Forgive – Episode 12


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Mr. Dennis was processed for court and was fined an amount of Ghc 100,000.00 for assault and disturbing the university community. He was to pay all medical expenses for Gilbert in addition. Failure to pay the money, he was to serve ten years in prison with hærd labour. The university disciplinary committee also invited me and Afya to face them for oral examination and punishment for disturbing the university community with our fight. We were made to sign a bond of good behaviour and suspended for one semester each. That pronouncement really got into my inner most part of my heart. Luckily for Afya, the senior lecturer was there to plead on her behalf. The Dean of students was of the view that once the fight was between the two of us they can’t reduce the punishment for Afya alone whilst they punish me, so they took off the suspension but the bond remained unchanged. I went to meet the senior lecturer who intervened for us at his office and thanked him. I later made him aware that I came to wait for him the other day at the joint but he never showed up. He asked me how my father was doing and I told him the condition was same. He told me that he had nothing on him at the moment so later. Due to the way he sounded nicely, I decided to tell him my main concern.

“Sir please am sorry to bother you more but I have a problem that I want you to help me to solve.” I said with almost a crying voice. “Come on, what should be troubling a nice lady like you that you have failed to say it? Talk to me but do that fast before your friend comes around.” he said. “Ok sir. Please I’ve failed my anatomy and physiology papers but the final results are yet to be out. Please I want you to help me change those grades into a pass one. Sir, due to my father’s condition, I hærdly get time to study.” I said to him. “I believe you are Forgive am I correct?” “You are correct sir.” “Forgive, you know what you are asking for is a crime in this university. If I do that, I can be taken on by the school.” He said. “Sir please I know that but I just need your help. Sir I will give you anything you request for. Even if you need me in your bed 24/7, I will be available.” I pleaded. “Hmm, you are a nice girl and I won’t do anything to spoil your life. I do have fun with your friend because she has nothing to lose but with you, God will not forgive me just as your name suggested. I will help you but don’t let your friend know about it.” he said in a very caring way. I thanked him and gave him my details. When I was about leaving, he gave me some money to take care of myself. I left very happy but left thinking what he meant by not wanting to spoil my life.

I went to see Gilbert at the hospital and he was responding fast to treatment. This made me very happy, I had began developing some affection for him.

Soon my aunty was discharged from the hospital. She had heard of all that went on when she was on admission. I went to the house to assist her in some one or two things before returning to school. She was really depressed because of the pregnancy she had lost. She went to the bank where her husband works and asked them to write a loan in her husband’s name so that she can use that to settle the court case against him. She was told her husband had nothing left in his account upon which they will consider to give the loan so it will be better if she used her husband’s car as collateral. She did that and the loan was given. She came to pay for the court charges and got Mr. Dennis released from police custody.

After I got the confirmation that Mr. Dennis was HIV positive, I quickly went to check myself and I was negative. I then asked Mr. Dennis how he managed to acquire the disease and he said it was Afya that gave it to him. “But why should you sleep with my friend upon all that I’ve been giving to you. I never denied you access, your wife never denied you access so what caused you to fall for Afya?” I asked. “She sed-ced me and I couldn’t control myself.” “You even went ahead to buy her a car when you never bought some for my aunt or for me. Hmm now look at what you have brought unto yourself? For me, no s€× with you again and make sure you don’t infect my aunt with the virus.” I said to him and walked out. “I promise I will never to forgive Afya for this.” I said to myself.

I went straight to Afya’s place when I got to school. I was told she was not around, I was returning to my hostel when I met her on my way. She was also walking so I was wondering where the car was. “Afya!!! why did you do that to my aunt’s husband? You sed-ced and slept with him for what? Was it money? Why didn’t you ask him to use c-ndom?” I asked. “Ah Forgive! So you met me on the way and the best you could do is to ask me silly questions? Hmm I don’t blame you. Let me also ask, why did you sleep with my Gilbert? Maybe it was the same reason I also slept with your man too. He preferred not to use c-ndom because I suggested it to him.” she revealed. “meaning all am hearing is true. Afya you are such a wicked person. Where is the car he bought for you?” I asked.

