Forgive – Episode 13

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“Forgive can I see any of your father’s pictures if you have it?” she asked.

“But for what? Has it gotten to that too? Anyway, I have some at my aunt’s place but not here.” I replied.

“What has gotten to what? I don’t like that. Just do me the favour and let me have a look at it.” She asked.

“Look at you, you think you can send your evil things to my father isn’t it? Despite the fact that my father was an ungrateful man, I won’t allow you to send him to his early grave. He needs to see me getting married officially before leaving this earth. I even need to search for his whereabouts.”

“Forgive what stupid thing are you trying to tell me? I won’t take that from you next time. I wish you understand why am asking of the picture.” She said angrily.

“Don’t I know what you are capable of? If you could do that to my aunt’s husband what else can’t you do to my father? Tell me why you want to see my father’s picture” I said to her.

“Am having some feelings that something is wrong somewhere. Just bring the picture first and then you will understand what I mean. I need to meet with my project supervisor so am leaving.” she said in a polite manner this time around and left. I became somehow naive as to why she needed the picture of my father.

“OK, I don’t think she will have any feelings for an old man like my father. But I think it’s a high time I go to the village to check up on him.” I said to myself after she left the room.

I went to lock the door and to laid on my bed thinking of how to manage my pregnancy. It started ringing in my mind to abort it. “What happens if Gilbert do not accept this pregnancy? This will mean I will end up being a ‘born one’ and my child will also be fatherless. Hmm but what happens if it gets complicated? No! What will come can come, I must not try any abortion to this pregnancy. This same thing nearly took away my life and God being so good, I survived. I least expected this pregnancy. No, let me give this pregnancy to Gilbert. His family is equally rich. After all they already know me. Hey, but won’t Afya fight me should I say the pregnancy belongs to Gilbert? I don’t care about that.” I was thinking aloud with many thoughts flooding my head.

*Back at my home town, Agorkpo*

Sir Louis was still serving his jail terms with hærd labour. He really regretted having an association with me. One afternoon at the prison’s farm, he became tired and sat under some cassava tree with his head bowed and went into thinking.

“hmm God, why should you allow my enemies to get me like this? I have no idea about the death of that woman but because my hands were already in their mouth, they accused me of her death. The real killer is moving about freely. God why? All I’ve planned for my life has all shattered. I’m left with eight more years to spend in this condition. Until when? Will I even live to see the day I will be released? But God, if you spared the killer of this woman to walk away freely, then you are not the just God I know of. I accepted being here because of what I did to Forgive. I owe her an apology anyway but not for serving jail terms for a murder case I have no idea of.” Sir. Louis went into deep mind puzzle.

“hey you lazy man, have you finish your assigned work to be sitting down aimlessly? Are you better than those under the sun doing the work? Start working before I deny you of your lunch. Move faster!” the prisons officer commanded as he saw Sir. Louis sitting.

“Sir. Please have mercy on me, I didn’t do what they accused me of.” he pleaded.

“Will you shut that thing you call mouth up and work before I descend on you? The time you were enjoying yourself you never thought of it that you could end up in a place like this. If I see you talk again, I will make everybody stop working and you will finish up everything alone. You are not even ashamed of yourself for sleeping with a thirteen years old girl. I would have skinned you alive if that child was my daughter!.” the officer threatened. Louis was actually tortured that day by the officer because he was extremely tired.

“hmm the truth will come out one day. He said to himself as he was forced to work more.

My sister finished learning her trade and was ready for marriage. She informed my aunt about her marriage when my aunt visited the village and asked her to inform me about it so that I can come and help her out in everything. Because my aunt was bitter with me for sleeping with her husband, she never told me about my sister’s marriage. My sister was not having my number because at the time I was leaving the village, neither me nor my sister had phone. My sister expected me for long but I never showed up. My aunt told her that I was no longer staying in her house so she doesn’t know my whereabouts. My sister felt worried about me. She did all she could to reach me but to no avail.

My father, even though was old, org-nised the marriage ceremony very well yet my sister felt my absence because of the bond we shared.

