Forgive – Episode 5


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Afya was studying a distance program from the university so she equally advised me to continue my education. She bought me gifts and dresses. My aunt didn’t believe it was my friend who was providing those things for me. To her, I was stealing her money so her behaviour changed towards me. There was nothing that I would do that wouldn’t attract insults. I began feeling pity for myself. The unfortunate part of it was that my aunt had no child so her husband also liked me a lot. Her husband affectionately refers to as ‘Forgee’. This also added to the reasons why my aunt changed towards me. She seeing how beautiful I was growing up into and how *attractive* I was to her husband, she saw me as a threat to her marriage. Madam’s thoughts were not too wrong anyway. Upon all the advises this man do give me on how to keep myself away from men, he was equally having *lusting after* me. My aunt’s husband was a banker, a well known banker of course.

I started noticing his interest in me from how his chats with me had *changed*. Now the line of conversation was directed towards me being beautiful, me not having a boyfriend and what type of man I wanted to be with. As innocent as I was, I told him about my past life and how I hate men. He tried exemplifying himself to me and trying to get my attention towards him. He brought up the issue of his wife not giving birth but still loves her.

One day after church, I told Afya what I was suspecting where my aunt’s husband’s comments is leading to. “Wow! My girl don’t get selection. That sounds so interesting to hear. ” Afya said laughing. “ah! but why the laughter? I’m telling you something serious and you are laughing.” I said. “Very sorry dear, my bad. Hmm has he made the move already?” she asked. “Not really but his actions are showing it.” I answered. “alright dear. Look Forgive, I won’t like you to do anything to spoil your aunt’s marriage but for crying out loud, this man is too good to be married to a woman who can’t give birth. Probably he wants you to give birth for him since his wife is not forthcoming.” she said. “but what do you mean by that? You mean I should give him the chance in case he comes clear?” “something like that but I am foreseeing your aunty standing against you when it starts.” “Afya I don’t think this is a good idea. I can’t do that.” I said sounding very straight forward. “Yoo, madam V-rgin Mary. Look, this man has money and will change your life within a second if you should give him the go ahead. If you don’t like I beg, link me up.” she teased. I was surprised as to why she should be saying all this anyway, so I took her for a joke.

It got to a time when my aunt travelled to our village, Agorkpo and was to return the following day. After closing the shop, I went home to cook her my aunt’s husband. He came back from work very early that day. I was in the kitchen cooking when he came. He came into the kitchen to greet me and asked how the day went at the shop. I told him everything went well. I was preparing jollof rice so I was *stirring* it when I felt him walking into the kitchen. *He stood behind me and held me*. I had that electric shock from his hands and turned around immediately and looked at his face. He was in his singlet with hairy chest glaring into my face. “oh dad you scared me! ” I said. “I didn’t mean to scare you. In fact I can’t just withstand your beauty.” I could feel he was rubbing his hands on the beads on my wa-ist. “Dad can you please stop it? I’m not comfortable with what you are doing.” I pleaded. “dear, I will take you to where ever you want to, I will upgrade you to become a classic lady if only you can read what is moving in,side of me right now.” he said as his hands started holding my b-obs. I remained silent this time around. He brought me very close to himself and holding me tight to his body. “Forgive you are so beautiful. I love you.” I was still silent when he started k-ssing me. I got lost in the mood and joined in. His hands went to every aspect of my body that you could just imagine. My mo-ning was becoming loud this time around when he *tore* my buttons and went to my erogenous zones. The man was just doing the right thing so I never wished we stopped before the burning jollof smoke took over the wh0le kitchen. We both forgot the rice was still on the fire. “the rice is burning.” I said with a mo-ning voice. Everything was happening in the kitchen. He rushed and turned off the gas stove. The rice was completely burnt. “Don’t worry I will take to you to a restaurant in town this evening so that we get something to eat but quickly fix something for the gardener to eat.” he said and went to take his bath. This man has ignited my s€× addiction again. I was feeling *ho-ny* as he left me to take his bath. I prepared plain rice with some small stew for the gardener and also went to get myself ready for the outing.

Soon, we were out to the restaurant. He bought me hærd drinks and pizza. As we were sitting, I saw that Afya was also moving into the restaurant with another man who could be her father. Very unfortunately, they came to sit by a table near to ours. With surprise, Afya saw me and covered her mouth. The man she came with was a lecturer at the university. The two men *also* knew each other, so they had some few chats as well. I felt shy because Afya had seen me there but I was equally surprised seeing her moving with that lecturer.