“I sold the car and sent the money over to my mother. Forgive, do you want me to tell you history? People says I am wicked. Well, that’s what they think. Do you think I was happy when I tested positive to HIV? It was these same men that did this to me. I was rapped by my uncle when I went asking for school fees. By then I was in my first year. The man who got my mother pregnant also left her because I learnt the man had a different wife who was also pregnant for him at that time, so he left my mom to the mercy of nature. My mother was poor so it was my uncle who took care of us. One day, I went to him for money for my fees and he forced and rapped me. I couldn’t tell my mother because she could die from hearing that. Not long after doing that to me, thieves also came to our house and took away our only television and on top rapped me again. Since that day, I saw every man to be wicked. I went to this my lecturer for help and he also demanded for s€×. Some friends told me that, as a lady, you just need to use your body to get all that you want so I took that advice serious. I used my body to get good grades and also get anything I wanted. I don’t know who exactly gave me the HIV anyway because I slept with lot of people to gain favour. So not that I’m wicked but am only trying to teach men who don’t know my condition the lesson they need to learn in their lives of which your sugar daddy happens to be part. Any man who sleeps with me gets the virus and that is not my problem.” Afya narrated.

Awwwwwwww Afya, but why Mr. Dennis? Couldn’t you have considered that he is my Aunt’s husband?

Enough of that rubbish Forgive! she retorted, don’t be a hypocrite! Are you not warming his bed already? Did you consider the fact that he is your Aunt’s husband before deciding to have an affair with him?

Afya, please stop that, you know I had no choice, he is the one catering for me since my father neglected my sister and I after my teacher murdered my mum some years ago. He threatened not to provide for me again should I resist him leaving me with no chance but to give in. I said in a teary voice.

Well that’s your own problem now. I have important things to catch up with. She said as she walked away whilst I looked at her in confusion. I watched as her steps faded with the wind.

A month later, Gilbert was discharged so I helped them to their house at Nsawam. That was where I explained to him the actual reason behind why Mr. Dennis behaved like that. I tried apologising and just in the process, I felt like vomiting. I went into the washroom and all that came out was green. Gilbert’s sister came around and asked me some few questions and said it was likely I was pregnant. She went to get me a test kit and there, it was revealed that I was pregnant. My concern now was who is the owner of the pregnancy. There was no way I could give it to Mr. Dennis after I know he was HIV positive but on a second thought, I remembered his promise that should I be pregnant for him, he will use my name for the new building papers. Hmm I was really disturbed. Another thought also came that I should mention Gilbert but he also slept with me only once so I was not sure if he will accept it. I told Nana Akua, Gilbert’s sister, not to tell anyone about my status because I needed to play my cards well.

I quickly left their house and moved to my aunts place. Mr. Dennis started managing his condition with his HIV drugs. My aunt went for the retest yet the result was negative. She was congratulated. Don’t be surprised. That is what God can do. Science can never fully understand God. What science sees to be impossible, God sees it as a simple possible thing. The very day Mr. Dennis had the encounter with Afya, my aunt prayed and asked God for protection. Despite she sleeping with her husband after he met Afya and also took her husband’s blood, God in his own way screened the blood before it was given to her. You won’t understand and you shouldn’t worry your self to understand. That is what God can do, simple.

This mystery caused me to have a strong believe in God and a desire to repent. I took church serious and started the new convert classes with seriousness.

I had not heard from Afya for some weeks now, all efforts to reach him was fruitless.

One afternoon, Afya showed up at my hostel, she was calm and sober.

I was wondering where all her bitterness and rage for me for sleeping with Gilbert had vanished to.

After a long chitchat, she asked “Afya, did I hear you say your mother was murdered by a teacher?” “Yes. He is even in jail now. He must rot in there. I wish you knew how much my mother loved and cared for us. Like I won’t become a joystick for men to be using for their dirty games if my mother was alive.” I replied. “Forgive can I see any of your father’s pictures if you have it?” she asked. “But for what? I have some at my aunts place but not here.”  I replied. “Alright. Please do me the favour let me have a look at it.


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