Forgive – episode 14


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“And who told you I want to be with an HIV husband? The chicken of it. Am packing my things out from this house. Dare you come closer to me and see where you will end up at. Useless man.” My aunt said and went into her room. I also took my bag with my father’s picture and left.

The fact is, Mr. Dennis has low sp**m count. He performs well but his sp**ms are not strong enough to cause pregnancy. This is one thing we need to take note of. Most at times, men blame their partners of infertility when pregnancy is not coming. They forget to think that a woman alone cannot become pregnant. Low sp**m count can equally prevent a woman from becoming pregnant so the need for both partners to seek medical advice in addition to being prayerful.

Mr Dennis followed her wife into the room. “Rosemond if you do not tell me who impregnated you, I will do something that will jeopardize your life.” “Don’t think I fear your threats. Dennis, I gave my all to you. I accepted you as my husband and respected you to the maximum, I stood in for you during difficult times, I loved you deep from my heart, but what do I see in return? You don’t respect me because I am not academically inclined like those girls. You always blame me for being the problem when pregnancy was not coming. You will confirm it yourself that I was a V-rgin before you met me. But what do I see of late? You go around sleeping with small girls because you felt I can’t reproduce. It will interest you to know that, I’ve been going for consultation and prayers from a prophet close to my village. It got to a time when I began having feelings for him because he gave me the attention I needed as a woman. You will leave home early in the morning and return late in the night. We ended up sleeping with each other and that resulted in the pregnancy. The plan was that I should give the pregnancy to you to avoid any form of disgrace that was why I couldn’t tell you about it when the pregnancy came earlier. You beating me the last time caused me that miscarriage. I now know that I am not infertile but you. You just heard Forgive, the girl you’ve been sleeping with told you in your face that you were not the one that impregnated her. It is even too late to work on yourself because which lady will want to sleep with you in this condition? Am sorry to tell you that I want a divorce. After all, I have nothing to gain or lose. I can’t stay in this marriage.” My aunt said passionately.

Suddenly, tears engulfed the eyes of Mr. Dennis as he stood motionless, watching his wife speak her mind. “Rosemond please don’t leave me alone, I will die if you leave me.

Please you are the only one I have left, Please I promise to with immediate effect give you all the needed attention. Please I will be of good behaviour. Please tell me you are joking with the divorce.” He said amidst tears

“Hmm Dennis, I never knew you could be sober like this. The fact is, it is too late to continue in this marriage. We can’t make love. We can’t have children, so tell me why I should continue in this. Don’t worry, from time to time I will be coming to check up on you so just agree on the divorce.” My aunt responded.

“Rosemond, I can vividly remember the day you proclaimed in public that for better for worse and until death do us apart. Please can you consider that proclamation and reconsider your decision?” Mr. Dennis pleaded.

“And I can vividly remember when you also proclaimed that to cherish and to love. What have I witnessed, just few years after that proclamation? If you don’t want to grant me the divorce then I want to tell you that I am leaving. When you feel you are ready for the divorce, invite me. I will come.” My aunt said and started packing her belongings.

Mr. Dennis just stood there watching. He shook his head and went to sit down in the hall. He just realised he didn’t remove the attire he took to work. He loosened his belt and buttons and switched on the television to watch news.

On my way to my hostel, I was thinking about the scene I caused in the house. “So I was able to do this. Hmm I only pray Gilbert don’t misbehave. But it is obvious this pregnancy belonged to Gilbert because aunt Rose just confirmed it that he was not fertile. But what exactly did my sister tell aunt that she doesn’t want to tell me? God, please don’t let my father die now oo, let him see me become a big girl and see what God can do.”