I took the place of my aunty that night. I slept on her bed,with her husband giving me warmth throughout the night. I really enjoyed that night.

The following day, I felt very refreshed and arranged everything in its place before my aunty returned. She came to me at the shop and asked how things were in her absence. “I believe you didn’t *starve* my husband yesterday?” she asked. “No mum.” I replied. She went to inspect everything in the house and very unfortunate, she saw the burnt saucepan. When I closed from shop, she asked me to explain to her why the saucepan got burnt. I lied that her husband sent me to get him some fruits from the night market and by the time I returned, the food got burnt. She asked me to kneel down and fortunately for me her husband returned and told my aunt that it was his fault so she should allow me stand. As time went on, I *began* having *a* secret affair with this man in the house without my *aunt’s knowledge* Her husband always defends me anytime she wanted to punish me. This was gradually eating into their marriage.

I told Afya about how everything *happening* and she said that was not bad, she adviced I shouldn’t just be enjoying myself but I should make the man build properties for me. She said very soon she would be moving into her own house sponsored by the lecturer. I saw a very good point in her suggestion so I tried to give it a try.

First, I told my aunt’s husband that I needed to go to school. She asked me which school I wanted and I mentioned University of Ghana and to read Nursing. He said that was not a problem so I should let him know when the university forms are out. He also discussed with his wife that he wanted me to go to school since I was eventually becoming their daughter. That didn’t sound well for her so she debated it *for a long time* with her husband. “what exactly are you seeing in this girl that you want to sponsor her university education? After that she would get married and go into her husband’s house. If she was a male, fine but I don’t agree to this. Maybe let her learn trade just as her sister did and now taking care of herself.” “No, you are getting it all wrong. Have you forgotten that when you educate man, you educate just one person but if you educate a woman, you educate a wh0le nation? Don’t forget she is your family member and the credit will go to you for sponsoring your sister’s daughter’s education. Think of that.” he said and went to bed.

Soon, forms were out and I bought one. Afya said she would link me up to someone at the admission office so that I get straight admission without depending on my faith to be called. She led me to see one lecturer and the deal was just one night with him and my admission is assured. I picked my admission form and went out of the office when he came up with that condition.

I came out to tell Afya about it and she said that was not anything to come and tell her. “why are you behaving like you are still in that your village? We are in the city and you must use what you have to get what you want. Do you think it was my wish to be going out with that professor you saw me with at the restaurant? That is the exams officer of my department, and through that outing, all my C grades changed into B and B+ and the B’s became automatic A’s. Look sharp baby girl. Remember your aunt is not in support of this so if you fail to make it, she will accuse you of wasting her husband’s money. Just a night won’t spoil anything. Just let him use a c-ndom.” she said. “Ah! Afya, you are always surprising me. How could you be giving me such an *advice?* You were the same person that made me to enter into this with my aunt’s husband and now this.

Tell me, what have you been hearing from church? ” I asked.

“Hey! My friend end it there. Do you know what goes into church? The church is a place we go to ask God for more grace periods to achieve what we need in this world? Also it is a place the pastor prays for you to get rich through whatever means and in case you have some program or something like that, they will come to support you for everyone to know that you belong to some union. That is why we go to church. We are in a modern world and the meaning of everything has changed. Even the pastor is enjoying himself how much more you? ” she said. “oh really? So that is why you go to church. I now know. I got polluted with that definition of church and this also changed my behaviour. I now saw all what I was doing as normal because even at church, the pastor only preaches prosperity to us.

I accepted the lecturer’s offer later and my admission was processed. After gaining the admission, my next request from my aunt’s husband was a house. I asked him to divorce my aunt and marry me because I was now seeing my aunt who was the rightful owner of the house to be a thorn in my flesh. I no longer *respected* her when I *started* the school. Her husband got me a hostel on campus where I was in the room alone. He actually furnished the room for me. Now my next problem was how to make my grades. Yes I was good when I was in basic school but not when I got to the university. I needed to get my link to the big men and the students records room so that my results could be manipulated.

Come to think of it, upon all my unprotected s€× with my aunt’s husband and the lecturer, pregnancy never came. I was not bothered about that anyway because that would even block me from many things.

I made up my mind to personally make my aunty pack out of the house for me. But do you know I was never thinking of s€×ually transmitted diseases? hmm let’s go to the next episode.

To be continued

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