked

“Ummm….. I have to go now I….. I am needed in the kitchen, good luck on speaking to the priestess” she said and hurried out

“Wonder what happened”

I left the Mansion and tried to find my way to the goddess’ shrine
It took me some time but I finally found it

“Luna” The priestess called on seeing me

“I need to speak with your goddess” I said

“Go on, when you speak to me, you speak to her” she said and I nodded

“What did the goddess do to Jayden that transformed that innocent little kid into such a hideous monster I can barely recognize as my childhood friend?”

“Am sorry Luna, that isn’t my story to tell” she said

“So you shall remian quiet and not tell me anything?” I asked

“It’s the Alpha’s story, when the time comes, he’ll tell you himself”

“Fine then, I’ll just have to figure out another way to find out” I said as I turned to leave

“The goddess made you his destined mate for a reason you know” she said and I stopped

“The Alpha is ruthless, unfeeling and merciless but there’s still a dim light within him, am sure you’ve noticed it too” she said and the memory of Jayden coming to find me when I ran from the hospital flashed accross my head

“You are the only one Luna, only you can brighten the light within the Alpha and make him shine”

“But…..but how do I do that when he hates me so much?” I asked

“Oh he doesn’t hate you Luna, you are his first love, all the harshness and ruthlessness, it’s nothing more than a facade, the Alpha needs you to bring out the good in him, and there is good in him” the priestess said

“You are right, as a kid Jayden was full of light, but I don’t know what you did, you and your goddess snuffed that light out of him and you guys made him the darkest version of himself, now you want me to clean after your mess by trying the impossible?”

“Nothing is impossible…”

“It is impossible!” I yelled
“You do not know the hatred I saw in his eyes when he mentioned that your goddess turned him into what he is today, it was hatred and pain, and I saw even more of that when I mentioned his mother, what happened to his mother?” I asked

“Like I said before Luna, that is not my tale to tell but do know this, hatred can and will only be tamed by love, that is the only way to bring back the bright Leo you once knew and you better do it fast Luna, if you are going to help the Alpha regain his lost light, you better be fast about it because he is already here, the demon wolf, and he is full of darkness, only the brightness of the Alpha can defeat that darkness so if Jayden remains dark when the demon wolf strikes, he will perish, and we will all perish along with him” the priestess said……


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