Forgive – Episode 17


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My dad said Afya’s mother never told him she was pregnant so it’s not true that Afya was his daughter. Afya requested for a DNA test to be done on the two of them to confirm if she was not my father’s daughter. The test was done and the result was an interesting one.

Per the test result, Afya’s DNA was same as that of my father. They both share same blood group as well. This confirmed Afya’s claims. We were all shocked and in a state of confusion.

“Afya, meaning you are my sister all these while? This is very ridiculous. No. I can’t believe this is true. Never shall it be.” I said to Afya. I saw tears gushing out from her eyes as if her tears glads were punched. I couldn’t control my emotions and also joined the tears rally. Afya moved to me and we both hugged each other. In tears, we were saying sorry to each other for causing ourselves all these while. My sister also came to hug us. The atmosphere that day was very solemn.

All medications and other treatments that were given to my father was not covered by the health insurance so the bill kept increasing by minutes. Oxygen and the likes hmm. Our hope was that since Afya assured us of taking care of the bills, we were not complaining and besides she has been proven to be part of the family.

After consoling each other enough, Afya called her mother and informed her that she had finally found her father. Her mother said that was no concern of hers because of how my father messed up with her life. Afya asked her to calm down so they will talk about it when she returns.

I later went into the ward in which my father was and informed him that I was pregnant so I wanted to come for the list so that the ceremony could be performed early enough to avoid any disgrace.

He said he was happy to be alive to see me getting married. However, due to his current condition, he would want to delegate one of my uncles to stand in his place to do everything. I agreed to that.

Afya told us that she would be returning to Accra to get money to settle the hospital bills so we shouldn’t worry. She said since we were one family, there was the need to help each other. “when brothers fight to death, strangers inherit their land. We can’t continue to be on the nerve of each other. I will fulfill my promise.” Afya said. I felt indebted to her by getting pregnant for her boyfriend. I told myself that it had happened already so there was nothing I could do to avert it. We only thanked her for showing care. She later left the facility.

My sister’s husband came with a car so I joined them as we went to their place. We came to the hospital the following day to see my father and we were glad to see him recovering just that the hospital bill was growing more fat every minute.

Interestingly, Afya only set us up like scarecrows. She never went to Accra nor to get any money. She went to her mother’s place the day she left the hospital. She only gave us fake promises to pay the bills. She told her mother that there was nothing to worry about because even she, Afya, will not allow her mother go back to my father.

“……Mum do you even know that his children are expecting me to come and pay the hospital bills for them? Hmm” Afya asked her mother.

“So what are you doing about that my daughter?” her mother asked back.

“Mum why? do you see me as a mother Christmas or a charity event org-nizer? Over my dead bones will I spend my money on a man who got my mother pregnant and left her at the mercy of karma. He should wake up from his sick bed, work and pay his hospital bills. If his daughter can snatch the man I desired to marry, what good can come from them to us? Mum, don’t worry about them. I don’t even have enough to spend on my mother before spending on a psychopath like that man. Mother, my money is for you and no body else. Where were they when you were struggling to take care of me? Let me even put my phone off before they start disturbing me.” Afya said to her mom and switched her phone off. “My daughter, don’t pay evil for evil. Yes they’ve cost us a lot but we need not pay them back in their own coins.” her mother said. “Am in my room if you finish preaching the gospel according to St Thomas then you let me know.” Afya said and went into her room.

Afya was only interested in knowing who her father was and upon seeing that he was no rich person, she even felt bad seeing my father as her father. She only pretended to us by crying at the hospital. I’ve been trying Afya’s phone and all I was told was that it was switched off. We were becoming worried because we didn’t know what happened to her. I called her sugar daddy lecturer to ask of her but the response was in the negative. I tried all other alternatives but couldn’t hear from her. We were all very worried about her.

Three days and still no sign of Afya coming back. The hospital was also battling with space for their patients so they suggested we continue treatment for my father at home since the condition has stabilized. He was to be coming for review after every two weeks.

We were referred to the revenue department to know our bill and pay before the discharge could be made. My sister’s husband went and came back with a form indicating that we were to pay as huge as Ghc10,000.00. According to them, they did a lever transplant for him. I saw the bill and got frightened.

“Where on earth are we going to get this money now that Afya who agreed to pay the bill is still not showing up?” My sister asked.

I told them I will follow up to her place at Accra and see what exactly was happening.

I set off to Afya’s place only for her neighbors to tell me that she never returned home after leaving the last time. My problem was I didn’t know the direction to her mother’s place neither do I have her mums contact number either. It just occurred to me to try her number again and things being so good, it went through.

Afya regretted switching the phone on. She thought we might have given up on her that was why she switched it on. The first four callings went unanswered but on the fifth count she picked up. She sounded like someone who was dying. Even that alone scared me.

In a teary and frightening voice she said “Forgive, Forgive, please help me. On my return from the bank with about Ghc20,000.00, armed rubbers followed me and took everything from me. They even ended up rapping me in their numbers. They have locked me up in their yard now. Please send me some money to use to beg them so that they release me.”

“Oh my God! Are you serious with what you are telling me. What a wicked world. Let me rather go and report to the police than you trying to give them another money. Where exactly are you now? Please tell me so that we come and rescue you” I asked with utmost shock and fright. I was feeling very worried about her.

“No, bringing in the police will only lead you to spending more money so don’t worry about the police. Am in their camp now.” Afya said.

“My daughter what are we eating this evening?” Afya’s mother asked from behind her. She hanged up the call immediately her mother called. I heard the voice.

“Ah! What exactly is happening? Whose voice was that in the background? But why did she hang up?” I asked myself several questions. I was a bit confused so I decided to go and report the issue to the police so that they save her from the robbers. I called my sister and her husband to inform them about what was going on. My sisters husband drove down to help me rescue this misleading Afya. Hmm…

To be continued

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