This is what most irresponsible fathers do. They will be ready to take the glory if their children get successful later in life after their struggles to get to where they got to. My sister got married to a well to do man who partly helped her to complete her trade. My father entertained himself with drinks that day simply because his daughter got married to a well to do man and has the notion that the man will provide for him as well. Right after the traditional marriage, my father took some alcoholic beverage which wasn’t good for him. He felt sharp pains in his stomach but ignored it. Within few minutes, the situation became very severe so they rushed him to the hospital. Upon reach to the hospital, he was still unconscious. The doctors said he suffered from Liver sclerosis. This condition according to the doctor would keep long before if God comes to his rescue, he becomes fine. The doctor suggested a referral to 37 Military Hospital because they had the ultra modern machines to keep him. There was no money to foot the cost involved in that referral due to the huge amount spent on the marriage ceremony. They decided to manage him at the Adedome Hospital since he was on health insurance.

*Back to Accra.*

I went to my aunt’s place to get my father’s picture as suggested by Afya. After greeting her she kept starring at me so I asked her if there was any problem.

“Forgive is it that you are growing fat or you are pregnant?” she asked. I felt a shock when she mentioned that. She saw the signs of pregnancy on me. I didn’t reply before Mr. Dennis returned from work to meet us.

“wow! you both are now friends, that’s good. Forgive what brought you home today?” he asked. “I only came to visit. I will be going back in few minutes.”

“Forgive I asked you a question, you didn’t respond. I said are you sure you are not pregnant?” she reiterated her question.

“What! What have I just heard? Forgive are you pregnant for me? Wow! My God is so wonderful. My enemies will never succeed. My dear thank you for replacing your aunt’s miscarriage.” Mr. Dennis said happily as I stood aloof without knowing what to do nor what to say.

“oh really! Ayeekoo! I said it. I said it that you have been sleeping with this girl but you denied it. I believe you’ve heard yourself now. Pregnant for you. So this would have been the things that would have been happening if I were to die. Anyways, since it has gotten to this, let me also confess to you that the pregnancy I had before getting the miscarriage was not for you. So stop considering yourself as the owner of my spoilt pregnancy. ” my aunt unlocked a heavy bomb.

”What the hell are you telling me Rosemond?” Mr. Dennis asked with his eyes broadly opened. That atmosphere gave me a good standing to decide the father of my pregnancy.

”Aunt Rose, Yes please, I am pregnant but Mr. Dennis, am sorry to inform you that it is not yours. It belongs to Gilbert the boy you had wanted to kill. Aunt Rose I am very sorry for having affairs with your husband. I couldn’t stop him because of how he approached me.” I said.

“Forgive but what is the meaning of that? Were you not the people that told me that that boy was Afya’s boy? Tell me you are joking. How can you say that pregnancy does not belong to me? and you Rose, you also said your pregnancy was not mine. hmm hahaha, I can see that you people just planned to see how I will behave. OK OK!! Enough of the drama, let’s be serious here.” Mr. Dennis said with a mixed feelings. We stood there looking at him as he kept tickling himself. He continued…

“Forgive what did you say? Is it a planned thing you people have plot against me or what? Before I count up to three, you will give me an answer before I get angry at both of you.”

My aunt’s phone rang and the call was from my sister. She was calling to inform my aunty that my father was in a critical condition at the hospital so they needed her financial assistance.

“Look my friend, I was following you people and now my house is in a mess. Your father is of age, if he dies, that won’t be news. It will interest you to know that your sister has been sleeping with my husband.” she said to my sister over the phone and hanged up.

“Aunty please was that my sister? Please let me speak with her? Did she say my father is dead?” I asked with desperation.

“Stop asking me silly questions. I’ve had enough of you and your father.” she said without telling me the content of the call nor allowing me talk to my sister.

“Will you people stop that concert and answer me? Forgive, I asked a question.” Mr Dennis alerted.

“Look, I’ve got other things to talk about. See you later.”I said and walked out on them.

“Are you walking out on me?” He asked.

“And am I to beg you before I do that?” I gave a chicky response. My aunt also started moving away.

“I will skin you alive if you also dare walk out on me. Where did you get that pregnancy from? If you don’t tell me now, I will forcibly sleep with you and give you some of my HIV. If you don’t want that, tell me who got you pregnant.” Mr. Dennis commanded.

“And who told you I want to be with an HIV husband? The chicken of it. Am packing my things out from this house. Dare you come closer to me and see where you will end up at. Useless man.” My aunty said and went into her room. I also took my bag with my father’s picture and left.

The fact is that Mr. Dennis has low sp**m count. He performs well but his sp**ms were not strong enough to cause pregnancy.

So who got my aunt pregnant? This world is very dark. Hmm my aunt was impregnated by a man of God  who claimed he was praying for her to have babies. I will tell you more about that in the next episode.

To be continued

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