Forgive – Episode 11


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Soon they arrived at the university hospital where I was waiting for their return so I could go and meet the lecturer. Afya moved with some sort of aggression towards me as soon as she got down from the car. “How could you do such a thing? Forgive, you know what Gilbert meant to me.

“My friend don’t even go there? What have you seen me done to Gilbert? Was I the one who twisted his neck? Why are you barking like a dog?”, I asked angrily. The heaviest slap landed on my face from Afya. There the fight started. I punched her in the face and pushed her hærd to the floor. I made her understand that I was actually coming from a village. She was very lucky people around came to separate us. I would’ve killed her.

“What the hell is happening here? Are you people insane?”, Gilbert’s father asked with a very loud voice. “Which of you is my son’s girlfriend? Answer me before I hand you over to the police”. Gilbert’s father asked. Myself and Afya got scared because of the manner in which he asked the question so we remained silent.

“Sir if it is Afya then I wish you ask the doctors to test your son for HIV because that evil girl is HIV positive”, Mr Dennis said even as he was in the handcuffs.

“Dad what did you just say? Afya is HIV positive? I turned to her. Afya is this true?”, I asked surprisingly.

“Hmm Forgive, do I look like an HIV person to you? Ask your sugar daddy how he managed to know that I am HIV positive”. Afya said with an innocent voice. “I said who has been sleeping with my son?” Gilbert’s father roared.

“What is it? Is it that we’ve not seen your son’s type before? It even pained me that I gave your son the opportunity to come close to me. Look I deal with expensive people”, Afya said and called Action to start her car and drive her away from there.

“Bring back my car”, Mr Dennis said.

“Dad you mean you bought a car for Afya? I’m very disappointed in you. How could you? That means you have been sleeping with her! Oh my goodness. My aunty must hear about this”, I said with tears. Mr. Dennis was just looking straight into my face in shame.

“Honey please let’s ask the doctor to check Gilbert’s HIV status as soon as possible.” Gilbert’s mother suggested. “Yes I think you are right. Officer please go and lock this man in your cell. We will come and deal with him later.” Gilbert’s father instructed. The police took Mr. Dennis away to their station.

Gilbert’s mother took me away to a different place in order for me to calm down even though she wasn’t sure of my side of the wh0le issue. Afya went straight to her sugar daddy lecturer’s place. Her face got swollen when she got to the lecturer.

“What must be pursuing my queen by this time of the day? It is strange for one to see a nocturnal animal in a bright day light. My dear what is the problem? Were you involved in any form of accident for you to have your face like this?” the lecturer asked.

“Sir, Forgive did this to me. She actually called some gangs to beat me up when I went back to see Gilbert at the hospital”, she lied.

“What! Forgive, your friend? But why will she do that?”, the lecturer asked.

“She is just jealous because I’m going out with you so she started putting up strange behaviors which led to this”. Afya lied again.

“Oh really! Do you know she was at my office this afternoon asking for money for her sick father?”, the lecturer revealed.

“Oh I see, so she has come this far.” Afya said in dismay.

“Hmm I see. You don’t worry I will deal with her for you. Put yourself and use this money to treat yourself”, the lecturer said and giving her some money. She thanked the lecturer and left to her house.

Back at the hospital

The blood sample of Gilbert was collected and tested for HIV but to the glory of God, he was negative. This revelation made Gilbert confused about what Mr. Dennis said about Afya but the issue was, despite the fact that Afya loves Gilbert, she never slept with Gilbert without a c-ndom. Whenever there was no c-ndom, it meant no s€×. Her defense was that she didn’t want to get pregnant as she was still in school but the fact is she didn’t want to infect him with the virus. They do k-ss, hold each other, eat from the same bowl, swim in the same water but that could not be a medium to transfer the virus. Notwithstanding, k-ssing can be a high risk but until there is a cut in the mouth of both parties were blood can go into each other’s system, the virus cannot be transmitted. Saliva exchange does not cause HIV.

Gilbert’s mother thanked her stars that her son was negative. I was equally more than happy.

Gilbert’s mother seemed to like me because of how I was concerned with their son’s health. They gave me some money and asked me to be checking up on Gilbert as they go to the police station to file the case against Mr. Dennis. At the time they got there, they were told the officer in charge of those cases was not around so they had to come back the following day. They were coming from Nsawam which was not too far from Accra so they left Gilbert in my care and went home to prepare and come back the following day.

Back at Tema General Hospital

The issue of what happened to Mr. Dennis went viral so they needed to test my aunt for HIV again. Still the result remained negative. That was really unbelievable.

In the evening just as planned, I was still thinking of making my grades so I went to my hostel to freshen up and dress in one of my hot dresses and went to the venue to meet the lecturer for the money. I got there and he was no where to be found. The bad aspect was that I failed to take his can so I couldn’t call him. I waited and waited till midnight so I needed to give up. I went to sleep and at dawn, woke up and went to check on Gilbert. The surgery was done so he was just undergoing the wound healing process. Later in the day I went back to the man in the Students Records Department to ask for more grace periods. I went and he directed me to go and see Afya’s sugar daddy lecturer that I was to meet the previous day. He said he was the chief exams officer and he had discussed everything with him so I should go and he would tell me a good news. “what is the meaning of all these wahala? Sir, if you are not ready to help me directly then let me fail the paper. After all am not the only one to resit the paper.” I said to him and left the office.

Mr. Dennis was processed for court and was fined an amount of Ghc100.000.00 for assault and disturbing the university community. He was to pay all medical expenses for Gilbert in addition. Failure to pay the money, he will serve ten years in prison with hærd labour. The university disciplinary committee also invited myself and Afya to face them for oral examination and punishment for disturbing the university community with our fight.

Will you believe it if I should tell you that I  got pregnant too? Let’s talk about that in the next episode.

To be continued

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