I got to the hostel very tired so I slept off. Early the next morning, the lecturer called and said he wanted to meet me at his office. We fixed the time and when the time was close, I set off to the office. Very unfortunately for me, Afya also planned vising the lecturer. I got there first anyway. He told me that he has taken care of my results so I shouldn’t worry. I said I wanted evidence so he opened my students portal on his desktop computer for me to see. I needed to walk and stand beside him before I could see it because that was the only way I could see the screen. The very moment he opened the page, Afya appeared. “Ayekoo! I said it. Forgive why are you on my nerves like this? After Gilbert, you are now on Dr. Bansah. Look, this is an office so I don’t want to create any scene here. Just advice yourself.” Afya said.

“Afya you cannot come to my office and decide what happens in the office. Don’t make me change my mind on you.” Dr. Bansah said.

“Sir thank you. I’ve seen it. I will want to ask for a leave now.” I said. “OK my dear. Take care of yourself.” Dr. Bansah said to me as I left the office. “I believe you brought the picture. I will come for it.” Afya asked but I didn’t respond to her.

Later in the day, she came to my hostel for the picture. She said she will go and show it to her mother over the weekend. I told her that was the only copy I have so she shouldn’t misplace it.

“Now that my results have been worked on, I think I have to go to Gilbert and his family before it’s too late.” I said to myself.

The following day, I dressed up very decently and head towards Nsawam. Gilbert’s mother welcomed me nicely. I told her I was only there to see how their son was doing. She was very happy and allowed me to go and see Gilbert in his room.

Gilbert was doing well and was equally happy to see me. “Forgive what have you been eating of late before you are gaining weight like this?” He asked jokingly.

“Oh yeah, I need to gain weight because my boy has recovered from his condition. Gilbert am happy for you. But do you know you are the best thing that has ever happened to me?” I asked. “How? What have I done that is causing you to say this?” he asked. “Will you believe your single stone has killed a bird?” “Afya, oh sorry, Forgive, you are speaking in parable. Come clear.” he pleaded. “So you are still thinking about Afya. Since this thing happened to you, has she even bothered to find out how you are doing? You are here mentioning her name.” I said. “Oh that’s true but I still love her. I have her in my heart.” Gilbert said. I was not comfortable with what he said but I took it easy. “I hear you Mr lover boy. I want to tell you that, that one shot round of s€× we had has made me to be carrying your child.” I disclosed. “What! You are carrying my child? Or I didn’t hear you well? How?” he asked with an unfriendly look. “stop that. I said I am pregnant for you.” “Look, I’m not fully fit to be stressing myself, How can you tell me that I am the owner of your pregnancy after we had s€× only once? Please do me the favour by sending that pregnancy to the owner and don’t come and give me any problem.” Gilbert said. “What are you saying Gilbert? Does it mean you are not aware you can impregnate a lady with seconds of s€× with her? I was in my danger periods when it happened, and I had not slept with anyone in four months before that day, and with no one also after you, so it belonged to you. I have no other man than you. Please don’t put up any scene here.” I said to him. “hmm this girl should be in the dream land. I beg wake up. Am going to the hall. Join me when you wake up.”he said and moved out of the room.

His mother met him on his way. “Gilbert why is your face like this? Is something the problem?” His mother asked. “Mum, Will you imagine Forgive coming to give me someone’s pregnancy, claiming that I am the owner? “he asked his mother. “And what should be the meaning of that? Where is she?” his mother asked. “Mum I’m here. Mum please my pregnancy belongs to Gilbert. He was the last person I slept with and even many months before our encounter, I had nothing to do with any man.” I said. “Hey my friend don’t think you can just come and dump any pregnancy on my son. What is your evidence that my son is the one responsible?” she asked. “Mum we even used a c-ndom and it was even an accident.” Gilbert said. “Gilbert what are you saying? I will take you to court if you want to make things difficult for me.

I am very surprised with what is happening here.” I said. “Gilbert are you sure you are not the owner of the pregnancy? Gilbert tell me the truth before it becomes too late.

But make sure your father do not hear about this now, if not he will skin you alive.” “mum we did it only once and it was an accident so am not sure the pregnancy belongs to me.” “What is going on in this house? Forgive why are you crying? Is everything alright?” Gilbert’s father returned from work and asked.

To be continued

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