Forgive – Episode 2


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Will you be surprised if I should tell you that I did my first abortion at the age of thirteen?

Yes I did. Because of my beauty, guys found it difficult to control their libido when they set their eyes on me. Louis was my class teacher and a village champion by then. He looked handsome and almost every student liked him because he was friendly. At school, he do give us s€× education so we knew he was a saint. He seemed to like me more than my other female friends in the class. Some of them went ahead to think that Sir. Louis was my boyfriend. Well, they might have not been too far from the truth. As the days went by, he became more nice to me. I was the only student he sends to buy food for him during break periods. Whenever he has some assignments to mark at home, I was the one to send the books home for him.

My mother felt he was just a nice person. Sometimes my mother will make me send some farm produce to him. Amongst his colleague teachers, he was the only one having coloured television in his room so anytime I took books to his house, I do seize the opportunity to entertain myself with some TV programs, because we didn’t have a TV in my house.

Sometimes I get home late and when asked why I was late, I do tell them I was helping Sir. Louis.

I do go to his place to watch TV anytime my parent’s were not home, and during such periods, he would ask me to cook for him before leaving.

I was a V-rgin by then and knew nothing about the opposite s€× relationsh¡p issues even though a lot of boys did approach me for a relationsh¡p because of my beauty but I never gave them the chance.

I saw Sir. Louis as someone who could protect me against those guys, but little did I know he was their champion.

There came one Saturday, when my parents were not around. I went to his place as usual, to watch my coloured TV.

In the process of watching the TV, I fell asleep in his chair. Unfortunately, the button of my dress accidentally got unbuttoned, exposing my br-ast which was not covered with a b-ra. At the age of thirteen, I had a well developed br-ast of course.

Sir. Louis came into the room and s₱0tted this amazing protruding front mechanical defenders of mine. He stood and stared for some minutes and satisfied his sight and then made a loud noise to alert me of his presence in the room. I woke up and saw that my br-ast was exposed. I quickly adjusted and closed the button.

Sir. Louis: Forgive you’ve got a very beautiful br-ast. Wao!

Me: oh sir. You are making me feel shy.

Sir. Louis: Forgive, come, Come and sit beside me, I want to tell you something. Just come closer.

I went to sit close to him and he started telling me how beautiful I am. He said I’m the most beautiful girl in the wh0le village, In fact, he confessed I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Doubled to that, I was very intelligent and smart, he added. I became very happy hearing all those compliments from my teacher.

“I will make sure you pass all your exams at the final sitting if only you will do me one favour. And that favour must remain between the two of us.” He said.

“Sir please what is it that you want me to do for you?” I asked.

“Very simple, I want you to give me a deep k-ss and that’s all.” He said.

“Sir! But you taught us in class that we should refrain from this when we are not married and also we are too young to involve ourselves in this. Why do you then want me to do that?” I asked.

“Forgive, I already told you how beautiful you are and I don’t want any other guy in this village to disturb you so I want to make you mine and protect you. Just a k-ss won’t do you any harm? Come on, give me a hug” ” Sir no, Please I can’t do this. I’m leaving. My mother might be back by now so I have to go.” I said to him. “Forgive, so are you leaving me without even a hug?” he asked.

I became confused because it was like I was disobeying my teacher. “Come on my sweet baby girl. Come and give Sir. Louis a warm hug” he said with a very rom-ntic voice. I didn’t utter a word.

I walked out of the room and left to my house. I was afraid to tell my mother what happened so I kept it to myself.

The following day at school, I never felt like going closer to him. I saw a different Sir. Louis this time around. I was down the wh0le day till we closed. After school, he called me to his desk. “Forgive, why are you doing this to yourself? I will make you rich, buy you a car and nice things if you will only accept to be my girl. Stop behaving that way and come over to my place when you get home”. I didn’t respond to his speech and left for the house. I didn’t show up at school for the next three days under the pretence of not feeling well when my mum asked of my reason for not going to school.

I went to school the following week, we were given an assignment which was based on topics taught in my absence. I didn’t do well in that test, so sir Louis asked me to stand in front of the class and tell the class the reason for my absence from school the previous days.

I told them I had trouble with my health.

I realised he was not giving me the usual attention that day. He sent another girl in my class to buy him his food and asked the same girl to send the books to his house after school. I felt jealous.

That continued for the next week which increased my level of jealousy. I hærdly paid attention in class because my mind was always preoccupied with thoughts of Sir. Louis.

It got to the time when we were asked to come with our printing fee for the examination, if not we would not be allowed to take part in that term’s exams. My parents couldn’t get me the money so my mother asked me to tell Sir. Louis to plead on my behalf so that the school allows me to write the exams, thus giving her a grace period so she can pay in due time.

I gathered courage and went to his house only to meet the same girl washing bowls for him. I asked of sir from her and she said he was in the bathroom. I waited until he came out. He was not very comfortable seeing me around at that time. “Forgive what brought you here this evening? ” he asked. “Sir please there is something my mother wants me to discuss with you”

“OK let me dress up and come back to listen to you. But I hope your mother is doing well?”

“Yes please, she is. ” I responded.

I sat in his chair watching a program on the television as he went into his bedroom. In few minutes, he came out and instead of coming to me, he went to the kitchen and told the girl in there to leave what she was doing because I was around to do it.

The girl didn’t feel okay, but had no option than to leave.

He came to give me some fruit juice to freshen up.

Unknowingly to me, He added Valium to it. I sipped it in a relaxed manner.

“Okay! Now, tell me what brought you here this evening. ” he asked.

“Sir, please, it’s about the printing fee we are to pay. My mother said I should tell you to plead on my behalf so that I write the paper. She will pay later because at the moment, there is nothing in the house I reported.

“Oh that’s no problem. You know I am always ready to support you in everything. I will pay for you so tell your mother not to worry. I want to marry you so I can start taking responsibility of you from now.” he said.

I remained silent looking into his eyes. He came to sit beside me and started touching me from the confidential.

I remained quiet as he enjoyed himself. I became ar-used and very weak. The drug in the drink started working on me. Louis started k-ssing me and the next thing I remembered was that he was undressing me. I lost my consciousness.

He carried me into his bedroom and raped me. Yes, he raped me because there was no agreement between us. I went into a deep sleep, so upon breaking my V-rginity, I was not conscious to clean myself after bleeding.

It was very late and I had not return home making my mother very worried. “Why is Forgive becoming a bad girl like this?, she monologued. Just go and tell your teacher something and come and till now you are still not back home. You will come and meet me in this house”. My mother was monologuing whiles losing her patience.

Sir. Louis himself was now disturbed. He didn’t expect the drug to break me that much because he poured only half of the drug into the drink. It was 9pm and I was still unconscious. He carried me and cleaned the blood on me. His bed sheets were soaked with my blood so he had to change it. I had not ate that day after school rendering me very weak. He managed to dress me up and carried me back to his hall were he carried me from and made me to lie down there.

Around 10:30pm, I regained my consciousness. I could feel a very painful sharp pain in my abdomen. It was as if, pepper had been smeared on my private part.

My mother became worried and impatient, she could not bear it any longer, so she followed up to Mr. Louis place to ask of me.


My mother was at the front door of Sir. Louis’ house knocking.

Sir saw her from the window and knew there was surely going to be fire on the mountain if my mother finds me in this condition.

“Sir what have you done to me?” I asked.

I can’t stand. My abdomen is paining me terribly.

Talking under tone.

“Forgive please keep quiet. Your mother is around. Go into my bedroom. I will tell her you left not long ago. Please do that for me if not we will both be in trouble”

“Sir I can’t stand or walk. But why will you lie to my mother as I’m in pain? Allow my mother to carry me home.” I said. Still under tone.

“Forgive I’m begging you in the name of God. Please help me to help you.”

“Is there no one in this house! Teacher Louis where is my daughter?”, My mother asked loudly.

Sir carried me to the bedroom and laid me on his bed. He went out to meet my mother.

“Are you trying to tell me you were not hearing me when I was knocking or calling? By the way where is my daughter? ” My mother angrily asked.

“Mother can you please calm down and tell me what brought you to my house this night?” he said.

Mother: My friend don’t infuriate me. I heard my daughter’s voice in your room. Go in,side and call her for me.”

Sir. : Mother I don’t understand what you are saying. Come clear.

My mother pulled him out of the door and entered into the room. “where is my daughter? ” she asked again. I could hear my mother’s voice but I was too weak to alert her. My eyes landed on his bloody bed sheet in a bucket beside his bed. “Jesus Christ! What is this? ” I asked myself shockingly.

To be continued

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